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Dolphins irrelevant so it's time to change gears

Allow me to share parts of the NFL schedule this weekend:

New York Giants at Atlanta.

Green Bay at Chicago.

Denver at Baltimore.

Indianapolis at Houston.

Pittsburgh at Dallas.

San Francisco at New England.

And against this backdrop of interesting and profoundly meaningful matchups, the Dolphins and the Jaguars will play at Sun Life Stadium. The visiting team is 2-11. The home team is 5-8.

The rest of the NFL may not notice.

This is what it means to be irrelevant in December. It is the fourth time in as many years the Dolphins will be playing games in December that frankly do not matter.

And you wonder why I advocate making the most of this time of year by moving on to younger players?

Michael Egnew should play this game. I already shared with you yesterday that Miami's tight ends are sub par. So why protect them by continuing to play them?

Move on to Egnew to see if he has any promise, any spark, any ability to solve the problem that the guys who have been playing ahead of him -- Anthony Fasano and Charles Clay -- have not solved despite ample opportunity.

I'm not saying Egnew's the answer. But unless you play the kid, all he represents is a question.

Last week, finally, the club turned to Lamar Miller ahead of Daniel Thomas. But as with so many things this team does, the switch was done in incomplete fashion. Miller got only three carries while being in the game three quarters. Thomas got two carries when he finally got playing time in the fourth quarter.

If you're going to sit somebody, sit him. If you're going to work somebody, work him! Do not split the difference.

On Sunday, the Dolphins may not have receiver Davone Bess. He's battling a back problem. Even if he takes a shot and can play, he's not going to be 100 percent.


Give a healthy Rishard Matthews those snaps instead. Or play Marlon Moore 40 snaps.

Look, Bess is a solid guy. He's a good slot receiver. But he's not the answer at No. 2. He would dominate in a three-wide set (with either three WRs or two WRs and a threatening TE) as the slot. But he's instead had to play out of position much of this year.

And what did that pressing of Bess to a higher service accomplish? The Dolphins are 5-8. Their offense is still terrible. Everyone knows the team needs wide receiver help.

In other words, it didn't mask anything.

Time to think outside the box. Time to push the eaglets out of the nest. Maybe they'll fall to earth with a thud. But, who knows, maybe they'll soar.

Letting them stay safe in the nest without making any attempt at all?

It's a great way to stay irrelevant in December. 



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Given that this year is lost in terms of playoffs, the FO and coaching staff need to know for sure the talent and depth they have on their current roster or else the off season, developing the younger players, the draft and free agency could be a bust. we have more weaknesses than strenghts on the present roster. Moving Martin from RT to LT was due to injury. We need to know for sure if he is going to continue as a LT and let Long walk and if so, what is our needs at RT. Do we have some one we can groome or do we get help. We wouldn't know for sure unless we rotate players and see exactly what we have and what we need.


Same here! Im dissapointed too because he looks good on paper but i knew watching him at Mizzou that he couldnt block at all. It would be nice to see what he's learned at least. Im all for the experimentation but i dont like that these writers will crucify the team if they do bring in the rookies and dont win. catch-22 and the writers dont have to pay anything.

It is obvious that Egnew is not ready to play and that the coaching staff does not trust him. Rishard Mathews was a 7th round pick and he has been active for several weeks. If Egnew could help he would be in there already. It is not like Fasano and Clay have been setting the world on fire with their play.

I really can't see how you can say Philbin is so loyal to his vets!
He has given plays to every player on the team with the exception of Egnew.
we can discuss all day if you think they should have more, and on some i would probably agree. However, I have enough faith in the coaching staff to believe they are doing it for the right reasons, don't you???
Do you believe they are holding him back/saving him for next season as a secret weapon?? or is it just possible he has been slow this year and they are going to give him the chance up untill preseason to get himself in a position to play??

Great comment Armando. A little depressing, but The coaches did what you suggested by playing Miller last week. So perhaps they are of like mind....or they read your blog....lol

Team's no different than any other year with games we coulda, and shoulda won but lost. Playing new kids won't solve that. I think Sherman, and Tannehill have continued the loser mindset in S. Fla.

I haven't given up on Egnew either. Sounds like the kid has some maturing to do. Doesn't mean he won't get there. I believe part of Philbin's bias' are keeping him back. I'm not ready to quit on this guy yet.








D) D Thomas considering he cost 3 picks!!


I question some of the moves that Philbin has made. I would have like to have seen more of Matthews when playing time was being given to Gaffney and Naannee. Don't get why we haven't seen Egnew to this point and I question why the team gives Miller three carries last week, while being loyal to Bush. Yes, I'm saying Philbin is being loyal to the vets and I don't agree with it.

Kris, that whole marshall affair was dirty business right from the start. The guy should be urinated upon in public. We gave up two good picks for him, he comes here, gets paid a king's ransom and then proceeds to fukk the dog for two years and do nothing but shite. Frankly, they should've got more for him. I would've rather just have him ride the pines or be inactive and asked to stay away from the team if his head wasn't in it. But that's just me. I also would've launched legal action against him to recoup some of his bonus like the team did to Ricky for his actions off the field. I would've really tried to nail his azzzzzzz. Teach a lesson to all players that you will respect the organization. As you can tell, I really hate the man.

But the team just decided to wash their hands of him. Obviously thought there was some value in two 3rd round picks where I see very little.

Pollster...Egnew doesn't belong on that list. How about Ginn, Allen, Beck?

I wonder how many other TEs were selected after Egnew last year that are contributing to their teams. It makes you wonder about the organization when an early third round pick cannot find his way on to the field.

BTW- I don't ever hear Olivier Vernon's name anymore. He has disappeared. I was never crazy about him because he never did much with UM. I got caught up in all the size, strength, and speed Ireland was talking about but here we are at the end of the year and Vernon has not done much. The jury is still out on him also.

Pollster, John Bosa - first round pick. Who??? Exactly ...



I don't know why everyone is going crazy over a 3rd round pick not measuring up. Picks from that round only have a 10% of ever becoming 3 year starters. Get your expectations checked people.


Did you mean with this administration. There have been some pretty bad ones under Wandstedt, Saban, and even Shula.


I can't think of any TEs taken after Egnew that are contributing right now. There's the two guys in Indy but they were both taken ahead of Egnew. Not a great year for TEs.

bush only had 19(i think carries himslef) thomas had a few aswell. I was ok with gaffney caming in as he had decent hands and should of been someone reliable for T-Hill to aim for, that ended in real disappointment though. Philbin and co have no doubt seen a lot more than us of Egnew and if he was so impressive I am sure even some of the players would have spoken out about how goodhe was looking in practice.......but they're not


Orlando yo can say that about players in every round.
I guess we could say how many other teams have pass rusher like Cam Wake that was a free pick up, Davone Bess went undrafted. Every team has players that come under that category.

Mark spot on with your comment about 3rd DP's


I understand your point, certainly with Mathews and Millar, but if Egnew is as bad as the reports suggest then he'll probably deflect balls into the waiting arms of the Jags secondary... Then on Monday morning you'll be all over RT17 for turning the ball over, or not converting on 3rd down.

Can't have it all, friend.


Ginn was a top 10 that sucked. Beck 2nd that was terrible, Allen 1st.

Egnew was a third round pick....

Mark @ 11:15,

You read this on the regular, you forget who you are dealing with for the most part? lol

Eeeeeaaash...The bitter-Armando has resurfaced. I'll tell you what...please look into ESPN Deportes and turn your column over to Beasley. At least he tries to mix bitter truth with a little optimism. If we were all in a life boat, and clinging to the hope of land or rescue, you would be the guy who would stand up and say,"Well, we're all gonna die..." awesome.

CS, don't expect Pollster to understand the relative values and expectations of first and 2nd round picks versus 3rd and later picks. He's not here to make sense, just to troll.

Troll on, little troll. Hope it's warm under your bridge - wherever you are.

OK, Manny Wright must have been pretty bad because I can hardly remember that guy. Was he the big lineman that Saban made cry?

It is hard top Pat White but at least he was a second round pick. A first round bust is much worst. In that case I would say Eric Kumerow, Jamar Fletcher, and John Avery would be right up there.

CS @ 11:27, noted.



Idk, I'm optimistic about next year. With all the picks and probably at least 1 FA starter. Think 4 new starters at the min? WR CB S OL

Figure the 1st, 2nd, 2nd should all be starters. FA probably at least one starter. Maybe the 3rds contribute.


I think your missing my point. They played Naanee and Gaffney because they were vets. They did NOTHING when they played. They gave Gaffney away and picked up some TE, Miller, who we'll probably never see on the field. What I'm saying is they've been wrong more than once. Who's to say they're not wrong on Egnew also. I think you're really just make a bunch of excuses for the coaching staff. To me it's clear Philbin wants to play his vets and at this point I'm saying 'why'?

I don't know why everyone is going crazy over a 3rd round pick not measuring up. Picks from that round only have a 10% of ever becoming 3 year starters. Get your expectations checked people.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 14, 2012 at 11:15 AM


I think it is more along the fact we needed a TE in a bad way, and apparently Ireland believed this 3rd rounder was the answer.

It's not just the issue of whether Egnew measures up. He hasn't even been active this season.

Ginn was a top 10 pick that returns punts and FGs. Those guys are usually rookies or UFA.

Beck was supposed to be the guy. Pat White was supposed to help with a gimmick... Terrible pick though I'll give you that.

Ginn was a pathetic, pathetic pick though. Look who was drafted around the guy...

Haha, Jon Avery. He played for the Argonauts for a few years and I would see him all the time in the nightclubs here and eating Chinese foor at 3:30 in the morning. You could see why he never made it in the big leagues.

The Signal,

To me that's on the coaching staff that he hasn't seen the field. I find it next to impossible to believe that Philbin and Sherman weren't onside with this pick. Ireland drafts the guy but he can't force the coach to play him. It's a mystery to me...

not FGs, heh :)

Craig, I think Philbin is going with the best player hes got. Tannehill development more important than Egnew seeing the field.

Vernon just has a good vet in front of him, but has gotten some time in and made some plays. Couple big ones.

As for the WRs, I got no answer on that one. They were all equally bad. Though Nanee was probably the worst.

Signal. The big f up was 2010 as far as tight ends when Moeaki, Gronkowski, Pitta, Graham, Dickson,a nd Hrnandez were all picked after the first round and Ireland didn't even pick one but proceeded to draft 5 linebackers for some reason. That was yesterday's blog discussion.

Dolphins draft in 2013:

1st Round: Offensive Line
2nd Round: Defensive End
3rd Round: Offensive Line
4th Round: Cornerback
4th Round: Linebacker
5th Round: Defensive Line
6th Round: Wide Receiver
7th Round: Running Back


And that's my point exactly. How was Naannee better than anyone? In practice maybe. Great! But it was clear tha both he and Gaffney didn't have it in games. So we're supposed to believe these guys were good in practice but lousy in games? And now neither one of these guys is on the team and the kids lost playing time.....they've been wrong more than once.


Philbin still has to evaluate the whole roster. How can he tell what he has in T-Hill if Egnew constantly allows a rusher to get by him? Philbin also has to think of the confidence of his rookie QB. He wants to make sure that he has the best talent out there to keep on developing. Blocking for RBs and TEs is extremely important which is why Miller has not played much either. The whole plan goes up in smoke if T-Hill gets hurt. They are seeing him every day in practice and with the need for talented receivers on this sqad if Egnew was any good he would have been out there already. Unless Egnew works hard for next year and a miracle happens, I think the Fins are just going to have to cut their losses with him.

Commonsense, the Dolphins organization have shown a complete unwillingness to draft a wide receiver in the top 2 rounds of the draft since 1997! Only two have been taken (Chris Chambers, Ted Ginn). What makes you think that this will be the year that they address a need that has not been filled since the Marks Brothers departed, and not draft another offensive or defensive lineman?


Agaoin you're giving Philbin the benefit of the doubt. Wouldn't be the first time he's been wrong on someone this year. I don't hear anyone saying, 'Hernandez and Jimmy Graham shouldn't play because they aren't good blockers'. There are ways you can protect your QB without having the TEs block all the time. Happens every week in the NFL. I'm not saying Egnew should be in all the time....but let's see what the kid can do.


I agree with your point that Tannehill's development is much more important at this point. Philbin has to put the best players he has for him to develop. It is obvious that he feels Fasano and Clay are way ahead of Egnew.

The only plus for Nanee is he is a good blocker, but apparently has terrible hands. That one fumble he had was pretty hilarous. I mean pissed me off a lot, but just had to laugh.

Idk, WR was a cluster from the start. Maybe they figured if none were good (outside Bess/Hartline) then go with experience?

Of course there's always the chance that the team gets rid of Egnew at some point and he becomes a star somewhere else. Wouldn't be the first time that happened. You guys want playmakers....let's find out if this kid could be one. The alternative is to waste another draft pick on one of course.


I agree, but I think it leads right into this dicussion.

After missing on all those TE's last year, when it was a need, he selects Egnew in the 3rd this year...

With TE still being a huge need.

And Egnew still sits, leading to this blog discussion.

I don't think the point on Egnew is that he can't block, I thought from watching hard knocks is that he wasn't reacting to the speed of the game, dropping balls,and being completely overwhelmed.

His big knock coming out of college was his inability to block. Yes its true that he had all those other problems coming into the season but blocking was an issue for him coming into the league.

There are some good TEs coming from college this year. Zach Ertz, Jordan Reed, and Joseph Fauria just to name a few. With the loss of Fasano emminent, it may not be a bad idea to double up on TEs in next year's draft. Follow the lead of the Patriots with Gronkowski and Hernandez. You don't necessarily need to draft a WR next year if you draft great pass receiving TEs.

More Marlon Moore? Please Armando, stop the sillyness!

Scoring 1 TD on a blown coverage vs. the rams & luckily catching 1 pass against the jets is no reason for this kid to play.

He's a gunner on ST. That's it. So is most of the roster. They are decent ST players. No expirimentation needed.

Play Matthews & see if he's worth a lick!

This team is full of bums. They've been bums. Playing them more will not magically make them more than what they are!

Dolphins seem to be irrelevant year after year. It is so dreay and weary being a fan of this franchise.

The real problems (e.g. lack of talented players, dilberbate wasting of high draft picks on gimmicks, poor coaching, no effective front office leadership, etc.) won't be fixed until the entire organization chooses to fix them.

LOL, you feeling grumpy today????


I can't think of any TEs taken after Egnew that are contributing right now. There's the two guys in Indy but they were both taken ahead of Egnew. Not a great year for TEs.

Posted by: Craig M | December 14, 2012 at 11:15 AM

I knew all the good ones were gone but, took one anyway! What's another wasted pick anyway?

Gotta love my style & misdirection!

LOL, you feeling grumpy today????

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 14, 2012 at 12:19 PM

I'm actually in a great mood. But, as usual, I can see your acting feminine.

Btw, to anyone wanting to see Egnew ahead of a vet....

Use your brains! Do you REALLY think they wouldn't at this point or earlier if he was even remotely competent?

Don't you think they would play him if they thought he could help? He is obviously terrible if he can't get in as a 3rd te on this team.

He can't block. We all saw him preseason not catch. He looks like the poster child for learning disabilities.

I mean, just because YOU want to see him doesn't make it the right call. What if the guy is so not ready to play that he ends up hurting himself or others in the process? Then what?

STOP ACTING AS IF YOU KNOW WHY PHILBIN / SHERMAN WONT OR DOESNT PLAY HIM. Use some friggin common sense for once in your lives. Philbin likes vets & that's why Egnew can't sniff the field?

Hilarity at it's best!

" Joe Philbin often ran three- and even four-tight end sets when he was in Green Bay". This is a quote from AOL sports. Here is a twist on this. Given the inconsistency of the running game and not being able to find a suitable receiver who could spread/stretch the field is why Philbin was hand cuffed into using Fasano primarily as a bolcker and did not develope Agnew as he had envisioned. I do not believe Philbin has called a game the way he has wanted to call all year long, due to the collapse in almost every department of the team at some point or anothe,r except the "D" line.


I see you're on the warpath again today.....

AGAIN, anyone that has a different opinion than you must be wrong. Some of us are sick of not seeing Egnew and are calling Philbin and Sherman out on it. That's our RIGHT!! We don't need your permission nor do we need to follow any type of protocol.

OK with you f8ckface!! Have a great day....

They need to get the top QB in the draft even if they have to trade up.

LOL....the ultimate f8cking hypocrite on this blog.....

Wants to get rid of Ireland and Long....because 'how could it be any worse than what we're seeing'. Some of us want to see Egnew because we're sick of what we're seeing and now all of a sudden WE'RE THE ONES WHO ARE WRONG.

THAT is hilarity at it's best...

I'm out guys....sick of having to banter with this a88hole...

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