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Dolphins lead Jags 10-3 going to third quarter

The Dolphins are getting timely penalty-calling against the Jaguars -- and that has helped convert multiple third down situations and nullified a touchdown.

The Dolphins are also getting a good rebound game from Ryan Tannehill, who started slow but has now completed 10 of 14 passes including a 4-yard TD to Jorvorskie Lane.

So Miami leads 10-3 going to the third quarter.

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this is why the coaches are not sold on keeping Bush, he is costing the team yeards too many times, putting extra pressure on the team 2 and 12+

and WTF was fields doing with that throw????

Maybe he is a punter for a reason.

Let's see should we go up by two scores or try a dumba$$ play throwing the ball by the punter.

I don't think he even looked when passed that football.....WTH?
Panic and no composure....

Last years team was much better..

Special teams have been AWFUL last few games. Someone will lose their job before long.

Any idea what that was Mando?

Bush needs to stop bouncing and just hit the whole! Where is Larry Csonka or Mercury Morris?

at least miami gives jax hope..we are good for that at least!!!

At Least The Jags Get The Ball Inside The 10!

Carpenter told Philbins he couldn't Make it!

Jaguars apparently have not figured out what Miami fans learned a long time ago: Henne not good throwing on the run.

Dashi....I know...our LBers suck....it was Dansby's fault.

Not 'haters'. Simple people who aren't see the progress in things like accuracy. You're right....we should throw a parade because he's having some success with Jacksonville.


Just b/c every pass is not perfect doesn't mean he's not accurate. He's 15 for 20. That's a completion percentage of 75%. I don't care if it's Jacksonville. They're still an NFL defense.

Wow think about this: Hartline makes that one TD catch and that fro 1k to 3ks more in his contract next year. More that you'll make working your ass off in 5 years

Thinking about it, F*ck it have a go at it, fields saw it he just didn't execute when it got recognised. I guess we have them backed up on their 4yd line.

What's the flag? They went to commercial...

I'd really like to see Reggie take it 62 to the house right now.

Armando, What are you hearing/seeing about D. Thomas???

Sorry. Meant to say 100k to 300k


We were complaining about earlier in the game. I've already given him credit for the drive at the end of the first half. Not sure why I have to justify my opinion to you. At this stage he's not good enough.


Hartline Drops Millions!! Not Thousands!!

I hope: Not good enough.

Payton Manning is carving up the Ravens

bush is not worth even 1.5 million to come back...

And WHDPs, if we want to talk NUMBERS look at his accuracy numbers for the season. They're not good enough. That's the argument.

Defense started the game badly but they appear to have settled down. Need points now.

Oooops...meant to say $123,376.25 to $297,874.84

Craig are you saying he is not playing good enough for a rookie or good enough to play for the Dolphins????


U need To Understand On Defense!! It Is Always Dansby's Fault!! He is The Qb Of The Defense!!

I almost called it...


It is up to T-Hill to prove the nay sayers wrong. His numbers say why fans have been critical. He is one of the worst rated QBs in the league and that is a fact. I don't think that most fans are saying he is a bust yet but like some of the experts around the league are saying he has not done anything yet to prove he is a sure thing (like Andrew Luck, RG3, or Russel Wison). All dolphins fans hope that he is the franchise QB that we have been waiting for.

Is Thomas hurt? Something with his knee?? Thanks!

We were complaining about earlier in the game. I've already given him credit for the drive at the end of the first half. Not sure why I have to justify my opinion to you. At this stage he's not good enough.


He's not good enough for who??? He's not good enough for you??? Maybe he should send you an apology.

Reggie lives!
He still doesn't tuck that ball well.

Alright Reggie Bush!!!

Brees with 4 TD passes, 6 mins into the second half. Too bad Tagliaube didn't get involved in this mess sooner. NO would be Super Bowl bound....LOL. Brees is some kind of angry...

Daniel Thomas is not injured.

Better Slide!!

Good run By Reggie!!

Agreed with Mando @2:46!!

Philbin Must Have Told Them Some Ish!! They Are Playing With Some More Fire!!

Its a good thing the RAVENS fired Cam Cameron as they're OC....

Broncos 30

Ravens 3

Beautiful run!!!

What stupid call from Sherman

Jim Caldwel stikes again.....


The second Bush starts dancing, u know the play is crap!

I agree play calling is not good there


NFL opponents don't care if someone's a rookie or not. His play isn't good enough from what we need from the position.

There is the infuriating thing about Bush. You get those glimpses of fantastic runs and he dances every play instead of just sticking his nose in the nose and moving forward.

I think Sparano was doing a better inside the 20 that this moron Of. Coord.

Do we resign Bush next year? That would be another hole to fill if we lose him. I am not sure what kind of faith we can have on Thomas or Miller.

Tanny is 9 for last 10 and we run it on 3rd and 3??

And yet another GReat example of having no playmakers in the endzone....which leads to the makeup FG!!!

Craig, if you haven't heard me advocate getting a QB every (or almost) draft to ensure you find a franchise QB you haven't been listening. I've been saying that for years now. That's my draft strategy to put together a competitive team in the NFL.

Doesn't mean I don't think Tannehill's doing as well as expected this year. Then again, doesn't mean I want what happened with Henne and we waste 4 years without putting protections in place to develop the next guy up.

One is short-term thinking, one is long-term. That's called strategy.

Do we have anybody else that can run like Reggie? Then...

Really, for every 1 good play call Sherman does 2 stupid ones...sigh its just sad


Flacco is 10-24 for 97 yards and a back-breaking pick. Ravens will find out as that defence ages that he's not a guy they are going to win a championship with. They look so much better sans Cameron...LOL.

That fake FG is the worst play call I've ever seen. You need to go up two scores! Philbin has been brain farting lately

it's not about nfl opponents caring, it's about us/you giving him the time to adjust learn the NFL. Do you think he is good enough to be in that position????

OK men, non-scientific survey:

Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon or Brian Hartline and Davone Bess?


Its a good thing the RAVENS fired Cam Cameron as they're OC....

Broncos 30

Ravens 3


Totally. I don't get that decision at all through 13 games. If anything I think they should have fired their DC.

Fins still don't have the killer instinct to put the foot on the throat and finish off the opponent.

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