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Dolphins fear worst as Long MRI Monday

Publicly, coach Joe Philbin barely acknowledged the Jake Long injury, saying after the game he had no update on the matter. And players who have been told not to comment on injuries towed the line. "Can't comment on injuries," Jonathan Martin said.

But privately?

Two players told me they heard Long tore his left triceps and one staffer said that's the early diagnosis. Long had an X-ray after the game whose results were inconclusive. Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network is reporting Long will have an MRI on Monday to get a clearer picture but that, "It doesn't look good."

If what everyone fears is reality, Martin is expected to take over at left tackle for the Dolphins. He played the position throughout the game Sunday. He was a left tackle at Stanford.

Long, meanwhile, will go into the offseason unsigned and uncertain of his future. The Dolphins can obviously try to sign him, franchise him, or let him test the market in free agency.

I doubt they allow him to test the market. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has said in the past that Jake Long will finish his career with the Dolphins but, as you know, things can change in the NFL.

One never knows.



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WRs are WIDE OPEN and Tannehill misses them on touchdown passes.

I could make those easy wide open touchdown passes.

Stop blaming WRs.

Clearly Tannehill is inaccurate and not an elite QB

Believe he rated 31st out of 32

... telling

Back to the drawing board for a QB. Matt Barkley or that kid from Kansas State?

The truth is Tannehill sucks, he is what he was in college and why should we expect anything less?? Texas A&M wasnt even good with Tannehill leading them. He was inexperience and inaccurate, surprise like he is in the NFL. Folks you cant teach accuracy you either have it or you dont.

Moore @ QB

Tannehill @ WR


By the way, I figured this was a throw-away year, that's why I predicted 4-12. That's why I'm not so angry today (just disappointed). This team, even lacking weapons, overachieved earlier this Season, started faster than many of us thought, gave us a lot of hope. They are coming back to Earth, and not playing their best ball when it counts (late in the Season). Let's see what Philbin can do now he has all the information. That's why he was hired, he didn't think he had a team 1 piece away.

CadillacDeVille, when did Long tell you that. Idiot.

Henne is so much better than Tannehill this season,
this is embarrassing.

Ireland must feel like such an idiot.

DC, I'm not saying Tannehill played well but he wasn't even given than chance in the 3rd. You can't expect a rookie to complete 3rd and 12, 3rd and 9, 3rd and a mile very time out. Every idiot knew that there is one thing NE does well on defense and that's stop the run - they are as good as we are and as bad as we are against the pass. Sure Tannehill didn't play great but he did make some plays at times. Just frsutrating man. Like you say, stop babying him - let him sink or swima nd yesterday, they had the lifejacket on him in the shallow end of the pool. Not going to learn to swim that way.

Rookie QB Stats

1. RG3
2497 yds /227 ypg /16 tds /104.6 qbr

2. Russell Wilson
2344 yds /195.3 ypg /19 tds /95.2 qbr

3. Andrew Luck
3596 yds /299.7 ypg /17 tds /76.1 qbr

4. Brandon Weedon
2820 yds /235.0 ypg /13 tds /72.3

5. Ryan Tannehill
2559 yds /213.2 ypg /7 tds /72.3

There you have it. Tannehill's by far having the greatest problem of these 5 rookie starting qb's getting the ball into the endzone.

Also, if not for the 431yd passing game he would have the least amount of passing yardage of all 5 rookie qb's too. These stats state that not only is Tannehill not nearly as good as Luck/RG3. He isnt nearly as good as the 2 rookie qb's drafted after him(Weeden/Wilson) either.

To think Ireland drafted Tannehill 8th overall and Seattle took Wilson 3rd rd. Just makes you want to puke.

I think people need to stop making excuses for Tannehill. I'm tired of hearing this 'he doesn't have talent' crap. He was lousy yesterday and I'm sire he would say the same thing. Without that last meaningless drive his numbers would have been dismal. Just didn't look comfortable most of the day. And all of this was against a defence that was missing a couple of pass rushers and has a shaky secondary. Not good enough.

Luck is something special

RG3 is something special

Tannehill might make a good number 3 WR, he definitely sucks at QB

Tannehill is worse then John Beck. Thanks Ireland.

YG, I thought you liked Tannehill, your changing your mind again?

Bring back Pat White. trade Tannehill

Shila 73, really back to Barkley, that's good since he's now projected to be a mid to late 1st rounder. Oh and the kid from K State is a Tebow run don't throw QB. BTW his name is Collin Klein, not that names are important. You must have really scouted these player Shula 72 since you know so much about them.

YG, thanks for posting though numbers, maybe some of these Homers will open there eyes up and realize Tannehill been bad this season.

Tannehill has no more upside only downside

He already knows the system and has the same coach as college

It only gets worse from here



Not sure if Kris is still around but I think he owes us both a steak dinner. Team is going to be a lot closer to 4-12 than 11-5.

Kris, don't spend all your money on diapers. You owe DC and I a night out on the town. Be thankful it's not the Sundowner in Niagara Falls!

This team has a good D line, a good C & a good punter. That's about it!

Every other position on the team could be completely redone without arguement.

Yet, Craig is afraid to let assests walk away? LMAO What ASSets?

Unless it's Pouncey, a dlineman or Fields, it's not an asset!

Clueless IS right, you can't teach stupid!

To all the well-wishers....thanks....










The Seattle game, Tannehill was horrendous until the fix was in.

I mean Tannehill really sucked bad!

I expect Tannehill to look bad again this week against a very good and a sure to be angry SF defence.

I keep hearing guys saying that 'Tannehill will learn from this stuff'. Fair enough guys but I think we said the same thing about Henne. It's becoming clear to me that the guy ins't ready and I think some time on the sidelines might not be bad for him. I don't see what a guy learns from getting his brains beat out every week but whatever. Keep in mind Aldon Smith had 5.5 sacks a couple of weeks ago against Gabe Carimi and the Bears. Let's see how he does against Martin and Garner this week.

Agreed Mark. I hated those runs up the middle vs. Vince Wilfork. Geez. KNOW YOUR OPPONENTS' STRENGTH! Definitely put that on the coaches. Bad play calls.

Truth, where did you get the information of Tanny being inaccurate at A&M, his last 2 years his completion percentage was 65% as a Jr, and 61 as a Senior. I would say that's pretty accurate. Even now his at 58% comp rate, that's not great but certainly not inaccurate.

Dashi, Hartline isnt slow, he isnt a burner like Wallace or Ginn. Davonne Bess is slowww, I sometimes wonder what game youre watching


Go f8ck yourself! Not in the mood today, bud....

LOL Craig, too bad I don't eat red meat or I'd take him up on that offer!

Home was right about Tannehill

Dont draft him, he is not a franchise QB


Tannehill is joke.

what does he have 3 passing TDs to WRs all season ?


you don't eat read meat? You a vegetarian?

Fair enough, he can pay for a night at the 'Downer. Probably wouldn't have to twist Mark's arm to get him to join us.

Listen, YG, from Shula last week, " the guy only started 16 Games in College as a QB, I believe he was a WR before that. So, he does not have a great deal of experience at the position. He's a wonderful young man and we are wishing he is that Franchise QB we need".

Gigi, where in the world did you get that he sucked against Seattle. Here's his line 97.1 QB rating, 18-26, 2 of those incompletes were in the final drive when he spiked the ball twice.for 252, 1 TD, 1 INT. That's a pretty good line. Gigi quit making things up.

Yes, that's it Vince.

Tannehill only 3 passing TDs all season

Home was right on Tannehill.


The ONLY thing I agree with on you're post @ 9:56 is that if Ireland goes....than Philbin is endanger of being replaced as well....and I am a HUGE Philbin supporter...and want to see him get 5 years to get this thing turned around.....Ireland has had his 5.....and we are the same terrible team we were when he took over....

I don't know why you think we are full of young talent......I see us as an OVER-MATCHED team that Philbin (on occasion) can OVER-PREPARE....and OUT SCHEME the competition......but now...THE TAPE IS OUT.....and the tricks are useless.....

Dashi....we are losing...and will CONTINUE to LOSE because we don't have TALENT......young...or OTHERWISE.....

That why it is SO HARD for us to score.....this DEFENSE is mediocre.....I don't care that we "held" NE to 23 points.....they WERE SLEEP-WALKING...thru the game.....every time they NEEDED a score...they got it....to include a 6 MINUTE...RUN the ball down you're THROAT drive....who else could they do that to.....not many other teams DL.....


I believe Tannehill has upside. Still I posted the numbers so everyone could see the truth of this season for themselves. I was always against taking Tannehill 8th overall.

After Ireland had taken him 8th overrall, like all dolfans, I hoped for the best. With his limited college starting experience, my mind didnt believe he could be the answer right away, but my heart could only hope would.

2-3yrs down the road I believe Tannehill can be a top 10 qb. But I dont ever think he'll be a top 5(elite) qb. That's if the rocky start he'll have over the next couple seasons doesnt destroy his confidence.

Then folks, we'll officially have a bust. Which wouldnt be totally shocking either because it seems in Miami, almost everything Parcells/Ireland has touched, has seemed to turn to sh*t.

Mike, in college an accurate QB is considered to be 68% completetion pctg or higher. Look at Luck, RG3 completetion pctg in college its obvious Tannehill isnt accurate enough. He missed Hartline twice, Clay bailed him out on a catch behind him, Reggie was open on a slant in the middle he threw it behind him. Just not good enoough

Mike, that was after Tannehill's second int in the end zone was called back and the refs gave him another chance.

That was not the real story.

Tannehill had 2 INTs and 0 TDs until the refs cheated and took the ball away from Seattle.

Tannehill sucks!

I agree Tannehill hasn't been great but I think a lot of people are losing perspective.

He wasn't even expected by many to play this year but he has far from embarassed himself. And people are comparing him to Moore and Henne. Hello, Moore and Henne are vets - 5 years in the league. Tannehill is 10 games into his career. Not really comparing apples to oranges.

Fact - this team will have a better record this year than they did with mboth of those qbs and everyone's favoruite delinquent Marshall on the team. To me, 7 wins with a rookie and no pro bowl WR is better, no???

And these comparisons to RG3 and Luck are not really fair - those guys were supposed to be better. That's why Indy threw the season and why Washington traded a boatload of premium picks. What we should've done was the same as Indy to get RG3 - but we had to beat teams going nowhere for "pride". So what you get instead is a maybe prospect. I was saying this last year and now some of you seem surprised by the outcome ...

But it's too early to come down on Tannehill - let's speak a year from now.

By the way, this message was aim3ed at Craig, DC, et all who intend to have a serious discussion and not home and his 8.746 imaginary friends.

Dashi, I'm a Tanny fan but both passes were poorly thrown. And Hartline is was a high hurdler at OSU, he's not slow.


The only thing I've never understood, why if we have no talent did you have us at 11-5 this year. Yoiu were adamant about it, even when most of knew it would be a rebuilding year. Marshall and Davis gone, new coaches and a rookie QB and yet you insisted we were 11-5. What was the thought process?

6-7 years from now Tannehill could be average, but never as good as Henne!


Craig M doesn't like being outted as an Ireland apologist even though he has assembled a roster worth a pile of bake beans!

Dashi, I'm sure Nelson, Wallace & C. Johnson catch those passes.

Maybe they can bend mid stride like Gumby to catch underthrown & overthrown passes to come down with them.

Some of you dolts need your heads examined.

Tennessee 37 points

Tannehill NOTHING


Gigi, yeah and if I could fly I wouldn't have to pay for flights. The line is the line. get it straight. And if the Jets had Matt Ryan they would get better QB play, and if the Dolphins had Adrian Peterson they would have a better run game, but they don't. The line is the line period.

Gigi Nazari, OK how about 26-41 for 431, 2 TD's 1 INT. I can put up stats to Gigi.

I'm with DC, I had this team at 4-12 this year, so anything we do now is a bonus. It's about seeing some improvements in the QB and to be honest, it's been missing the last few weeks. He looked a lot better last week against Seattle but that's been in. I'm wondering if he's hit a wall. I'm just not seeing it. Doesn't look nearly as poised as he did earlier this year and at times I think he's trying to do too much, as evidenced by some of the dumb picks he's throwing.

Not giving up on the guy by any means but I just wonder what his confidence will be like after this weeekend, when I expect him to really struggle in SF.

Craig M....

I thought it was 2008 again....

I talked myself into believing that we were the BEST of the bottom of the league teams (easy schedule)....

REMBER...I also said that AFTER our 11-5 season (this year)...I expected us to come back to earth (play better competition)...and be 7-9 in 2013....

now it may be more like 3-13 in 2013,,,,if my logic is @ all correct.....

mike, Tannehill is terrible.

yesterday 113 yds 1 fumble 0 TDs
then garbage time the pats let him have lots of underneath stuff

and i know about underneath stuff!


Pointing out the guy had a bad game and he did. He was supposed to be a project and not even start this year. Bad games/miscues shouldn't be suprising. Though recently he doesn't look to be progressing which is troubling.

And the Henne comparisons! My God. Any of you dimwits see Henne yesterday or his stats? Same ole Henne...

probably should say dimwit, because it seems to just be one real pathetic person...

seriously wtf is wrong with you.

Get athletic guards who can run & pull. So we can run more sweeps & screens. Then & only then will L. Miller be a factor.

Everytime I see Jerry or Incognito pull I laugh because the RB gets out allot faster than they can to open a hole and they're gettin gblown up behind the line causing minus plays.

Mark In Toronto @ 10:20 pm,

Exactly why Tannehill shouldnt have been an 8th overrall pick. I mean if he showed great signs of being a future top 5(elite) qb then it would have been worth the sacrifice. The upside I see in Tannehill is top 10 qb at best. He struggles to mightily to get the ball into the endzone.

IMO, if Tannehill's ever to be an elite qb, he would have far more than 7 tds passing thus far, even with a crappy recieving corps. Tannehill should at least have 13 passing tds right now.

At the present pace, its highly doubtful Tannehill finishes the year with more than 10 tds passing. He's presently on pace to put up Chad Henne type int numbers(18 picks in a season).


OK, I understand your point better yet.

There's a lot that still has to be played out but I will be ABSOLUTELY shocked if the team finishes 3-13 next year. If they do, say goodbye to Philbin.

Mark, I'm not convinced this team will win two more games this year. To be honest, and I know it's a bill connors attitude, I'd rather they didn't. I'm praying for a high pick now and the chance to trade down, maybe for a couple of first round picks. The way we're going we'll be picking top 10 for sure.

Gigi Nazari, are you stupid or what. You call garbage time when the time is still in the game and driving. Come on where in the world did you come up with such stupidity. Underneath stuff huh, that's why Hartline average 16.4 yard per catch, with catches of 25 and 28, Matthews had a 28 yard catch, and Clay had one for 20. Those are underneath are they.


YG has been Saying All Along The Fins Need To Lose First Before They Get Better!



Remember this Is Philbins FIRST SEASON! He Can Afford Going 4-12 and DEVELOPING A YOUNG ROSTER!


What They Should've Done Was Fire Sporano Once Henne Went Down! Gone 1-15 With Matt Moore! Drafted Luck! And Still Get Rid Of Marsha and Vontae For Picks!



All 4 Other QB's Play With Better WR's!!!



Dashi's Preseason Mock

1. L. Keuchly
2. J.Martin
3. N.Foles



1. Luck (The ProtoType)

2. RG3 (Might Be One Of The Most Dynamic QB IN HISTORY)

3. T-Hill(Grease Lightning! The Prototype with only 19 Games Of College Experience.)

4. Foles (Not as Fast as T-Hill but a Better QB, More Experience. If Devlin Was 6'6")

5. Wilson (He Does Have 4 Years Of Starting Experience)

6. Cousins (SMART QB, C.Pennignton Jr., Great LEADER)

7. Anybody (The Bronco's BackUp)

8. Weeden (Where Will the Other 7 be as NFL QB's at 30. Even Colt McCoy at 30 Will be a Better QB! THIS GUY GIVES MATT MOORE HOPE!!)


OK, I understand your point better yet.

There's a lot that still has to be played out but I will be ABSOLUTELY shocked if the team finishes 3-13 next year. If they do, say goodbye to Philbin.

Posted by: Craig M | December 03, 2012 at 10:29 AM

But, not me! Right, bud?

Gigi Nazari, if a rush TD counts for Vrady the one Tanny had should count for him right Gigi.

So since joining the Miami Dolphins Ireland has used 14 draft picks on skill position players but does not have one playmaker to show from them. Can you say worst GM ever?


Those MISSED passes are not GENERIC throws...where the QB throws to a spot...and the receiver is expected to be there...IE, slant or a comeback pattern....

Those were 9 patterns....or GO's.....they are CALIBRATION SPECIFIC.....meaning that the QB has to KNOW the SPEED of his receiver....he has to know how much ARC to put under the ball....he has to see the point @ were the ball will drop RIGHT over the receivers shoulders....in short...ITS MATH....ITS SKILL....and that ONE pass to Hartline (again WIDE-OPEN)...and Tanne just about threw the pass OUT OF BOUNDS....that was VERY HENNE LIKE......

Tanne may come around....but it will start with hitting OPEN RECEIVERS....i'm pretty sure that is @ the TOP of his job description....

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