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Changes afoot around the NFL, but not in Miami

In New York, there's speculation general manager Mike Tannenbaum will be demoted. In San Diego, both coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith reportedly will be gone after this season. In Cleveland, the future of general manager Tom Heckert Jr. is uncertain and rumors are swirling about a successor.

Carolina is in the market for a new general manager, Scott Pioli is on the hot seat as the general manager in Kansas City, and there could be other moves elsewhere.

Yup, it's that time of year.

But not in Miami. Probably not this year.

Despite the fact the team is likely headed to a fourth consecutive season out of the playoffs and perhaps a fourth consecutive losing season, I am told there has been zero discussion about replacing general manager Jeff Ireland. And obviously, head coach Joe Philbin isn't on the one-and-done road last traveled by Cam Cameron. He's not going anywhere, either.

So firings in Miami seem at this point unlikely.

Now, this comes with a caveat: The season is not over. All the data is not known with four games to play. And everyone will be ultimately evaluated by owner Stephen Ross once the season is over. So no decision is final at this point.

If the Dolphins collapse the next four Sundays or if quarterback Ryan Tannehill plays so poorly as to suggest drafting him was a major error, then all bets are off.

But the Dolphins are typically an easy team to read on such matters. If someone as high-ranking in the organization as Ireland were on the outs, the signs would be there by now. Last year, for example, it was clear coach Tony Sparano was on his way out only weeks into the regular season.

No such signs this year. Quite the opposite, actually. Last week, for example, Ireland spent the entire week grinding on tape with his scouts and other personnel people as they prepare for the coming Senior Bowl in January, Indianapolis Combine in February, and yes, NFL draft in April.

Ireland's relationship with Ross also remains strong. The men continue to speak almost on a weekly basis and some weeks more often than that. Same with coach Joe Philbin. By contrast, once Sparano fell out of favor with Ross, the two talked only occasionally.

Another reason there isn't a huge likelihood anyone will be fired is Ross is a strong believer in continuity. He is convinced an NFL team needs it to succeed. Ross, you'll remember, stayed with Sparano and Ireland once he took over ownership even though he had no allegiance to either man.

He kept both even after he was already displeased enough with Sparano that he met with Jim Harbaugh, now in San Francisco, when that coach wanted to make the jump to the NFL from Stanford University.

It was only after the Dolphins got off to an 0-7 start in 2011 and his relationship with Sparano rotted that Ross dismissed Sparano. And, it must be said, Ross kept Ireland at that time even though the general manager was very unpopular with the fan base.

Ross kept Ireland even though fans hired banner planes to fly over Sun Life asking for the general manager's firing. He kept Ireland after fans showed up at training camp to protest the general manager's offseason moves.

As someone in the organization told me recently, "Jeff survived that and other uncomfortable moments, what makes you think he'd be fired now?"

It would take an epic, disastrous final four weeks to make is a possibility. Otherwise, all quiet in Miami. 



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Draft Matt Barkley in the 1st

At the pace we rebuild at it will be 15 years till we have a wild card type team, and when you look carefully we actually have been rebuilding for 15 years 1997-2012 so basically 30 total years to be slightly competitive that's not so awful.

Not to be critical bpa but matt Barkley doesn't have a better skill set or tools tannehill all Barkley has on him is college experience.

What other team can you name that has made these caliber of coaches question there desire to coach: Don shula, jimmy Johnson, nick Saban, bill parcells.

Does anyone have any idea as to if we are really getting new jerseys and if so what will they look like. I'm so tired of seeing that disco aqua green color and those all white jerseys just scream strength and power

Why does Ireland approach the draft as if the league is still playing 1980s football example fasano. In fact if you took the 80s teams with Marino they would fit in seamlessly in today's NFL. Does Ireland not believe in offensive playmakers( not talking about tannehill ) for crying our loud we just under 20 points a game just slightly worse than last year if you can believe that.

I agree that Ireland should remain, we have 9 picks this next draft.(I thought I read earlier in the year we had 13 picks,I thought we got a couple of late rounders with a trade we made with Dallas at the end of camp?Anyone know the exact amount of picks?)I have watched everygame and I think Tannehill has played well enough to be considered a sucess.The next 4 games will show us a little more. If im correct with 9 picks we need to get atleast 6 of them that make the team and contribute right away. The Jake Long issue, thats a tough one, but with his injuries and his erratic play how can we sign him to top left tackle deal? We cant, he needs to give us discount for the money we already paid him and maybe sign him to another 4 year deal with some clauses in it.Greg Jennings, lets see how he finishes out the year.I think we got a good thing here with Ireland, Philbin and Sherman. Lets give it a little time to develop.

Racemn2 what is your opinion on why Jake long has struggled so much this season compared to years past, do you think he is breaking down.

And how much do u think long, Hartline, and starks are worth a piece.

There you go again, Armando, with the negative articles. Why don't present the other side. If the team plays lights out these next 4 games and Tannehill makes a big leap? For what I've seen, Philbin and his assistants have done a good job and I estimate they'll be better next season, same with Tannehill. Be optimistic, for a change, Armando.

Hartline should get around what bess got. 3 years 12mill.

Does anybody have any thoughts on keeping long, starks, and Hartline or letting them walk.

I can tell you guys right now I wouldn't bring Sean smith back he has had one dominant game in four years. And that games was against the cardinals early this year.

AFC East teams on the decline

AFC East teams on the rise

So hireland you think we will just win the division by default next season

Art you are being moronic. The article states that Ireland is probably staying. The article further states there are circumstances under which that might not happen. The article explains those circumstances as a total swoon by the team or Tannehill tanking.

The article is neither positive nor negative. It is simply trying to educate you. Obviously beyond your comprehension.

So simply wipe your drool and skip the idea next time you want to post a comment.

Dumfins. I think Long is Elite but cannot understand why he is breaking down. Your right.Its tough playing that position and maybe we should rest him during the preseason more. He has all these rookies trying to prove themselves during the preseason and what better way to prove yourself than against Jake Long. He has had a few injuries playing in meaningless preseason games.

dumfins.As far as contracts go. I know the going price is much higher now than it was when long was drafted so would say sign him to the same kind of deal. I think his deal was 5 years and 30 million or so gauranteed? He should give us the discount and sign that type of contract to remain true because he realizes he has not performed to the level he did those first few seasons. 4 years 30/35 million I think would be in a range we could afford.
Hartline I agree deserves a payday.Like another poster said in the Bess range, 3 years 12-15 Million. he is guy Like Welker that put in the seam could be huge.him and Bess both lined up in slot with could wreck havoc!He is also an educated midwest/big 10 guy and the pay increase he would get at that rate would be huge and he would not have the pressure of going somewhere else and having to fit in being "the guy".

Starks has played well and is worth keeping around to in my opinion, we also have CB's to worry about and Sean Smith. the interviews I have heard on wqam make me question his integrity. he seems like a money first guy. He is talented but he needs to be more consistant.So that another decision that needs to be made. Remember the Surtain/Madison days or the Vincent/JB Brown days? I would like that again!! Corners that can play man coverage.
Just my opinion livingg here in Wisconsin, 1-3 inches of snow Sunday, the first of the year!

dumfins, reading through previous posts,Relax man.What comes around goes around. Look at the organization. We have had more QBS since Marino left than anyone. I realize patience is getting thin with all the fans that follow the team. Except for 1 year the Cameron year we have always played tough.We win games we should not win and lose games we should win.That will change. We are are very young team and are only going to get younger this draft. I have not missed a game since I got DTV in 94 and it has been tough to watch a few games. I also rememember watching a few games we had no shot to win and in packed house of NFC north lovers have watched these Fins take down the Packers, Bears and several other top notch teams. It's a Karma thing, were getting it. I see good things to come over the next few years. Relax and enjoy the upset Sunday!!

trolls be lurkins... be gone trolls. Where'd I put the resolve?

Hilarious... It is doubtful they are simply trolls. A blog that has the reputation this one has for sheer stupidity and with as many ego maniacs having keyboard fist fights doesn't need trolls. What it needs is an enema. Flushing out all the shiznit and replacing them with actual stabile human being interested in a discussion... Not an on going argument that gets more annoying every week. As far as Ireland being fired. I'm completely blown away how many people must live miserable lives under people's feet all day. It is the only way one can explain they're fascination.... No... They're obsession with firing people. Can't have any power or peace in they're own lives... Sure as hell won't grant it to anyone else. It's a wonder why so few understand as long as the Dolphins organization keeps firing people and position coaches or head coaches EVERY SINGLE YEAR SINCE 2003.... This team will never win or get better. It is an impossibility to improve when all there ever is in leadership is change and new faces.

Here's some names Ireland has been a part of passing on during his stint as GM. Matt Ryan(possible MVP),Jimmy Graham(All-Pro TE), Rob Gronkowski(All-Pro and possible future HOFer),Jason Pierre-Paul(Dominant DE, premier pass rusher),Dez Bryant(One of the biggest play WRs in the NFL), T.Y.Hilton(Big play WR and budding star for the Colts),DeMarco Murray(Stud RB for Dallas). These are just some of the names he's passed on while looking us square in the face on draft day.Who else could possibly keep their job as an NFL GM after passing on talent like this for much lesser players' year after year. Amazing.

OK Armando one BIG OMISSION Do you and the other Dolphin experts think THE PLANE will have an encore this year to discredit the chief draftsman.

Ross is not a Football man and not qualified to evaluate the performance of the Team. That will be done by Others. And Ross evaluates those Others. Who evaluates Ross? We do, We do.

Well at least Mando has cleaned up the blog, I see no sign of the Old coot Odinstank, Keep up the good wrk armando.

Why would we fire Ireland??? Let's see...We need a FS, at least one shutdown CB, another pass rusher, a RG, a RT, a WR, a TE and maybe a QB, depending on what happens with Tannehill. That's it! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

disgusted dolphin fan, it is too easy to pick a handful of players we missed on that have become very good if not better. However 31 other teams missed out/thought the same about those players aswell. Sure he has missed a few players, but i think the draft class last year was pretty solid and we need to give him this years draft to see what he(and philbin will be involved) is capable of picking up. Ireland has purposely accumulated a lot of picks for us this year to give the coach the best chance of getting the required players needed to take this team forward.

I also think that is why they signed the free agents they did this year. all short term stop gap players, some worked some didn't, but non of them got long term deals and where all on low wages = low risk and won't be here next year if they don't prove to be good enough. I think we also have the 2nd youngest roster in the league which should be taken into consideration. Philbin and co will no doubt add some leadership/veteran presence in the offseason to help this young teams development.

Complete morons. Ross and ireland. Ross has his nose so far up irescums a## that's why he won't fire him. If he stays then you can already bet on another losing season next year.


I do not see Ireland being fired after this season. He should be but Ross will keep him. Why? Because Jeff has been an ok administrative GM (salary cap) and he has connections to the owners friend. The problem is that Jeff is one of the worst talent evaluators of skill position players just like his mentor Parcells. Jeff can not identify WR or DB in college talent with NFL potential. His record is clear in that regard. My suggestion to Ross would be take away Ireland's final decision making power on the 2013 draft class.



I can WRITE IN CAPS!!!!!


I can use EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do ya HEAR how COOL I AM?

YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dolphin 77 who would you replace him with?????

"My suggestion to Ross would be take away Ireland's final decision making power on the 2013 draft class." -promichael

In the interests of maintaining continuity, this is probably one of the best options available to Ross. Most head coaches want as much control as they can get over player personnel and I'd trust Philbin (Sherman + Coyle) over Ross all day.

A Big Fat No to AJ Smith. Man has a huge ego. He got Schotty fired after a 14-2 season where they lost to NE because one dumbass db didn't get down when he caught game-icing pick. SD has never been nearly as good since Shcotty left and that was 100% on Smith wanting all the power. Now he'll be out, maybe eight years too late for them.

BPA.....no, I'd draft Geno Smith in the 1st--or Landry Jones....he's really dynamic.

No changes in Miami?? YIKES!

Well, at least that's settled. Now we can stop hearing the "fire Ireland" chants. Yeah right! People will continue to complain, but what's done is done. I'd rather look to what Ireland needs to do and grade him on that instead of what he has or hasn't done.

Kris is right on one point, not having a winning record in 4 Seasons is a pretty huge indictment of your worth. Of course, the other side is the HC (like in San Diego) was pretty pathetic.

That's why I think Ireland gets a pass this year. Plus new HC, rookie QB. Ross wants to play this out one more year, and after all the turnover here recently, I'm fine with some continuity in Miami for 1 Season at least.

yes to Geno Smith or Matt Barkley

Being a lifer Dolphins fan from waaaay back, the fans base is just flat out "tired of this"! This losing, this mediocre, this sloppy, inconsistent product which we are not able to identify with from the years past. I understand the era of Griese and Marino are over and done, BUT, those legacies are what we all aspire THE Miami Dolphins should have been continuing, but some this path ended. THAT is what frustrates us fans. I went to games at the Orange Bowl and loved every one of them! That passion will return when they give the fans a "new attitude" a new zest for this team IF they show promise and potential. Get a new GM for starters... That already gives me promise and hope. That also will get fans to games again. We fans aren't blind or dumb, we won't go spend bucks for a mediocre product in a store, no less a Dolphins game. Bring back the rage we all want with this team and you'll sell out. Until then and Ireland is out, fans have nothing to feel good about.


WhoTH is Geno Smith? Leave me alone until after the Season is over, then I'll help you to select a good Player like I did with Devlin. I'm not a Scout, I'm a Fan.

Jakester good post. There is no reason to buy a ticket to this poor onfield product.... unless you're a fan of the visiting team. 4 and then 5 consecutive losing seasons are in the cards with no light at the end of the tunnel. Its very sad.

on the offensive side of the ball his draft record is awful. we could be watching Ryan to Bryant every sunday, but he's just too conservative. He has built a strong physical football team, which is great, but it would be awesome to see an entertaining dolphins offense similar to the cowboys.

Some reflections on the uniqueness of the Baby Boomers. We are more in # than any present or past Generations. We might have received some fallout from those beauties like the ones deposited over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We rule the World. More insights about Us coming up.

I am the number one Dolphins fan of all time and I hope they will be destroyed during the last four games of the season. Ireland must GO!!!

We should have had Matt Ryan, Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall. Instead we got Henne, Pat White and Eggnew. lol

Jakester, I disagree.

You can feel good that for the first time since Shula (I'm not counting Cam's 1 miserable Season) we have a HC who is offensive-minded, with a system that's updated to the times. We don't have the personnel right now for it to work effectively, but this is the guy's 1st year, you have to give it time.

You SHOULD also feel good that for the first time since MARINO, Miami realized the only way to get a franchise QB is to draft them HIGH, specifically in the 1st-round. Whether Tannehill is that guy or not, you have to be in it to win it. If he's not the guy, I expect Miami to draft another QB whenever they realize Tannehill isn't the one in the 1st-round, and not wait another 30 years to do it.

You should also feel pretty good that it's likely, with a rookie HC, rookie QB and a team we all think lacks talent, the Dolphins will equal the record of the last HC's 3 years (after our '08 turnaround). If we ARE 7-9, that's an improvement from last year, which is heartening and suggests better things to come in the future.

Also, Miami doesn't have many old vets, we have a bunch of young players which means some MAY blossom into something. Misi's done a lot better this year. Reshad Jones is a real keeper. Thomas/Miller give us hope for the run game next year. Pouncey is a beast.

And we don't know how good Tannehill can be. He's shown potential. Give him more weapons, with Philbin's system (and background developing QBs), we might have a true contender.

Yes, I agree there are a lot of "if's", but there's hope there, definitely.

Because he has not drafted smart(Players) on O,(D Players do not need to be that smart, except for Ed Reed), dolfanSF. Until now.

I really believe if they would have started Moore they would have a winning record right now, but this is water under bridge as they say. Now when you look at the team it is obvious they just don't have a star players, Bush and Wake would be close to be considered stars, but just not enough, Reshad Jones has really played well this year after a bad year last year. When will they either draft or get by free agency difference makers, I am just not sure Ireland is up to to it.

Henne > TanneBust

Ross/Ireland have made Dolphin fans an endangered species. Who wants to pay $ to watch garbage?

Well at least the owner isn't as crazy as the fanbase.

Also, AJ Smith is a terrible choice. There is a reason he is being fired. There was an article the other day on NFL website concerning possible GMs for replacement spots. Good listing of who would be available and the Dolphin's assistant GM was on the list.

Shula was an offensive-minded Coach? You must have been born after 1983.

DC...we may not know how "good' Tannehill can be (glass half full)... but we also don't know how "bad' he can be either,(glass half empty).

I've said since week one that his accuracy is off, and anyone who follows football knows that's the one trait you cannot teach a QB...either you have it, or not.

Luck, RG3, Wilson (if you recall was who I promoted last spring and you laughed at me because he was too short, remember?).

All have superior accuracy over Tannehill...and don't claim his completion % is higher because most of his passes are dinks and dunks in the west coast offense.

Tannehill missed a WIDE OPEN Hartline who did an outstanding job of shaking the corner last week, and he continues to struggle to properly 'lead' his receivers on crossing routes.

In conclusion, Tannehill has many positive traits, but the one that matters most, ACCURACY...is one he does not posses, so are doomed to repeated losing seasons with him at the helm.

"Greatness shows up early and often" (Luck, RG3, Brady, Manning, Favre).

Can we get a 3rd or 4th rd pick for Tanny before he becomes worthless like Henne did?

Now, we have a BIG problem in our hands, but fortunately, is a good problem. Some of Us believe that Pat Devlin fits our O System better than Tannehill does, even if Ryan works out as a good QB. What to do now? Nothing. To be addressed after the 2013 Season.

Shula was probably the only coach ever to have 3 HOF QB's. The secret of his success.

Posted by: Ron Son | December 06, 2012 at 10:22 PM

LOL so you give the ex coach credit for drafting Pouncey now? wow Ron I mean its one thing not to like a guy

NH, I remember the Wilson episode. I was wrong about him, didn't know he ability to be a "gamer" would continue into the NFL. Plus he's a true leader. So my opinion of him has improved greatly.

On Tannehill, who's also shown great leadership qualities, remember he's had 19 college games. The guy is raw. And already playing up to Matt Moore's abilities (not that that's saying much). But I want to see him with 2 years development under Philbin. WITH WEAPONS.

Let's all try and remember, Wilson has what was the 2nd RB in the league (in terms of yardage). He has a true #1 (Sidney Rice). Luck has a great group of WRs around him. RG3 has a great RB AND Pierre Garcon, who I thought Miami should have gone after. All those guys have weapons. You look at the 2 guys who don't have those weapons (Tannehill/Weeden) and they are struggling. It shouldn't be hard to tell why.

On those 2 passes to Hartline, yes, he should have had him. But other than those, how many times have you seen wide open WRs for Miami? Not very many (and if they were, Tannehill usually hit them). Now look at the other side of the ball, how many wide open WRs for other teams? That's not just our crappy secondary. It's also good WRs running good routes and getting open.

It's way too early to shut the book on Tannehill, or even think we know what he is.


Instead of judging Ireland on four losing season can we break it down and look at the reasons why?

The FO picks Long over Ryan. I think we can debate this over and over and over again but I get the logic and I still don't believe Ryan would have done here what he's done in Atlanta.

They decided Henne was the guy who would be franchise QB. Wrong move. Whether they ruined him through bad coaching or the guy never had it, it didn't work out. I think they had to give it 4 years to be sure.

Yes, there's been missed picks. Pat White. Patrick Turner, some will argue Misi and Odrick and Thomas. Happens with every team.

Lastly, I think it's completely unrealistic to have expected this season to be a winning season. Rookie QB, new coaches, new schemes, the trade of Marshall and Davis (which I liked). It just wasn't going to add up to a winning season. So I think you need to look at it and say 'should Ireland have traded picks this season just to have a winning season, at the long term damage to the team or was he right to stockpile picks because this wasn't going to be a winning season'? I know which approach I prefer.

So the short-sighted approach is we've had four losing seasons. It's not a good record. But there's reasons for that (not excuses, but reasons). I think Ireland's future will be tied to what Tannehill becomes. If he never gets any better than a medicore QB, then they will have failed with Henne and Tannehill and it will be time to go.

To be realistic, Pat Devlin was the QB that looked best in pre-Season Games of all the 3 Qbs we have. He was not given the starting job, we believe, only because of protocol. You want to argue the point? Go do it with Philbin, not with me.

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