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Dolphins finally beat Patriots at something

The waiver wire gave the Dolphins something to celebrate Monday evening when wide receiver Armon Binns was awarded to Miami off waivers from Cincinnati.

So why is a waiver transaction reason for a little celebration?

Well, the Dolphins got Binns ahead of the New England Patriots. The Patriots, you see, also put in a claim for the former Jaguars undrafted free agent and Bengals practic squad player. But because the Patriots have a better record than the Dolphins, they have a lower priority for claims.

The Dolphins, with a worse record, have a higher priority.

So the Dolphins beat out the Patriots for a player!

Yeah, I'm reaching here. But consider this: The Patriots know a thing or two about claiming players. Yes, they make mistakes but they get it right a lot -- probably more often than Miami does.

And so you have to have a little confidence in Binns if the Patriots wanted him, too. Maybe he won't be just another body like so many of these waiver claim players have been lately.

Binns is 6-3 and 209 pounds. He played collegiately at the University of Cincinnati. This season he had 18 catches for 210 yards and one touchdown in eight games before being waived.

To make room for Binns, the Dolphins waived cornerback Michael Coe, who in turn had been claimed off waivers two weeks ago.



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I get the sense that you're in an argumentative mood today and I'm not going to bite.

What I said was, because the supporting cast isn't what it used to be in Baltimore there is more pressure on Flacco to get it done and he's not that kind of guy. Injuries to Lewis, Suggs and their secondary and a team that's aging has put the focus on Flacco and he can't get it done.

Not sure how you argue my point and then try and make it your own. Maybe you need to read what's been said instead of jumping in.


Not getting onto with me today? Im posting an opinion, what does that have to do with getting into with anyone? CraigM guess I'll leave you alone today. Seems your in one of those crappy moods, and it shows by the way you began your post to me.

You and I have not "gotten into it" since we agreed to cut the crap. Still buddy have a great day. Hop[e you feel better soon.

T-hill will be pushed by Devlin next pre-Season. Guaranteed.


Not true bud. Henne or rather Sporano's faith in Henne got him fired. Matt Moore was only around last year. It was Sporano's faith in Henne and his lack of development that did Sporano in. That and the fact the just wasn't a very good HC. To blame Moore after Henne laid that egg in Cleveland last year the second game of the season and the fact he started 0-3, just isn't accurate. This team played much better after Moore took over.

The second Tannehill was named the starter it was an evaluation season. He was the high 1st round pick, they knew Moore could give them maybe an 8-8 season at best but they had no idea what Tannehill could give them. Also he needs reps being a project so better now than later considering this season was not going to be a winner anyway. If this is how Philbin and his coaching staff approached this considering the lack of depth and talent on this team then they did the right thing in my mind. I saw it the same way, start the rookie QB and see what you have there. He has been learning, that's good. I think we should bring in another young QB to push him though next year.


Nah, Sparano was fired for sticking with HenneBust WAY too long. If he had started Moore from game 1 he'd still be coaching in Miami. Looks like Philbin is repeating Sparano's mistake leaving MVP Moore on the bench.

Moore was 6-3 last year after Henne started 0-7

I was a believer in Tannehill and Philbin...Everything was going pretty well..But the Tennessee game was like Marquez'right cross against Pacquiao last Saturday...It did A LOT OF DAMAGE...And I think the team never got back up from it...

cheap ross.

Devlin was the best Qb in pre-Season this year, Montreal. Philbin loves him for the WCO.

Im not contesting that at all Dave, but seeing his limited experience out of college and the fact that Garrard and Moore should have beaten him out in camp. Tanne in my opinion should have sat this year to learn. Its no one but Moores own fault for not performing in the preseason. Once Moore lost that job forcing Tanne into the starting position, it was Tannehills job for the rest of the year baring an injury.


Your comment was 'Reeling him in? Are you guys kidding me?' or something to that effect. Yeah I was kdding you....I'm on here to make jokes and entertain people.

I know what I'm seeing. If you want to disagree then by all means do so. The Dolphins have to a much more conservative, ball-control offence. Yes, they are still taking shots down the field but not nearly as much. Part of it could be that teams are on to us, part of it undoubtedly is we don't have the guys to do this. I'm just saying, I can tell they've put the cuffs on Tannehill somewhat and it's clear they are playing for those 21-17 wins that Philbin talked about yesterday. Not blaming Tannehill for this. Just making an observation that he's not being allowed to attack like he was earlier in the year. This team doesn't win giving up 3-4 turnovers a game.

We would've landed Andrew Luck if HenneBust didnt get injured!

Patrick Ryan "Pat" Devlin is an American football quarterback for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. He was signed by the Dolphins as an undrafted free agent in 2011. Wikipedia.


I still believe in Philbin.....

But I also agree...that Tennesse game was a WAKE UP pinch to the NOSE about how much this team LACKS talent....

I actually believe that FISHER and the Rams put the blue print on tape as how to defeat the FINS....everybody else just copied it and tweaked it.....

Miami Dolphins avoided any major injury problems in their loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Pat Devlin is the only player who is questionable for next week's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars..


It's clear that the team wanted to start Tannehill from the beginning. Philbin, despite what he says, was never a Moore guy. It wasn't HIS guy. I watched all of the preseason action and it was clear to me that Tannehill didn't look GREAT. They handed him the job. I don't buy this 'he clearly outplayed everyone crap'. Matt Moore was the incumbent and likely should have started the year.....UNLESS Philbin TRULY believes starting a QB from day one helps his development. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt abnd 2-3 years until I feel differently.

Monte, Henne was 0-4 before he got hurt... he got hurt teh San Diego game which was the 4th game of the season..

If you did watch the preseason games then you def saw that Moore played at a lower level than Tanne. If you want to go at stats alone we can look at those or if you want to go off what you saw. Did Tanne blow him away, no but he played better. He played against the same #2 #3 and #4's Tanne lit up the 3-4's and Moore played average against them. Tanne played decent against the #2 and #1's Moore played ok. I dont have an issue with Moore at all and im not being biased.
Garrard was outplaying all of them before he got hurt..

It may be to early to passs judgement on the HC and Tannehill? My question is why do they both keep making the same silly mistakes in play calling , miss management of personnal on or off the field, to over throwing TD passes, several in one game. Whats going on Joe? And Tannehill, how come you cant hit a wide open WR for a TD (twice) in one game? I dont think you that good, never did, wasnt on board with you being drafted with the 8th pk. Your not an elite player. And yes, Im comparing you to Marinos first season. Sorry if you think thats unfair but you were taken much sooner than Danny boy, and you aint half as good.


I was out of town for the Titans game but I was checking the score periodically. I couldn't believe what we were seeing. A REAL opener. Who ever said the team hasn't recovered from then is dead right! To lose at home to a team like the Titans is unforgiveable and a headscratcher!

I agree the talent isn't there but how does a team lose 37-3 to the Titans at home? I have to put a lot of that on Philbin. Team wasn't prepared to play....NO WAY! Maybe they'd been reading their press. Maybe their heads were gtting too big. They weren't ready to play.....and where was the in-game adjustments? Just dismal all the way around!!


Because you and CraigM says in "your opinions" Tannehill is being "reeled in". If anyone else's oppimiom is wrong and yours is truly the only correct one. What indisputable fact is that based on. Your opinions?

Im just being more "open minded about it". T'hill's earlier success could have also been based on different factors. Teams could be playing the cant get separation recievers differently. They now jam them at the line to disrupt timing, knowing its unlikely these guys beat them deep.

Tannehill then has to hold the ball a little longer. He may have to try and fit ball into tighter windows than earlier in the season. He's getting fewer attempts because the way defenses are are now playing our offense differently than they played them earlier in the season.

Which means that if drives are becoming shorter, meaning that if the amount of time the offense is on the field is greatly contributing to how many passing attempts he now has. There's a whole lort more that could be contributing to this than you guys "factually know.

600yrs ago men thought that the world was flat. Just because that was what they thouight didnt make it fact. Sometimes we find fact when searching for those things "we dont know" before injecting our opinions as the one and only fact.

Guys dont get upset with me because I dont except your opinions as fact. In the academic world, thats called "critical thinking." Anything wrong with that?

Dragon he did over throw the one pass to Hartline but the other that youre referring to Hartline broke the route that was called and Tanne had already threw it. Hartline read the D and broke the route..

Well, the Truth is that MaMoore is not a WCO QB.(neither is T-hill IMO)

I love to split you.
Currently I split Irishoak on a daily basis.
I always liked splitting you and will be happy to do so again.

and actually it wasnt clear the team wanted to start Tanne from the beginning as they named Garrard the starter and said he was pulling away in camp before he got hurt..

Who knows Devlin might come out and shock people next year..


I guess you actually need to hear it from Philbin yourself before you beieve that 'the Dolphins have reeled their young QB in'. Of course he's never going to come right out and say that for fear of playing into the other teams hands but listening closely to im talking about the importance of protecting the ball and not giving up turnovers. This is what keeps him awake at night. He doesn't talk about continuing to attack other teams defences.

I could careless who the QB is as long as its a long term answer and we are winning...
Im not hating on Moore just to everyone saying this is what he did last year 6-2 or whatever is made up he actually went 6-6 and didnt beat a team with a winning record.
10/17/11 at New York Jets
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ Lost 24-6 ---
10/23/11 Denver Broncos
Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL Lost 18-15
(OT) ---
10/30/11 at New York Giants
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ Lost 20-17 ---
11/06/11 at Kansas City Chiefs
Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO Won 31-3 ---
11/13/11 Washington Redskins
Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL Won 20-9 ---
11/20/11 Buffalo Bills
Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL Won 35-8 ---
11/24/11 at Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX Lost 20-19 ---
12/04/11 Oakland Raiders
Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL Won 34-14 ---
12/11/11 Philadelphia Eagles
Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL Lost 26-10 ---
12/18/11 at Buffalo Bills
Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, NY Won 30-23 ---
12/24/11 at New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA Lost 27-24 ---
01/01/12 New York Jets
Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL Won 19-17

Theres the schedule to prove it.. If the answer isnt Tannehill thats fine just give the kid more than one year with a lackluster roster to show what he has..


There was VERY little difference between the three QBs in camp. If we want to argue about it, I guess we could say it was Garrard, Tannehill and Moore in that order, but nobody was the 'clear cut' winner'. All they said was they were going to start Garrard in one of the preseason games. The idea of being the season opening start was never made to him.

I'll agree to you that Tannehill outplayed Moore in the preseason but again, I watched it and he wasn't great. I said at the time, I would have started Moore to start the season. I believe he earned it based on last year. However, I'm just a fan and these guys know a lot more about this stuff than me. I would have given Moore his chance to carry the team, based on what he did last year, with Tannehill ready to tak over at any point, should he have faltered. It's water under the bridge now.....let's see how it plays out.

Eli Manning - 1st yr 6-10 Completion % 48.2%, 6 TD's 9 INT's passer rating of 55%.

P. Manning - 1st yr 3-13 comp. % 56.7% 26 TD's 28 Int's, passer rating 71.2%.

John Elway - 1st yr 9-7 comp % 47.5% 7 TD's 14 Int's passer rating 54.9%

Andrew Luck 1st yr 9-4 so far comp % 54.9% 18 TD's 18 Int's passer rating 74.5

R. Tannehill 1st yr 5-8 so far comp % 57.3% 8 TD's 12 Int's passer rating 72.5%

I am not saying Tannehill is any of these guys. I am saying these stats really don't matter. Right now IMO we have the worst WR core in the NFL. This includes TE's. We have the QB of the future and now all we need to do is start building the team around him. Tannehill has all the talent to be a great QB in this league. Sur he has work to do but he will do it.

What folks call skill positions should be of the highest priority in this draft. WR, CB, TE and LB in that order IMO. If we do that well, I would bet the Dolphins will be in the playoffs next year. We need an infusion of talent at WR and CB.

Then in the 2014 draft there will be fewer holes to fill and we can start adding depth. After that year drafting becomes easier and GM's seem a whole lot better at it.


I Understand U hate Ireland!! As He is A Personification Of What Happened The Last 4 Years To U!!

Change The Word Practice For Evaluating Then!! Me and YG were Having The Same Discussion!! I Guess People Hear!! "PRACTICE"!! And They Automatically!! Think Practice Like In Football!! Or Basketball!!

Ireland Is Bringing People In Weekly!!!! So Philbin Can "EVALUATE" Ireland's Ability To Find What He wants IN a WR AND A CB!!



And Kris!! U Know Craig is a Moron!!

And Craig I say More Useful Stuff In 1 Post!! Than You Have Your Whole Existence!!



Dashi said it a Couple Days Ago!! And I understand(U ALL KNOW WHO I HATE)!! Ireland Will NEVER be RIGHT for a CERTAIN GROUP IN HERE!! And That Is OK With Dashi!! Just Like Some Don't Like T-Hill because They have This Weird Fascination With Moore!

Talking About that Scrub!! U Know His INT% Is Actually Higher Than T-Hill's!! Meaning Moore Throws More INTS IN LESS PASSES THROWN!!

Kris let me Guess!! U Also Find it repulsive When Dashi says the Fins Are Throwing The Rest Of The Games For Draft Position!!

Just as Long As They Are Competitive!! I can deal with Dansby Quitting In The 4th!!

There might need to be some changes to a more traditional O System next year if they want to keep RT at Qb.

* last 4 years to the dolphins for U!

Thanks Dashi.....go have another drink!!....

I agree with your order. I just remember reading that Philbin said that Garrard was in the lead and was seperating himself more than other. This was based on Mando's articles and articles from the Sun-Sentinel.


I don't think Craig M has claimed his post as FACT...and I KNOW for a FACT that I have done no such thing.....

I HIGHLY encourage critical thinking....and I like to see differing opinions on here....

I'm not the LEAST bit upset with you....and I don't know what impression...or what I could have posted to give you that impression....

Let's debate football......and get ALL the differing opinions we can.....

33 passing attempts(most in the last 4 games), and right at Tannehill's average attempts per game(exluding injury game).

And they have been taking those deep shots.

Yeah, really reeling him.

Kris @ 11:27am,

Well said....


You could be right or wrong about that(reeled in). But when saying stuff like this its best to say, "In my opinion Philbin has reeled......". "Not Philbin has reeled......

That's not stating an opinion, thats making an opinion fact. Because a thing may look this way, it doesnt make it neccessarily so. Or it could be a little bit of everything all around with Philbin:

Philbin may not 100% trust:

Rookie qb, recievers ability to consistently get separation, defenses playing the offense differently from earlier in the season, pass protection, etc...

This list could go on and on. That doesnt make it 100% Tannehill. It could be a list of 30 things, including Tannehill. Or it could be he isnt being reeled in at all and other factors the non-expert fan doesnt see is just making it look this way.

Same thing 600yrs ago when men had never traveled beyond the horizon, and thinking it fact, that the world was flat. Things are rarely what they seem.


I understand much better what you are saying now....

I couldn't see pass the word practice.....perhaps a poor choice of words imo....

but now I understand....better what you were communicating.....

This is what it's come to? Really? Pathetic.

YG @ 11:31am,

Sorry bud I don't follow you at all. I think you're splitting hairs. There was nothing about my comment I was trying to pass off as fact. I was stating an opinion as we all do every day.

Not sure why it has to be any more complicated than that. Again, I'm saying, from these eyes, it's clear to me that Tannehill has been 'reeled in by the oaching staff'. Disagree if you like but that's what I'm seeing.

The Signal,

Right. So why is his yardage down, his completion percentage down, his QBR down and his picks down? Care to expand on wise one?

I didn't say they aren't throwing the ball downfield. What I said is that it's clear to me that Tannehill isn't attacking with the vigour he did before and doesn't look as confident with his decision making.

Honest to God, I think this fanbase could argue the colour of the sky....

It does seem that other Teams have figured out our early success with the running Game and stuffing our opponent's one.





They Let T-Hill Scramble!! T-Hill Couldn't Cross The LOS The First 8 Games!!


Anyone Who Saw The 4th Qtr Of The Last Couple Games!!! Has Seen The Reigns Completely Off!! Go On Every 4th down!! Throw It Deep!! At Least Once Every 4 Downs!!



Your Problem(Addiction) Is Not My Problem!

I know The Water In Canada Is Undrinkable!! And U have Been Drinking Since U were a Baby!! From Ur Drunken Mother!!



I Guess It Does Work!! U Telling Everyone Me and Odin are The Same!! We Found a Fool!!! Who Believes It!!

Craig Moron!! Grow Up!! The Constant Stream of Alcohol is DESTROYING UR BRAIN!!

It was pretty clear that if the preseason qb battle between Moore and Tannehill ended in a dead heap, Tannehill would get the starting job. Reason being, that if Moore couldnt clearly beat out the rookie qb, it would be better going forward to play the rookie qb now.

Which when Philbin said this I completely agreed. Remember, Tannehill was not projected a day one starting qb by all of the experts. So if Moore couldnt beat out a qb like this. What was the use in starting Matt Moore.

You guys seem to forget, Matt Moore, could not beat out a rookie qb that wasnt even projected as a day one starter. Even a dead heap between the two, suggest you werent going to get much Moore from Matt Moore, by starting him ahead of Tannehill.

That's how Tannehill was named starter. A qb not projected as a day one starter at worst, was in a dead heap with Moore for the starting job.

Overall, I believe the team is better than last years. Still rebuilding. I have my doubts about Tannehill and would have started Moore. No way would I have brought in another qb for a look in the early part of the season. I would have started Moore.
Then Tanne about 10 games in. No matter the record.

Go have another drink Dashi....you're a clown that offers nothing off value....


Good one bud......try taking the caps off if you want someone to take you seriously.

The Dolphins can not start to rebuild until Irescum is finished destroying.

'I think Tannehill throws right-handed'......

'No he doesnt. I've seen him throw with his left hand'....

What a fanbase!!.....


Those calling Binns a scrub don't watch much football. At U of C I watched this kid beast. He can run....runs routes well and has some wiggle after the catch.

Binns will be the most physically gifted wr on this roster immediately. Whether he can grasp the playbook quickly enough to have an impact is another story. The best waiver pickup by far in the last few years by the Fins.

We not being able to run the ball as effectively as at the beginning of the Season of course makes T-hill throw the ball more often and scramble. It also affects his accuracy and decision making increasing his chances to be picked-off.

Ireland should be fired for drafting Egnew in the 3rd round? Does he do any profiling of these guys hes draftining?? Egnew played more of a WR posiotion at Mizz and all of a sudden Ireland expects him to block as a TE in the NFL. FireIreland


NP!! It was Also The Word! Practice! YG had a Problem With My Comment Also!!

I Understand Where It could Be Taken Out Of Context.


OUT OF ANYTHING!! T-Hill is More Aggressive Now Than Before!! And It has To do With what Oscar said!! Teams have figured out The Fins Were Only Going Short!! Know Even If The Wr's Suck!! T-Hill has To Throw Deep!!

Again, U are taking a Guy That is only looking at the Box Score!! And is Seeing Less Yards and Less INTs!! And Comes Up With The Opinion THEY ARE REELING T-Hill IN!!

Craig Go Watch a F'ing Game!!

LOL....Dashi. Looking at the boxscore. Good one, pal....couple more explanation marks and I'm right there with ya.

I dont think Tannehill was drafted to start day one. I think the fo and coaching staff would rather seen Matt Moore "WIN" the job as starting qb. At best, Matt Moore threw the starting job into a "DEAD HEAP".

So as a coaching staff, wth do you do when your incumbent starting qb, cant beat out your projected not to be a day one starter rookie qb?

Well, when it looks like that, and that rookie is already familiar with the offense. As a hc, you fogure, "Well, it doesnt look like we'll be any much the worse for wear, if I just go ahead and start my reookie qb".
At that point, to Philbin, he's saying to himself:

"I'ld rather lose one or two more games with the rookie qb and have gain valuable experience. Than start the vet, win one or two more games and still not make the playoffs anyway".

*NOW Even

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