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Henne wouldn't change anything about time with Dolphins

Chad Henne is the opposing quarterback this week so he was on the conference call with the Miami media today.

What did he say?

Well, he's not necessarily super fired up about facing the Dolphins and exacting a measure or revenge against them for not re-signing him and instead moving on to another quarterback. At least, he's not admitting to that.

"I don't know about motivation but once it comes toward game day there'll be a little bit more excitement and everything," Henne said. "Other than that I'm going to prepare like any other week and go into it like it's a regular game."

Does he have a bad taste in his mouth about how things went during his four years in Miami did he accept his situation without anger?

"Absolutely. I mean, they gave me every opportunity," Henne said. "They drafted me there and I appreciate that. But, um, sometimes things don't work out and you move on. But, uh, definitely feel I had my fair share and appreciate the opportunity down there."

So what would Henne change about his time with the Dolphins if he had the chance?

"Obviously, you want to win more games," Henne said. "But, um, whether I would have, woulda, would of, should have,I really wouldn't change anything. It was a big learning experience I had there. I enjoyed my teammates, enjoyed being part of the community down there. I just took it as an experience and built upon it and improved myself as a quarterback and as a young man."

Henne has completed 51.6 percent of his 182 passes for 1,217 yards with 8 TDs and 5 INTs.

"I think I've improved. From last year the first three games, I felt I've improved," Henne said.

The Jaguars are having problems with drops, having problems with protections and Henne is missing throws. In other words they look a lot like the Dolphins did with Henne. Actually, in many respects they look a lot like the Dolphins do now.

Apparently, Henne has been keeping tabs on counterpart and replacement Ryan Tannehill. So what does he think of Miami's starting quarterbacK?

"I think he's done a great job for what he's been given," Henne said. "I think he's done well, he's handled the media well. I just wish him the best and hopefully he keeps improving."

[Practice update: WR Davone Bess and OLB Koa Misi sat out practice today. I'll update their injuries later.]


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The Dolphins were too cheap with Wilfork or we would've had him. He even said he wanted to return to Miami.

If you play bump and run on our wr. In madden12 they can not get off the line, same thing in real life dam shame!!!!

Kris, did you catch the operative word in the statement:

"I think he's done a great job for what he's been given," Henne said.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 12, 2012 at 12:46 PM

I did-LOL!

I said when the season started that the biggest mistake this franchise made was letting Todd Bowles and Brian Dabbol go. They figured it out at the end of the year going 6-3 and earlier had heart breaking losses against the Browns, Giants, Cowboys, and Broncos. That team could have won 9 or 10 games last year. Ross got caught up with all the media and fan talk and broke something good up.

With Bowles and Daboll here they would have kept Marshall and Davis. Marshall is having and all pro year with the Bears and we got Egnew and a 3rd round pick for him in return. That was two huge holes that were not filled this year. They should have built this team around Matt Moore. A receiving thresome of Marshall, Hartline, and Bess sounds pretty good. I would have liked to see what Bowles and Daboll could have done with a full training camp. Perhaps we could have used that 9th overall first round pick on a big time pass rusher, another receiver, or a shut down corner. If the fins would have kept last year's team together and with the soft schedule we had the team would have been in the playoffs this year.

Today is 12/12/12, it was foretold by the Mayans that 12/26/12 would single the end of days. The Year 2012 also happens to be were Nostradomus lost sight of any future and ended his quatraints foretelling of impending chatastrophe ushered in by cataclysmic Natural disasters we all see around the World today. The Government doesn't want any of us to know that they've had scientists matching these disasters to the ancient writings and have been outfitting bunkers around the U.S.A to shelter a select group of people to live through these times and keep the human race going. The WAR factor will take flight with the Nuclear build up in Iran threatening the Continent and specifically the State of Isreal, You have been forewarned !

Dashi Loves How People Love To Compare Just To Compare!!

The Philbin/Sherman Dynamic!! Is Nothing Like The Soprano/henning Duo!!

Like Dashi said Yesterday!! Philbin Hired His Staff!! Soprano was Given One!!

Sporano Was Basically Playing With Parcells Assistant!! Philbin Brought In His Boys!!


And Kris! U know we Cool! But U are Sounding a Little Like Craig!! (Watch The Whole Game)

Phins78 was Talking The Other day! Not Sure If It was to YG? But Phins78 asked The Whole Blog!! Before MNF To Look at How Many Passes Brady and Schaub Miss!! The Deep Throws To Wr's That were Covered!! Or In General!! But to Look at The Deep Throws!! He said he was Making a Experiment!!

Phins78 was CORRECT!! EVEN HOF QB's CAN'T DROP "FROZEN ROPES" 50 Yard Down field To Covered Wr's!!

Now On The Texans Getting Man Handled!! 2 Things!! Never Try To Show Up A Good Team at Home(The Jackets)!




Players Don't Want To Tackle In The Cold!! And Something Has To be said How The Cold Psychologically Screws with Ur Brain!! If U are Not Use To It!!

Everyone is saying how bad jacksonvilles roster is. To me they are better than the dolphins:

Mercedes Lewis > Fasano
Blackmon > Hartline
Shorts Bush

shorts less than bess
jones drew better than bush

z- New England Patriots 10-3
New York Jets 6-7
Buffalo Bills 5-8
Miami Dolphins 5-8


Different year, same results. But hey, next year will be the one. Right?

I don't care how many passes Brady missed in that game. He looked great. The final stats: 296 yds 4 TDs and a 125.6 QB rating. He also put up 42 points and the Patriots routed the Texans. When T-Hill can do that we will forget about the deep passes he missed in a game. That was without Gronkowski. The guy is just amazing.

cheap ross.


I DID watch the WHOLE GAME......

and have you READ the ENTIRE conversation between myself and PHINS 78....

If you haven't...I suggest you do....

but since you may not....here is the GIST.....

I was FOCUSING on ONE aspect of the game....PHINS was focused on another (the one you described @ 2:33).....

we were having 2 DIFFERENT conversations....sometime a by-product of typing on a computer as opposed to face to face conversation....

Craig It Is Called Being PROFESSIONAL!!

I Know as a Dansby Fan U Don't Understand!! But Guys That are Pro's!! Know How To Give GENERIC ANSWERS!! To PERSONAL QUESTIONS!!

Don't Worry Ur Rant Is Coming!! When They Cut Dansby!! U will Hear That Ignoramus!!! Talk Out His A S S!!

Even Chad has Figured This Out!! No Not Henne!! Johnson!! If Chad would've acted Like He is Doing NOW ON TV!! The Media Would've been Screwed!! But Since He Spoke His Mind!! He was Looked at As a Distraction!!

Pro Athletes Know You Have To Be Conservative With Your Words When You Talk To The Media!! Else!! The Littlest WORD GETS BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION!!

As A PRO Athlete U have To ask Yourself!! What Would Peyton Say?



The Word Is Called INSUBORDINATION!!! No Coach wants To Sign a Guy!! That Will Insult Their Previous Employer!!

Think About Hiring Somebody!! And In Their First Interview!! Or First Week On The Job!! The Guy Keeps Talking About How His Other Job Sucked!! That It wasn't HIS FAULT!!

Even If It wasn't as a Boss!! U don't want To Hear That!!

Way To Keep It Professional Chad!!

Unlike That Clown Dansby!! Who just Recently said!! He is in The same League!! As P.Willis!! And Proceeded To Do NOTHING!!

TRUST ME!! CHAD IS PREPARING!! He Just Doesn't want To Talk About it!! Like a Pro!!

More to the POINT Dashi....

I was FOCUSED on how well Brady was handling the pressure (hurried in 1 OUT OF every 4 drop backs).....and he still got up...and delivered the ball down field....

That is NOT something Brady has always done....AGAIN...IE...PATS...jets......

This week will be another test for him.....facing the 9ers....if he can again face the PASS RUSH...and deliver the ball again.... i will be equally impressed.....and it may be time to get Brady sized for another ring.....


I did!!

And To Your Point!! About Talking On-line!!

The Whole Game Comment! Was Meant as Sarcasm!! My Bad should've put a LOL after It! It was More of A Joke On Craig!! That is why I said we Cool! And Then Proceeded To Make Fun Of Craig!

U were Making A Point About Brady Getting Hit!! Which He Did!! And Phins78 was making another Point! Which was also True!!

Again, My bad if The Comment was Taken Out Of Context!!

Kris, did you catch the operative word in the statement:

"I think he's done a great job for what he's been given," Henne said.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 12, 2012 at 12:46 PM

I did-LOL!

odinseye | December 12, 2012 at 02:20 PM

Hard to miss the zinger he tosses at Ireland here. He may not necessarily have a problem with his former team but think it obvious he feels he wasn't given a chance to succeed by the F.O. with the talent assembled around him.

I also caught the post by Kris were he alludes to the numbers Henne put up early last Season. He did have good stats but it was the other intangibles that always seemed to allude him. When the team fell behind they seemed to go flat and I felt they didn't believe he could lead them to a come back victory.

It was the balls to the wall attitude that Matt Moore brought to the team last Season that seemed to turn the Club around. He should have beaten S.B. Champ N.Y. at home in a game were he surprised their pass rushers with his running ability, there were a few runs he has in that game that put the Giants on their heels early and the D gave that one away late as they did in Dallas and New England as well.

Some on here can think what they will but I see this team rallying around there rookie QB in a manner I never saw with Henne under Center. This business about the long passes isn't really fair this particular week with Tannehill hanging some nice passes deep in S.F. while hanging tough in the pocket.

On one pass to Hartline the DB made a nice play on it in the air at the goaline on the other Marlon Moore drops it. In his defense he shouldn't have needed to jump for it given he was held for about a good 30 yards down the field and we only get the 5 yard holding call, jeez! On these plays I saw a QB who was beginning to get his touch on his deep ball to the WR group he's saddled with, just MHO!

Henne revisted on this post. Arrgh!


Mr.Happy Feet!!

Handled The Pressure Well!

Now Let's See If He does It again!! Against The 49ers!!

If he does!! Like U said!!

Peyton Vs Brady!! And whoever wins is going To win The SB!!

take it easy with the anti ireland posts. craig will get offended.


only got one hand.....to type with....holding "the precious" (lord of the rings) with the other.....

i see you're sarcasm....

another missed communication.....they happen on the net.....were good....lol....

Doom Sorry To Break It To You!!

The Mayans Have 12/21/2012¡¡ As The End Of Days!!

Nostradamus Went Up To The Year 3400 Something!!

And Dashi Believes The World Ends!! The Minute U Die!!

Everything Ceases To Exist The Moment We Die!!

So Unless U plan On Dying!! Before 12/21/2012! The World Will Keep Moving For You!!

Don't Worry!! If The Apocalypse Is Upon Us!! In 9 Days!! It looks Pretty Peaceful To Me!!




What surprises me is that fact that Matt Moote has been buried completely! first, Henne was replaced by Moore, Moore was supossed to be the QB, but the idiots made another mistake and draft another bust, now they are already dead 3 weeks before season is over! of course Henne is a lot better than RT, the problem with Henne was Sparano and Henning, still, Henne and Tannehill together cant make a FRANCHISE QB like Matt Moore is, and they wasted.

Fins - Jags in the GARBAGE BOWL! haha


The defense Started Playing Once Henne was Benched!! That is The Major Difference!!

Look at The Box Score!! The Defense Went from Giving Up 25+ Points a Game!! To having A couple Games Were Teams Couldn't Even Score 10 Points!!

Moore Didn't Do A lot!! Offensively!!

How many 300 yd games did he throw last year?

How Many 3TD's Game?

TRUST ME!! CHAD IS PREPARING!! He Just Doesn't want To Talk About it!! Like a Pro!!

Dashi | December 12, 2012 at 02:39 PM

I agree with the point your trying to get across but feel that Ocho-Stinko was the beginning of hints Philbin was floating Ireland's way. Philbin took a job with strings attached in Ireland and sent his publicity stunt A S S clown packing the 1st chance he got. If Stinko even remotely resembled the 05 version the domestic dispute would have been dealt with but the real defacto G.M. of the Dolphins (Sherman) wasn't feeling his production.

Ireland went to Philbin on a few occasions to go to bat for some of his picks like C.Gates and was given the uhhh huhhh! With he player getting the ax in short order. Do you remember Sparano in the draft day Fins War room?? In between 08-10 it was Ireland and Parcells in 11 I remember Ireland alone but get the feeling we see Philbin and his Consigliari there from here on out.

Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan (pictured), according to ESPN's Todd McShay in his new Mock Draft 1.0, for what it's worth. McShay predicts Jordan goes to Miami 12th overall. I think Miami would prefer a receiver or cornerback but would look for a pass-rusher as the third option if no WR or CB of sufficient value is available..

Not to change gears, but here's some weird stuff I've noticed from last week or so (stop me if I'm starting to sound like Kris)...

So, today Poizen comes in, and during the Henne talk. Is it me, or does Poizen only get into the conversation when it's Henne?

Kris, another of my favorites, went on a rant Sunday (before the game I think, maybe Sat or Mon night) about trolls talking to their made-up aliases, and either he was drunk or his name got taken over, but for a minute there I started thinking HE was a made-up alias of one of the trolls on here.

Then Dashi and ALoco started talking back and forth, and I could have SWORN they were one and the same person.

I know I'll never figure it out, but all I can attest to is I am a real human being and only post under one name. For all I know, every other poster here is the same person. Which is fine, but it means I like one of the troll's aliases, but not the other, and in the end it's still the same person.

By the way, not calling any of the names I mentioned out as trolls, just saying sometimes on this blog I feel like I'm in a David Lynch movie, that's all.

Ireland and Ross claimed this was a playoff/Superbowl team. They stated that they felt the 2011 team was just a couple of roster tweaks and a new coaching staff away from being serious contenders. This was reported numerous times on the Miami Herald.


The Dolphins are 5-8 and will not have a winning season for the fourth straight year. The offense cannot pass or run. The defense seems to break in every loss and rarely forces a turnover. Special teams has become a weakness for several weeks now.

And QB?

Tannehill looks like a major project at this point, which is disappointing given the play of the other rookie and second year QBs.

Even with all the cap room and draft picks for 2013, it's difficult to believe that things will improve that much.

Moore Didn't Do A lot!! Offensively!!

How many 300 yd games did he throw last year?

How Many 3TD's Game?

Dashi | December 12, 2012 at 03:16 PM

I was clear in the post about the intangibles out weighing the stat sheet. You go through the body of work Henne put together in Miami and the one thing that jumps out at you as a fan was what the stats weren't telling and that was how the team tanked with Henne when down by a couple of scores. Moore while not lighting it up rallied that team unfortunately for us all in the pending 2012 Luck/RG3 sweepstakes. Our D fell apart late in games last Yr. like Dallas on Thanksgiving and with the Giants especially in N.E. late were they were the difference between a W and an L.

DC, not saying you were, but don't call me out, I am far less active due to the negative vibe on the post, but also personal life. My wife is getting a bone marrow extraction Friday, and we have been going through a lot the past 3 months trying to figure her blood work.

I have commented plenty of times this year and nothing about Henne. But seeing the name here is just a nice reminder of all the crap I took talking about him.

By the way, not calling any of the names I mentioned out as trolls, just saying sometimes on this blog I feel like I'm in a David Lynch movie, that's all.

DC Dolfan | December 12, 2012 at 03:19 PM

I can attest to the fact I'm a real person and get you given that I don't believe there are more than 5 people here have also started to think one of these people is Mando himself at times. Now that you mention Lynch it sort of feels like were in the part of Wild at Heart were Sailor and Luna arrive in Big Tuna, Tex. and meet Bobby Peru for the 1st time along with Zed the Rocket scientist.

Tom Brady is freaking awesome!

When Bledsoe went down the Pats were an average team with a decent QB.

Brady shows up and the rest is history!

Miami is in the same boat...an average team still waiting on that awesome QB to arrive.


wondered the same thing with Poizen....showing up with the Henne talk....but the guy has NEVER said anything rude to anybody EVER....so I don't think he can be classified as a Troll....more of a Henne OBSESSOR....lol.....

I did rant before the game....

but that is because I had an IMPOSTor in BLUE....he only posted ONCE in my name in blue....but Armando said IMPOSTORING was the ONE RULE that he would not tolerate being broken....and I expect him to hold to his word....

So to reveal to the blog my kryptonite...its the impostering thing....because on this blog all you have is you're word....and if somebody is allowed to steal you're name (word)...then this place won't be worth coming to @ all....

Armando **DEFINITELY** posts here under an alias.

It's either that, or his "Twin Brother" Duh-Mando-LOL!

The 2011 Dolphins started 0-7 and then they went 0-2 in the Luck/RGIII bowl.

As a result, the 2012 Dolphins have the worst rookie QB in the NFL.

There is talk that Washington may trade Cousins for a 1st or 2nd round draft pick next year. Very smart move if they can pull it off.

There are those that say Ireland cannot be blamed for the first three years of the never ending Parcells/Ireland rebuilding project. But what is the first thing that Ireland did after he got control of the draft -- he drafted a center higher than any center has EVER been drafted. Pouncey is good - one of only two elite players on the entire team. Still, a center?

Ireland sent Marshall to the Bears for two third round picks. So, he picked Egnew and whoever is selected in 2013. Marshall has had a very, very good year in Chicago. What are Egnew's stats? Oh, there are no stats for him as he has not even been good enough to be listed as active.

And Dolphins fans are excited about the upcoming draft? Maybe they should be dreading it instead.

You are correct that Thomas is nowhere near as good as Sammie Smith.

You are correct that any QB unfortunate enough to be drafted by Miami is doomed to failure. The organization is a losing one.

Poizen, I'm as sure as I can be without really knowing you're real. We were about to meet for the Giants game last year (actually, that would have been a perfect way to verify). We should try to ALL meet at a game somewhere, at least the ones who want to verify their identities. Like a Dolphins blog outing at an away game. Sorry to hear about your wife too bro.

But it's the damn trolls. Their game unfortunately worked, they have everyone questioning everyone else. Like Kris did the other day. It's too hard to stay on top of everyone's comments and learn their writing style to verify you're talking to the same poster who always uses that name. Like fin said, it's like Wild at Heart.

I agree with Orlando about keeping Bowles, Daboll, Moore at QB, and Marshall, and that we should have won 10 games last year.

Odin, why would he do that though? Not saying you're wrong (I genuinely don't know), but why ruin your own blog? That's why people like Ohio went and started their own blog (of course, he got a newborn too, so he's rarely updating). Just man up and post as yourself. Especially if you're as religious as Mando says he is. Why fake other people? Doesn't make sense to me.

Funny to say, but the more Henne plays, the better compensation draft pick the Dolphins will get in 2013 draft. So we all better cheer for his success Well, In all games but the one on Sunday :) .


I think this blog is between 5-9 people....I thought it was 10.....but the Cuban Menace wanted us ALL to know he was 2WATT as well with his rendition of women's chest before the game.....calling him out...is what got me IMPERSONATED to begin with....and then DC filled you in on the rest....

And on queue, there are the comments I am talking about Kris above.


wondered the same thing with Poizen....showing up with the Henne talk....but the guy has NEVER said anything rude to anybody EVER....so I don't think he can be classified as a Troll....more of a Henne OBSESSOR....lol.....

Kris | December 12, 2012 at 03:34 PM

The point isn't whether the post sign in name is rude or not it's about the person using the particular name mentioned while simultaneously using other names as well. There are times on here were a particular line of conversation gets going and the sign in names triple and for the life of me I never got it.


It is EXACTLY like a David Lynch movie in here at times. I'm a really person also and Armando will back me up that I've only ever posted under ONE name all the time I've been here (unlike a great many of these clowns....or maybe it's only 2-3 guys).

Not sure I've ever had a problem with Poizen. When he was active he was one of the better posters here, just took some of the Henne stuff too far (even I knew when enough was enough).

Should I be concerned that my 14 year old daughter mentioned to me recently that she really starting to dig some of the David Lynch stuff. Not so much his well known stuff but some of his darker, lesser known, shorter stuff. He's a strange dude. I wouldn't doubt it a bit if he's one of the guys we clash with on a regular basis. Anyone know how he feels about Jake Long or Dansby?

Is that the same Bowles who has a who's-who of defensive talent and just won his first game at DC, after losing like 3 or 4? THAT Bowles?

And Daboll, the OC in KC, who won all of 2 games this year. THAT guy?

LOL, yeah, they're the answer.

Armando **DEFINITELY** posts here under an alias.

It's either that, or his "Twin Brother" Duh-Mando-LOL!

odinseye | December 12, 2012 at 03:34 PM

Hey Bruddah! Were you been?

To add to DC's post. Marshall did not want to be here, cut and dry, DONE. The guy is not motivated when he is not happy. He was never going to be happy here still rebuilding. Not sure why people bring up "IF" he was here still.


a TROLL is a TROLL.....and the definition should be that of someone who uses multiple sign-in names...REGARDLESS of civility...or lack of....

Craig, I agree, Poizen is NOT a problem. He just shot up out of nowhere, but he clarified why.

I WOULD be worried about your daughter. I was into Lynch too when I was in high school. I was also Ricky Williams' level high as a kite, so you should keep tabs on her.

To my own admission, I like to debate way to much, without insults. I am not a Henne fan, but will defend the fact that he had a skill set that translated to the NFL. And I just could not see why people did not realize that coaching was the bigger issue than the QB. So as much as people thought I defended Henne, I was saying the anger to the team performance was guided at the wrong person.

Tanny with this Team has moven farther than Henne with Sporano's crew. There is a reason for that.

I kno most of you don't believe it, but not a Michigan fan, not a henne fan, and don't on a jersey of him. A few rookie cards that I collect with my son, but that is the extent of it.

what a bunch of garbage comments,other than a few level headed fans, its not even worth reading this board anymore......

Poizen are you still hugging on Henne nuts?? He sucked then and sucks now. What part is so hard for you to understand? The only person worst at viewing talent than you is Jeff Ireland

LOL, funny Truth, I did laugh. Moving on.

Poizen, I'm as sure as I can be without really knowing you're real. We were about to meet for the Giants game last year (actually, that would have been a perfect way to verify). We should try to ALL meet at a game somewhere, at least the ones who want to verify their identities. Like a Dolphins blog outing at an away game. Sorry to hear about your wife too bro.

DC Dolfan | December 12, 2012 at 03:38 PM

I've posted this very idea on more than one occasion, I have been on this blog for a few years now and spend as much time debating with you guys as I do anybody I know in person. I also am sorry for your predicament poizen and God bless your family.

Anyone notice that the Jets can not get their Right Tackle figured out... Columbo anyone... How does Sporano have a job in the NFL?

Thanks Fin, What sucks is they call us with the results on Christmas Eve. Maybe it is a sign that it will be good news. But will be praying for it, no doubt.

We should work out a game to meet. If all goes well with my wife we will be up for going to a game, preferably fly to Miami, but we are open to anything.

Of course Henne will say Tannehill has done well given what he has around him. You know why because it was the same group he had. So he has to say they are mediocre to cover his own arse and explain why he didn't do so well. I can tell you both seem to have a knack for starting out quickly. They find open receiver they get the ball out quickly, but as weeks go on they see to become more and more unsure of themselves and start to hesitate and hold on to the ball too long. The best QB's in the biz get the ball out quickly.

Poizen, the disgusting thing is, after ALL that, worst QB in the conference, and the Jets are still in the hunt, but we're not.

If that's not the BIGGEST indictment of the dearth of talent on this team, I don't know what is.

Also, when we TRIED to do the "great defense, passable offense" thing, we could NEVER get a defense good enough. Jets d is good enough to overcome the worst QB in the league. Ours never is. Makes me CRAZY. That's why all I care about seeing is talent at skill positions (i.e. TDs) and if THAT doesn't work, I quit and just become a Redskins fan.

DC...POIZEN...that is the BEST IDEA.....meet @ a game.....

I live in VA (currently)....and can make it to a Skins, jets, Giants, Ravens, or Panthers game with little problem....

NEXT SEASON....we and any other blogger who is up for it...that lives on the EAST COAST....we can meet @ one of these games if its on the schedule.....

we can call it a REALITY CHECK......


Sorry to hear about your family. I hope that things work out for you're family....

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