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Dolphins irrelevant so it's time to change gears

Allow me to share parts of the NFL schedule this weekend:

New York Giants at Atlanta.

Green Bay at Chicago.

Denver at Baltimore.

Indianapolis at Houston.

Pittsburgh at Dallas.

San Francisco at New England.

And against this backdrop of interesting and profoundly meaningful matchups, the Dolphins and the Jaguars will play at Sun Life Stadium. The visiting team is 2-11. The home team is 5-8.

The rest of the NFL may not notice.

This is what it means to be irrelevant in December. It is the fourth time in as many years the Dolphins will be playing games in December that frankly do not matter.

And you wonder why I advocate making the most of this time of year by moving on to younger players?

Michael Egnew should play this game. I already shared with you yesterday that Miami's tight ends are sub par. So why protect them by continuing to play them?

Move on to Egnew to see if he has any promise, any spark, any ability to solve the problem that the guys who have been playing ahead of him -- Anthony Fasano and Charles Clay -- have not solved despite ample opportunity.

I'm not saying Egnew's the answer. But unless you play the kid, all he represents is a question.

Last week, finally, the club turned to Lamar Miller ahead of Daniel Thomas. But as with so many things this team does, the switch was done in incomplete fashion. Miller got only three carries while being in the game three quarters. Thomas got two carries when he finally got playing time in the fourth quarter.

If you're going to sit somebody, sit him. If you're going to work somebody, work him! Do not split the difference.

On Sunday, the Dolphins may not have receiver Davone Bess. He's battling a back problem. Even if he takes a shot and can play, he's not going to be 100 percent.


Give a healthy Rishard Matthews those snaps instead. Or play Marlon Moore 40 snaps.

Look, Bess is a solid guy. He's a good slot receiver. But he's not the answer at No. 2. He would dominate in a three-wide set (with either three WRs or two WRs and a threatening TE) as the slot. But he's instead had to play out of position much of this year.

And what did that pressing of Bess to a higher service accomplish? The Dolphins are 5-8. Their offense is still terrible. Everyone knows the team needs wide receiver help.

In other words, it didn't mask anything.

Time to think outside the box. Time to push the eaglets out of the nest. Maybe they'll fall to earth with a thud. But, who knows, maybe they'll soar.

Letting them stay safe in the nest without making any attempt at all?

It's a great way to stay irrelevant in December. 



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Hey, Henne was better then Tannehill.

Oh no when the PriceMaster is in the house he takes this blog to a whole new level.
And don't even come here on Saturday because that is his drinking day and he really gets bizarre and starts confessing to murders and $hit like that.

Troll hard to say so far. At this point in Hennes career he was holding a clipboard...

Henne was the worst pro QB I'd ever seen until I watched Tannehill.

What is wrong with these people? It amazes me.

GEEZ, that isn't making fun of him, that is voicing their displeasure over his play.

I advocated on this blog last Monday and a few weeks earlier to play Egnew once playoff chances are over for this team. I hope your blog post gets Philbin's attention, Armando.

Likewise, I would suggest scheming for more touch time for Clay, Lane and Miller. Let's see if they are worthy of being on the roster spot next season.

Also, do you think Ross will buy up all the empty orange seats to keep this yawn-fest game on the air? With Xmas gift buying, who would want to spend money to watch two irrelevant, losing teams play?


the matchup of the 2 worst QB's in football WILL be televised locally. But women and children shouldnt watch, its gonna be ugly!

Mando Maybe In The NFL The Dolphins Are Irrelevant!!

To Me They Are Still Must See!! Thru Thick and Thin!!

There is Still A lot to Watch!!

The qb!!

Again This Is A Must Win!!

T-Hill WON'T GET ANY RESPECT AROUND HERE!! Until he beats Henne!! Doesn't Matter If T-Hill Has To Throw It To Himself!! He has To Beat Henne!! So Expect To See More Running!! From T-Hill!! And The Rb's!!

On Egnew!! He is In A Tough Position!! Does He Play Special Teams? No. He is stuck in a Numbers Game!! Like Matthews at The Beginning Of The Season! And What Is Happening L.Miller!!

Like Someone Else Posted! Egnew Was The 3rd Best TE In The Draft!! He Fits The Prototype!! What is Happening Is The TE and FB Position are Full On The Game day Roster!!

It serves as Motivation for Egnew!! That The Reason Fasano Is Starting Over Him is Because of Blocking!! Not athletic Ability!! Next Year!! With Fasano Gone!! And Another 3rd Round TE!! Egnew Would Know!! What is Demanded Of Him!! And The Competition Will Be Good!! I Believe The Competition That Will Play Out Next Off Season will be Between Clay and Lane! Because If We Get Another Prototypical TE! In The 2nd Or The 3rd!! U Know Another Guy Like Egnew! 6'5" 250+ Runs a 4.5! But That Knows How To Block!! from Day 1! It Would Make Clay Look Under size For The Position!! But as That 3rd TE/H-Back/FB! Clay can Work!! Which Would Make Lane Expendable!! Then We Would Have Depth At The Position!!

But Fasano as a #1!! Doesn't Work!! And Egnew Should Make a Better #2! Next Year!! With A Year Under His Belt!! And His Replacement Already On The Roster!! One of The Top Te's In The 2013 Draft!

Til Then!! Give T-Hill The Toughest Situation!! NO WEAPONS!! And Make Sure He Learns!! No Mistakes!!

Again, T-Hill's INT %!! Is Lower Than Henne's And Moore!! And T-Hill Is Only a Rookie!! He Throws Less Picks Per 100 Attempts! The TD's!! Get Him Some Real Weapons!!

27-21!! Fins!


Hilarity @ its best is reading you go on POST AFTER POST about how this franchise NEEDS to draft Manti' Teo (under your other name of course)...and THUS ACTING AS IF YOU KNOW WHAT SHERMAN/PHILBIN WANT.......(you're words not mine)....

Everything you post IS YOU'RE opinion....just as it is for everyone else....

You posting under LOL....doesn't change that.....but you are a joke tho....so that screen name works for you.....

Posted by: Kris | December 14, 2012 at 12:43 PM

Hey dipstick, I'm not whoever else you are accusing me of being. IT's funny, all you pansys resort to the same name calling accusatory BS.

You're him & him & him. STFU & grow a set meathead!

I'm not here nearly as much as you nerds to care or try to distinguish 1 person from the other. Some fulfilling lives you must have.

Whoever you think I am? Guess again missy.

You know it alls think you know everything when in fact, you know nothing.

THis blog is living proof of your ignorance.

Posted by: LOL | December 14, 2012 at 01:28 PM

I'll take that as a LONG-WINDED YES.......LOL....

Still a chance to end 8-8. Even if we ended 5-11, we still have Ireland running the draft.


What's the damn point anymore? Year after year brings more sorry and shame over this team. We are so far from 1972 that we might as well call it 1772.

How the Dolphins should draft in 2013:

1st: Wide Receiver
2nd: Wide Receiver
3rd: Cornerback
3rd: Wide Receiver
4th: Offensive Line
5th: Cornerback
6th: Running Back
7th: Defensive Line

How I fear that they will draft:

1st: Offensive Line
2nd: Defensive Line
3rd: Offensive Line
3rd: Cornerback
4th: Running Back
5th: Tight End
6th: Wide Receiver
7th: Quarterback

Wow! Now there are two words that go extremely well together... Dolphins and Irrelevant! We the fans have been used to this for how long now? And they will continue to be irrelevant season after f-cking season as long as Ireland is the one picking talent. Theres always next year... what a bummer!!!!!!

This is tough to say considering how much I Love my Dolphins. We been irrelevant for decades now. We been rebuilding this organization since the last time we went to the Super Bowl. We've made way to many draft mistakes and free agency pick ups. No consistency. It's heartbreaking year after year. While us Dolfans have to watch NE win always.

Armando, you are not the coach, so you do not get to decide. One of the reasons I wanted Philbin as the Phins coach was how Green Bay handles there younger players and develops them. GB has a stellar record in this department. I believe the coach is trying to mirror GB systems here in Miami. Let the coach do his job and install his systems, give him several drafts to bring in his type of players, then judge him.

You my friend either need to get a fantasy team or start putting in resumes for open coaching positions, but right now you are a newspaper writer, not a coach!

I thought they should play Egnew a couple of games ago,not as a starter, but to see if he can get open in the NFL.If he dosent play a single down, then I assume he will be demoted to the practice squad,or is the plan to give him another shot beginning in training camp next year,then like you wrote he is another question, along with the others they bring in to compete at TE.I also think this could be a sign that they are playing the starters and the backups because their will be a major overhaul to the roster in the off-season, and they are deciding who they will keep.

Well why in the hell did Ireland draft Agnew so high for a TE and it's taking him a whole season to "be ready". Fire Ireland PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I also think that Philibin is over his head.

Armando! I finally agree with what you are saying!

Dagbabit the Dolphin brain trust if we can call it that is makin Jeff Ireland look like a knucklehead PLAY EGGNEW ALREADY

Everyone says Egnew stinks, but I want to see him stink. Then I will believe them.

I think the offensive line is awful and the defensive backfield is amost as bad. Fix these two areas first.

Felix...they've been fixing the offensive line since 2002. As a result they've been unfocused on adding a top-flight wide receiver.

Look at Green Bay...they've drafted five wide receivers in either the first or second round over the last decade, and have one of the top offenses in the league. Aaron Rodgers isn't one of the top quarterbacks because they invested three out of ten first round draft choices in offensive linemen.

Before Armando goes to bed he cleans his make-up off and puts on a Tom Brady jersey. I'm sick of this guy.

Well ya you play to win. I agree to start these other players. If they F up, throw someone else in. We play to win!

Just cut Egnew and be done with it, he probably really sucks if he can't get any snaps in this offense, besides what we really needed Jeff to do with that 3rd round pick was a WR not a tight end, Clay and Fasano are not great but they both can play pretty well at times, we need receiver help people and a QB that can get them the ball like maybe Moore unless you are happy with 8TDS through 13 games

Regis is no "hoodie" and i really doubt he he knows what to do against a belichick coached team. we don't have the depth nor do we possess the coaching staff to match up against the better teams week in and week out!! until "Diana" understands that getting rid of Fireland n bringing in Polian to fix it, we'll still be the doormat to brady and belichick!! i'm sure they spend so much time thinking about our team... NOT!!

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