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Dolphins pounding Bills 24-3 going to fourth quarter

Dave Wannstedt's defense is playing like, well, a Dave Wannstedt defense late in the season.

The Dolphins have three TDs from Reggie Bush.

Young WRs Armon Binns and Rishard Matthews are showing flashes.

And the defense has swamped the Bills with multiple fumble recoveries in the third quarter alone.

It's a route.

And it continues for one more quarter as does this live blog. Go to the comments section now.


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It would be hilarious if we lost this game.


Big surprise that we disagree on something. One of the problems with Sparano is that he got too conservative in games when we had leads and the other team came back to win. I'm fine with what the Dolphins did with their playcalling today.

less than a minute to see if fins playoffs pipe dream lives to see another week.


It would? Who's your team?

Nice pick!!!!

Reshad makes a pro bowl play there. Wow.


What a play for the Beast

A much needed turnover

When was the last time you saw one of those...?

There's your Pro Bowler Rashad Jones sealing this game for the Dolphins. Another good performance by this team today.

If we'd beat the Jets and Cards, as we should have, we'd be sitting pretty right now.

Outstanding Reshard Jones . That kid is getting better week to week .


Second coming of A.J. Duhe right there.

da 3rd year safety from gawga!

Is that 2 for Caroll today?

bengals going for the WIN!

great play by jones


Playoffs??? Is that REALLY possible????

Season't over boys. Bengals won.

We are done anyway. Well it looks like it.

Our season is over btw

Take away the game against Houston and Tennessee and possibly the finish to the Niners game and this team has played VERY well this year.


HELL NO!!! Rothlesberger just threw an INT and Cincy won on a FG




Cincy just won...

F'n Steelers.

F'n Carpenter!!!!!

Andy Dalton. Another QB that got away!

This is for the best...Miami wins and is eliminated from the playoffs...Thank u cincy!!!!

f***ing steelers... Rapeshigberger has kick out 2 teams out of playoffs in 1 pass...

IF the Fins let this new kicker off the team they are idiots.

Should be in they playoffs.....if our NFL Kicker could be better than 66% over 45 yards we would be.


You kidding me, man!! Team wins again today and that's the best you got. You another f-ing Jet fan on this blog?

It was all trivia anyway ... I mean, we'd have to beat the Patriots in Foxboro. We're improving, but I don't think we could beat New England's practice squad at this point.

Well , the game may be meaningless next week , but I'd sure like to see a win against the patsies .

Hahaha the Jets suck. Going to fire everyone and start over. Dolphins on their way up, Philbin has done a tremendous job with what he was given. Sparano's inability to coach has been made more obvious by Joes year.

I wish someone would tell Marino it's not "Reshard" Jones it's Reshad. He's one of if not the best player on our defense, learn his freakin name.

For that matter if Randy Cross calls Tannehill,,,,,"Tannyhill" one more time I'm tppaking him out.

Take away the game against Houston and Tennessee and possibly the finish to the Niners game and this team has played VERY well this year.


We 'played very well this year???' Are you f#cking serious??? This is the same team that lost to the Bills, the Jets, the Cardinals & the Titans who are all terrible football teams.

If you took your head out of Ireland's a@@ you would see that this team has a LOT of holes & that Philbin has done an outstanding job with a rookie QB who had the weakest receiving corps in the NFL, an O-line that couldn't pass protect, & an inconsistent running game. Not sure what it says about our GM when our highest paid player gets hurt & a rookie outplays him.

Where do Fins pick at 8-8 versus 7-9?

Hey WHDPs....stop being a f8cking a88hole!! Just because the comment doesn't agree with your opinion, 'I have my head up my ass'?

Yeah, I think we should have beat the Cards and Jets and that would have us at 9-6 right now, FAR better than either you or I thought they would be.

I don't appreciate the comments bud....so why don't you go f8ck yourself.....capiche?

We have more wins than we did last year. And with a rookie qb who played every game. That's a good result for year one of the philbin tannehill era. Well dome boys, I'm proud of you. Come back better next year.

One other thing WHDPs,

It was Ireland who drafted Jones, Pouncey, Tannehill, Odrick and Miller and added Bush in FA.

I'm not saying we don't have holes. What I AM saying is, considering where I thought they would be this year, they have played VERY well. I'm giving Philbin kudos for that too.


You're not around to say that on here....WHDPs will accuse you off having 'your head up Ireland's a**'.


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