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Dolphins finally beat Patriots at something

The waiver wire gave the Dolphins something to celebrate Monday evening when wide receiver Armon Binns was awarded to Miami off waivers from Cincinnati.

So why is a waiver transaction reason for a little celebration?

Well, the Dolphins got Binns ahead of the New England Patriots. The Patriots, you see, also put in a claim for the former Jaguars undrafted free agent and Bengals practic squad player. But because the Patriots have a better record than the Dolphins, they have a lower priority for claims.

The Dolphins, with a worse record, have a higher priority.

So the Dolphins beat out the Patriots for a player!

Yeah, I'm reaching here. But consider this: The Patriots know a thing or two about claiming players. Yes, they make mistakes but they get it right a lot -- probably more often than Miami does.

And so you have to have a little confidence in Binns if the Patriots wanted him, too. Maybe he won't be just another body like so many of these waiver claim players have been lately.

Binns is 6-3 and 209 pounds. He played collegiately at the University of Cincinnati. This season he had 18 catches for 210 yards and one touchdown in eight games before being waived.

To make room for Binns, the Dolphins waived cornerback Michael Coe, who in turn had been claimed off waivers two weeks ago.



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Thanks Aloco! Cheers brudda

Nice post Orlando @6:46.

I'm outta here.


We have draft picks says to Craig M

You're not grasping what I'm saying. I'm glad we got rid of Marshall. The guy is a lunatic & is a locker room killer/cancer. I'm pissed off b/c we have no one else who Tannehill can throw the ball to on Sundays. It's not fair to this team, it's not fair to the offensive coaches, & it's not fair to Tannehill.
Forget about trying to reason with an irrational and delusional idiot who can not grasp anything but his own loser thoughts. He can not engage with intelligent dialog. Moreover he either needs a job or another hobby to keep his irrational mentality busy. The Dolphins will never win with Bess and Hartline as their starting WR's. They lack acceleration out of their breaks.

Gamma Rays. I saw Miller early on in the Game. Then he dissapeared. Gamma Rays.

Gamma Rays. During the most crucial drive in the Game, they could barely complete 6-8 yds passes, then they tried completing 20-25 yds passes. Gamma Rays.

Gamma Rays. Finally, they lined up Reggie Bush out wide, vs a Defensive back. Gamma Rays.

Gamma Rays are harmful for your Soul.

Besides, how on earth do you know that NE wanted to claim Binns? The guy is an UFA and how many of those do you know have been stars in the NFL besides Romo?

Another December and we are talking about the draft. How sad. I watched The Pats do open heart surgery on the flavor of the month last night. Belechik just keeps rolling guys out there to kick Butt.Yeah he has Brady, but that team is way more than Tom terrific. Too much for the Dolphin nation to stand to have to put up with this quagmire anymore. There are 2 ways they can draw 20k plus for this game against the Jags: 1) Topless Cheerleaders 2) a public beheading of Ireland.

My Cincy fan bud really liked Binns. Thing is Sanu and Jones are panning out pretty well and Binns became unnecessary.

To make room for their returning from IR centre.

Oscar a LOT of the bloggers expect yur boy Henny to out play T-Hill on Sunday what is yur opinion.

Crusher rumor has it that Ireland will not attend the game because of the possible friction and maybe more with the diehard fan that will attend the game on Sunday.

Funny how no player on the team EVER said Marshall was a Cancer, only media propoganda.
Bess and Harline never scored TD's. Not with Pennington, Moore, Henne and now Tannehill.
Only Con man Ireland would have a season with only 2 WR's.


Aloco says:


Craig M does not need food. He feeds off of his own NARCISSISM. His irrational opinion of the Dolphin starting receivers is evidence a delusional person.

KingShula (yes he was)
I was trying to be patient with him given that he probably has only been in charge of the last 2 drafts, but when I look at the roster, I see so many holes, and so little depth. meanwhile the Pats have no starter in their secondary who played in the last super bowl, and they made the Texans look like dogs. They draft LB's from the SEC not freakin Utah or Utah state (like koa misi whose next big play will be his 2nd). and they put rookies out their to see what they can do. A novel idea that sparano and philbin it seeams have yet to grasp, even on a 5-8 team???


U announce any of those 2 and U will have a PACKED HOUSE!!

That Or Put A Stand Outside The Stadium!! Where U can KICK IRELAND IN THE A S S!! FOR $10!! They can Still Charge People $20 To Park!! BIGGEST "TAIL"GATE PARTY EVER!!

On Binns. The Kid already Has as Many TD's as Hartline!!

Oscar The 25-50 yd Bombs T-Hill was Trying To Throw at The End Is Sherman's way of Showing We Have No Speed!! On 4th Down!! T-Hill Didn't Overthrow Fasano!! Fasano is Just That Slow!!

And After They Score a TD!! Dansby Gave The Game Away!! Again!!

NOTICE!! We Were On Our Own 30!! And Philbin Said Go For it On 4th Down!! Ultimate F U C K It Move!!

Did Fields Even Punt In The 4th Qtr? I Don't remember Him Punting!

Darkoak Thanks For Dropping That Bit Of Info on Binns.



I know this is a Dolphin Blog!!! But How Many Of U Think That Sporano Might stay as The OC!! If The Jets Win At Least 1 More Game!!

I know Dashi Sure wants Spo To stay as OC!!

Cam Cameron was just fired, lol

Fins are the best 5-8 team and working on being the best 5-11 team.

I think it is time to shake up the roster obviously it is not working and the foundation needs to change. Thats why I say trade Bess for a 2nd or a 3rd and draft a new reciever. I would also resign hartline, long, and smith. Move Odrick to the inside and try to sign Levitre (OG from Buff). Also sign Cox CB From Jax and cut Burnett. It's time to get rid of the fat these guys havent brought us to the playoffs so why keep the team together


Ireland has To Show!! Makes For GOOD TV!! Ireland Shaking Henne's Hand PreGame!! Smiling!! This has to happen!

C'mon! That would just be to Perfect!!

Only Thing!! Classier!! Is Holding a Ceremony For an Opposing Player!!

Now That I said That!! They Should retire Chads Number on Sunday!! At Halftime!

What's to celebrate the season in over.
Also don't ask Armando uniform question about the Dolphins he won't respond back to you.

Dashi so are you one of the bloggers in Hennys camp

One year top heavy draft picks on o-line, then d-line, then d-backs, then RBs, then WRs, etc.

Then sifting thru busts and keepers. Then determining keepers aren't fast enough or strong enough.

Then start all over again.

I agree we need a shake up but look who's buying the groceries. Ireland needs to go. I would not sign Smith. He hardly moves the needle on the big play counter and this is his freakin contract year and he is invisible. Dansby, Burnett and Misi are not worth the ink on their contracts. I love Long but he looks done He is too big a risk for the kind of cash he is going to want. I'm tired of wasting high picks on the oline. Look at most of the teams at the top. Pats, Giants, Steelers, Saints. Great QB's Superb WR's and Excellent TE's .We have none of these (though I like Tannehill)


No One Complained Sure!!

People Just Didn't stand Up For Him Either!! Which Tells U a lot!!

Real Professionals Don't Complain!!

Cancers Like Marsha and Dansby Do!!

But The List Of Players That Won't Stand Up for Marsha Is Twice as Long as The Players That are OK with him!!

Trust Me!! Nobody On The Teams Cares About Marsha!! Which Is Just as TELLING!! As Complaining!!

Henne needed a change of scenery and he got it. I'm glad we moved on from him, he never got it done for us. That's sports.

Can we trade Ireland to the Jests for Sparano?

Only time to celebrate now is when Fins are still 0-0.

Ireland shouldn't be fired.

He should be "set on fire" before the coin flip of the last home game.


Thanks for jumping in. How were the tennis lessons? Are you clients making any progress? Great that you make such a large contribution to society!

These comments coming from the dude who claims Bess and Hartline are 4th and 5th receivers and then claims falsely that others like myself have called these guys 'stars'. He another one of those guys that because you don't have the same as opinion as him, somehow that makes you scum.

Keep up the fine work with your atheletes you DUFFUS....


I'm Not In Henne's Camp!! My Boy is T-Sizzles!!

But I do Respect Henne! And Know That it was MORE THAN HIS FAULT!! He Just Personified Soprano on The Field!! Like Ireland Does Parcells!! To some Here!


Roboqb Is Alright!! Better Than Flacco!! Or Sanchez!!

But as Potential!! Goes!! T-Hill is Head and Shoulders Above!!


T-Hill is 6'5" and Runs a 4.5!!

Henne is 6'2" and Is Slower than Incognito!!

Now Henne has Better Weapons Than T-Hill!! So expect The Select Few To Go CRAZY HERE!! when Henne Scores!!

Good Entertaining Game This Weekend!! A MUST WIN!!

It's hard to fathom keeping Ireland in place but I feel he has convinced Ross he can rebuild this team given appropriate time to do it in the mold Philbin requires.

Irescum, give back the money you've stolen from dolphin fans!

Craig M says:

These comments coming from the dude who claims Bess and Hartline are 4th and 5th receivers and then claims falsely that others like myself have called these guys 'stars'.
Dude stop the NARCISSITIC behavior. This site is not about you pretending to be an expert. Your opinions can be respected but are not the only perspective. The substance is that Hartline is fast enough but just does not come out of his breaks quick enough. Bess tried to get deeper with his routes the last two games but was not able to due to a lack of speeed. Watch how quickly Wes Welker accelerates and creates separation allowing Brady to get him the ball. The Dolphins just do not have quality receivers on their roster at this time and many others including other teams are well aware of this weakness. Playing in the NFL is a lot like tennis in that exploiting the weakness each week works and wins. With the current rules, having top tier receivers is paramount in winning and getting to the post season.


I've never said that this team can win with Bess and Hartline. Show me where I've ONCE said that? Stop misrepresenting the things I'm saying to make your argument. No question they need top tier talent with FA and the draft. I'm all for it. I just don't but this BS that Bess and Hartline are 4th and 5th WRs.

Stop using words like NARCISSITIC. No one's impressed. I have a right to an opinion, just like you do. What I have a problem is is someone who constantly misrepresents what I'm saying.


Whats far more paramount to getting receivers is getting an elite QB.

Got to love a GM who can so completely snooker the New England Patriots on a waiver wire claim. Jeff Ireland, well done, sir!

Well Ireland's Republican Army you may be right about that but the jury is still out on Tannehill. I was one who wanted Matt Moore and then go after a WR in the first round and then a TE in free agency. This receiver group is just not good enough to really evealuate Tanehill. He needs an athletic TE like every other decent team has. The rules give receivers such an advantage that getting one that creates separation will help the QB.

Hats off to Jeff Ireland! Another chess master move, leaving a totally befuddled New England Patriots organization in a state of chaos.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | December 10, 2012 at 09:20 PM

Excellent, sir, You ARE the master of the sardonic comment.
Hats off!

Craig M,

No matter how you want to grade this current group of receivers. They are just not good enough in this era of rules that give such a huge advantage to receivers. The Dolphins need top tier receivers to win. Look at what the Patriots did to the Texans last night. A perfect example of todays offensive football in the NFL. The rules and the Patriot receivers allowed New England to completely control the game.

Maybe he'll turn into a poor man's AJ Green...but I'm not gonna hold my breath.


And I think that's where my comments are being misunderstood. I'm all for adding WRs and TEs too....no question. But there are other holes too, specifically S, OLB/DE and CB. Lots to be done.

Can we just ignore the fact that we have the worst QB in football?

Craig M says

But there are other holes too, specifically S, OLB/DE and CB. Lots to be done.
Well yes the Dolphins need skill players on defense but they looked OK against the Niners until the mistakes. Smith in my mind can not run with the quicker WR's. Look at how other teams play CB. The dolphins are often playing soft. Lack of talent but I still believe that you go after WR's due to the rules giving such an advantage to a good guy like Jennings and an athletic TE. The Dolphins can win with better receivers. Then go after better skill players on defense. A pass rusher could help the CB's and take away the QB time.


You'll be surprised but we're on the same page. That's exactly what I'm saying too.

Dashi, why was Fasano on the radio bragging about what a great team mate Marshall was?

Too funny. All the guys that were on here yapping all day about 'what didn't the dolphins sign Stallworth' blah, blah, blah....

Pats put him on IR today after getting hurt last night, his first game. Honest to God, you couldn't write this stuff.

Stallworth would not have changed our seasons outcome.

Craig M, laughing about an injured player....figures.

Stallworth scored the same amount of touch downs as Hartline and Bess did all year. Chill Craig M, you sound dumb.

Well it's been great here since rmando Banned Odinstank, Now lets get him to get rid of hus life-mate Douchi.

I don't know, I havent seen Henne play this year. Maybe he has improved, but if he hasn't(taking his eyes from downfield, locking on receivers) I expect we will win easily.

This signing is yet another insult to our intelligence it seems. Ireland moves mountains to "pull" these deals but does not have the fortitude to execute the big ones like the deal that NE pulled by trading R. Seymour to Oakland. How did that work out for both teams? NE got themselves set for the future, and Oakland well (see the similarities with Miami?).

We have an inept GM, can not be defended, and an even worse clown owning the football team. Good for all those fans who simply stopped caring. It is not lack of loyalty, it only shows us fans are not insane, as it is defined as making the same mistakes expecting a different result.

Ireland did not pull the trigger in a timely fashion to get rid of Marshall and Davis prior to the trade deadline last year and has done the same with Long in 2012. It is beyond pathetic. Long will not be resigned unless Ireland outdoes himself and tags him the franchise, boy would that be stupid if no one trades for him!

Please I beg you all to keep boycotting this abomination of a product until real change occurs beginning with the long overdue firing of Ireland. Whoever is the new GM I hope they evaluate this coaching staff that came with so many promises and it simply has fallen flat. As bad -and I mean bad- as Sparano was as a coach, at least his player did play hard for him. I'm not sure I can say the same about this year with Philbin.

AJ Smith could be a good choice, I personally would like someone like Gruden or Chudzinski at the helm, with a personality and really offensive minded, and let's face it, younger. But if Philbin is to stay Sherman must go. I can actually envision him playing a role in scouting since he obviously had done a great job recruiting at A&M.

I bunch of words wasted on a terrible team. Put forth more effort at work.

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