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Henne wouldn't change anything about time with Dolphins

Chad Henne is the opposing quarterback this week so he was on the conference call with the Miami media today.

What did he say?

Well, he's not necessarily super fired up about facing the Dolphins and exacting a measure or revenge against them for not re-signing him and instead moving on to another quarterback. At least, he's not admitting to that.

"I don't know about motivation but once it comes toward game day there'll be a little bit more excitement and everything," Henne said. "Other than that I'm going to prepare like any other week and go into it like it's a regular game."

Does he have a bad taste in his mouth about how things went during his four years in Miami did he accept his situation without anger?

"Absolutely. I mean, they gave me every opportunity," Henne said. "They drafted me there and I appreciate that. But, um, sometimes things don't work out and you move on. But, uh, definitely feel I had my fair share and appreciate the opportunity down there."

So what would Henne change about his time with the Dolphins if he had the chance?

"Obviously, you want to win more games," Henne said. "But, um, whether I would have, woulda, would of, should have,I really wouldn't change anything. It was a big learning experience I had there. I enjoyed my teammates, enjoyed being part of the community down there. I just took it as an experience and built upon it and improved myself as a quarterback and as a young man."

Henne has completed 51.6 percent of his 182 passes for 1,217 yards with 8 TDs and 5 INTs.

"I think I've improved. From last year the first three games, I felt I've improved," Henne said.

The Jaguars are having problems with drops, having problems with protections and Henne is missing throws. In other words they look a lot like the Dolphins did with Henne. Actually, in many respects they look a lot like the Dolphins do now.

Apparently, Henne has been keeping tabs on counterpart and replacement Ryan Tannehill. So what does he think of Miami's starting quarterbacK?

"I think he's done a great job for what he's been given," Henne said. "I think he's done well, he's handled the media well. I just wish him the best and hopefully he keeps improving."

[Practice update: WR Davone Bess and OLB Koa Misi sat out practice today. I'll update their injuries later.]


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Not a Henne supporter....


He wad the ONLY FIN that came out FIRED up to start last season.....he was NOT the reason we started 0-7.....I think he should have faked an injury after 0-04...I think his STOCK was @ its ALL-TIME highest then....0-6 kind of hurt him a bit....


whats done is done.....

and If he lead the LOWLY Jags in here and escapes with a WIN.....

WOE BE TO IRELAND....and I may actually get my wish.....SO CONFLICTED.....

Matty for the last blog....I hope you consider me in the 25%...lol.....

Even Henne Is more Professional Than Dansby!!

Kris, did you catch the operative word in the statement:

"I think he's done a great job for what he's been given," Henne said.
FOR WHAT HE'S BEEN GIVEN! Think that was a reference to Ireland not giving a QB the tools he needs to succeed? Henne did have Marshall, otherwise pretty much the same cast. Could a case be made that if Henne (or Tannehill for that matter) went into a situation like San Fran or Atlanta, they might have had more success early?

I can just say if we lose this weekend, it will EXTREMELY hard for me to return to this god forsaken blog with all the idiots who will be on saying Henne is Tom Brady. I've thrown up a little in my mouth just thinking about it.


What a douche. This is the guy who was going to lead us to glory? Parcells and Ireland are friggin brain damaged.

Kris Brady was hit 6 times the entire game, pressured 9 times, and only was sacked once. I think we may have been watching different games. And Watt had no sacks and no batted balls. The score was 21-0 1/4 of the way through the game. If the Texans were getting as much pressure as you say I don't think the score would have been so lopsided.

On a side note, J.J. Watt did not have at least one batted pass, sack or tackle for loss for the first time this season.

So I stand behind my original statement New England's o-line played great and made Watt look ordinary. :)

he sux

Good job Phins, that just knocked you off the list for my holiday card with me and the wife in matching Culpepper jerseys.

Even Henne is better then Tanny.

Even MIAMI could have beaten that Houston team Monday. They were pathetic.

DC, yikes! lol But hey at least it's not footy pajamas.

It would be humiliating to lose to the lowly JAX. And it would be another indictment on Ireland's roster.

But if losing helps us move up the draft pick, then I'd like to submit for your review Mr. Cordarelle Patterson: http://youtu.be/vx6pGFvDqt0

hanny + tenne + hanny + tenne + hanny + tenne

mike are you a real person or a computer program?

Henne, tanny,,, beep beep,,,, Cameron=Philbin beep beep whirrrr.

Exciting stuff man! Time to upgrade your hard drive. How about a Miller =Sammy Smith?

78 that would b thomas not miller.

Phins....I saw the game....

and in the 1st HALF....the the Texans were knocking Brady down.....in the 2nd half....when the game was clearly out of contention...they may not have played as "hard"....but in the 1st half....they were getting there....

You can stand behind you're orginal statement if all you saw was the 2nd HALF...or the BIX SCORE....but IF you watched the 1st half.....CLEARLY...those 9 hurries don't tell the story....

Lets do some simple math...shall we....

Brdy was "hurried" 9 times...he had 36 pass attempts....SO...every 4 pass attempts...Brady was EITHER hurried or HIT....seems a bit high don't you think.....HURRIED every 4th DROP BACK.....

Shaub was ONLY sacked twice.....I don't know WHERE you get info on hurries....BUT if you tell me...we can do the math on his DROP BACKS as well....I know Brady was sacked 1 time...and Schaub 2 times.....

TanneBust vs HenneBust

Here's why I don't believe in bill conners' 'lose to get a better draft position' strategy. We've drafted for a DECADE now in almost every position imaginable, INCLUDING #1, and in that amount of time, our offense STILL SUCKS. NO WR to speak of, NO TE, a couple of RBs and olinemen. BIG DEAL!

Yet, the Ravens/Steelers/Packers/Giants/now Falcons, consistently draft near the end of their drafts, and somehow find talent.

So there goes the theory that if we could just get a better draft position. It's not WHEN you draft, it's WHO you draft. There's talent in EVERY POSITION, in EVERY ROUND, if you just know where to look.

I think Henne should play in his onesie. They can run a version of the wildcat where the rb hides the football in Hennes onesie butt flap. It will work every time as Odrick will be caught on the inside leaving the outside wide open for Henne to streak down the field. When he gets there his teammates can surround him, one sitting as if he were a toilet bowl. Henne can sit in his lap and release the ball from his flap like he's taking a dump in his former stadium. At which point the other players in the circle can simulate flushing the toilet, lighting matches, and spraying scented aerosols.

So Henne who has started what 3 games already has as many TD passes as Tannehill in 13? Kinda sad seeing as they don't even have MJD playing and they have NO WR's except a rookie in Blackmon and 2nd yr in Shorts III...that's terrible IMO

Didnt you just know Ireland would bring us another Chad Henne?

DC....i did catch that statement.....and I thought it was fair.....I may not have @ when Henne was playing....but I do now....and Henne was LIGHTS OUT to start the season.....

also....GREAT POST @ 12:59.....GREAT and SAD @ the same time.....

2 watt Thomas isn't good enough to look like Sammy Smith. That's why I picked a competent back ;)

Agree that Irescum cant get talent no matter where he picks. Doesnt Ross know this?

Kris I had to search for 20 minutes to find the hurries, good luck cause I'm not looking again! Haha most sites only want to gibe offensive stats so I had to type in like 30 key words.

Gruden was commenting on how much time Brady had every time he completed a pass. And that's what the point of my post was. When the qb has time and wide open receivers (I'm talking WIDEEEEEEEEE OPEN) it's a lot easier to hit on your completions. Certainly we are in agreement that his receivers were wide open all night long? I witnessed one pass where Brady had to drop it into tight coverage and completed the pass. I watched 8 other tight coverage passes get tipped or sail over the wrs head.

Phins 28...

last thing on the subject.....BRADY was 21-35....14 MISSED passes....

now if the WR were as WIDE OPEN as you say...what would make a normally balls accurate Tom Brady (this generations Joe Montana)....miss so many passes....

I believe it was the fact that he was being HURRIED/HIT in 1 out of every 4 pass attempts......

His 21-35 with ONE SACK was a DIRECT RESULT of his respect for the Texans DL....and pressure....


You said, 'Henne was the only guy who came out FIRED UP against last season'. Did you see the second game of the season against the Browns? He was AWFUL!!

I've read a couple of people say he was hurt in the FOURTH game last year but wasn't the game against the Chargers the THIRD game? So really he showed up and played decent against the Pats....and that was it! I was the biggest supported of giving this guy a chance in Miami but I don't miss him one bit. He has his chance....NEXT.


I just think its one of those games where 2 people saw the same game from a 2 totally DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES.....

it happens.....


looks like we both believe what "we" saw.....


The Patriots hurry up offense had the the Texans lineman huffing and puffing pretty hard as that game went on.

I was amazed at how exhausted Watt, and others, looked at some points.

DC, tanking for a draft pick only makes sense when drafting a QB. If you have a young QB, the last thing you want to do is stink. Nothing good comes from it.

You can find any other position besides QB all over the top two rounds if you know how to spot em.

Craig M....

DOn't mistake my "nice guy" post about Henne as wanting him back.....

I guess I should clarify fired up.....

I mean LEADERSHIP...and PASSION....Henne was finally showing it.....he had COMPLETE command of the playbook...and it showed up in confidence on the field.....he was directing people...calling audibles....and looked to be a man playing for his job.....he had a sense of urgency.....perhaps the ONLY one....

Thats what I meant by fired up....

The same idiots that supported RoboHenne are supporting TanneBust. Its laughable.


We're talking about the ONE game against New England, right? I agree he played well in that game.

But he was AWFUL against Cleveland and hurt against the Chargers.....season over! So I think it's the continual tease with Henne. So good this year against the Texans, absoultely DISMAL against the Bills.

It won't be a popular opinion here bt it wouldn't surprise me at all if Henne has a really good game Sunday.

if you just know where to look.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 12, 2012 at 12:59 PM

DC - is it if you know "where" to look? Or "how" to look...they guys are there, you just have to pick the right one that fits your system the best.


That was the Texans coach main talking point after the game...the TEMPO......I think the PATS run almost 13 more plays on offense than any other team....they are up in that 70 play range that Philbin and Sherman want us to get to.....


Now Philbin wants to win games "21-17"....and is no longer talking about 70 play games....evidence of "reeling" the team in?????


Kris this isn't debatable. At least not with me. Call me a geek but I sat through the entire first half and wrote down every passing play in a notebook. I was doing an experiment, trying to figure out if other teams had problems getting the ball to covered receivers.

Every single (Pats) pass play in the first half except one play to Hernandez in the flat was to a wide open receiver. All three first half td throws were to wide open receivers. One throw to Hernandez the Texans didn't even have a cb lined up in position.

So seriously, I have the sheet right here. I could write the play, the time of the play, how many yards they got on a completion, and how far away the dbs were from the wr's on completions and non completions.

And I'm telling you, straight out, not making anything up because I watched very closely taking notes the whole time, Bradys wrs were wide open. YG and I were talking about doing an experiment and I started it Monday night.

On the flip side Schaubs wrs were covered very tightly and he struggled. Of course.

DC, in this case, it's not "lose to get a better draft position", it's "lose to get a new GM".

From the last blog....

Read it cocoajoe. Awful, now I'm depressed. lol I was blaming Sherman but I failed to blame Philbin. And when you look at the big picture the coach is in charge. If Bush was being used properly Philbin should have noticed and made the change.

Instead my worst fears are being confirmed. Sherman is Joes mentor, Philbin is leaning on Shermans experience instead of being a true leader and running the team the way he sees fit. I really hope this isn't what is happening but the signs are getting clearer. Joe can't be scared to hurt his feelings. I can hear it now, dejavu.

Joe- Hey Sherm why do you keep running that play?


Posted by: Phins78 | December 12, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Phin78, I suspect Philbin being a rook HC, has leaned on Sherman quite a bit....probably too much. I think you can (choke, choke) probably draw some comparisons from the Sparano/Hennings duo. I kept waiting for Sparano to get past his learning phase but he never did.

I sincerely hope Philbin, Sherman & Coyle take an honest look back at themselves in the offseason because there's definitely room for improvement

Kris one mistake, Brady layed a perfect pass into tight coverage for a 24 yard gain in the 2nd. That was it. All of the other completions over 20 yards were to wide open receivers. Shorter completions I didn't take into account because our original idea was to find out if it's a Tannehill issue with not being able to hit covered guys for big gains or is it a league issue that even the best qbs struggle with.

So far I'm seeing what I thought was the case. Shorter passes are easy to complete with your receiver in tight coverage because you can zip it in on their break or cross. Almost impossible for the db to contain the wr at that point. But in long passes where the ball has to be dropped into a bread basket the completion percentage is low.

On the other hand when the receiver is wide open the completions go up.

This started after people started bashing Tannehill for not hitting covered receivers with bombs.

No Problem!!! We have Henne 2.0

Kris @ 1:18pm,

No question. That's what I'm seeing too. That's why I mentioned 'reeling in the QB'. Totally different offence we're running now versus what we were playing at the beginning of the season. I blame Sherman for that. The jury is out on this guy as far as I'm concerned. Tannehill showed something early on in the season and now he looks awkward and unsure of himself. It's the SAME stuff that Henning did to Henne. It's how you ruin a QB. The kid is undoubtedly second guessing himself all the time.

Chad Henne is a classy young man. Too bad he does not have the skill set to be a top tier QB. But as a person and teammate he is very good. Tannehill needs to out play him this week or else the wolves in this town will be ready for the kill.

I'm going to stop now, we obviously won't change each others minds.

So to sum up, you think the Texans defense did a great job against Brady and I think this is the worst game they have played all year. Is this where we are leaving it or am I misunderstanding your posts?

COMPLETE mis-understanding PHINS....

my post was about the TOUGHNESS that Brady showed EARLY in the game to continue to get up and throw the ball down feild when he was taking BIG SHOTS from DL and LB......

Something he hasn't always done in the past...IE...GIANTS and jets...when the jets were relevant....

This is a minor league franchise from top to bottom. No way can they compete with the experienced football people in the league. That may not be a popular view but it is the truth. I just dont see any improvement without massive changes.

Allright lunch is over, ill check in later.

Thanks for throwing me a bone ya jerks. No love for my Henne onesie td celebration? COME ON! That was Gold! You guys suck. peace

DC, in this case, it's not "lose to get a better draft position", it's "lose to get a new GM".

Posted by: Paul | December 12, 2012 at 01:24 PM

and there it is in a NUTSHELL......

Kris we were talking about two different points. rofl

Sooooo ummm yeah, I totally agree! I was waiting for Brady to cry and look at the refs but when he did get knocked around he handled it like a man. I guess he's grown some ballz.

Nat actually that is the popular view, that's why no one goes to games. You didn't start that club you're just a card carrying member. :)

I'm out, for real this time. Peace!

Still wishin Wilfork would have singed with us when he was a free agent...that big boy is unbelievable.

if you just know where to look.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 12, 2012 at 12:59 PM

DC - is it if you know "where" to look? Or "how" to look...they guys are there, you just have to pick the right one that fits your system the best.

Posted by: I Hope | December 12, 2012 at 01:18 PM

Kris/Paul, I prefer this response. Ireland didn't know HOW to look with Parcells/Sparano giving him guidance. They're system was crap.

I'm HOPING (not counting on, not guaranteeing), but HOPING with Philbin's direction, Ireland will be able to find the right guys to make his system work.

Henne is that hot ex-girlfriend that things never quite worked out with and you can't figure out why. At the end of the day it's not important why....it's just better to move on and get on with life.

Sounds like your projecting Craig. Are you saying your ex-wife was hot? LOL!

I'll be thrilled when we never have to mention the name Henne again!

Sparano's crappy play calling is what ruined Henne here!!! Now watch him come in here & beat us down!!!

Henne will play a great game this week. I am sure he had this game circled on his calendar and he is going to want to make the Fins pay for letting him go. My prediction: Henne throws for 350 yards and 3 TDs.


Now Philbin wants to win games "21-17"....and is no longer talking about 70 play games....evidence of "reeling" the team in?????


Posted by: Kris | December 12, 2012 at 01:18 PM

LOL Kris,

One of the better posters here, for sure.

I still think that was more attuned to San Fran, more specifically due to the 49ers defense. They still had Tannehill throwing right on his average attempts per game and had him throwing deep a few times(4,I think) on one of their last drives, down by only seven.

It looked like the average Dolphin offense to me.


Ex-wife wasn't hot enough....and yes, talking hypothetically.

I'm with you on Henne. We talked about him too much when he was here. Time to move on....

No doubt Henne is better then Tanny. Jags 24 Fins 17

Isn't it Wednesday? Mando, is Misi practicing? Any chance we see Egnew this weekend? Will Miller get more touches? Let's get to the relevant stuff.

How can Henne say he wouldn't change much about his time in Miami? Isn't that a TYPICAL Chad Henne response! The guy should be pissed and be doing everything to erase the stigmas attached to him. I think he's just one those guys that goes through life CONTENT. Where is the FIRE? Where's the will to get better? Won't miss him....

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