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Dolphins finally beat Patriots at something

The waiver wire gave the Dolphins something to celebrate Monday evening when wide receiver Armon Binns was awarded to Miami off waivers from Cincinnati.

So why is a waiver transaction reason for a little celebration?

Well, the Dolphins got Binns ahead of the New England Patriots. The Patriots, you see, also put in a claim for the former Jaguars undrafted free agent and Bengals practic squad player. But because the Patriots have a better record than the Dolphins, they have a lower priority for claims.

The Dolphins, with a worse record, have a higher priority.

So the Dolphins beat out the Patriots for a player!

Yeah, I'm reaching here. But consider this: The Patriots know a thing or two about claiming players. Yes, they make mistakes but they get it right a lot -- probably more often than Miami does.

And so you have to have a little confidence in Binns if the Patriots wanted him, too. Maybe he won't be just another body like so many of these waiver claim players have been lately.

Binns is 6-3 and 209 pounds. He played collegiately at the University of Cincinnati. This season he had 18 catches for 210 yards and one touchdown in eight games before being waived.

To make room for Binns, the Dolphins waived cornerback Michael Coe, who in turn had been claimed off waivers two weeks ago.



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bond, david bond You are pretty stupid. Moore will be gone next year, and Devlin is what he is, an undrafted FA. BTW where did you get that Tanny was a 5th rounder. Before his pro day he was projected as a high 2hd, after his pro day he was was projected as 1st. If you project him as a 5th you're really stupid.

Throughout the history of this game there have been players who are terrible practicers and great in the game. We need to let our younger inexperienced players play.

Seasons gone so its time to test the waters with the younger players. Although Philbins mentality is playtime is earned during practice.
You have to evaluate in game situations what you have now on your roster. Unless his mentality is to clean house and start from scratch.

SB Prediction:

If the NY Giants dont make it to the SB, Brady will win his 4th SB Championship.

There's no stopping Superman(Brady/Bellichik) when the kryptonite(NY Giants)isnt around.

So this guy has goota be pretty angry. The 'Phins get him ahead of the Pats. He had a chance at a ring. Whil the Dolphins are doing this kind of stuff, the Pats are on national TV hanging 42 on the Texans #1 defense. Even if we have "the future" at QB - we're still in the Pats division and that will never change.

AFC Championship Playoff Picture:

Broncos 37 Colts 10
Patriots 27 Ravens 13

AFC Championship Game:

Patriots 31 Broncos 30

I will rush to Las Vegas with your expert picks.

If Henne beats us Sunday at SunLife we will hate ourselves even more than we do now.


I am Saying This Is "Practice" For Ireland. If He Hits, Whoopie!!

If Not!! Oh, Well. Keep Practicing!! The Real Test Is Next April!!

Posted by: Dashi | December 11, 2012 at 12:42 AM


Glad to read you're OK with our 5th YEAR GM practicing on the JOB......

Bu Ireland's OWN ADMISSION....he gave his rookie QB and HC 4's 5's and 6's to work with.....

but it's OK....cause some in the FAN BASE say its PRACTICE.....

I got news for you ALLEN IVERSON (Dashi).....this is a game...a game...a game.....and were NOT talking bout PRACTICE.....WEEK 14...and some are talking bout PRACTICE for a 5th YEAR GM....

This fan base gets what it deserves.....


I would fire Ireland and bring in a new GM. The new gm will give philbin and tannehill 1 year to make the playoffs. In 2014 we'll be looking for a new coach and QB

How about make Philbin GM, Sherman HC and bring in a new OC.

That way Sherman and Philbin get to spend the draft picks.

2 of my greatest friends, Kris and Dashi, are here.
But where is the rest of our fivesome? Where are Aloco and oscar canosa?
Oscar canosa?
Come out come out wherever you are

I drove my son up to Long Island yesterday and he is taking the Nassau County police test today.
According to the WSJ Nassau cops average $202,000/yr including ot.


5th year GM who WILL have his 4th CONSECUTIVE LOSING SEASON.....

Ireland does get paid for this job right....quite well last I heard.......

effing practice in week 14......

Dashi....that is among the most ignorant statements EVER made on this blog....and I am putting that as KINDLY as I can....

So Dashi....when does his OJT end....January...March....cause in APRIL...I guess he will MAGICALLY put it ALL together....no more PRACTICE after APRIL 1st....is that how this goes.....

Dear Mr Ross, if you have a competitive bone in your body please take last nights Pats game as if someone kicked sand in your face. Time and time again people talk about the Pats having to retool and being weak in certain areas. But it is clear they can rebuild on the fly rather than over ten plus seasons. Yes Tom Brady and I can't stand admitting this helps...... But ownership and good personel descisions can make a difference in the end result. So please look at the body of work produced by your department. They grade out below average. Please do something it's once again UNBEARABLE being a Phins fan in NE!


Dashi's your bud. You told me the guy writes a lot of really good stuff and has a lot of really good points. I'm waiting to read my first one from him. This team has a ton of problems and all he wants to do is give away Karlos Dansby. Guy has NO clue....

o we got binns!!! Championship!!!

Craig M......

I still like Dashi....and I like his writing style....but he is living in a fantasy land right now....


You can't believe this team is VOID of talent....and then NOT hold the TA:ENT EVALUATOR responsible....even to the point of writing it off as PRACTICE.....

It doesn't make sense.....

and I just have to let him know.....

I'm sure Dashi disagrees with my assessment of his PRACTICE post....but if I didn't tell him...then I wouldn't be me.....

BoulderPhinFan, couldn't agree with you more...Get rid of the GM and give Philbin and Tannehill one year...But give them weapons please...And what's this blog about us picking up a WR on the waiver wire like it's breaking news or something... Big deal...It's just typical Jeff Ireland at work...Try to build a roster with acorns...Watch our first 2013 draft picks... DE,RG,RT and DT. We'll also get a RB in the 5th and we'll save our 6th and 7th round picks for a WR and a TE...Pick up a FS and CB later...Probably undrafted rookies...Got to find those acorns...(!)


playmakers on current playoff teams:

Atlanta: Ryan, White, Jones, Gonzalez, abraham, samuel,decoud, turner.

49ers: Kap, Gore, Crabtree, V.Davis, Moss, Manningham,smith, smith, willis bowman.

Giants: Eli, Cruz, Bradshaw, Wilson, Nicks, Pierre Paul, Osi, Tuck, Rolle.

Packers: Rodgers, Jennings, Cobb, Nelson, Finely, Woodson, Williams, Matthews, Raji.

Thats just 4 examples:

Now lets look at the Phins

Wake, no one ELSE. Maybe hartline. THats it! Thats why the fins cannot beat the good teams. they can compete with them but they will always be a play or 2 short.


when fields is u'r play maker uoz in deep acorns.

Fields wasn't even drafted by Ireland...He was drafted by Randy Mueller...Imagine...

Well, it's official. Brady and Bellicheat and the Pats of this era are *the* greatest dynasty of all time. Better than Bradshaw's 4 rings, which Brady will eclipse soon enough. Should have 5 rings in the last 9 years except for flukes by Runt Manning.

Pats are *still* the best team in the league by a wide margin and will crush, first, Manning and the Broncos and then whatever NFC team in the super bowl.

You heard it here first.

Ross is a genius. he thought bringing in philbin would make our offense like the packers LOL.
By all accounts our offense is worst than it was last year with daboll and moore running it.
I bet we probably would have been a top 20 offense if we kept the same coaches and QB as last year. Instead we're ranked 29th. Great job Ross and Ireland!

yeah, the mannings make me puuuuuuuuuuuuuke 2.

Slam, you put our same players on offense on those teams and watch them shine. Great QBs make everyone else around them better. I bet we could switch our receivers with Brady or Rogers receivers and still lose to them.
It's not the receivers. It's the scheme and it's the QBs running those schemes.

#depressed, Eli Manning a fluke??? You must be takin'some serious meds for your depression to say something like that...Eli Manning is NOT a fluke...He's got 2 rings...How the hell is that a fluke??? LOL!!

Any real coach would’ve benched Tannehill by now especially since Moore went 6 & 2 last yr and was the team MVP. Tannehill will never know what 6 & 2 feels like with an average of l5 points a game and his lack of accuracy and leadership he’s just not the guy. Its true our receiving core needs to improve but still just look how the offense moved the 1 game Moore played and how stagnet its been since.

last 9.m.moore.

m.moore was fedex airman of the week twice.
how many 4 rt.?

m.moore was mvp of the team.
what about rt.?

ask starks wake and coconut how they feel about the league leading 3 + outs from rt.

No question the young QB looks snakebit. Looks to me like the coaches have reeled him in. He was attacking the defences much more earlier in the year. Could be the number of turnovers became the big concern and they are asking him to play more conservative. Previous coaching staff did this to Henne too.

mike, Tannehill is playing like a 6th rd project.........that failed.

I love Matt Moore. Said so last year and I haven't changed my mind. I understand, however, what the Dolphins are trying to do. They want to get their franchise QB in the draft, and Tannehill was the best option because of the history with Sherman. But you can't say you like Matt Moore on this blog. Strickly forbidden. Posters will slam you...LOL!!

rt is light years behind
and russ.

Craig M...

I said this as SOOn as they drafted Tanne @ # 8.....

START HIM and find out if he can play....the coaches did....

perhaps that "reeling him in" that you are watching are the coaches coming to a conclusion....

By NO MEANS should he enter training camp as the SURE IRE STARTER.....he can be the "#1 QB entering in to camp....but I sign a notable FA to make sure this guy know he needs to work.....

Dave, 10:14AM post, it's hard to disagree with that...

Dave, Moore went 6-7 bro, use all of his wins and loses instead of just making him look good..
2 I havent read an article yet that states Tannehill lacks leadership, actually everything ive read from here and multiple othe sports new sights states he commands the huddle and the vets are shocked how early on he did it.
He will work on his accuracy but seeing Philbin knows Moore is gone after this year and needs to find out what Tanne has, cant do that on the bench, and knows he needs experience.
Whether you or i or anyone else liked or disliked Tannehill at #8, everyone knew he needed experience. Everyone knew he was a project. And its no one elses fault besides Gararrds for getting hurt and Moore not playing up to the level he played last year.
So before bashing Philbin, who came from a winning culture and is bringing the coaching style from that culture over to a losing culture, we should prob give him another year.

Funny to read the comments in Baltimore, as it relates to Joe Flacco. Fans and media are tired of hearing the excuses that he doesn't have a good enough OL or WRs and that the playcalling isn't good enough. No question Flacco's a better QB at this point in time and his suuporting cast is better than Tannehill's but you wonder if this will be us in a couple of years. I believe you only win with this QB with a good defence and a good supporting cast. Time will tell....

I would fire Ireland and bring in a new GM. The new gm will give philbin and tannehill 1 year to make the playoffs. In 2014 we'll be looking for a new coach and QB

Posted by: BoulderPhinFan | December 11, 2012 at 09:18 AM

Ok, okayyyyyyyy, stop begging. We'll make you gm and also give you one year to make the playoffs too......

Then we'll replace you with ALoco. He'll make wonderful meals for the team.


I liked Moore as well....

I thought the initial plan for the FINS SHOULD have been to forego drafting a QB (early).....and give Moore the job as the UNCHALLENGED starter....and see if he COULD be the man.....

The FINS did the exact opposite.....they draft Tanne @ # 8....So i figured Moore would have the short leash starting the season....

Then the FINS tell us that D. Garrard is HANDS DOWN the best QB in camp....

Then....Garrard gets hurt...and the FINS CUT HIM...and move Tanne to STARTER.....

I guess yiou get those kind of moves when your GM is PRACTICING......

Kris, notable FA QBs are NOT available...Teams keep them...Mostly backups hit the market...Who's the last notable FA QB that turned a franchise around?? Probably Drew Bress...And we all know what the story is about that one...All franchise QBs are mostly drafted or involved in some kind of trade...I know, Peyton Manning was available but how many times does that happen? Like Brees, injury was a factor...A healthy, productive QB is always re-signed by his team...98% of the time...

matty bro, ya dont use the 8th overall pick for a PROJECT. 5th or 6th rd ok. GEEZ!


Hang on a second.... You fry Ireland for the above moves but you give Philbin a free pass. Are you kidding me? Who's job is it to decide who plays and doesn't play? Are you putting that on Ireland too? Is there ANYTHING that Philbin is repsonsible for or is he just here to have press conferences?

Craig M....

I have been posting about the FANS love/hate relationship with Flacco for years...I don't get it...the guy is a GOOD QB...top 10...who had a BAD GAME....he has 2 of those a year....

I ALSO got in to it with SOme Troll about how much the FAN BASE DIS-LIKED Cam Cameron....

Whish that gut would show up now.....

but of course...he won't come on here and say.....maybe Kris was right.....I was living just outside of B'more @ the time.....


"Reeliing Tannehill in", are you guys serious? !st you gotta have a real not reel recieving corps to do this.

Tom Brady would be "reeled in" with this very rarely gets separation recieving corps.

To reel a qb in is to have weapons but do not trust him with "real weapons" you have on the playing field. Last I checked, on offense, we're still quite a ways from being that team.

When we get "real weapons", then, let's discuss "reeling our qb in". Capiche?

Dolphins finally beat Patriots at something" yea we always beat them at being bad

I'm a Matt Moore fan too. Always was....even when guys were slamming the FA signing and guys were saying he was one of the worst QBs in the league. I thought he did a decent enough job last year to start the season. Everyone tells me a young QB HAS to start right away....fair enough. Let's see if it was the right move. Seemed to work out OK for Steve McNair spending some time on the bench. Let's see.

I think you insult Moore by simply handing the kid the job in traning camp and make no mistake, that's what they did. Garrard was going to be the starter and they changed it after the injury. They've likely alienated Moore and he'll go elsewhere. That's life and part of what happens when you bring a new coach in. He had no ties to Moore and wanted to play his guy.

Pay attention to this, all you guys who want Ireland gone. Tannehill WILL NOT be the new GMs guy.

And besides, we all saw what Peyton thinks about the Dolphins...It took Marino just to get a chance to talk to him...He probably told Marino something like this: "Look Dan, you know you will always be a good friend of mine and I'll always respect you. Your team, back in the day, was a very good team, fun to watch and all...But they have hit rock bottom for quite some time now and that clueless GM running the show is as bad as it gets. I can probably give him 5 minutes of my time but that's it. Miami would be the last place I'd want to play right now. I can also tell you a lot of players feel the same way I feel about it. Ask Ryan Clark..."

I'm all for giving the rookie a chance to get his mojo back. Let him finish out the season. Do all we can to support him, but also try to keep Moore and Devlin, or sign another top notch QB if we lose one of them. There will be opportunities in the draft and free agency next year.

If Tannehill doesn't come out of the gates blazing next year, bench time. Don't wait around like we did for Henne. If you see a QB that's got that deer in headlights look more often than not, he's got to go. You need someone who shakes adversity off and moves on. That's one thing I'll give it up for Moore. He's got long ball accuracy, and when he fails... he can come back next week, or even the next drive and light it back up. So his personality is a bit different than typical elite NFL QBs. We don't need to be typical if we can score.


Not going to get into you with it today but I know what I'm seeing. Tannehill looks passive out there and a lot of the attaching style we saw early is going. He was susprising and challenging defences with his play. Are you telling me there's a different set of WRs out there from when he started the year? His numbers are down and consequently so are his picks. No questins they've 'reeled him in'. You said yourself this offence needs to play with 'a very small margin of error'. It's clear that not turning the ball over as much is the goal of the coaches and as a result the more attacking offence is gone.

The problem with the Ravens isnt the surrounding cast. The problem is everyone's now expecting Flacco to be Manning and Brady-like. Aint going to happen because Flacco is a game manager who at times can look upper-echelon.

There's no consistency at all in Flacco having ability to put a team on his back. He's an "above average qb" that can look great at times. Then he has to have "great weapons" around him to do that.

Joe Flacco aint a great qb. He doesnt consistently make you go, "WOW", if you consistently watch him play. I find him rather boring at least 80% of the time I watch him play.

Read my comments again YG.....this is what I said....

perhaps that "reeling him in" that you are watching are the coaches coming to a conclusion....

Reeling in is in QUOTES because it is what another poster said.....and I was giving them a possible explanation as to why they may SEE (watching) that.....

However...I DISAGREE with your definition of REELING a QB in.....

If his ATTEMPTS are down....that is REELING in a QB....especially since our run game sucks....

If they are not letting him throw down field AS MUCH du to turn overs...that is REELING IN as well.....

there are MANY ways to REEL in a QB...and an Offense....


I think you've painted the Baltimore situation very well. Interesting to see what happens in Baltimore and Pittsburgh over the next few years. Their window of opportunity might be closing. Both defences and teams are getting old. These next few years could be our best chance to move up in the AFC. Brady an dManning are still their old selves and good for a few more years but again they're not getting any younger.

So Matt Moore was once on the bench. So what? So was Matt Schaub...So was Tony Romo...So was Kurt Warner...The list goes on and on...That doesn't mean F***all...I guess the Dolphins forgot about that...

I honestly thought the Texans was the team that could compete with the Patriots in the AFC...After watching last night's game, I came to the conclusion they're NOT...LOL!!!

More was 6-6 last season. He started 0-4 and got Soprano fired.
Moore got his HC fired in consecutive years: Fox in 2010 and Soprano in 2011.
Tanne got Mike Sherman fired at Tx A&M last year. If he can get Sherman fired again this year he will exceed Moore in getting coaches fired.

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