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Dolphins need to get off rollercoaster, play to own ability

How does a team that beat Cincinnati on the road lose at Buffalo? How does a team that beat Seattle at home get blown out by Tennessee at home?

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 Miami Dolphins.

They are nothing if not inconsistent. About the only thing they do consistently is play to the level of the opposition.

They gave the Patriots and 49ers good games the past two weeks. At no time did they seem totally out-classed.

Yet they lost to Arizona in the fourth week of the season and the Cardinals haven't won a game since.

What does that tell you about the Dolphins? What does it say when a team plays up or down to its competition?

Well, first of all, assume nothing the next couple of weeks when the Dolphins play horrible Jacksonville and terrible Buffalo. And don't discount Miami the final week of the season against elite New England.

Also, it says this:

The Dolphins are the ultimate rudderless team. They have mediocre talent which would suggest they be a mediocre team. But most mediocre teams play well against teams with inferior talent and cannot play well against teams with excellent talent because they're outgunned.

Yet -- again -- the Dolphins can stay with the Pats and 49ers and beat Seattle. But they get dominated at Buffalo and by Tennessee.

Reader Tyson Crowley suggests and I agree, this kind of rollercoaster performance depending on the opponent, speaks to poor leadership on the team. Teams with good leadership do not let down against inferior competition and play like that inferior competition. Teams with good leadership play to a certain level -- be it high or low -- and maintain that level most of the season regardless of the competition.

They don't lose to Buffalo and look terrible doing it one week and beat playoff-bound Seattle and look great doing it the next.

"Obviously, when you’re so up and down, it’s a little tough and obviously we’re all judged, at the end of the day, we’re judged by winning (and) how we win and the amount of games that we win," Reggie Bush said today. "Obviously, it’s not fun when you’re not winning and you’re not achieving the goals that you set out to achieve at the beginning of the season. So it has been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster."

Oh, and teams with good leadership don't ride emotional rollercoasters. They focus on the process of winning a game week to week without major spikes or letdowns of emotion.

The Dolphins need to focus more on the process and less on the results. If they do that, maybe the results will come in more consistent manner.


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oscar right I just looked him up,jeez for a doc oscar i would think youll be a little more intellectual

I have no questions about Dr. Canosa's qualifications.
What education level is required to be the patient of a psychiatrist?

Of couse I'm Dr. Canosa's patient, I'M Dr. Canosa. Whom better than to give Therapy to Myself.


I've got to agree with Mark. That's the biggest BS excuse that Miami fans use all the time. It's also makes me sick. Tough economies in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Cleveland but the fans still come out and make a lot of noise.

I'm saying it's crap...it's an excuse. Most of the guys there are 'passive' about their team and then complain when the team doesn't do well. You can't have to both ways.

What do you think the opinion of fans in Miami would be? Do you think they think Miami has great fans or do you think 'yeah, I understand. There's lots to do in Miami'. There's lots to do in New York too....it's a crutch that Miami fans like to use....and it's weak.

Craig, look on the prev page. I suppose your a baller with money to waste on a losing product

Ross/Ireland have ripped off the fans for way too long.

Here is what Todd McShay said about Warmack:

"He is one of the best guards I've ever evaluated, an easy mover in pass protection who shows plenty of smarts and is also a nasty run-blocker." McShay states in his description of Warmack.

This is not a flashy pick but it can make your whole offense better. Big holes would be created for your RBs and the QB would have more time to throw. Incognito often gets destroyed and this affects the offense


I've been spending money on losing teams for years....yes. I shared Blue Jays ticket from '84 to '99, when I moved out of the area. Lots to do in Toronto. I was there supporting the team that mattered to me , through thick and thin. I don't see that in Miami

Were the Heat a big draw every night before they added the big three? I don't remember them being. Am I wrong?

Craig M | December 13, 2012 at 05:14 PM

The HEAT have been a draw since Pat Riley came to town bringing Zo and Hardaway along with a gritty core. The Marlins have been a black eye since embarrassing the City in 98 and now have assured that there new Stadium on the old OB sight will be a big money loser withn there latest fire sale, owner Laurie should be made accountable along with Huzienga for the mess made out of a 2 time champ. The Fins were a sell out for nearly 2 decades before last Yr.


I also never miss a game when Miami comes to Buffalo. I sit in the cold, in enemy territory and actually cross the border, to watch my team gt pummeled most of the time. That's what a FAN does.....look it up.

I think Caddy thinks I'm another poster but I'm the one and only. I used to chat on the Phins Dolphins fan site and Finheaven before that.

Armando, we wish the Dolphins were on a roller coaster it would be a huge improvement from being the cellar dwellars we are.

The ultimate example of what Mando is saying is Bill "Darth Vader" Bellicheat.

Dude shows *no* emotion, ever, whether winning by 40, winning by 30, or winning by "only" 20, as the Pats sometimes do on a really bad day.

Q: Is there another player in the league more valuable than Tom Brady?

A: I don't know. We don't play every team in the league.

Bellicheat is a stone cold killer, dudes.

I'm a Fin fan since 1983 when I was old enough to be a fan, but Bellicheat demands respect.

Also, the preparation. Bellicheat has his team do exactly what Mando says. It's all about stone cold preparation to embarrass your opponent, which the Pats usually do.

Mark, only a beta tool like you goes to a gentlemen's club to see women. A real man goes to a regular place where he can meet real women and actually take them home.

Do the Dullfins have any fans left?

They make amazing use of the talent they have and game plan according to player abilities. It's high level coaching and organization.

Replying to Box Scores last post

Jacksonville Hennes: 31
Miami Philbins: 20

Henne: 25 for 40 for 350, 4 TDs, 1 INT
Tanne: 21 for 38 for 215, 1 TD, 1 INT

Again, I believe under Switzer the Cowboys only won one Super Bowl. They should have won more and I believe they would have had JJ stayed longer.

Craig M | December 13, 2012 at 05:27 PM

NO DENYING THIS POINT! Under Shottenhiemer if you remember LT was always hurt and so was Rivers 2 Yrs. straight were Billy Volek wins them a playoff game in Indy then of course the AFC title game with LT wearing his helmet and coat with Rivers playing on one leg. The 06 game went to the wire and was anybodies with less than 2:00 min. to go on the heels of a 14-2 Yr. were they pulled the plug on Marty for a bigger ? in Turner. The blame lies on J Smith 100% In Philly the injuries on OL have zapped them 2 Yrs. straight and some of those big name players like Nandi have flat out quit on the team. In hindsight Reid needed the sabbatical this Yr.

I work way too hard to waste my money on a terrible product like the Dolphins.

Hey, if you'd buy a black n white tv.......you might go to a Dolphin game.

It's a young team learning, under a rookie quarterback and coach, how to win.

I agree with earlier comments about the fate of a team tied to the QB play. Tannehill has some upside and some downside that conserns me. His upside is arm strength, mobility, and his good vision to find the open reciever. His down side is pocket awareness, his slow decision making, and most importantly his acurracy. I tracked his last game and in his 17 for 33 performance, 4 of his passes were throw-aways, and 9 passes were so badly thrown that they were uncatchable. That means over 30% of his throws were wasted plays. How can a sustained drive happen under this level of play. Tannehill seems to have sections of good play during the game but his is still very inconsistant. My hope is that he improves over the next 2 years. I am willing to give him that...

Sounds like you're talking about the Miami Heat playing down to the competition

Fins will make it to the playoffs and start winning once they move the franchise to LA or San Diego (once the Chargers move out).

They can take the Dolphins name with them as long as the local or state government don't put up a dime for the stadium.

It'll be about 2 to 4 years before Fins make the playoffs.

T-hill will be hitting his stride then assuming he improves next year. Otherwise, the game attendance will have dropped so much that moving the franchise will be the only way of making a profit.

It is a business, right?

Things To watch for On Sunday!!

The Long Watch!!

Is J.Martin The Answer And Can Gardner Hold His Own!! This Will Help The Dolphins In Negotiations!! They Should Be Better This Week!! Even Though Last Week Wasn't Bad!!

The Passing Game!! THE TE'S!! Do/Can We Find A Third Option!! M.Moore Doesn't Seem To Be The Answer!! And Matthews Is Still a Little Raw!! The Kid They Just Signed Would Be A Good Option To Try!! But it Still Might Be To Early!! Maybe Next Week!

Cane We Run The Ball Consistently!! Will Reggie Stop Dancing? Can D.Thomas Run A Little Harder? Will L.Miller Play? Will Thigpen See Some Time at Wr or Rb? Miller Is The Best RB Out The Group!! But Why Use Him When The Other 3 Have So Much To Prove!! (L.Miller Will Be The Starting RB by The Time Camp Breaks Next Season!! Miller is Bush Without The Dancing!! C.Port is/T.Thomas Type!! A Real RB!!)

Our D-Line Should Be able To Handle Their Run Game!! The Jags Don't Have No One That Runs Around Soliai & Starks! Cause We Know Nothing Is Going Thru Them!! Odrick Adds That 3rd DT!! the First Couple Downs! With Wake and Misi as The DE's!!

Which Brings Me To The KEY OF THE GAME!! DANSBY!!

If Henne Has A Great Game!! It is Because He Made Dansby His Bottom Biatch!! On Sunday!! PERIOD!! NO EXCUSES!! DANSBY WANTS TO EARN!! $1 MILLION!! OF THE $16 Mil!! They Paid Him!!(Doubt It!) He Better Play Better!! Make 1 Impact Play!! Make 1Stop! When It Counts!! Make The Right Defensive Adjustments!!

S.Smith! Consistency!! That Is All Dashi is Asking!! And More Improvement out of The Other Young Guys!! Clemons is a Lost Cause!! He Is Going To Need too Have A Great Game!! U know 2 Int's! Or Something Close To That!! Cause We All Know!! Clemons CAN NOT PLAY A WHOLE GAME!! WITHOUT MAKING A ERROR!! A BIG ONE!!

Carpenter Seems To Have Fixed The Kicking issue!! I expect a Couple FG's This Weekend! And If Its a Clutch kick!! Carp Better Nail It!!

On The Toughest Punter In The NFL! Just Keep Doing Your Job Fields!! If anybody Screws Up!! Threaten Them With A Kick In The A S S!! Trust Me!! The Threat Of Being Kicked By Fields!! Should Be Enough To Have The Punt Team Playing Sharp!!

The next 2-3 years are pretty much guaranteed to be losing seasons.

Why does this OPINION piece read like it's fact? And is Armando talking about coaches, players or both? I don't know, it just seems like this is a huge reach. We've been hearing from the whole sporting world that the Dolphins have no talent. But now we read the reason they're not winning consistently is because there's no leadership!?

Well how about that. What are we going to read tomorrow, the Dolphins can't win because the defense doesn't score? Wtf.

And is this f%$&ing s$%t starting again? Is this the first article in a long line of suggestive pieces that the Dolphins should fire Philbin and start over,,,,,,,AGAIN!!!!??? Seriously, if this garbage starts already, if Miami doesn't give Philbin time to build his team then you don't deserve a f&*-ing team. A bunch of clueless sun drenched linen wearing dolts down there. You run Philbin out of town and the Dolphins are doomed. No coach worth anything will ever coach here again and fans will have to wait as the team changes everything again!

If you can't tell , the implications in this article pi$$ed me off! I really hope he was talking about the veteran players not being leaders because the alternative is pure BS.

There is no talent and no leadership. The franchise is a friggin mess. Philbin is worse then Sparano and is doomed anyway with Irescum as the GM. Ross is clueless and in a coma. Its just pathetic, 78.


The only threat with MJD out I see is T.E. Mercedes Lewis running Dansby deep middle. Blackmon is the type of big WR that Smith plays well against but which Smith shows up??

Jason Babin will be a good test for J.Martin the type of strong speed rusher he needs to excel against if he's truly going to be an NFL LT. I still don't know for sure what he did in Philly but to call him out on lackluster numbers with the Eagles is like signalling out one fat kid in a group of fat kids with food coupons for eating to much.

With the Season lost we need to see more of Shelby and Vernon on pass downs as well as more of Matthews and Miller. This may even be a good game to get Egnew on the field. It's Pre-Season all over again and you want to see what we have that can be elevated 2013.

At this point I could care less about Carpenter hitting his kicks or not I want to empty the bench and see why we kept some of the players we did now as opposed to next August. Open up the playbook and let Tannehill loose putting Miller (RB), Bush (SLOT) and Thigpen (H-Back formation) all on the field at the same time.

The Dolphins keep hiring rookie NFL HC's and they keep failing. Saban, Cameron, Sparano, and Philbin. Maybe they should try an NFL experienced winning HC? GEEZ!

Craig you are exactly right and people in south Florida don't understand the term loyalty. You were right because the Heat only fill the building when they win. As a matter of fact, and I have stated this in previous blogs, the Miami Heat players came out in the media and asked fans to please come into the building before the half because it was killing their home court advantage. They actually had to beg fans, WHO ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS, to come into the building. This was the first season with the big three. Before they arrived ticket sales were way down and it was shortly after the Heat had been damned good so fans obviously gave up on the team because they weren't dominant.

I agree with them, there is a lot to do in FLA. And they choose all of it over rooting for their teams. That is of course until they are assured a championship, then they load up the bandwagon and act like they've been supportive the whole time.

If you can't tell , the implications in this article pi$$ed me off! I really hope he was talking about the veteran players not being leaders because the alternative is pure BS.

Phins78 | December 13, 2012 at 08:09 PM

I think he meant it more an implication of the mindset that has taken hold of the team than the Coaches themselves. This is after all a business and Ross has endured not only half empty Stadiums but having to pony up the Cash to ensure by NFL rules that he can Televise Locally.

Unless the next off-season is a complete disaster with a lousy draft followed by a 3-13 Season then I believe the H.C. is safe till the end of the 2014 Season. This team has been more mentally sound mistake free under Philbin than the regressing under Sparano. I know some will call me crazy but it's a loosing culture that needs addressing. The Lions for all there talent are still stuck in this mode making me question their H.C. but I feel unless a complete train wreck hits this Coaching staff is safe and more importantly solid.

78, everyone loves a winner. Ever hear that before? Its true.

I dont disagree about the thesis of the article but I watched all the games and in the New England game they were not a threat to win they only scored one touchdown,eventhough the Pats had a bad day, the Dolphins were no match.

Phinmanski who do you have in mind? Any solutions? And when he doesn't work out in his first season because he is installing brand new systems and getting rid of players do you fire him and start over again? Is that the way succesful teams do business?Please. Thank goodness Pats fans aren't as moronic as Dolphins fans because they would have fired Belichick after his first season. Yeah Coughlin too, except NY fans DID want him fired, for three years straight. Fortunately the owner is smart and didn't listen to ignorant fans.

Whi is the word clueless used by SO MANY people on this blog....

I can think of a HUNDRED different ways to say clueless....and usually do...

but thw word of choice for this blog definitely seems to be CLUELESS.....

I have read that word so many times....its starting to lose its meaning....

Like when you say a word so many times it sounds silly....for me...that word is clueless......

When a businessman doesnt listen to his customers the business dies. One look at the empty Sun Life stadium proves that.

I don't know about anyone else Kris but that's the first time I think I have written that word. And I have used every other word to describe how out of touch many Florida fans seem to be. I have nothing else to use, it was all the way down to clueless.

First time Ive written it, don't keep tabs but I assure you I'm not the one who has trouble with my vocabulary.

But while we are on the pet peeve thing you know what I hate. How EVERYONE in here writes "I could care less" because it doesn't make sense and is not even a phrase in the english language. At least clueless exists! ;)

Oscar or the other freak, please don't talk to me unless you have something meaningful to say. Your "Tony Nathan" character is lame, just like all of the others. If you can't be real leave me alone. I will be ignoring all posts by anyone calling themselves Tony Nathan just fyi.

Thanks for talking me down off the ledge fin4life!


Clueless would describe your posts which are just as silly as your failed attempt to get me banned.

Kris, just curious, do you live in FLA?

Before they arrived ticket sales were way down and it was shortly after the Heat had been damned good so fans obviously gave up on the team because they weren't dominant.

Phins78 | December 13, 2012 at 08:30 PM


With all due respect you and Craig don't live in Miami and I do. The HEAT had a perennial full house in the Zo/Hardaway ERA. The 2 Yrs. before the BIG-3 Riley purposely tanked the Season slashing payroll to the bare minimum for 2 Seasons in order to assemble his team 2011 as their 15-67 record showed in 09. The fans here make it later to games because Downtown Miami is small by the standards of other Metropolitan Cities and the rush hour from people getting off work is a BIATCH!

The HEAT play alot of weekday games with 7:30 tip offs and the traffic in that area is horrible. The best way is to go Metro-Rail but the trains run about every 10 minutes and the system goes into overload because there are tons of people not going to the game trying to cross the City at the same time to get home not like some Sunday Football game.

You think people are going to drop on the average $150.00 per person to stand outside?? Incorporated Miami is small and about 80% of the 4 Million scattered from the Falls, Kendall to Doral on down to Aventura work there causing overload from 5:00 till around 7:30 P.M. including Mando next door to the triple A at the Herald.

Sorry 78 but you cant tell me what to say, MORON!

The fins have been on a roller coaster for years, this is nothing new. They have their ups but they are few compared to their downs. It seems like for so many seasons now they have suffered some of the more embarrassing loses of the year. It's a strange roller coaster they ride on that defies physics.

out of touch out of towners = CLUELESS

When a businessman doesnt listen to his customers the business dies. One look at the empty Sun Life stadium proves that.

Tony Nathan | December 13, 2012 at 08:43 PM

Regardless of who wrote this the premiss is dead on this threat has been made by the Fanbase since back when Wayne still owned the team and enjoyed a sellout near his entire time owning the team. Last Yr. after the embarrassing Off-Season with lame duck Sparano back for another Season with an 0-7 start to boot was the straw that broke the camels back period!


Ticket sales are down and will be down no matter how well they do. Miami has an extremely high percentage of foreigners that are just not that interested in football. The American sport most South Americans like is basketball, so the logistics are just not in favor of the fins selling out too often.

Phins 78 cant stand it if you dont share his opinion. Can u say immature? LOL

Thanks for talking me down off the ledge fin4life!

Phins78 | December 13, 2012 at 08:51 PM

Listen the NFL isn't going to let the Dolphins leave a top 15 Nat'l T.V. market when more than 50% of the League's revenue is generated from their cushy T.V. contracts were not in Kansas over here. The point you made earlier about switching to another Coaching staff can't be lost on Ross who must have lost a bundle this Yr. and has taken losses since buying this team. I try and take comfort in the fact Ross has his entire personnel wealth tied to this franchise and needs to field a winner sooner than later or put the team back in the market, period!

Ross could sell the team at a huge loss, retire, and still have 50 million a year to live on for the rest of his life. He loves sports. He'd love to make money, but having a team its a high class toy for him.

Ross will have to sell the team or con some more celebs ito buying bigger pieces. They desperately need a new domed stadium and will never get public assistance.

A domed stadium will change nothing.

Web Wally...

why would I ATTEMPT to get you banned...UNLESS you are admitting to being the one who IMPOSTORED my name in BLUE.....

and ONLY a complete narcissist IDIOT would do that......

lose your love affair with me...i'm married....with a life.....

won't be responding again troll.....

have fun with my name....pretend you have a life for a night....

Ross could sell the team at a huge loss, retire, and still have 50 million a year to live on for the rest of his life. He loves sports. He'd love to make money, but having a team its a high class toy for him.

Web Wally | December 13, 2012 at 09:15 PM

Ross bought the team for 1.1 Billion of which he payed 500 Million and came up with an additional 100 Million or so through his Celeb. owners. The other 40% or so is owned by the Banks, look it up. Ross has Corp. holdings in the N.Y. real estate market in excess of 2 Billion which are leveraging his debt regarding the Miami Dolphins. I got to believe at this point he's more starved for a winner than anyone else the problem is he seems lost in the Sports ownership game and may have to sell.

Phins 78....

Not from FLA...currently living in VA....

I might be guilty of the "can't care less"...on second thought.....probably not...takes to long to type....

but I get where you're coming from....

We all have our quirks....the "clueless" thing has just become mine.....

After the con job the Marlins pulled on the City of Miami I don't see another Stadium getting built unless someone like Bill Gates buys the team and privately builds it. I also agree it would make little difference and kill the experience of Sept. Football in S.Fla

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