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Dolphins lead Bills 7-0 to start second quarter

Reggie Bush is have a fine day catching the football. Lamar Miller is having a good day running the ball.

The Dolphins are leading the Bills, 7-0 after one quarter.

Miller has 29 yards on five carries. Bush has two catches for 31 yards and scored on a 17-yard pass from Ryan Tannehill.

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3 +out-3 + out-play calling-execution-no players-why does hartline always fall down?

Shula73 are you Eric the same guy, 'cause you sound an awful lot alike. Can you confirm this, Armando?

This sad performance is both on QB and WR, Tanne only has 1 person to throw to unless you count Fasano and his 4 yds every catch >.>

"You were right. I wanted to see how many people blamed T'hill for taht td pass attempt to Hartline."


It's always Tannehill's fault. Like the drop by Fasano.

We Have Draft Picks :
What play he already done in 14 games this year and 16 games last year? couple of intersceptions, remember he was draft in 2nd. round and after 3 years is a b.s AS cORNER after 3 years

Tannehill getting hurt would be like Henne getting hurt last year. Instant improvement with Moore.

Let's see Thigpen break one.

Great defense-now let's see some great offense

THILL looks a bit off today.

Stevie Johnson is burning Smith but making mental errors. Should have had two nice catches for first downs and another for a TD.

He will make Smith pay before its all over.

D has played well overall though holding them several times.

Need this offense to pick it up.

Nice answer D!


A number one receiver makes that catch. I will give you that. Should have been a TD.

Its a punting marathon. LOL

For Dolphins playoff watchers, Bengals winning 10-0.

Beautiful tackle from Patterson!!! Why did the Browns just cut this kid????

More Millerr-more miller-throw-run

NICE pass! Better catch!

great throw to Mathews....29 yards.

Mathews is solid!!

Bengals up 10-7 now.

GREAT pass by Tannehill!!!!!.....

Way to step into one. EVER seen Henne do that? NEVER!

Great job kid!!

Great throw

0 separation on every play... Our wr situation is the worst in the nfl

Zonk you're right we do lead the league in 3 and out!!........defence!!!!!!!

What a cacth ...not by the cacht it self.. if by the hit and retention by Mathews after

Matthews! Iam telling you guys ... Been saying it since pre season opener . He always makes the catch. And tough ones.


Maybe just maybe we found a kid with some talent in Patterson. He is athletic....just prone to mistakes.

I like the move...

I know it's completely off topic ... but they really should show extreme closeup shots of the McRib. It's pretty nasty looking in all its fake glazziness.

Its Tannehill's fault Matthews caught that pass. Bring in Matt Moore!

What a f#cking throw by Tannehill!!! Just beautiful. You Tannehill doubters are going to look REALLY dumb when we find some more receivers.

I like the flashes from Matthews this year, he could be a solid WR next year

Wish we'd seen Matthews earlier...I really do.

Liking Matthews more every time I see him.

Yeah bench Tannehill. Idiots...

THill is running well today.

Reggie needs to get that TD on first down.

Miss Thomas on those bruising runs.

Like the way Miller is running today.

Go Fins!!!

C'Mon PIttsburgh...keep our playoff hopes alive.

Is Sherman trying to get Tannehill killed?

I'm guessing only diehards here today!


I agree Mathews looks like a solid receiver. We just need a #1

We're seeing Tannehill's athleticism today. Impressive!!

Enough with Bush. We already know what he can do. Let's see more Miller...Unbelievable.

Armando...is Tannehill prepare for running the end of the year Marathon?

Great blocks from Pouncey, Incognito and Martin!

Have to resign Bush.

When you run-run-don't hesitate-there aren't ny Barry Sanders on the Dolphins-Reggie Bush-2 TD's 6 for the year

Yup, it's a diehard day today,men. I'm cool with that.

I really like that Tannehill is adding to the offensive weapon by rushing more over the past two weeks. This just means that Matt Moore needs to be retained next season.

Thill's stats may to be stellar today but he is LEADING this team.

Sure do wish we kept Henne or Moore as the starter??????

Tannehill's now our leading rusher for the game.

Pouncey is All-Pro. I think he's better than his brother who is considered one of the top centers in the league. Consistent.

Martin has been holding his own. Fins have a lot of thinking to do about Long.


so shula73 would moore have made that run????????
i don't think moore is bad just not as good!!!!

To all the guys that want to pay Mike Wallace $8-9 mil a year, ZERO catches a day in a must-win game for Pittsburgh. Not saying he's not a good player or that's it's even his fault today, I'm simply saying that getting a guy like that doesn't guarantee anything, when it's needed.

Now watch him go out and get 2-3 scores in the second half and shut me up.....LOL.

Re sign Bush-keep Miller-dump that guy on IR-Thomas-he's injured and can't carry the load

"Great blocks from Pouncey, Incognito and Martin!

Have to resign Bush."


I'd be surprised if we do but we need someone other than Miller & Thomas.

Brady's thrown 2 interceptions and 1 TD today. Interesting. Like to see that next week in NE!! They're tied at half with Jacksonville 13-13 same team the Dolphins beat up last week. 8-8??

That's getting in the QBS face....I want to see more of that next year.

Wake CRUSHED him.

Fitzgerald is going to be season ending before the game is over

Re sign Bush-keep Miller-dump that guy on IR-Thomas-he's injured and can't carry the load


Definitely can't count on Thomas. If we let Bush hit FA we still need a starting RB.

T Hill would make a good WR.

Wake is a phenomenal football player.

would of loved us to have taken the timeout and let thigpen have a run back at them before the half.

Did anyone see Egnew? I don't even know the number on his jersey

Craig M,

I Would not touch Mike Wallace with a 100 foot pole. He's just a bigger version of Ginn and has worse hands than Marshall had down here.

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