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Dolphins lead Bills 7-0 to start second quarter

Reggie Bush is have a fine day catching the football. Lamar Miller is having a good day running the ball.

The Dolphins are leading the Bills, 7-0 after one quarter.

Miller has 29 yards on five carries. Bush has two catches for 31 yards and scored on a 17-yard pass from Ryan Tannehill.

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Nothing wrong with keeping Thomas for next year. Yes he's been hurt and can't be counted on but he doesn't make big money. We're asking him to do things the other two can't. He's not a feature back back he does have SOME value.

I would keep the 3 backs we have, and concentrate/spend money/picks etc elsewhere.
as A group i think they can give us enough if we have good lie play pls better WR and TE. Just hope bush doesnt want elite money.

"Martin has been holding his own. Fins have a lot of thinking to do about Long."


Not really. I think the decision is obvious to anyone who has watched this O-line w/o prejudice. Long is on the decline & his body is breaking down.

We have Lane for the power runs. Get rid of Thomas resign Bush!!!

I gotta feeling that somewhre between rds 4-6 we'll be looking at drafting a tackle breaking rb. Bush/Miller aret the type and Thomas cant stay healthy.
Even when Thomas is healthy he hasnt proven to be the type of tackle breaking rb we need.

I have really enjoyed Tannehill the last few weeks it seems he has went over the problems that he had for a few weeks. Mathews has been very impressive as well. The OL looks very good without Long (hate to say it).

I Would not touch Mike Wallace with a 100 foot pole. He's just a bigger version of Ginn and has worse hands than Marshall had down here.


Put down the crack pipe. Are you serious??? A bigger version of Ted Ginn???


I'd resign Bush too, depending on how much he'd want. A 2-3 year deal would be about right. He's been a good Dolphin.

nyfinfan, I'm a Wallace fan but signing him in FA is INSANE!! It's a quixk fix, lazy add....I'd much rather draft a kid in the 2nd round. There's some good ones available.

Lane has been nconsistent as both a blocker and shot yardage rb. He'll be lucky to still be with the team next season.

It's wait till next year again if Bengals keep playing the way they are.


I'm not interested in drafting a running back next year. If Bush leaves, I'd add a veteran back in FA. We have enough needs on this team without picking running backs in the draft.


By your logic, that would be Ireland giving up on Miller, 'a guy he said was a first round pick'....LOL.

Repetion matters. Tanny and Hartline must learn to meet 50/50.

Mike Wallaceno nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Bs istop notch Miller great addition going to be good don't let Bush leave

Impressive throw...important for young QBs to get some arc on the ball

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