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Hartline, Fields, others are Pro Bowl alternates

Talked to Reshad Jones in the lockerroom today. We all know he is not a Pro Bowl pick this year. But he tells me that despite his breakout season he is not an alternate, either.

Wide receiver Brian Hartline, who eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark for the first time in his career, tells me he is an alternate at the position.

Punter Bradon Fields is also an alternate at punter.

Of all these, Hartline has the greatest opportunity to play in the game because players such as New England's Wes Welker or Houston's Andre Johnson might not be able to play because their teams might be in the Super Bowl.

Fields has little chance of playing unless Dustin Colquitt, who made the team for the first time, somehow injures himself this weekend. Otherwise, Colquitt is not going to pass on the trip to Hawaii.

[Update: Mike Pouncey, Reggie Bush, Paul Soliai and Randy Starks are also alternates.]


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ALoco shaves men's sacks for extra money.

Good to see Reggie make the pro bowl. Well deserving and he will be team MVP.

What the beeeeeeeep does RTLOMFLOMRFLMELOF means?

Exactly why pro bowl is garbage. Chiefs punter over Fields? Maukice over Mike Pouncey. JEFF SATURDAY A STARTER! Haven't watched the pro bowl in years and probably won't for an equally long time

Armando's other blog post is much more important than any Prow Bowl nonsense.

CB and WR are the weaknesses of this team. If Patterson can show well against Brady and the high powered offense of the Patriots that would be huge.

Most know here that I despise Smith. I think he tackles like a pansy, is horrible in Zone coverage and can't seem to make any INT's. To pay him like a #1 CB is a travesty. Hopefully Ireland sees that our CURRENT #1 doesn't mean he really plays like a true NFL #1 CB.

So, if Patterson can actually play well that would mean we only need to pick up one true NFL starting CB in the draft or free agency (likely draft as they don't pop open in FA very often).

Free Agent Must Haves:

Sign Bush
Sign Dansby - but not at current contract $
Please let go of Smith - he is a farce and always has been
Hartline - Pay him like a #2 or let him go (Pro Bowl talk is funny with only 1 TD)
Starks - like him but his level of play really fell off in 2nd half. Odrick and McDaniel are fine as DT's to replace him.
Long - Always a big fan but his play has fallen off and he is injured often. Like how Martin played at LT so I wouldn't pay Long too much.

I would look for veterans in Free Agency to play:

TE (seem threat only)

Sean Smith and Vontae Dvis = more Irescum busts

Sean Smith may be a pretty boy with a nice bulge to look at, but he is an irescum bust.

I hope we aren't excited about Pro Bowl Alternates?! Really! There are guys on the waiver wire that will be released that will give you the same production Hartline, Bush, Long, Smith, Starks did. Cheaper too.

What are canadians doing on a Miami blog anyway?

We played a complete first Half last week. Now is the Time to play a complete Game.

13 poss in 4 hours, I guess Odin and dashi and there likes have scared away posters, Not surprised, I've seen it before.

The alleged logo No No No That logo is gay and i dont even use the word Gay. The big mean dolphin on the new helmets is the way to go Give the face upclose expression

...The credit or blame that Ireland gets is confusing. When did he really become the true GM? 2008? September 2010? When was he the guy making all of the player decisions when it comes to drafting? 2011? Many people want to blame Bill Parcells for the poor personel decisions while giving Ireland a pass during his time with the team. Overpaying for Marshall, and Dansby. Cutting players who are still on the books. All the fault of Parcells. This is fine but if this is what you believe. Then Ireland really should be judged by his moves made after September 2010.

If you think Ireland was really making the player personel moves while Parcells was here. That Parcells was just "giving his input" Then yes, players like Rashad Jones, Cam Wake...Are products of Jeff Ireland. I have no idea how much input Ireland has during the Parcells regime. I don't know which players he is responsible for, and which ones, if any he isn't. I do remember that many blog topics did not involve Ireland, but pointed right at Parcells being the trigger man. From the Pat White fiasco. To the prototypes Parcells wanted(not Ireland)

IMO his reign begins in September of 2010. His first draft, 2011. Parcells is accountable for the moves before this time. I could be totaly wrong, and I'm sure that Ireland had a ton of input on personel decisions. I just do not believe he was the final say until Parcells was gone.

..Let me be clear. My post is confusing. I said in the second paragraph that I have no idea how much input Ireland had in personel moves.. This was with the opinion that Parcells was running the team. I meant to say that he did have input, and I added this in the last part of my post...just to clarify.

I like to Win.

did 3 pick D Thomas make the pro bowl?


I cannot believe Mike Pouncey isn't an alternate... His Brother is swiping votes (Not his bro's fault) on past credibility... not on this seasons production. Ben has spent a lot of time on his azzz and Pittsburgh's running games has sucked... Mike should have been the "Pouncey" Brother at the PB this year... But in truth... I lost respect for how these guys make it in a long time ago... Why not just allow the stat computer to spit out who did what at the positions on the field?? Right now it is just another "American Idol" popularity contest... Football is a game of gridiron inches and statistical numbers... why should "Opinions" be allowed to choose anything?

Forget this blog Lets talk about the Gay logo leak. A weak dolphin. It doesnt seem like our front office cares. Mike Dee look at the Ravens logo you Moron. I have a funny feeling if that logo leak is similiar This franchise is ruined. Why in the name of Jesus Christ would a franchise have such a weak LOGO. I want to see our original Logo get mean and feisty Same logo Updated Normally like the Seahawk or Raven. GIVE THE LOGO A FACE - The Nfl might not allow it because it represents weakness. Grow some balls and let the Fans Vote on Logo. I swear to god there are so many fans fixin to Boycott their seats. Once again Mike Dee please make us happy with a Strong Logo we can wardrobe by. If that logo aint the right logo you will lose billions ™ So go ahead, Mike Dee ruin the lives of everyone in Miami. Please draft stupid thats fine,but dont give us a weak Gay Logo of 3rd grade art

Ross, its useless to clean house without getting rid of the dirty Irescum and getting a real GM.

Pay no attention to the Hoopla for hoopla it is. Focus on what you want to do.


Most focus on the Hoopla, for it is what they need to do.

Mike Pouncey is not rated a top 10 center. He was rated about 14th last year and 11th this year.

I know The Signal, but I always try to advance their Mentality. I'm a Teacher, you know?

A Teacher of Selves.

Teach, or Preach, oscar?

To advance their Mentality.

Ireland's nuggets............swirling down the bowl.

Odrick & Pouncey & the rest of the gang.........."big leaguers" as imagined by the feverish minds of Ireland's minions.

Proposed new logo: Ireland in the "dock" at the Hague, pleading for mercy for his crimes against humanity.

Ireland has at least as many misses as hits, if not more. You also have to look at the many great talents that he didn't take because of his underdog philosophy. Dez Bryant and Jimmy Graham come to mind. Could you imagine how much better this team would be with just those two players?

Sparano and Ireland were a lethal combination. The hope in this Dolfann is that Philbin will use his knowledge and influence to positive effect. If Ireland is smart and listens to the coach he didn't want (he wanted the Denver OC), he may have his job here for a few more years.

People talking about the dearth of pro=bowlers on this team, I remember a few teams of years ago, in fact one team that had 19 first round draft picks on it, and we were one and done in the playoffs. So number ones and PB players, doesn't matter, what matters is having success in the playoffs, but to do that, you have to get there first.

We will in 2013 and beyond, I have faith again...

Maybe Johnny Football should be glad THill is in the NFL.Other wise no "Johnny Football",no Heisman,only the pine.( The man kept a Heisman winner on the bench)Huh?

WHDP ...

That was exactly my thought. Hartline will probably end up a Patriot. Money rules the day but given the same or similiar money, players tend to go to winners rather than losers. Obvious but true. I cant blame them, I'd do the same.

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