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Dolphins lead Bills 14-3 going to third quarter

The Dolphins are playing a solid game so far and against the reeling Bills, that's been good enough so far.

The Dolphins have two touchdowns from Reggie Bush -- one via a reception, the other on a second-quarter 1 yard run. And the defense that has been solid much of the year has been solid today.

The Dolphins have held Buffalo to 1 of 6 on third down.

Stevie Johnson is having a nightmare day -- having dropped two passes including a TD and having fumbled his only catch of the game.

Michael Egnew has played two plays in the first half but the ball has not come his direction. Ryan Tannehill is not completing 50 percent of his throws but he's leading the team with 43 rushing yards.

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With this lead it's time to call a few plays for Egnew and Binns. Lets see what they can do.

Is Carpenter hurt?

This was supposed to be the formula this year. Effectively run the ball, play tough defense, protect Tannehill & let Tannehill him develop....Only problem is that the O-line & the running game struggled & the defense broke in the 4th quarter.

Would have easily been a playoff team if the running game was like this all year.

Pittsburgh and Cincinnati tied at 10

yes Carpenter is hurt


Wow a #19 who can catch!

Tannehill's passes are making a snapping sound as they hit the wideouts LOL


I know you didn't say Hartline is a number one. We actually have a similar attitude towards Hartline. I like him but I don't think you break the bank on him. There are other guys we need to add too. No question.

Bins can catch

C'Mon get Egnew some plays. Need to see what he can do.

How about Thigpen on some rushes.

Get the young talent some touches. Nothing like game time action with a 3 TD lead.

that doesn't happen very often.

Rest Bush and Hartline. Keep them fresh for NE next week. That's when we need them.

lol nyfinfan

"Allow me to piggyback on what Mark said ...

I believe spending $4M on Bush is better than spending $6M on Jake Long.

Get a good contract on Bush. But also spend your money where it makes the most difference."



Thanks jpao

On an earlier catch, Binns looked like he had nice acceleration after the catch.

All of our receivers fall down-our YAC has got to be the worst in the league

We Have got to get faster players-wow

Please go to the fourth quarter post. Thanks.

It would have been REALLY nice to see other WR's emerge earlier in the season. Better late than never I guess.

I'm with signing bush over long. We don't play that bad without Long. Good game today. Maybe the left tackle postion was overvalued by Parcells.

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