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Improbable postseason charge would kill draft order status

The Dolphins are on two very interesting and divergent courses and, frankly, I'm torn about which is better.

On the one hand this team that is flawed and has lost more than it has won and doesn't have an offense that scores consistently is still not out of the playoff hunt. That's right, hard as it is to believ (even to them), the Dolphins are still mathematically alive for the postseason.

Now, various things have to happen, not the least of which is Miami has to win out and that includes a victory at New England where very few teams come away with a victory late in the season.

Beyond that, the Dolphins need help in geatting the right combination of losses from Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and others.

[The Bengals must lose their final two games at Pittsburgh and home against Baltimore. The Steelers must win at home against Cincy and lose at home to Cleveland. And the Jets have to lose again.]  

It is so improbable even players are talking about this season as one in which the team didn't accomplish its goal of making the playoffs.

"We didn't do enough," linebacker Karlos Dansby said Tuesday in speaking to the Miami Dolphins Touchdown Club.

And against this possible but improbable circumstance we have the NFL draft order.

You see, with every victory they add in this season that will likely end at New England, the Dolphins sink in the draft order. Last week the FIns were slated for the No. 11 overall pick in the first round. Then they beat the Jaguars and now Miami is slated for the No. 13 overall selection in the first round.

Every bit of success hurts Miami's draft standing.

Do you see the irony?

Win and you might draw closer to a playoff berth that might happen but probably won't. But if the team does win, the cost is a superior draft standing, which obviously hurts the chances of picking an elite player.

Dolphins fans should be particularly sensitive to this situation because many last year advocated a "Suck for Luck" mentality that entailed rooting for the team to lose so that it could get an elite quarterback such as Andrew Luck.

Turns out the Dolphins had too much success late in the season after starting out 0-7 and wound up with the eighth overall selection.

On the other hand, the Dolphins haven't tasted the playoffs since 2008. So perhaps some of you are more than willing to sacrifice the chance to have a Top 10 draft pick in exchange for the possibility -- however slight -- that the team might get into the postseason.

Where do you stand?



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wow,what a d back then, just tink?
trow 3 int's in 5 min. and the d still came away with a win.

This is an easy one Mando (and remember I was absolutely in the tank corner l;ast year). The more we win now, the better it is for this team. My case is built on the following factors ...

1) We have our young quarterback now and the more success we have, the better for him, his confidence,a nd the fanbase which is in dire shape. It's not like we win by trying to hide our quarterback. When we win, it's because our qb is delivering the mail, so more victories the better for his development.

2) This is a top end defense draft (unless you are looking for offensive linemen). The Dolphins biggest need is a wide receiver so it's not like we are missing out on a Calvin johnson.

3) The difference in talent in this draft between players ranked 11 to 15 or whatever is not that much. So going for it doesn't really hurt in the talent level of the player we get.

4) The more we win, the easier it will be to bring back our own and outside free agents.

So in short GO DOLPHINS!!! 8-8 with a coming of age QB beats 6-10 anyday!!! These games are important despite what those in the media may tell you!!!

stupid wanny,
shulda started huard and u'd b in the sb that season.

No brainer - draft stand must be the priority. Even if this team makes it to the playoffs, there's no way they win a single game. We should have sucked for Luck (that much is crystal clear now - despite my believe on Tannehill - but Luck is ready now) and now we must think about draft placement and add talent to this team for the long run.

2watt...Fiedler was and still is better than Huard ever will be.

had brady on the ropes,
had f'n lux on the ropes.
had sf on the f'n ropes.
y not. play 'm again and win baby.
super bowl,super bowl.

If Jeff Ireland is making the pick, it doesn't really matter where we draft...


dey ain't wana play da phinz agaian dat fo sure.

Believe it or not...teams fear our defense and with good reason.
We were in every game this season with the exception of one.(TEN) WTF happened there?

Our offense is a bit wobbly and sometimes lacks that killer instinct...but all in all we are a competitive team and can hang with the top tier teams.

Just Win Baby! (RIP Al)

Cane if youre boycotting anyone it should be that garbage college football program at the U. Cheating scandals over and over.. they took a huge step off a very high cliff from where they once were.. Boycott that joke.
Ireland did a good job last year and Philbin will continue to get his guys in. He came from a winning culture.

"That bunch scored 24 points in the 4th quarter on SF."

That's only because SF kept scoring so fast, its defense got tired out.

We won't have that problem!

Beating up NE regardless of impact on draft would be awesome. Send a message we are tough to play now and send a division rival into the playoffs and off season looking over their shoulder.

I can't EVER root for them to lose. Just not in my make-up. I really don't think it matters if we are picking 13th, or 20th. We have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds if I'm not mistaken, including 3 in the 2nd. There is plenty of talent in those picks if they are used wisely.

The Dolphins could be picking first and still screw it up look at what happened in 2008 when we took Jake Long who gets spun around like a broken down turnstile.

Matt Ryan goes to Atlanta and now they are talking Super Bowl Berth.

So it really does not matter whether we pick 11th or 19th in the 2013 draft we are still going to go out and pick a stiff player. Most mocks have us taking a defensive lineman with the No.1 pick.

Everyone that says playoffs are better, but then they want a raw rookie to play instead a proven veteran that would have given the fins a better chance to make it to the post season.

Miami is no Play Off team this year - being "In The Hunt" this late in the season shows the team has potential, but that's about it.

Pole position in the draft is over-rated. The Pats have been drafting late in the rounds for years and they secure a Play Off spot every season.

Not to get all Herm Edwards on you, Mando, but you play to win the game. I want to see the Dolphins coach and play like they're trying to make the playoffs. Unless they actually make the playoffs, the net impact to their draft pick will be negligible.

as long as ireland is making the picks we will miss out in the draft


Good scouts and a good gm find players all over the draft! JJ Watt, Clay Matthews, Bobby Wagner(ROY candidate this year), Charles Tillman, etc... were not top 10 picks. Why dont you do an analysis of the all pro team at the end of the season and see how many of those guys were top ten picks?

We have a few extra picks this year. If there is an absolute must have higher up, we can trade up. Never play to lose. It only hurts you in the long run.

We're not the colts. We don't throw games to get a better draft pick. You play to win the game and if it means a few spots below then so be it.
Karma will get Isray at some point.

Actually trading up reduces your chance of being succesful. The more picks you have the better chance you find someone who can play. Plus if you trade ur picks and get a bust(daniel thomas) your screwed.

BTW mando it doesn't matter what the Jets do. Even if they win out our conference record will be better than both Cinci at 8-8 and Steelers at 8-8. So our playoffs chances is independent of what the Jets do.

I can't root against my Dolphins. I hate seeing them lose, but it would lessen the pain if Tannehill puts up 2 extra stellar games and they lose because of a defensive lapse!

Boulder, dam right they threw the season. Luck has been excellent for a rookie but has not been great when compared to the elite qbs in the league. he's a turnover machine and they still have 9 wins ro whatever - that shows they have a strong supporting cast - not a cast of players that should finish with two wins.

It's all of a sudden a miracle Luck finishes with the most wins ever for a QB taken #1 - BALLS!!!

Mark, I'll take a turnover machine if he throws 20 TDs. Brett Favre was the same type of QB, and he wasn't that bad.

But a worse stat was when I looked in the paper today, and saw the AFC leaders (WRs). Top 15, guess which 2 WRs had the lowest TDs this year? Yup, Brian Hartline and Davone Bess. Only 2 with 1 each. Horrible.

On a good note, Tannehill's TD/INT ratio's getting better (10/12). If he has more TDs than INTs this year I'll call it a successful year for him.

Has this team proven that it can make good draft picks? Or that is has any ability to control its own destiny? The Dolphins will flail through the rest of the season and the draft too.
All Pro Saftey and WR from being anywhere close to playoff team.

This Article is A week To Late!!

Sorry, Mando!!

We Got Kicked Out The Top 5-10!! With A win Against The Jags!! And Basically Eliminated Ourselves!! From The Te'o Sweepstakes!!

And Stop Flip-Flopping!!! Just Last Week!! You Said The Fins MUST WIN!!! Vs The Jags!! Or Else You And The Trolls Were Going To Unleash All Hell!!!

You can't Have It Both Ways!!

And On Clowno Dansby!! Really!! FOOL! "we"!! Take Ownership For Your Defense!! Scumbag!! If You Would've Made 1 Impact Play!! At Least!! We Would've Won More Games!!!

How Many Times!! Are You Going To Drop Easy Picks!! Not Make Sacks!! Tackle Somebody!! Behind The Line!! After The Line!! Sideline to Sideline!! Break Up A Pass On 3rd Down!!! SHOW UP IN THE 4TH!!!

Anything!! You Insubordinate F''' !!! Call A Audible!! When The Play Call Is Wrong For The Situation!! Line Your Guys UP!! Have A 10+ Tackle Game!!! Do Something!! At Least Play Better Than Average!! You Are The 2nd Highest Paid LB In The Game!!

You Are The Highest Paid Defensive Player On The Team!! Get Paid More Than The Starting Secondary And D-Line Combined!! (Minus Soliai)


Why would we need the jets to lose again? They have already been eliminated from the playoff race.

DC, good post. Re: brett Favre did throw a lot of int's but his best years were when his mistakes were minimal. Turnover ratio is the most important stat and football and you can't turn it over consistently and expect to win - impossible. Look at Pitt - solid team but thye are life and death to make the playoffs because of one stat - Turnover ratio. Well that, and their offensive co-ordinator stinks.

Re: The Dolphins receivers - hartline and Bess are excellent complimentary receivers but we need more athleticism and physicality out there - that's for sure. We don't have a wideout that works well in the red zone. And the fact that both those guys are top 15 in receiving speaks well to Tannehill's skills. I can't remember the last time we had two recievers picking up thyis kind of yardage.

And Tannehill's interceptions are the best thing about this kid. Also factor in 6 of those came in two games and you see the makings of a QB you can win with. Limiting turnovers is the most important thing a QB does - or the first thing that lends itself to winning. Now - he just needs to move the ball with more consistency and I think that comes with more experience and better compliments on the offense.

Mokiki Sloppy Swish!!

Funny Song!!

But My Dude Is The "What's Up With That!" Guy!!

Ooooohhh!! Wwweeeeee!!

What's Up With That!! What's Up With That!!

I'll root a "suck for luck" type of a season when there's 1) Someone like Luck/RG3 out there, and 2) A realistic chance at a top 5 pick.

Right now, the Phins are at best a #9-12 pick and at best a #16-19 pick.

Root for our team to win. The 10 spot difference in the middle of the draft isn't going to chance the team much.

If we were Kansas City or Jax.... that'd be a different story.

Dashi, for you, a #58 jersey for Christmas!

It doesn't matter where we pick....

We could pick #1...and will take the OL...INSTEAD of the Franchise QB.....

We can pick #4....and will pick the 2nd best RB on on the Auburn team.....

We could pick 9th....and will select the WR who is scared of contact.....

We can pick 12.....and will trade back to get Ordick instead of taking Dez Bryant....A TRUE WR BTW...taking later than Ted Ginn....

Talent is EVERYWHERE in the draft...but if the guy picking is a BLIND SQUIRREL foraging for ACORNS...it doesn't really matter.....


Kris, not to rub it in but Ronnie Brown was taken #2, not #4. Missed a franchise QB in the first round that year too who was slated as a #1 pick for most of the year in Aaron Rogers. Discount double check!!!

Oh, and Mando!!

5-11!! Would Have Been Anywhere From Top 5-10! (Te'o)

6-10!! Puts Us In That 10-13 Range!! (A CB or WR)

7-9!! Means 12-15!! (Womack Or TE)

8-8!! The Fins Pick!! Anywhere From 15-20!! (BPA)

To Me That Is How It Breaks Down!!

That Is Why Dashi Just Wanted The Games To Be Competitive!!

But After Winning Last Week!! Dashi Is With Smart Bloggers!! For T-Hill's Confidence!! Winning NOW!! Is More Important Than 5-7 Draft Spots!!

I Rather See T-Hill Keep Developing!! Learn How To Slide!! Raise That Front Foot T-Hill!! (They're Playing Winter Ball In DR!! Go There On Vacation!! After The Season!! Don't Know About Taking The Wife!! TAKE ONE OF THE CHEERLEADERS!! They are Always Down There Shooting Their Calendar! Say You Need A Guide!! )Keep Up The ZERO INT Streak!! End The Season On A High Note!!

Well it is not likely because they are playing KC this weekend but I would love for Indy to miss the playoffs along with the Bears. That would give us better picks in the 2nd and third rounds.


you did rub it in....lol

I had convinced myself after all of these years that Brown was taking 4th....that makes it worse :(.......

good correction....

It does matter if the Jets lose guys. The Wets are 3-2 and we are 1-3. They play the bills one last time and if they lose that game it makes them 3-3, where as we need to beat two afce teams to get to 3-3 and we own the tie breaker from that..

1. You always try to win every game.
2. That being said, we have no chance even if we win out. No way that combination of help happens. 2% chance.
3. But you always try to win every game.
4. In college, I won every game and won the Heisman.

Who cares about the hapless Dolphins?

Apparently yuou do Heat as youre coming in on the Miami Heralds Miami Dolphins Blog and commenting

Trade Tanne for Tebow straight up. Put Tebow at RB. Start Moore at QB.


The Only Defensive Jersey!! Dashi Has And Wears With Pride!! Is His Z.Thomas Jersey!! And JT Jersey!! When They Get Old!! Dashi Just Buys The Same Jersey!! The Only D! Player!! Worth Spending Money On Is Wake!! And OV! In The Future!!

On Offense!! Marino And Ricky!! Even During His Hiatus!! Dashi Wore The REAL RB Jersey!! T-Hill and L.Miller!! Need at Least 2 More Seasons!! Before I Splurge On A Jersey!! (Reggie Didn't Dance But He Will Make You See Stars!! #DWTS)

Dashi Has A Standard!! On Who He Is A Fan Off!! And Who Is Blessed To Be Worn By Me!!

Even As A Gift!! Dashi Won't Wear A Dansby!! Jersey!!

Now If You Want To Give It To Me!! So I Can Give It To Rambo(My Dog) So He Can Rip It In Half!! Then Take A Dump On It!! It's Alright With Me!!

Really..."Solution", Trade our franchise QB for Tebow and put Moore under center who is past his prime?

What are you smoking this morning?

its called crack

WIN OUT!!... As someone stated earlier, let the cards fall as they may. Besides, I think the Dolphins will be attractive to some of the Free Agent Wide Outs this year. Whomever comes in will get immediate opportunities with the Ones squad, and most likley become the focal point in the offense... As with other teams they may not. Tannehill has proven that he IS a raw work in progress, but if you can't see the upsides from this kid, then you're blind... Size, Weight, Arm strength, accuracy and most of all ENTHUSIAM for the game. He wants to play, and he wants to WIN. For someone who started just a handfull of college games, his adjustment process looks good. Miami has a pretty fair amount of picks to negotiate with as well... Maybe, they will sacrifice a pick or two on a young, proven free agent. We'll see, but I'd rather them win both games, and at least keep the faint suspense going for the fans... Noone respects a team that tanks! (COLTS)... So obviuos what the colts did last year. Plus, it's alwayus good to get one on the Pats!!

Ummm...they get paid to play. You play to win. The draft order does not matter. You could have the number 1 pick and it guarantees nothing.


So Ireland Is To Blame For Everything??

Question Did Ireland Pick Finn and Ronnie Brown??

Isn't B.Marshall A Better Wr!! Than Dez!

I Understand Your Undying Hate For Ireland!! But Use Common Sense!! Else You Are Going To Look Like A Clown!! At The Crow Buffet!! Next Year!!

Just Like You Guys!! Want To Insult Ireland!! For Putting Us In This Situation!!


Parcells Left!! When He Saw What He Did To The Cap!! And Didn't Want To See The Backlash!! Out Of AJ Smith, B.Polian, S.Pioli, and Ireland!!! Who has Hired The Best Coach!! In The Last 5 Years? The Roster Is More Than Half Way Full With Young Dolphins!! The Amount Of Picks We Have!! The Cap Room!! And Again!! The COACH!!

Ask The Colts, Chargers, Browns, Chiefs, Cardinals, and Jags!! Oh, and The Bills and Jets!! If They Would Rather Have Ireland & Philbin? Or What They Have!!

Simple Answer To Dashi!! We Have The Answer!!

P.S.- How Has J.Jones Drafted Since The Head Scout Left? Look at The Cowboys Last 5 Drafts!! Who Do You Think Found Romo! & M.Austin!!

The draft standing doesn't matter. You can get elite players at just about any part of the draft if you stop reaching for positions and take the best player available (unlike our draft history). Look at the Redskins...they traded the house to get RG3, and then they took Cousins later because he was the best player on their board. I think that worked out pretty well for them. If we are hoping to lose to build on the future then we have already lost the future because we have built a culture of losing.

Dang Auto Correct!!

@11:05! Meant Ricky Not Reggie!!

@11:27 Ginn Not Finn!!

Hey Phins Fans
Have you taken a look at next years schedule? In addition to the AFC East, we also face the AFC North and the NFC South. If the talent level is not improved we will be a 6 or 7 win team at best. Management needs to step their game up!!!!

Dashi, I have almost the same colelction of jerseys as you - except I have Sam Madison too. The first real good corner the Dolphins had in my lifetime.

NFC South SUCKS this year...what are you complaining about?

AFC North is also a division in decline...in case you forgot we beat CIN this season.

We line up well against most teams and our Defense is one of the top rated ones in the league...currently ranked 6th!!!

check out this NFL defense ranking chart...you should be PROUD of your Fins defensive unit this year!


Mark, I think Patrick Surtain was better than Sam Madison, e sure was more physical. Though 2 corners are far better than SS who claims he;s a number 1.

LA, this year's schedule turned out to be far from a joke. The .505 opponents win % represents the 19th toughest schedule in the NFL.

In addition, we played the Texans, patriots, and 49ers who are the best three teams in football. And were far form embarassed (just made too many mistakes in those games but were not outmatched)

And we also beat Cincinnati and Seattle who are top ten teams in the league.

I want the draft pick, but so does Buffalo!

your article states the obvious.....creativity wise it would be like painting by numbers.... you can do better to bring us something that we have no access to or thought provoking issues.

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