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Dolphins finally beat Patriots at something

The waiver wire gave the Dolphins something to celebrate Monday evening when wide receiver Armon Binns was awarded to Miami off waivers from Cincinnati.

So why is a waiver transaction reason for a little celebration?

Well, the Dolphins got Binns ahead of the New England Patriots. The Patriots, you see, also put in a claim for the former Jaguars undrafted free agent and Bengals practic squad player. But because the Patriots have a better record than the Dolphins, they have a lower priority for claims.

The Dolphins, with a worse record, have a higher priority.

So the Dolphins beat out the Patriots for a player!

Yeah, I'm reaching here. But consider this: The Patriots know a thing or two about claiming players. Yes, they make mistakes but they get it right a lot -- probably more often than Miami does.

And so you have to have a little confidence in Binns if the Patriots wanted him, too. Maybe he won't be just another body like so many of these waiver claim players have been lately.

Binns is 6-3 and 209 pounds. He played collegiately at the University of Cincinnati. This season he had 18 catches for 210 yards and one touchdown in eight games before being waived.

To make room for Binns, the Dolphins waived cornerback Michael Coe, who in turn had been claimed off waivers two weeks ago.



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What, Armando, you can't handle the Truth either?

That Ireland is like a mad scientist.....NEVER stops making moves.....

NOW Tanne ha that TRUE #1WR.....

No more excuses for Tanne.....

Well, it is just too early to pass judgment on our QB and our HC. If you want to argue that, do it with somebody else, not we here.

Very very true Oscar .......way to early ......we been drafting for n outdated parcel philosophy football team now its n entire different style.....my biggest ? With what Ireland has done n past yrs is continuously passing on legitimate recieviers n tightends .....n as I watch new England I always hear ninkovich name ...thank tony fer lettin him go ..............

You too, csonka67...? hehehe

Howdy all. Glad to see most of "the gang's" all here.

I made a long post on the last blog...seems it always switches right as I post..."Damn you Armando!" LOL


If it is not Tannehill, it's Philbin or Ireland. You seem to be never be satisfied here, except with Ross. hehehehe

18 catches and a TD, in 8 games, sounds reasonable considering our WR corps--6'3" sounds good too--cant do worse than M Moore, can he?

Its another player we will never see play, another acorn.

Oscar I didn't know you run this blog. Picking topics huh! Well Tannehill's play will be an arguement you can't win.

Is anyone who actually likes Paul soliai watching what vince wilfork does?
Soliai does nothing. NOTHING. Most overpaid overrated inside guy in the game.
And why didn't we go after aqib talib?

It is not that you can't handle the Truth. It is just not to your convenien$e. Ain't that right?

Hats off to Jeff Ireland! Another chess master move, leaving a totally befuddled New England Patriots organization in a state of chaos.

assuming Ireland is still around after the season, no excuses for not upgrading significantly at WR and TE in the offseason--we have the picks, have some cap room......he admitted we only have "4s, 5s and 6s".......better pick up 2 high level players/prospects at WR/TE, at least--3 wouldnt hurt. Sign a FA, draft one in Rd 1, 2 or 3.

Have to say, many here would consider Matt Schaub a pretty damn good QB but what wold you all say about the boneheaded INT he just threw against the Pats with Foster wide open for a prob TD on the checkdown.
In your moronic critiscm of Tannehill what you fail to see is that recognised better QBs make the same mistakes if not worse than he does every week but because its our QB, oh my god he must suck, its the end of the world!!!

Imbeciles are usually told what to pick, dolfnnman.

Typical Ireland thinking will pickup somebody else's trash and he will be a steal. This pickup isn't any different then jabbar gaffney, armon binns won't solve our wr problem that we have had for years.

This move should be enough to get us to the super bowl now.

LOL @ 9:20.....

This move is the checkmate equivelent of belocheat taking Mallett in the3rd rd....and then stashing him on the bench....result...Sporano fired.....

You're move mr. Belicheat.....

You don't like Ireland. You don't like Philbin. You don't like Tannehill. Who do you like? You? Ross? heheheheh

Wilfork, again. Is soliai watching?
Embarrassing that he wants wilfork money.

I dont think Schaub is all that great--solid, good, yes, but I think the Texans could/should upgrade if they really want to get serious--Brady is carving them up, Manning would do the same--not buying the Texans going too far with Schaub.

Texans getting they're @sses handed to them...21-0..... Not even @ the half yet...

ThePAYS came ready to play.....this is the type of challenge they crave.....

Last week when they slept walked thru us....that was a mere scrimmage.....they just hoped to g out of Miami with no injuries....

Ina few weeks...Belicheat will showcase his 2 nd string and probably beat our starters....who knows....we may even see the 1st drop-kick in the NFL...since Belicheat kicked the last drop-kick in the NFL....

I have a biased question, I really do believe given time that tommy streeter could almost be Brandon Marshall, he's even slightly bigger....I think Baltimore isn't sold on him, why not look into it?

Hmm....................... Lets see:

Scrub cut..... we pick him up...... and add him to our scrubbery.

I wonder if colleges now offer degrees in scrubiculture?

Or if scrubiculture is related horticulture? We sure grow them well in Miami.

inimounts---soliai aint getting wilfork money......might want it, aint getting it.

You never talk bad about Ross yet he is the one hiring Ireland, Philbin and Tannehill. Are you being paid by him? Are you afraid to talk against Ross? It is a possibility, you know.

Jeff Ireland graduated Baylor University with a masters in scrubology. Graduated 1st in his class. Yup!

Lol@ 9:38..

That was pretty good.....

We take ALL possibilities into account, you know?

I'm gonna SASSY WALK to bed....

Later folks...

The Colts still have a shot at that division. If the Patriots win today. The Texans fall to the Pats tonight they will be 11-2 and they still have 2 games agains the Colts. It would be amazing if the 2-14 Colts come back to win this division with 12 + victories. That would be a significant accomplishment for the rookie Luck.

Always liked what I saw from Binns with the Bearcats and actually remember wishing they would target him in the 2nd half of the draft. He definitely didn't grade out in the top half of the draft. This yrs draft has three WRs that grade much higher than last yrs #1 prospect Justin Blackmon. Ireland is fortunate to have Philbin and Sherman to evaluate the elite WR that the Fins so desperately need. With Parcells running personnel moves from 08-10 he wouldn't even consider taking a play maker in the first three rds and that's why we have slow motion progress. This yrs off season will look nothing like the old school past and has to be to extinguish the Fireland movement for good.

am i the only person who wants to see manti te'o in a dolphins unifrom?

Now, All together. Fukkkk you Ross! Again. Fukkk you Ross! We want Great Players here! That's it, that's it!

Kris went to bed, quietly.

draft Minier or a DE/OLB pass rusher in Rd 1


We Baby Boomers Rule the World now, Armando. Just accept it.


Ireland could of had Danario Alexander off the waiver wire too. Instead he is the best WR on San Diego. Way to go.

Here is a deeply disturbing quote from the defensive coordinator. How can you not account for the RUNNING qb, also?

From Barry Jackson's article:

Linebacker Jason Trusnik — and to a lesser extent, Jared Odrick — appeared primarily to blame on Colin Kaepernick’s 50-yard touchdown run, but defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said: “It wasn’t just one or two guys. …

I thought they were just going to run the ball inside and be content with trying to punt and play defense.”

This team is a joke, a sorry excuse for a football team. I have been a Dolphin fan since the 70′s,and
the sorry teams that this franchise is putting on the field is an insult the the legacy of this once powerful franchise,. Year after year it’s the same thing and true to fashion this year is no different. You can put any spin on it you want, the bottom line is until the GM is changed this franchise will continue to stink and oh man what a waste it is.

Binns? More cheap scrubs?? LMFAO!!

There is no doubt Ross is in a coma allowing Ireland to totally destroy his team.

Donte Stallworth gets cut and sits at home collecting dust all year long. Then he gets signed by New England, comes in with no practice, and catches a touchdown bomb. But don't worry, our fearless leaders Joey Philbin and Mikey Sherman still know that perennial all-pros like Marlon Moore and Anthony Armstrong are better players than Stallworth, Brandon Marshall, etc. I am so happy that our staff knows how to evaluate talent.

actually, they decided to go with gaffney over stallworth after working both out. that turned out great, didn't it.

and not to beat a dead horse, but how in the world could they think that getting rid of marshall would help the offense? i mean, is the argument that his "bad attitude" would negatively affect the development of their young qb? i am sure that not having ANY serious receiver is having a more negative affect on tannehill's development.

I hope we dont have to suffer with Tannehill for years like we did with Henne.

The right thing to do would be to totally clean house including Ireland, Philbin, and Tannehill. But the Dolphins never do the right thing.

This season he had 18 catches for 210 yards and one touchdown in eight games before being waived

Look at that, he has about as much production as both our starters this year in the endzone. Hooray Irefiend, another acorn to fill the roster.

Hey Mando, heres something that miami always seems to beat the PATRIOTS at every year....DRAFT POSITION, and boy has that worked out great for us...just sayin

Ireland should be fired simply for thinking that the receivers we have would be sufficient. Now, he called them a bunch of 4, 5's and 6's in training camp. The fact is, he either (a) believed they were more than that leading up to training camp, or (b) failed to address the deficiency. In the first case, he failed in his talent evaluation (supposedly his specialty), and in the second case, he failed as a GM (whose responsibility it is to put a viable product on the field).

Perhaps most disturbing is that home attendance is deplorable, and Ross continues to support Ireland. As a businessman, you would think he would react to the bottom line. Unfortunately, when you are super rich, personal relationships often carry the day, and for some reason he has taken a liking to Ireland. If consistent losing and bad attendance are not enough to force a new GM, it doesn't seem that anything will.

Superphin made a good point. High picks but yet Ireland can't seem to draft a superstar! Not confident at all with him being responsible with 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. Somehow he'll manage to get 1 decent starter out of all those picks.

Everyone settle down, this season was evaluation time for the Fins. No cap space to make a big splash in free agency. This year is very different, we have cash, draft picks and a year of work to evaluate the entire team on. I'm glad Tannehill played the whole year, Matt Moore wouldn't have been much better.

Next season will be the true tell for Ireland. If he delivers then we can be on the track back if it's 7-9 again or worse even Ross won't accept 3 losing seasons from Ireland. Blow up the team after that for picks for the next GM and start over.....again.

28 pts by the pats tonight, miamis combined offensive output is 29 in last two games...hey theres another victory over NE..*lmao*

never mind....35 now, just cant catch a break I guess!!!

De ja vu my as_. Ive seen Tannehill call more audibles in 1 game, than Franken Henne did all year.

The last QB with 4 TD passes against Houston was Henne.

I will say that as bad as we've been all year, at least we didnt lay down like dogs against NE and SF unlike some teams such as tonight for example...(Silver lining, not really, just being positive)

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