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Dolphins lead Jags 10-3 going to third quarter

The Dolphins are getting timely penalty-calling against the Jaguars -- and that has helped convert multiple third down situations and nullified a touchdown.

The Dolphins are also getting a good rebound game from Ryan Tannehill, who started slow but has now completed 10 of 14 passes including a 4-yard TD to Jorvorskie Lane.

So Miami leads 10-3 going to the third quarter.

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miamis thrilled with 16 pts....their definatly at their status quo today...offense of misery...just the way they like it!!!

I'm gonna say this. THill needed a game like this against a bad defense to boost his confidence. Don't know yet if he's a bust. Don't think this game is proving he is not. I guess we'll have to wait for next year to say for sure. Until then the conversation is useless. If with a speed receiver, and a better defense he misses open receivers and can't win games then he is a bust.

Please go to the fourth quarter post now.

More fans at a WNBA game than here today. Fin fans suck...


Miami is an odd city for pro sports.

4th Quarter=Defensive Meltdowns


You called it at the beggining of the game when you said that the receivers were not hanging on to the ball. He did have Bess and Hartine the whole year. Tannehill does deserve some blame for the bad record. He is often inaccurate (though not much today). Kudos though for hanging in with T-Hill when most of us got frustrated. It looks like if we have patience with him, he will develop.

This is one game against a crappy team. We all see that. He needs to get better against the rest of the league. THAT's what I'm talkig about.


Agreed. Even the biggest Tahnnehill supporters know that. I hope the improvement comes next season.

Bad call by Jags :-) Go against our strengths instead of attacking our pass D.

as said earlier, every single play is being micro scrutinized and that is not the best way to judge him! He is a rookie and should be given 'enough' dispensation. I don't think he has been bad enough to say he should be benched in favour of moore

Perfect pass by T-Hill there!!!

TanneBust = FG FISTPUMP!!

When will this team learn how to intercept a ball

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