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Dolphins fear worst as Long MRI Monday

Publicly, coach Joe Philbin barely acknowledged the Jake Long injury, saying after the game he had no update on the matter. And players who have been told not to comment on injuries towed the line. "Can't comment on injuries," Jonathan Martin said.

But privately?

Two players told me they heard Long tore his left triceps and one staffer said that's the early diagnosis. Long had an X-ray after the game whose results were inconclusive. Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network is reporting Long will have an MRI on Monday to get a clearer picture but that, "It doesn't look good."

If what everyone fears is reality, Martin is expected to take over at left tackle for the Dolphins. He played the position throughout the game Sunday. He was a left tackle at Stanford.

Long, meanwhile, will go into the offseason unsigned and uncertain of his future. The Dolphins can obviously try to sign him, franchise him, or let him test the market in free agency.

I doubt they allow him to test the market. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has said in the past that Jake Long will finish his career with the Dolphins but, as you know, things can change in the NFL.

One never knows.



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The upside I see on Tannehill is Joe Flacco and that's not bad. But that tells me we need to have a lot of pieces around him to win and we need to continue to have a decent defence. I don't ever see Tannehill as a QB that will put a team on it's back and carry them to victories. So if we're happy having a guy top 10-15 QB in the league, I believe that's the upside on Tannehill.

Home, gigi, walker, sherman, philbin etc..STFU you obnoxious, annoying turd for brains.

Hey Tannehill!

Hey Moron!

I'm still open!

Try throwing to me this time, you moron!

looking at next years draft its between C Klein from K State or Matt Barkley in the 1st.

CS, to say he isn't progressing isn't exactly fair, last week he was clutch in the 4th.

yesterday, he was handcuffed in the 3rd qtr. Tell me one drive where he was given a chance in that frame?? And the fg we had to settle on in the 3rd was a nice play by Mayo.

the fact that he is now using his legs is a sign of progression. he is falling behind the other rookie qbs save Weeden. I expected him to be behind rg3 and Luck. those guys were incredible prospects - Tannehill was a better pick than Weeden. To me the guy that is the surprise is Wilson. He's been good and overcoming his alck of height quite well thank you.

Jeff Ireland,

You'll DEFINITELY be gone next year too if the team finishes 3-13. No question.

Gigi Nazari, you really don't know very much if you haven't acquired knowledge about FB after watching all those years. From Mike Lombari, to Ron Jaworski, to John Gruden have all been very complimentary about Tanny's skills, you're tell me you know more than them.


OK, I understand your point better yet.

There's a lot that still has to be played out but I will be ABSOLUTELY shocked if the team finishes 3-13 next year. If they do, say goodbye to Philbin.

Posted by: Craig M | December 03, 2012 at 10:29 AM

But, not me! Right, bud?

Posted by: Jeff Ireland | December 03, 2012 at 10:31 AM


I knew it wasn't just me! LMAO

Throw it to me again, Tannehill



Fin 77, Klein is a QB, he's Tebow with less talent. He's not a QB prospect.

Gigi Nazari, Gigi I'll be blunt with you, YOU DON"T KNOW MORE THAN THEM.

Yeah, Wilson has been suprising. Might end up being one of the premier QBs in the league. Just has a knack for finding was to win.

True, T-Hill was good last week in the second half. But I don't see like a weekly progression lately. Maybe I should be saying consistent.


Tannehill came out yesterday missing high and wide. He looked shaky and jittery. Probably too pumped up for the game. I'd suggested the team pull him and settle him down a bit before potentially putting him back in. A jittery QB doesn't instill confidence in his team. We can blame the play-calling or the wind (as some people tried to do yesterday) but at the end of the day it was on Tannehill.

CraigM @ 10:34 am,

Exactly! Tannehill's upide is Joe Flacco, given he has some great weapons added around him.

My stomach turned when Ireland paid 8th overrall pick for that. I always thought he should have traded whatever for RG3. Ireland's a Baylor alum and missed the boat on that. I would have traded the entire 2012 draft and half of 2013's draft for him.

We may have totally sucked for the next couple seasons. But it looks like we're still going to suck for the next couple season at least, anyway. At least we would have gotten a future elite qb for all of our suffering.

Whatever decision is made about Jake Long, I am confident given the bumbling idiots that run this organization, it will be the wrong one. It is because making the wrong decisions, is the only thing this group has done consistently since they've arrived.

In another two years, we will be debating who the best candidate is to be the next head coach, and what qb we should select in the up coming draft.

YG, if a Qb is projected to be a top 5 qb in the NFL, he doesn't go 8th overall - he goes #1 or #2 period. When drafting 8th, you get the Matt barkley's, jake Lockers', Christian Ponder's, Ben Rothliesberger's, Matt Leinhart's of the world. Guys who maybe can do it but you also get a lot of guys who don't.

We had a chance mid season last year to ensure that QB. Should've fired Sparano right then and there and place an idiot in charge like Indy did of their offense. Instead we played hard and played for pride. Now, you can stick pride you know where ...

Home's out

U guys are ridiculous and .... Tannehill still sucks!


There are definitely 2 names I dont want to hear about us drafting next year:

1. Matt Barkley
2. Landry Jones

Both are potential nfl busts!

Home, aka coach Cherman, coach philbin, gigi, walker, armando,

Is there anything more pathetic than someone who has to create names to pat themselves on the back because no one else will?

I'm just curious about your feelings on the matter.

Anyone who spends a dime on this trash team is feeding the incompetence.

Griese was no great shakes physically but he was the intellectual superior of all the other QBs at that Time and their Teams. I think RT is the same, he has intellectual Tools that nobody here have or other Teams have(he has already finished pre-Med). He's only a Rookie and next year, when they start letting him call the Plays, you'll see another Peyton Manning.

I know Klein is a QB. And a very good one. I think we take him or Matt Barkley if he's still on the board.

Well, once again I could have written Mando's column today.

The problem with Tannehill is his accuracy. He has no control. He's "wild thing."

Now, he's been throwing a ball since he was 6 years old. So I ask you: why would we expect his accuracy to improve? One can either throw an accurate ball or one cannot, by the time they are an NFL QB. This is not something that playing more than 19 games in college would affect.

This offense is *anemic* compared to last year's.



Positive: Tannehill threw for more yards and contributed towards more points than Sanchez, McCallroy, and Lindley combined

Negative: Tannehill, against a poor defense, looked horrible

Oh, yeah -- Long is done.

I told y'all that last spring.

Matt Barkley sucks... USC QB about says it all.

Ireland should've been fired instead of Sparano. No HC can survive Ireland's boatloads of busts.

Hartline Is SLOW!



Hartline Ran Distance! And Not SPRINTING! AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT! DID HE WIN ANY TRACK MEETS? Hartline Looks More Cross Country 5K Runner! Than World Class Sprinter!


Hartline IS A GREAT ROUTE RUNNER!! THAT IS THE ONLY ARGUMENT THAT U HARTLINE FANS SHOULD HAVE! And U Never Use IT! Hartline has Good Size Is A Good Route Runner and Has Good Hands! But HARTLINE IS NOT FAST!


Hartline Is Crafty! And Would Be Great In Part Of A Group! But The Fins Need A Guy That Can Get Deep! It Would Even Make Hartline Look Better!

Bess Works The Short Game! He Is NOT FAST! HE IS QUICK! AND HE HAS GREAT HANDS! Hartline Can Work The Intermediate Game! AND GET ANOTHER WR TO WORK THE DEEP GAME!





Craig, that dropped pass(es) by Bess was Tannehill's fault? That missed snap on Fields' punt was his fault? Did he rough the punter? Did he dial up run after run in the 3rd quarter when they had a chance to make a charge? It's his fault when guys are on him in less than 3 seconds?

He didn't lose the game. he had plenty of help but I will agree that he didn't win it either. And am I the only one that saw Brady miss an open guy in the end zone too? it happens - just so happens that we aren't prolific enough to miss those opportunities and it stings more when it does.

Dashi, why are you skipping school again? They are going to hold you back and you'll have to repeat 4th grade!!! GEt to class!!!

I guess Ross will be buying boatloads more of his own tickets. lol

It must be a pleasure for an intellectually superior QB to come to the line, look over the D, and know immediately where to attack it. Griese did it all the Time, successfuly, specially in the Red Zone.(misdirections, quick traps, QB draws, etc.)

I love that there is a retard who hangs out in here and changes his name all of the time. Now its what,,, "Gigi"? Dude stick to one name. You're writing style is so amateurish, do you think you're fooling anyone? Even when you're changing personas, like your aloco character, it's still so obvious. I mean I'm all for giving the mentally challenged equal time to speak but you're in here far too often. If you aren't a child or a half wit than you're pretty close to being the biggest loser on the planet.

We wont know what Tannehill is until next seasons numbers are in. As an inexperienced rookie on a team who has no playmakers watching him struggle comes as no surprise. Many experts believed he was too inexperienced to start this year especially with no help around him running an offense with players built for a different style. With a full nfl offseason under his belt he could improve dramatically. Stop comparing him to the two best qbs in the country coming out of college it makes you look foolish. Try to be rationale and objective, we can all see Tannehill isn't getting it done right now, only some of us understand there is a process in the maturation of a very inexperienced qb.


I dont get you man. You venomously hiss at Tannehill, yet say Matt Barkley's a great 2013 option.

Did you not know Barkley's fallen far short with the best pair of wr's in all of college football? Imagine what will happen when he meets the dolphins recieving corps.

Were you underneath a rock when it was widely reported of the underinflated football-gate at USC? Barkley has unusually small hands for a qb. They intentionally underinflated footballs to give them a better grip in his midget hands.

Man, you criticize Tannehill, yet suggest a qb that may have an even worse career than Tannehill will have. I just dont get it.


I didn't say Tannehill lost the game for us. As I said to someone yesterday, no one player loses the game for you. But he definitely contributed ot the loss.

To me it's not about winning or losing right now but I'm just not seeing the signs that this guy is gtting better. That was a big test for him yesterday against a defence that's been getting beat up. He looked horrible. Much bigger test this week in SF and I'm expecting even worse resorts. I'm just saying, it might be getting to the point where he sits and watches for a little. Maybe we have that conversation after this weeks game. Comes a point where you only learn so much on the field. It's not happening for him right now and things need to get a lot better.

Of course, most football Players are not exactly rocket scientists.(except for Ed Reed)

Craig M,

My dearest & most lotal ally! Thank you for yet another year of confidence & opportunity to continue to dismantle the franchise!

It is mindless, clueless idiots such as yourself that has enabled me to stay in power as long as I have. This job is much harder than being a ball boy!

I appreciate your blind and ignorantly placed faith in me. 1 more years pay and I'll be set for life!

Jeff Ireland


I don't think any SANE person is calling for Tanne's job (yet).....

I just think they are saying that he isn't getting better.....his yardage is almost down right atrocious....for a STARTER in the NFL....who in ALL actuality...is in HIS 3rd season in this offense.....

THIS is why I wanted Tanne to play from DAY 1......to see if he can play.....and I suspect Philbin and Sherman want to know the same thing.....

So since joining the Miami Dolphins Ireland has used 14 draft picks on skill position players but does not have one playmaker to show from them. Can you say worst GM ever?

Dashi, Fitzgerald isnt considered a burner either, that guy normally works the intermeddiate route. Mike Wallace is a flat out burner, Sign him now

Kris, Sherman should know if the guy could play. Probably the biggest reason they drafted him was Sherman's input. One would think. But ya I don't think anyone, minus Home, is calling him a bust. Just want to see progress.

You almost can't sit Tannehill now. He is in there and learning. You don't really gain anything by starting Moore right now except maybe a QB controversy for next year, imo.

Jeff Ireland,

Anybody who thought we would be a playoff team with a rookie QB, a rookie HC, new offensive and defensive schemes, new coaches and a team that got rid of Davis and Marshall, just wasn't reading the tealeaves properly. There was NO hope that this was all going to come together this year.

Tell you what though, Jeff Ireland, as a guy that takes your side more often that not, the results had better be a LOT better next year, or you can pack your backs. There are holes all over this roster and in my mind you get one more crack at it. I'm encouraged by what you did in April but you need to at least repeat that in April. We need WRs, a S, an OLB/DE, a CB, a TE and guys are adding G and RT to your list now too. You're going to be busier than Santa this year. You get one more crack at it, in my mind.

YG, Tannehill is a poor QB IMO. I think Barkley is far superior and could be this years Andrew Luck. I realize i'm not going to change anyone's opinion and you plwase realize you're not going to change my opinion.

I expect the FINS to sign a notable FA QB in 2013.....and he will come in with the opportunity to COMPETE for the job.....

Won't be top tier.....but he will will be somebody of note.....

Shoot....sign Garrard back if they have to.....they supposedly "loved" his play.....

2013....its all about QB competition in the off-season.....make Tanne UNCOMFORTABLE.....make him work.....

Craig I have to disagree with sitting him. We need to see what we have now and he needs the experience because he didn't get it in college. Imo the time for sitting him will be midway next season if he hasnt improved. Sign someone this offseason to push him. But right now he needs these reps in front of nfl defenses. Get him a couple weapons and an offseason and lets talk then.

Phins78 = KKK

Fin 77, what do you know about Klein, sound like a name and that's all you know. He's not a thrower. His passing is very bad. His delivery is more like Tebow than a conventional QB. He is not an NFL QB. He has less throwing talent than Tebow, and Tebow can't throw.

The 1 constant with Tanny is that he knows the O.

But, what good does knowing the offense if he can't execute it? All the talk about bad skill players & it's a LEGIT gripe, but, GUYS WERE OPEN!

I'm willing to give the kid a pass this year because of the down right atrocious players he has to work with & HIS RELATIVE INEXPERIENCE but, let's face it. Inexperience shows up in clock management, situational football, wasted time outs etc. Not ball placement.


Hartline was wide open TWICE. It don't matter if you're slow or fast. Dashi's logic on this point(and many others) is downright ludicrious!

If the guy is open you hit him. PERIOD. It's about placement, touch & arch on deep passes. Tanny displayed neither on those 2 bad throws or a sideline throw to Hartline out of bounds.

They were game winning throws & he missed him.

I don't care how good he knows the offense if he doesn't have the touch & accuracy to execute it. He's starting to look like Henne more & more.

I hope he works out but, I am not confident.

He did need to hit Hartline on both throws, the game would have been different had he done that. But he's also a rookie.


Agree...its ALL about the progress....and he doesn't seem to be showing any....hasn't shown any since late OCT....he's not TERRIBLE....he's just not looking good....Jay Feidler like.....and we didn't draft jay feidler @ # 8......

I als agree...no point in sitting him this year....bring in the notable FA QB....and let the best man win....

There are maybe four people in here that understand football so you guys might have noticed this. The only passes Tannehill seems to struggle with are the go routes. He makes an errant pass on slants and crosses once and a while but so do the best. Where he struggles, and I bet the percentage is very high, is when the receiver is running straight down the field.

Get him an offseason to throw thousands of these passes and he will correct it. Its all about muscle memory and he didn't develop it with the aggies due to their short passing game.

What nitwitt is suggesting sitting Tanny at this point?

Talk about the dumbest of ideas & rooted in all things NOT logical.

Brandon Marshall has 80rec for 1182 rec yards with 8 TD and we traded this guy because Phillbin and Ireland didnt want him!! Got daym it! How can any of you be satisfied with that trade??

Tannehill never should've been the starter. And he never should've been a 1st rd pick either.

Andy Reid sacrifices ANOTHER defensive coach....this time the DL coach....according to NFLN

its over dude....

let these coaches collect a pay check till the season is over....

Andy Reid should "FIRE HIMSELF".....

many of you thought the trade for B marshall was good why??? because Marshall demaded the ball so what! you guys are effin idiots just as much as Philbin and Ireland are for trading him.

Oh Lord Craig say it aint so! One more shot for Ireland? I hope not. The guy just cost the team 3 miilion in cap space by not extending Hartline earlier in the season. And pospsibly 4 million more by not extending Smith who shut down Pats receivers all day. Not a number one but a decent number two and we could have payed him that way. But Ireland is still acting like Parcells and low balling decent players. So the guy is either going to let go of the two players on this team who actually improved this year or he is about to over pay for them due to his own failures as a talent evaluator. Either way he failed, again.

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