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Dolphins tight end position needs urgent upgrade

While many people understand the Dolphins will be addressing the wide receiver position this offseason and I reported last month that everyone in the building knows the team needs a burner, I believe the Dolphins better address an equally important position for the sake of their offense and young quarterback.

The Dolphins need to urgently upgrade at tight end.

Currently, the team has five tight ends on the roster. Only two -- Anthony Fasano and Charles Clay -- have generated any statistics for the team. And while I don't think their statistics are impressive or satisfactory in any regard, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin begs to differ.

“Our touchdown production has been very good," Philbin said of the scoring production by Miami's tight ends. "I think Anthony (Fasano) has played well (and) made a great play in the game the other day. I think we’d like probably some more explosive plays out of that group. We’re starting to get some of them, but probably some more explosive (plays would be good).

"I think they’ve been good down in the red zone. We’ve gotten some touchdowns out of the group. I think, again, overall offensively and them, probably we’d love to see a little more production.”

Yes, coach finally got to the point after circling for a while. The Dolphins need more production out of their tight ends and (sorry coach) that includes touchdowns.


Fasano has 30 catches for 233 yards and has scored four touchdowns. Clay has 16 catches for 204 yards with two touchdowns. That's a combined 46 catches for 437 yards and six touchdowns.

That happens to be in many respects the worst of any tight end group in the AFC East.

At the top of that comparison are the New England tight ends, obviously. Let's stipulate they are basically in another league altogether. So much so, it's not even fair comparing them to the Dolphins. But for the record, Patriots tight ends have 94 catches for 1,193 yards and 14 touchdowns this season.

Yeah, that's better than Miami.

But the trouble is even the lowly Jets and Bills in many respects are getting more tight end production than Miami.

Bills tight ends have 45 catches for 554 yards and eight touchdowns this season. That's one less catch than Miami's duo but 117 more yards and two more touchdowns.

Jets tight ends have 60 combined catches for 671 yards and four touchdowns. That's 14 more catches, 234 more yards, while scoring two fewer TDs.

I look at these statistics and look at Miami's tight ends and wonder, where's all this very good TD production? It's third in a four-team division.

Despite the sobering statistics that is not truly the reason I say the Dolphins need better tight ends.

This is:

The Dolphins want to utilize a go-fast offense that snaps the ball maybe 72-78 times per game and wears out the opposing defense, basically sucking their will to compete out of them. To do this you have to stay on the field and move the chains. You have to convert first downs.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, they don't do this nearly enough and poor tight end production in that area is one major reason. Fasano has converted 14 first downs this year. Clay has converted eight first downs this year. The total of 22 first downs by Miami's tight ends is horrible.

The Patriots tight ends have converted 64 first downs. New York tight ends have converted 37 first downs. Buffalo's tight ends have also converted 37 first downs. All are better than Miami.

And, in fact, if you look around the NFL there are 20 individual tight ends that have converted more first downs than Fasano and Clay combined.

That means the tight end position is not, on most occasions, an outlet for quarterback Ryan Tannehill to extend a drive. Miami's tight ends don't help keep the offense on the field often enough.

Now, you might argue that's Tannehill's fault. Obviously, he has to take ownership in some of that. The passing game is the passing game and everyone is responsible for doing their part.

But Miami's receivers don't have this problem. They produce first downs. So I put it mostly on the tight ends.

Look, both Fasano and Clay fill a role. But if the Dolphins want to help Tannehill and make the offense more efficient and play as intended, the tight end position needs upgrading.





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I have come to Beat. You. Down.

I see that you have peed your pants.

-Bill Bellicheat

And Im out, the half wit is at it again.

Jacksonville Hennes 31
Miami Philbins 20

I've never been a Fan of Wallace, he looks like a 1 trick pony to me(speed). Santonio Holmes, Jennings would fit better in this O as they get open quickly in the short and intermediate routes also.

cya, phins78 and jrs. Good actual football talk...

darkoak, not sure draft grades are composed that way but your point is taken on overdrafting due to lack of supply.

yes and we expect fireland to select another te for us?? i thought he killed it with the egnew pick? now we see how good of a draft and free agency this was for us. so mr. ross, if coach benches reggie for fumbling the ball, what do you do for fireland for fumbling a 3rd rd pick and entire free agency??

Anyone who thinks that Ireland is going to improve this team thru the draft.....well, I have some ice in Alaska to sell ya! LOL!

for tight ends unless you pick them in the first round they are rarely complete players. The other hand there are a lot of fast wide receivers. It would not be unreasonable to draft a complete tight end who is excellent at pass catching first and follow along with a fast wide receiver. At that point might be worth combining some of the higher pics to trade down get a cover corner. Those are the three big holes. After that you looking to strengthen the office guard, safety, and maybe big running back positions (given the fact that Thomas is generally stopped by the first tackler)

Fauria from UCLA, been watching him all season long. Dude lives to catch touchdowns. Would fit well into this offense.

If Te'o was on the board, he's the only player I would take outside of a WR.

Phins78@11:04. Agreed.

On The Te.

Fasano Is a #2. But Seniority Wins Sometimes. This is Fasano's Last Year On The Team. Sitting Egnew!! Could Be A Good Thing! L.Miller Said So Himself A Couple Days Ago. It Humbles You!! Forces You To Work Harder!

Again Clay Should Be The Fullback!! Next Year! Clay and Lane Need To Play For That Spot!! Or Keep Clay In That H-Back Mold! But he is A Good Player To Have In Your Te's!! But We Need A Better #1 Type! Egnew Has The Size!! And Hopefully With 1 Offseason Of Strength Training and Practice! He Won't Be a Liability Next Year! When He Is On The Field!! But Still Looks Like a #2! In This System! Next Year! If We Do Go Get a TE High! The 3 TE's On The Team Will Be Young, Athletic, and More Of a WR THAN A BLOCKER!

If The Fins Use Their 2nd Pick! On a TE!! That Would Give Them The Selection Of The Best Te's!! In a Deep The Draft!!

First 2 Pick Fins Get 2 NDame PLAYERS

Te'o & Their TE!

3 TE's!! That Are Young and Athletic! That Would Earn Less Than What It Would Take To Keep Fasano!!

And Te'o! Takes Care Of The Huge Hole In The Middle Of The Defense!!

A LOT of this stuff is pure, dumb luck..especially when the right QB (Brady) falls into your lap. None of these guys have magic wands or pixie dust.

NONE of them.

Posted by: jrs | December 13, 2012 at 11:21 AM

True enough but when you have a chance to draft a can't miss (no such thing but you understand my meaning) TE? Gronkowski and Hernandez were available but for some unexplicable reason, we passed. Dolphins 40th overall - Koa Misi. NE 42nd overall - Rob Gronkowski.
In between John Jerry 73rd overall and AJ Edds at 119th NE got Hernandez. You make your own luck sometime.

Its really not fair to judge Fasano on his time with Henne or Tannehill. There's little doubt he'd be a pro bowl caliber TE given a top QB.

I knew there was something wrong with Bess! He's on the bike this morning(impossible for anybody to cover him when he's healthy)

Only problem with your post Monte is it is not true. Fasano was in Dallas playing with a Pro Bowl QB and couldn't get on the field even as the No. 2 TE.

That's the reason they traded him. He's a discard from a team that has a legitimate TE.

i don't want a check down QB, i want a play maker.

i will take an occational interceptions down field over a 1 yard pass

QB needs urgent upgrade, secondary needs urgent upgrade, defensive coordinator needs urgent upgrade, offensive coordinator needs urgent upgrade.

cocoa, not to rub it in but Jimmy Graham went while we were picking John Jerry and AJ Edds too

Instead of replacing the WR's, the TE, the RB's, and the OL, we'd get the same results (or better) by just replacing the QB. This is Chad Henne all over again and getting him weapons didnt help at all. Can we learn from that mistake?

Binns says he realizes he has a lot to learn. To me, it means he has not grasped this O yet. Perhaps next year. This O system seems to be mighty complicated for many.

Frank, what elite QB was on Dallas??

We still have a playoff chance.


The Play K-Nick! Scored from 50 Yards Out!! WAS DANSBY'S FAULT!!

Yes Odrick! Was Blocked By 1 Guy! And Trusnik WENT INSIDE AND ANOTHER GUY BLOCKED HIM!!



2 People That Are Responsible For Backing Up The OLB!! ON A OPTION!! ARE THE MLB!! AND THE SAFETY ON THAT SIDE!!

Clemons and Dansby!!

The MLB is Responsible For Sideline to Sideline!! And The FS Is The Safety!! The Name Says It ALL!!





oscar, when the nfl goes 2 32 teams will make the p/o's is when the phins will make it also.

cocoa, mark... i beleive you prove jrs's point. If anyone knew how good those guys would be, they would be sure #1 picks if not top 10.

I know some Dolfans that whenever the Dolphins win they smile but they are angry also. Cuban-Americans they, coming when very young or born here. Losers, mostly.

osca, we have a much better shot at the #1 draft pick then the playoffs lol

Oscar, remember the Fins Have Over 700+ Plays. Over 40+ Formations From Which To Throw From! (Look At Any Game! Watch The Formations On Almost EVERY PASS PLAY CHANGES IN A GAME!

The Problem Is We Are Missing Personnel!! So Screens and Double Moves and Deep Routes Are Out The PlayCalling Right Now!! Even Some Of The Spread Option!! U Need Good Athletic Guards To Lead Block!!

It's Like Mayock Said The Fins Are In Red Zone Package All Game!! About 150 Plays! About As Creative As Sporano Right Now!!

the talent pool in the nfl is way 2 diluted,
way 2 many teams.
contract the bills.krappy mkt.
jax,krappy mkt.
cards,krappy mkt
and the phins,krappy mkt since fatcells and ire.
now u have 232 + players and coaches 2 fill in the 28 remaining teams.
watch the talent level explode then 4 ea. team.
do it.

Fin4Life....DC...CRAIG M.....Phins 78 and any one else that feels they can attend......

In accordance with the possible schedule that Fin4Life posted yesterday (NFC SOUTH.....) think the Carolina Panthers game that is MOST accessible with fewest obstacles in the way.....

However....there is always the jets game.....or @ the Steelers as well....

Odin....thanks for the well wishes....best thing to ever happen in my life....

U Guys Do Know Gronk Had a Broken Neck Coming Out Of College!! And That Is Why He Dropped!! Most Teams Didn't Even Think He Would Play Football Again!! Graham Had Inexperience!! He was a B-Ball Player!! With 1 Year Of Football Under His Belt!

Not Saying The Fins Didn't Screw Up!!

But We All Know Soprano wasn't Going To Sit Fasano!! And That He Thought The More OL The Better!! And Sporano NEVER DEVELOPED ANYONE!! On The Defense!! I Blame Nolan!! Nolan Might Be A Good Scheme Guy!! But He Sucks At Spotting Talent!!


Yeah, Dashi, but not every Player is Tannehill that graduated from pre-Med. Perhaps a need to simplify.

oscar, fiedler azed the wonderlic and f'n blew as a qb so what?

kris did u get d'v'd.?

Fiedler did not have 1/100th of the physical talent that Tannehill has or that Griee had, 2watt. Same as O'Brien in NY.

Marino had one of the lowest woderlics ever!

I was going to introduce my children to the beloved holiday classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" but noticed to my shock and dismay that the 'Snowman' character voiced by Burl Ives is wearing only a vest, with his junk hanging out in plain sight.

Absolutely disgusting and repulsive. We shall be viewing OTHER holiday favorites this year!

Perhaps our O system is too difficult for the intellectually average Player to learn? That's the question

Oscar you are dead wrong. Fiedler was a decathelon CHAMPION and a great athlete.

Tanne is an elite, franchise QB because Mando bestowed that title on him when we were 4-3 2 months ago.
Typically QBs take a step back thier 2nd year as a starter.
So 2 years from now we will win the super bowl and Tanne will move behind Griese as the 2nd best Phins QB ever.

CommonSense, it's not a case of hindsight though. I remember follwing the draft with my 20 year old nephew at the time and both of us knew the Dolphins needed a TE. We both knew the names that were mentioned above. Neither of us knew AJ Edds. It's not a fluke that both Graham and Hernandez went on to good things, they were known. We knew what their strengths were and how they could help the team. We knew they needed offense. We knew offense was winning in the NFL. Everyone else was moving to pass rushers and corners on defense and more dynamio players on offense. But the Dolphins missed the memo. Was their any need to draft 5 linebackers to only have Misi stick? Couldn't we have used one of those picks on a potential skill player sticking out in the draft like a sore thumb?

oscar makes up stuff

Then Fiedler didn't have the It, Shula, as Griese did.(probably accuracy)

Now how the heck would Dashi know that the Fins "have over 700 plays and 40 plus formations" sitting on his coach. You must take everything this guy writes with a grain of salt. He's has some sort of fetish about Dansby its disgusting.

That Is What DASHI is Saying!!

They Have Simplified The Playbook Because Of The Personnel!!

As a WR! This Playbook Isn't That Hard U Just Have To Remember Your Route Number!! That Is Why They Say The WCO is The Simplest Offense To Learn! If U can Count To 10! U should Be able To Line Up! He's Probably Having Trouble Learning All The Formations!! And The Audibles!! But he has only been here a Week! He Should Know The Base Formations! Pretty Quick! I believe Cincy Runs A WCO also! But That Is Why Philbin Said Before PreSeason! He wanted Most His Players In Camp To Start Learning The PlayBook From Day 1!!

Just The Passing Side!! Running Plays!! Are The Same ON ALMOST EVERY OFFENSE!! ONLY SO MUCH!! U CAN DO IN THE RUN GAME PER FORMATION!! LEFT, RIGHT, MIDDLE, COUNTER, DRAW, SWEEP, OPTION! Tell me If I Missed Anything. And Off Tackle!! That Covers Almost All Ur Options On Running Plays Per Formation!

Know Does He Play Special Team? Cause Right Now our 3 and 4 Wr Play Special Teams! Which Keeps Them Activated!!

You have To Try To See The Field Any Way You Can!! Egnew Doesn't Play ST!! Which Hurts His Chances Of Just Being Activated On Game Day!! Another Reason!! L.Miller Isn't Activated Most Games!! Ur #3 RB!! Should Be A Special Teams Guy Also!! L.Miller Could Return Kicks!! But Thigpen has been a Pleasant Surprise!!

Then Fiedler didn't have the It, Shula, as Griese did.(probably accuracy)

Posted by: oscar canosa


Ooooooooooh, La La!

Watching Bill Polian on ESPN. Dude is ugly.

Dashi, Gronk had an injured back that kept him out for a year, not a broken neck. And my biggest problem wasn't the Dolphins passing on Gronk - it was passing on Hernandez 58 times so they can field a team of 53 linebackers in that draft. Worst draft by far under Ireland. Pure suckage.

Mark just confirm take eveything Dashi writes for a grain of salt.

Great analysis, Armando. Perhaps you should write a post about a need for CB next. Follow by other posts about needing WRs, RT and/or LT, LB, a complimentary threat for Wake, OL and secondary depth perhaps. This roster has been starving due to the acorn diet Ireland has been feeding us.

people who dont watch the games and just read or look at stats are funny. The Dolphins dont got a #1 WR,TE or CB. Fasano is a good tight end overall (good blocker and gets open sometimes). Charles Clay is going to be mismatch once the Dolphins get a number 1 WR and could spread the ball more. Michael Egnew hasnt play cuz he hasnt learn the playbook, its ok next year he will play and produce. If their let Fasano walk look out for jared cook. Sean smith isnt a #1 CB but has been playing against #1WR since the Dolphins traded Vonate and RIchard got hurt. Smith is a good #2CB he has good size and speed. Yeah i dont understand why the Dolphins CB play so off, blame Kevin Coyle for that not our CB they do what their are told. The Dolphins are just a couple players away from being a great team. GO DOLPHINS .BIM .DOLPHINS FANS ALL DAY EVERYDAY

We've been beating this dead horse for sometime, thanks for the 411 Mando, LOL! I believe Fasano maybe done but Clay will be back given he's flashed on occasion and has an extremely friendly CAP # for the next 2 Seasons as well. I have been on the JerMicheal Finley bandwagon since the onset of last Yrs. FA and was actually shocked by the Packers FRANCHISE tag which cost them 15 Mil. this Yr. Finley has one BIG drawback and that is the constant injuries which I believe make him expendable to the Pack with the play of Micheal Crabtree off the bench plus his comments through his agent about QB Rodgers lack of leadership give some pause about his Locker Room attitude.

If this player who does possess immense big play ability is signed it will be on H.C. Philbin who knows him best. I don't bother mentioning Egnew because we are in such need at the position and his Pre-Season showing was so BAD that this just looks like a wasted pick. I would love to say something to the contrary but the fact this kid hasn't gotten himself on the field moving into mid-Dec. with the lack of Offensive weapons on this team and fellow lower Rd pick R.Matthews active tells you everything you need to know regarding the kid.

It isn't inconceivable we pull the double wammy on the Pack either signing G.Jennings as well. The Pack are in a very enviable position with Randall Cobb becoming GANGBUSTERS and James Jones mostly in the slot opposite J.Nelson. They can conceivably let these 2 walk spending their CAP Cash on an OL and a RB which is desperately needed. A Pass rusher opposite Clay Jr. would be nice as well as someone to replace Woodson in the Secondary. To many holes in G.B. to spend a ton at WR/T.E. As far as M.Wallace goes the notoriously cheap Steelers will let him walk sticking with Emmanuelle Sanders and Antonio Brown without missing much.

Mike Marino was The Most Talented QB To Ever Play The Game!!

Let Me Rephrase That!! The Most Prolific Passer!! In History!!

It is Obscene!! How High His FOOTBALL IQ WAS!!


His ARM!! WAS SO SPECIAL!! We Forget He Had Pennington Like Precision!!

U know How Phins78 Says No Qb Makes The Perfect Throw Every Time!! Marino Had Games Where He Would Make The Perfect Throw Every Time!! And Not Just 20-30 Yards Down field Like Tom Terrific!! Marino Would Throw The Perfect Pass 60-70 Yards Down field!! Perfect Spiral!!

Marino Is The Only Qb I Know People Would Actually Take A Picture Of The Ball In The Air!! A Thing Of Beauty!!



When I want T-Hill!! To Lead A Herculean Comeback!! Of Course The First and Last Name To Come to Mind Is Marino!!


We All Know The NFL Passing Game!! Which We Are Accustomed of Seeing!! Exist After Marino!!

Qb's Were Game Managers!! Until The Most Prolific Passer In History Came Along!!

*Mike, Marino

Dolphins tight end position needs urgent upgrade??? Man, that's breaking news...I mean...The last productive TE we had was Keith Jackson...It wasn't that long ago was it???

Dolphins GM position needs urgent upgrade...I think that's what you meant Armando...

The truth is Armando will never call our Ireland, why because how else would Armando get "inside" access to the Dolphins.

Mark thanks For Clarifying.

I was Going Off The Top Of My Head. I just remember it was Career threatening! AND That It was In The Back/Neck Area. I remember them Showing The Play When It Happened! Gronk Landing On His Head!! Hurtful To Watch.

Again, Still No Excuse Agreed!!

Truth! Always Trying To Discredit The Dashi!! Dashi Has Said Before I AM NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!! BUT YOU CAN LOOK IT UP!! WHAT DASHI SAYS CHECKS OUT 95% Of The Time!! Which Is Still Pretty F'ing High!! If U ask Me!!

A Couple Of THE REAL POSTERS HERE CARRY THE SAME INTEGRITY!! Which is What makes Good Football Talk!!

It's The Oblivious NONSENSE!! That Destroys The Good Football Talk!!

Being Wrong Doesn't Make You Less Of A Man!! Not Owning What U say Does!!

Dashi, Gronk had an injured back that kept him out for a year, not a broken neck. And my biggest problem wasn't the Dolphins passing on Gronk - it was passing on Hernandez 58 times so they can field a team of 53 linebackers in that draft. Worst draft by far under Ireland. Pure suckage.

Mark in Toronto | December 13, 2012 at 12:54 PM


That particular draft will haunt me for sometime still. I remember the 93 draft when Shula passed on the BIG 3 LB's out of UM (Darrin Smith, Mike Barrow, Jessie Armstead) known as the Bermuda Triangle. He passed on D.Smith in RD-1 for McDuffie then took T.Kirby instead of moving on Barrow RD-2 bur what hurt the most was that the best of the group who was slidding because of injury Armstead we passed on 6 times!! Taking such memorable players like Ronnie Bradford (DB) Chris Gray (OG) and some guy named O'Neal before the Giants took their 6 or 7 time Pro Bowl LB!

The 2010 draft was tough to watch because it seems to escape everybody that we took Misi in that pick ahead of Gronk which may end up netting a serviceable DE in the future (I feel better suited there can play the run well and rush off the end in 4/3) but we passed on ELITE talent. In RD-3 we passed on arguably a better T.E. IN Jimmy Graham out of our own backyard for J.Jerry again a player some had rated higher than RD-3 but that was the draft before the Rookie CAP were everybody and there mom made the jump. Then the WHOPPER was taking AJ Edds ahead of Hernandez with Ireland in an interview stating that he was going to be a GREAT situational passdown LB, huhh??

That was considered the deepest T.E. class which again some seem to forget and the Dolphins needing to replace David Martin (Fasano is and will always be better as the 2nd option in the double T.E. formation) simply ignored the position. If you want to simply make it worse we were sitting at pick 11 that Yr. when we traded down with S.D. passing on F.S. Earl Thomas and DE JPP for the 2nd RD pick lost in the Marshall trade (for all of 2 Seasons work) In hindsight truly one of the worst drafts in team history! Had we stayed put could have been JPP, Graham and Hernandez all picked without trading and all were considered GREAT athletically freakish talents compared to the serviceable group we netted, puking over the memory!

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