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Dolphins finally beat Patriots at something

The waiver wire gave the Dolphins something to celebrate Monday evening when wide receiver Armon Binns was awarded to Miami off waivers from Cincinnati.

So why is a waiver transaction reason for a little celebration?

Well, the Dolphins got Binns ahead of the New England Patriots. The Patriots, you see, also put in a claim for the former Jaguars undrafted free agent and Bengals practic squad player. But because the Patriots have a better record than the Dolphins, they have a lower priority for claims.

The Dolphins, with a worse record, have a higher priority.

So the Dolphins beat out the Patriots for a player!

Yeah, I'm reaching here. But consider this: The Patriots know a thing or two about claiming players. Yes, they make mistakes but they get it right a lot -- probably more often than Miami does.

And so you have to have a little confidence in Binns if the Patriots wanted him, too. Maybe he won't be just another body like so many of these waiver claim players have been lately.

Binns is 6-3 and 209 pounds. He played collegiately at the University of Cincinnati. This season he had 18 catches for 210 yards and one touchdown in eight games before being waived.

To make room for Binns, the Dolphins waived cornerback Michael Coe, who in turn had been claimed off waivers two weeks ago.



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Perhaps Marshall was traded since Ireland knew he was going to draft the bust of the 2012 draft - Tannehill - and was afraid Marshall would be vocal about it when he only caught 20 passes all season with no touchdowns?

So rusty stallworth scores on a 63 yrd bomb from brady tonight....

But we have Gaffney, Armstrong, and Hogan(7-11) to help Tannehill succeed with superstar Brandon Marshall.......OH WAIT...YEA, WE DONT!!!

New England is so much better than the Dolphins that it's difficult to imagine the Dophins ever surpassing them.

Probably he last year Brady plays, New England will suck for Luck and draft Brady 2.0 while the Dolphins will be grooming HenneHill 3.0 and signing OL to record breaking, cap-destroying contracts.

The Fins will be a lot better when we have some depth of some kind. I mean we didn't even have a third receiver this year. Nobody was pushing our starters at any position for playing time.

Once the league knew our wideouts couldn't get separation they brought the safeties up and shut down the run and forced the pass. Game over.

On defense our linebackers aren't athletic enough, slow and can't get to the passer or cover the middle of the field. Only Jones to speak of in the secondary and a bunch of guys that should be depth guys but are starting. The worst injury we had this year was losing Marshall.

Im not so sure we could even put 20 pts on the chiefs right now...College team Alabama might be a long shot also!!!

I love the sound of European emergency vehicles. "WEE WOO! WEE WOO! WEE WOO!"

Doesn't matter if you are in London or Prague or Dublin or Vienna or Paris or Dubrovnik or Helsinki or Madrid or Naples or Amsterdam or Dusseldorf or Thessaloniki or Oporto or Cynwydgallamawr or Bonn or Rekyavik IT IS THE SAME SIREN!!



The Patriots are able to find and develop talent from check out clerks at the hardware store where Belicheat shops. A large percentage of the Partriots are undrafted free agents or late round picks. Of course, they normally do a good job of picking talent in nearly every round.

Also, when a player is in the last year or two of their contract, the Patriots are not shy about trading even elite talent for high draft picks. I will give Ireland some credit for trading Davis and Marshall for draft picks, but that only works if replacements are on the roster or found.


You are right that the Dolphins have almost no depth to speak of. Good post.

wouldnt surprise me one bit if all that cap money was spent on resigning hartline and long, and the franchise tag goes to fasano....dont laugh tho, the man in charge has the motivation to do it!!!

Houston...not only do u have a problem but u just got knocked the fk OUT!!!

Let's talk about something positive.

Like building a new stadium. Every FA will want to play in the new digs.

Franchise Fiasco Fasano. Lol.

Please do not give the GM any ideas! ;)

Perhaps they will 'Sanchize' Tannehill with a $70 Million extension?

If we are going to talk about something postive, then we may have to change the subject away from the Dolphins. Just kidding.

They do have cool/hot cheerleaders at least.

If Henne wins this game you will hate yourself like never before, for a long time.


It would take the Dolphins a month to score that many points.

Texans are such a fruad waiting to happen in the playoffs...the AFC is so weak and for them to get knocked on their @sses twice now by POTENT OFFENSES(I know fin fans may not know those words)just tells you that team is not SB ready...

It's why I'm fairly indifferent about our season. It was a right off for me before it even began. The fact we got the wins we did considering we are rebuilding to the extent we are I'm actually feeling OK about it.

Everyone including me would love to see a winner but when you look at our lack of depth you know we are not close right now. It'll be a while before we are a playoff contender again. If we hit on 60% of our picks and free agents this spring we may be competitive next year, not playoff caliber, but vying until the end for a wildcard.

We got to develop some depth.


I think I posted something positive about miami the last two weeks on the last page...but u'll have to go back and check it out..positive and dolphins in the same sentence dont last long nowadays and are quick to forget!!!

Let's plan long term and get a jump on the rest of the NFL.

Assume back to back 6-10 records in 2013 and 2014 then determine who we'll pick in the 2014 and 2015 drafts.

So rusty stallworth scores on a 63 yrd bomb from brady tonight....

But we have Gaffney, Armstrong, and Hogan(7-11) to help Tannehill succeed with superstar Brandon Marshall.......OH WAIT...YEA, WE DONT!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | December 10, 2012 at 11:13 PM

You forget the Pats are sb ready right now. Plus they have a 10yr vet and sb champion qb. Last I checked this team meets none of those criteria.

Almost guaranteed he's a 1yr rental with Bellichick to hopefully become an extra redzone threat in playoffs and or sb. Again, this team meets none of these criteria.


It would take the Dolphins a month to score that many points.

Posted by: Sigh | December 10, 2012 at 11:27 PM

Shockingly the Dolphins defense didnt have 42pts scored against them by Brady this year too. LOL...


Yes, it's hard to say too much positive about Miami's play this season (or the past decade). :)

I hope Tannehill and Ireland do well, but after all the losing, it's difficult believe anything will change in the near future.


The Fins are good for at 17pts per game. So instead of a month, lets try 3 weeks instead. LOL...

Oh Yea! Armon Binns... YAWN! We could of gotten Donte Stallworth, but we took Gafney instead.. BUST.. but the Patriots got Stallworth.. He just caught a 53 yrd touchdown.. just got with the team. like a day ago....


Yes, it is totally shocking the Patriots did not score at least 42 points on the Dolphins.

And I will admit that I thought the 49ers would win by a lot more than 14 points as well.

Probably, Henne will shock us and throw for six TD's and 600 yards next week. Lol.

Your math is better than mine YG4E! Lol.

T-hill's Passing TD Total

9 TDs in 13 games = 1.4 TDs per game average

16 game probability total
15% = stays at 9
20% = 10 total
30% = 11 to 12
20% = 13 to 14
5% = 15 or more

40 years without a SB win.

Fins are becoming like the Red Sox. Generations of fans dying without ever seeing their team win the SB. Most on this blog only have 40 or less years to live.

Ireland should set himself on fire for the good of the team.

I love to split you.
But for the past 5 years I've been splitting IrishOak at least 5 times/week every week.
Nevertheless I will enjoy splitting you again!

2004 Draft: 1st Rd

Dolphins 19th select Vernon Carey

Pats 21st select Vince Wilfork

Hmmm.... Seems we drafted the wrong player out of UM. LOL...


If Tannehill has 9 tds in 13 games, there's no way he haverages 1.4 tds per game. That means he would have at least 13 td passes.

I see what you did, you divided 9 by 13(1.4) instead of 13 by 9(0.61). Which means Tannehill averages slightly over half a td per game. Or 0.61 LOL...

1.4 tds per game and Tannehill would have at least 17 passing tds this year. LOL...

Like Dashi said!!

Ireland Is Signing and Cutting!! Wr's and CB's EVERY WEEK!!

This Is REAL GOOD!! PHILBIN & CO. are Making Sure Ireland Is Looking For The Same Thing They Are Looking For!! Fixing Ireland!! To A New Improved Prototype! Of What Real NFL Wr's Look Like!!

One Thing That I have Noticed!! Most These "Acorn" Are Tall!! And Have Speed! Expect This To Be Part Of The Prototype!!

Again, What Done Is Done!! This Is A Evaluation Season!!

This Guy Might Never SEE The Field!! But As Long As Ireland!! Learns/Knows What Philbin is Looking For!! I'm OK!!

We All Know Ireland Needs Help!! Identifying Good Wr's And CB's!

Philbin is Just Making Sure!! Ireland Gets Practice IN! Before The Real Thing(The Draft)!


Dont allow Armando to have you read to much into this signing. It only means adding the best player possible to fill out your roster.

This kid could play in a severe pinch. The corner cut to make room for him couldnt. This is called churning the bottom of your roster. Nothing more nothing less.

It does not signify Ireland's following exactly what types Philbin is looking for. Heck, if that's the case, we sure wouldnt be rattling the trash cans for these types. LOL...

This kid could be gone next week if a player becomes available "any position" thats an upgrade to him.

Also chances are this kid never sees the playing field this year.

They have to keep drafting a QB until they get it right. Landry Jones, Matt Barkley or Zeno Smith?


U want Simple Math.

Matt Moore Turns The Ball About 2 Times Per Start For His Career!! 48 Turnovers In 25 Starts!! 26 INT's 22 Fumbles!!

I know Ur Not a Mooron!! Just A Quick Fact!!


Anyone See All The Perfect Throws On MNF!! Ha!!

At Least The Fins Shouldn't Feel So Bad!! The Ref's(The NFL) Loves The Pats!!

The Best One Is The REF Calling Defensive Holding Before The Snap!!


The Pats Could've Won Easily Without The REF's!!

J'aime le son des sirènes des véhicules d'urgence en Amérique. Il s'agit d'un bruit strident "WEE AW! WEE AW! AW WEE!"

Il inspire vraiment confiance en vos capacités d'intervention d'urgence!

J'ai un flamant animal de compagnie qui défèque sur de vieilles femmes chinoises.

Aller Dolphins de Miami!

not going to even post an opinion, nothing good to say and a bunch of cvlueless people to say it too , Moore would have gotten us to playoffs , maybe even division title, We`d of beat Jets both times , beat the Bills and he`d of definitely hit Hartline for them two missed TD`s to beat the Patriots , would have beat Arizona, Titans ,
But Shameman had to go with his little college project and look how he turned out , throwing a 4th and 9 threw the end zone to get rid of it , didn t even think to pull it down and take off for the first down, what an idiot!!!


I am Saying This Is "Practice" For Ireland. If He Hits, Whoopie!!

If Not!! Oh, Well. Keep Practicing!! The Real Test Is Next April!!

YG, ReRead What Dashi Said!! I Know This Guy Might Not Make It Past This Week!! Expect Ireland To keep Turning The Bottom Of The Roster!!

Brady gets preferential treatment we all know that , thier guys are raping our receivers , yanking Hennehills face mask nearly off , no flags , Dolphins look at Brady wrong and its roughing the passer , or their guys hold and tackle our receivers no flag , every pick six we get is called back for some made up penalty its bullsheet , Ross and Fireland need to call a meeting with the rules commitee , get that nonsendse to change , Philbin throws a challege flag and has yet to have a play reversed they look at him and laugh , its so obvious , so blatant , so sad its cost us many a game in last ten yrs , its gotta STOP!!!

Moore now,

It not uncommon for the nfl to ride the success of invidual coaches, players, or franchise. The Pats just seem to have all 3, Coach(Bellichick), Player(Brady), and Franchise( the Pats).

Did you notice after Shula left all of a sudden ref calls begin to go against dolphin players in bunches?

We no longer have an nfl darling coach, player, nor franchise. So of course more calls will go against us than for us. Especially if we're playing one of the nfl darlings coaches, players, or franchises. Even worse when your a losing team. Then you're an nfl redheaded stepchild.

Thats just the way the nfl operates.

Moore Now, if Matt Moore or Pat Devlin had started qb we would be undefeated right now. You see our whole problem all year has been bot scoring points. Tannehill is just like Henne. He will have a good game every now and then; but for the most part he is 3 plays and out or 3 points and out(field goal)Philbin was trying to save face in draft a 5th rounder at number 8th over all. Tannehill is not goin to be any better next year. In fact he will be just like Henne was in his second year; WORSE than the previous year!

I dont know about undefeated but I do think Hennehill is the 3rd best QB on our squad.

Anyone following the team knows Tannehill needs work. He's too high a pick to not give him this year as a learning experience. Better on the field than on the bench I say. Reshad Jones looked like crap the year we drafted him, how does he look now, not bad. Tannehill will get another year but he better be much better than the other guys in camp, and if a QB BPA comes to us in the draft I say take him. Get the pressure to perform coming from the depth behind him. You perform at a higher level when someone is gunning for your job.

Anyone notice who took over for WAshington and won. Kirk Cousins. Even the guys drafted way down are looking good right now.
Seriously, Tannehill will need some time. The Phins are overall just too weak with too few big playmakers.

Pennington couldnt score in the red zone, nither could Henne.We drafted Tannehilll and u thought that was going to change with this receiving core? Really?

Binns could be a redzone threat for us. 6"3 and he does have some leaping ability unlike bess and hartline. Everyone who rags on tanne really needs to watch tape of elways rookie season. He was stuck with slow footed receivers and had to run for his life.Im not comparing the two qb's. That would be crazy. Im just saying both struggled with similar problems on O.

When's the last time a Dolphin QB threw 4 TDs? It's a shame how little we compete. JAX is not a guarantee win. We will play NE back ups and Buff will beat us again. 5-12 looking very grim for us going into next season.

Is the game sold out yet?

Hate to write it but this is just fodder for another article.Binns was undrafted, that tells me hes not that fast for a WR in the NFL(stopwatch the boss)The way the Phins coaches handle playing time for back-ups, will make it difficult for this guy to become more than a body that is there if needed.

I feel like the fins have alot of holes in the team coming up but not enough draft picks to fill them. We need CB, OL, WR, TE, DL(pass rusher), S, and a few LBS would be a good idea.

Alright I have the offseason figured out


Smith(3yr), Long (2yr),Fasano (1yr)and other players needed for ST

Let walk- Starks,Clemons, Bush,Cut Burnett

FA- Sign Jax CB Derek Cox (good younger CB to fill void), Sign KC WR Dwayne Bowe, .

We will draft around 11 I am guessing and if I am Ireland I trade down to 20 for extra 2nd and 5th

1st- Cal WR Keenan Allen
2nd- DE Texas Alex Okafor
2nd- NC OG Johnathan Cooper
2nd- Stan TE Zach Ertz
3rd- Penn OLB Gerald Hodges
3rd- Tex WR Ryan Swope
4th- UF MLB John Bostic
Rest BPA

Ireland has me scared to think of the off season....hope our coaches has some say so....

Good to hear that the Pats wanted him. Andy Dalton must have liked him too; he was targeted 29 times for those 18 catches.

Just read on line that he worked on his route running in Cincy and was considered surprisingly quick for a tall guy. Started 5 games earlier this year for the Bengals including the Miami game in which he had 4 receptions.

Maybe he's someone who can get open routinely...?

You can blame everyone you want. But, the truth here is that this team needs a deep, deep clean. I am talking take out the clorox. I think the only player whose are jobs are safe is Tannehill and Pouncy. I do not know the reason but this team has lacked players who say get on back and I will win this game for us. The last player was Marino and OJ McDuffie. When it comes down to a single play this team coughs up a fur ball. You see this every week since 1999.
Why do GM's and coaches come to Miamiand forget how to draft? This orgainzation has wiffed on drafts and free agency. Either the percentages will work it out or the Miami Dolphins are purely cursed. Maybe it needs an Exorcism.
This team has sucked for a long time.

we need better wideouts bu Tannihill does not look like the future at this point, he may develop, but by the time he does we will need alot of other pieces, we should have started Moore this year it is clear that Tannihill is not better than Moore at this stage in their careers, the problem with waiting for a QB to develop is what if he doesn't then you have wasted that time and need to rebuild other parts of the team again.

I hope that today is filled with amusements and novelties for one and all.

Gruden, Barkley has gone from the 1st player in the draft to a mid to low 1st rounder pick, Jones has gone from as 1st rounder, to a 2nd or 3rd rounder, and it Geno Smith not Zeno.

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