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Dolphins fear worst as Long MRI Monday

Publicly, coach Joe Philbin barely acknowledged the Jake Long injury, saying after the game he had no update on the matter. And players who have been told not to comment on injuries towed the line. "Can't comment on injuries," Jonathan Martin said.

But privately?

Two players told me they heard Long tore his left triceps and one staffer said that's the early diagnosis. Long had an X-ray after the game whose results were inconclusive. Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network is reporting Long will have an MRI on Monday to get a clearer picture but that, "It doesn't look good."

If what everyone fears is reality, Martin is expected to take over at left tackle for the Dolphins. He played the position throughout the game Sunday. He was a left tackle at Stanford.

Long, meanwhile, will go into the offseason unsigned and uncertain of his future. The Dolphins can obviously try to sign him, franchise him, or let him test the market in free agency.

I doubt they allow him to test the market. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has said in the past that Jake Long will finish his career with the Dolphins but, as you know, things can change in the NFL.

One never knows.



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This was Also T-Hill's First Time Facing Belichek.

T-Hill Loves To Act Oblivious to the Situation! But U Can Tell Early! It Was HIS First Time! Playing The Great Brady and Belichek!


Let's See How T-Hill Does ON HIS SECOND GO ROUND! Again this is a Learning Experience.

What I Do Like Is That Sherman Has Let Him Run A Little Moore!

Now That T-Hill is A Little Crazy And Thinks He Is SUPERMAN! Yes! IT Just Lets U know Why Sherman Doesn't Want Him Running Around. T-Hill Forgets He Is A QB Once He Passes The Line of Scrimmage! Wr's Don't Slide! They Dive!

Oh yeah, anyone who thinks Barkley is a good prospect needs to start watching more college football. USC recruits the best playmakers in the country. That is why qbs like Leinart and Barkley are so succesful in college. Theyre playing on a team full of men against boys. Barkley is struggling this season with some of the best talent in football. Not worth the risk, going down just like Leinart did.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 03, 2012 at 11:21 AM

Great post. Ireland is a failure. Been saying the same thing you just did for 2 weeks.

He will overpay S. Smith & Jake Long too, even injured simply because of LT value. Regardless if the play, the inujuries, etc are catchign up.

He's paying for the position, not necessarily the player. Bush should absolutely walk too.

I don't think Hartline will get too much money but, in the end, he's earned it.

The ONLY 2 players who have truly earned the right to be resigned are Starks & hartline. IF smith accepts #2 Cb money, great. If not walk. If Long accepts an incentive based deal, great. If not, BUH BYE!

Long is already breaking down physically and he hasn't play particularily well this year. time think about going in another direction. Martin did pretty good at LT when he had to move over.

JL should not be paid as a top end LT. the last two year have been average at best and again he is breaking down at a young age.

Phins78, Good post on the QB. He's just a name people recognize that don't know college FB.

Martin's test will come against the Bills front 4. He looked very over matched in the first game.

As for Long if we can get him an extension that isn't a cap killer I'm all for it, but based on injuries the past couple of years not willing to overpay

Let's focus on reality. Matin is a natural left tackle and filled in with few mistakes yesterday. Let him develop, keep Long and move him to guard. Get rid of inconsistent Incogneto. Incagneto isn't consistent enough to play LG and gets called for to many penalties. Jerry can play RG and we can draft a RT with one of our 2nd round picks. If we can go 3-1 to end the season then the Phins had a good season and a foundation to build upon for the next decade.

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