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Changes afoot around the NFL, but not in Miami

In New York, there's speculation general manager Mike Tannenbaum will be demoted. In San Diego, both coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith reportedly will be gone after this season. In Cleveland, the future of general manager Tom Heckert Jr. is uncertain and rumors are swirling about a successor.

Carolina is in the market for a new general manager, Scott Pioli is on the hot seat as the general manager in Kansas City, and there could be other moves elsewhere.

Yup, it's that time of year.

But not in Miami. Probably not this year.

Despite the fact the team is likely headed to a fourth consecutive season out of the playoffs and perhaps a fourth consecutive losing season, I am told there has been zero discussion about replacing general manager Jeff Ireland. And obviously, head coach Joe Philbin isn't on the one-and-done road last traveled by Cam Cameron. He's not going anywhere, either.

So firings in Miami seem at this point unlikely.

Now, this comes with a caveat: The season is not over. All the data is not known with four games to play. And everyone will be ultimately evaluated by owner Stephen Ross once the season is over. So no decision is final at this point.

If the Dolphins collapse the next four Sundays or if quarterback Ryan Tannehill plays so poorly as to suggest drafting him was a major error, then all bets are off.

But the Dolphins are typically an easy team to read on such matters. If someone as high-ranking in the organization as Ireland were on the outs, the signs would be there by now. Last year, for example, it was clear coach Tony Sparano was on his way out only weeks into the regular season.

No such signs this year. Quite the opposite, actually. Last week, for example, Ireland spent the entire week grinding on tape with his scouts and other personnel people as they prepare for the coming Senior Bowl in January, Indianapolis Combine in February, and yes, NFL draft in April.

Ireland's relationship with Ross also remains strong. The men continue to speak almost on a weekly basis and some weeks more often than that. Same with coach Joe Philbin. By contrast, once Sparano fell out of favor with Ross, the two talked only occasionally.

Another reason there isn't a huge likelihood anyone will be fired is Ross is a strong believer in continuity. He is convinced an NFL team needs it to succeed. Ross, you'll remember, stayed with Sparano and Ireland once he took over ownership even though he had no allegiance to either man.

He kept both even after he was already displeased enough with Sparano that he met with Jim Harbaugh, now in San Francisco, when that coach wanted to make the jump to the NFL from Stanford University.

It was only after the Dolphins got off to an 0-7 start in 2011 and his relationship with Sparano rotted that Ross dismissed Sparano. And, it must be said, Ross kept Ireland at that time even though the general manager was very unpopular with the fan base.

Ross kept Ireland even though fans hired banner planes to fly over Sun Life asking for the general manager's firing. He kept Ireland after fans showed up at training camp to protest the general manager's offseason moves.

As someone in the organization told me recently, "Jeff survived that and other uncomfortable moments, what makes you think he'd be fired now?"

It would take an epic, disastrous final four weeks to make is a possibility. Otherwise, all quiet in Miami. 



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DC sorry to burst your bubble but Matt Moore is still better than Tannehill right now. According to the stats he's not playing anywhere close to how Moore played last season

You WERE born after 1983. I'm seldom wrong.

Posted by: Jay | December 07, 2012 at 09:15 AM

Come on, lets look at this relistically comparing Tannehill to Henne...
Rookie starts RT 12 Henne:0
Henne comes in by default when Pennington gets hurt doesnt win the starting job
RT beats out a veteran that should have kept his job from last year but looked like garbage in the PS.
RT needed to sit his first year to learn but Garrard getting hurt and Moore not learning the O quick enough forced Tannehill as the starter.
Now why would you sit him or trade him when this year was conisdered at the beginning of the year as a wash anyways? He needs experience and hes getting it.
Philbin gave us all hope by getting this roster, which will look totally different next year, to play decent.

Hey DC love ya like a brotha and as always you make some solid points. We are usually aligned on our views with regards to this team.
I've heard others say that what Tannehill is experiencing this year is the equivalent of running a half court offense in basketball.

No weapons keeps the defense in constant press mode that usually forces him to throw into tight windows...along with the complete disappearance of our running game, he's been on the ropes from the opening kickoff.

I hope he proves me wrong and will be rooting for his success.

I have a good bet in the 4th at Gulfstream today. But we are Greedy, We are not going to tell you.


One other point. I'm on the fence on AJ Smith. I think he's a decent option, as would Scott Pioli. I don't believe guys get dumb overnight. I believe both these guys are good talent evaluators, as you've mentioned. Both have their issues. Pioli is as awkward with the media as Ireland can be. Comes across as arrogant and standoffish. AJ Smith, not well liked by the media or fans. Arrogance again seems to be the issue. Likes to play hard ball with some of the star players (see V-Jax and Merriman).

I think it's a thankless job, Kris. Just about GM in the league is under constant scrutiny. Every move these guys make is criticized by the media and fans, most of who no nothing about what it takes to build a team. When you look at a guy like Smith, understand he gave up a first AND second to us to draft Ryan Matthews. The guys proven to a bust and can't stay healthy. Do you want your GM drafting a running back 12th overall, especially one who's a bust? I sure as Hell don't. There's been other mistakes along the way too.

So I guess what I'm saying, Kris, is as much as I agree with your initial thoughts on Smith, he does have his warts too. In fact, if you talk to a Chargers fan about him they talk about him in the same fashion as we talk about Ireland. Check it out some time. Charger fans are pissed at the misses, the fact they haven't made the playoffs in years and the fact that the team continues with Turner. I expect Smith to be out there this year and our team will have to make the decision, is he a better option going forward? Maybe. Maybe not.









That is All Dashi Is Going To Say On That.


On The Game!

The 49ers have Athletic TE's! Which match up Well Against The Fins! It would be Interesting To See If V.Davis Would Want To Have A Great Game!! Because of Trading Vontae. He was going to have a Great Game Regardless! But he might have a Little Extra Motivation! And Playing Dansby! He has To be Salivating Like a PitBull! When He Sees a Cat!

Oh, And Oscar! Dashi Will Have To Agree With Ur Recent Post! Almost All Very Good Points! And Insightful!

How Many Plays Is Sherman's Playbook?(700+) How Many Formations Do The Fins Throw Out Of? (35+)

How About Coyle? This Defense is Complex! The Fins Use a Variety Of Formations On D! With Different Schemes! And All Types of Zone, Man, Blitz, and Combo Coverage!

Notice The Players That Struggle The Most On Both Sides Of The Ball! Are The Players That Can't Remember Assignments!

For As Much As We Talk About Philbin Letting People Go Because Of Character Issues!! Something Has To Be Said! THAT EVERYONE THAT PHILBIN HAS LET GO IS DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS!!

The Ability To Memorize!! Is IMPORTANT TO PHILBIN & COMPANY!

Gates and Egnew were by far the Forrest Gumps of the teams

Losing year after year is a form of continuity.

Draft Smart.

Craig M.....

I understand your post....I really do....


I CRINGE @ the thought of Ireland being able to make all these picks.....

2 PB player drafted in 5 years.....2.....not good enough.....

Many teams re-tool instead of re-build.....the COLTS just re-tooled with the QB position ( that loss to them doesn't hurt as much)....

The Bronco's have re-tooled....@ the QB position.....Tebow won a play-off game last year...but the FO realized that that wasn't good enough.....

Even Harbaugh (49ers) is looking for ways to re-tool his team MID-SEASON....I don't understand it....but it's his reputation on the line.....

Every year we come on this blog...and HOPE that his is the year that Brady shows some decline.....Realistically....Brady will be @ the top of his game for anther 4-5 years....Ryan Mallett's contract will expire LONG before he ever see's the field in NE.....we may get our shot @ him then.....

I don't don't think it's short-sighted to win and re-tool....win and re-tool....



and other perennial playoff contenders have been doing it for years....

5 years later...and were starting a re-build AGAIN...with the guy who couldn't COMPLETE the job the 1st time.....makes no sense....I am a Ross supporter....but firing the coach..and NOT the GM was among the most back-@sswards ways of starting this re-build.....

Look @ DC post @ 9:20....he is an Ireland supporter....but his own words are among the most condemning and convincing as to why Ireland needs to go....

Aren't you tired of saying get QB (xyz) some weapons......

Who drafts a "framchise QB @ # 8...and then gets RID of his security blanket....Ireland...that's who.....

Reading up on Stockholm syndrome......

"Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy, sympathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness".



I don't believe Marshall would have worked out here. I'd heard talk he wanted out. Did he go to the team and ask to be traded? I don't know, but I could see that. Marshall is not Philbin's kind of guy. We both know that. For all we know Philbin wanted him gone. Marshall gets us to 8-8 but so what. That's not what we want. We need top end talent.

I'm all for win-and retool, Kris. I think we can do that with Philbin and Sherman giving input on whonthey want for the offence. I believe in these guys because their the guys in charge. I trust them until they show me I shouldn't. That's how I work in life.

So I like this approach, rather than bringing a guy like Smith in who is going to want to do things HIS way. We have no idea what that means but it could mean more rebuilding.

Sorry guys, my grammar and spelling is REALLY bad this morning. I'm off coffee and this is day one. I'm not a big coffee drinker but I like to start my day with one and this is going to be different. I'll do my best to get through it.

I'll take Marshalls 80 rec 1056 yards and 7 TD over Phillbin 5 and 7 records

Craig M....

I am a HUGE Philbin supporter...and by default that makes my a Sherman supporter along with all others coaches on his staff.....

I want to keep Philbin....5 years plus....


Ross created this awkward position by not getting rid of Ireland when he thew out Sporano....

Like I said to YG yesterday....If Ross doesn't fire Ireland after this year....then going forward (year 2 and beyond)....Philbin will be officially TIED to Ireland....and any new GM that comes here....will fire Philbin as soon as he is in place....and they will be justified.....

I like the SMITH option....but he may not be the best route to go....Philbin has been coaching for 33 years....I am sure he knows some up and coming GM and talent evaluators.....people who want to work with him....and he can work with them......

The NFL is a small fraternity....and I trust Philbin can identify 4 or 5 guys he feels can do the job....pure speculation of course....but I don't think its beyond the realm of possibility....

According to the stats he's not playing anywhere close to how Moore played last season

Posted by: Clue | December 07, 2012 at 09:25 AM

Clue, go back and check Mando's post (with the stats through 12 games). The 2 differences you'll see is the record (wow, Moore has 1 more win, you're right, that's nowhere close). The other difference is more pronounced (TD/INT ratio). So that one I'll give you. Otherwise, they're pretty much the same.

Secondly, and it's pretty funny we have to do this everyday, but do you remember the Pre-Season? RIGHT THERE was a head-to-head competition. And NO ONE with eyes said Moore outplayed Tannehill. If he had, guess what, he'd be the starter. He didn't. So he became a back-up. Which is his standing in the NFL, no matter what some of you guys living in fantasyland care to believe. Watch the Playoffs this year, see who goes to the SB. My guess, it won't be some journeyman undrafted QB. That means there IS no future with Matt Moore, and if we started him, we'd be FURTHER from competing next year since we'd likely have started Tannehill without any real game experience.

Everyone says Tannehill was raw with only 19 college starts. Consider this year his final year in college. Now he has experience. He has NFL experience. Let's see what that does to his game next year. My prediction, he'll be a better QB.


You are right, if they were going to fire Ireland last year would have been the time to do it. At this point hiring a new GM, unless perhaps you let Philbin hire them or in the process, would be a mistake. For a franchise to be successful it needs to have stability. Really what we need is patience. Firing the staff every 3 years isn't going to create a winning team, ever.

So far I think Philbin/Ireland are working together well. They certainly cleared lots of space and stockpiled picks for Philbin to get his guys. I think next year the Dolphins are in much better shape.

Every draft pick Ireland has made is still trying to find playing time. Ordick, Misi, Charles, Thomas, et al, Is there any dought Ireland doesnt know talent? Whats it gonna take for Ross to finally "get it"? His golden boy Tannehill has hit the wall. Missed three TD passs to wide open WRs. Moore should have started this yr and Ireland should have waited untill this yr to draft a QB. Now Ireland needs to find a RT with Martin moving to LT where he belongs. If Ireland is smart he'll pass on Long this off season. Its time for Martin to take over LT. Long has been great but the NFL takes its toll. Long may play OK for the next yr or two but he'll never be dominating at LT.

On the Marshall topic, how good would Marshall have been to a rookie QB? Once Tannehill had a game to which he didnt target Marshall atleast 10 times he would be screaming in Tannehill's hear like a punk Diva. Yes you want playmakers to want the ball all the time. Except with Marshall when the game was on the line or it was the 4th QTR where was he? He was gassed, dropping balls, or more importantly dropping TDs. He is a talent no going to say hes not but Philbin doesnt want Diva's. There are dominent receivers that arent Divas, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Welker to name a few.. Thats the type of player Philbin wants. Look at the WR's on GB..
On them getting rid of Davis, Ill be the first to say Davis at time played like an elite corner. He wasnt mature, he came into camp out of shape and didnt get back into form until mid season. We need a stand out corner that will play good all year. IF he had the work ethic of his brother Vernon then hed be elite. Philbin isnt wanting immature players that arent doing their part.
Like it or not the team will have alot of new faces on it next year with alot of Philbin type players. Philbin influenced last years draft and he will this year too.

I know someones going to reply to my post saying Marshall like Moore. Agreed he did, and he also loved Tyler Thigpen bc both would just throw it up in the air in his direction. No wonder he loved them. But if you will also remember Marshall threw Moore under the bus this offseason with saying, see what I can do with a probowl QB throwing my way...


I was on the fence about Ireland....I was neither for nor against him.....I think it was his passing on Mallett that finally pushed me off the fence....and then it was the TIME BUYING move of taking Tanne @ # 8 that that showed me how selfish this guy really is.....

I mean let's examine this....

All so-called experts had Mallett as a 1st RD talent with "maturity issues".....however...hi ar, strength and football decision making was UNQUESTIONED.....

All so-called experts had Tanne as a late 1st or 2nd rd QB and was not NFL ready...and may NOT be for 1-3 years.....

Ireland bypasses on the sure thing.....and picked the 1-3 year project.....

If Ireland felt he could bypass the sure fire 1st rd QB and give us another OL man....Belicheat saw Mallett siting there in the 3rd...and puled the ULTIMATE CHECK-MATE.....and shelved the one player who would have saved Sporano's and ultimately Irelands job...Brilliant....killer instinct....

so now we have project QB....nobody is sure if he can play...and nobody will make that determination for 2 more years.....



Look what Marshall is doing with a Pro-Bowl QB in Chicago.....

He was only speaking the truth.....

This team "seems" to be headed in the right direction. This upcoming draft will be a game changer if we get it right. We have a good amount of picks and there is some high quality kids coming out. We need a game changing TE, no projects, no acorns. We need a Gronkowski. Game breaking receiver. Corner help.Get it right Ireland!! Think outside the box!!!

It's too bad Joe won't be a one-and-done. The fans, therefore, will have to suffer a few more years of losing 3 to 5 games a year solely because of bad in-game coaching.

49ers 34
Fins 10

I know Marshall is a jerk.....

but when motivated.....he is a top 5 WR....and we traded a TOP 5 WR...in his prime...for 2 3rd rd picks....to a playoff team....meaning the pick will be low....late 20's......maybe 32....if they win it all....

Im not questioning that Kris.. That was for the people who were going to start trying to discredit my statement by saying Marshall loved Moore last year..

Why are you focusing on that part of the statement? That only pointed out that Marshall didnt get along with Moore as everyone wanted to think..

Craig, a little bit of coffee is good for you. Nothing wrong with a cup or 7 in the morning.

Or take NoXplode workout shake. One serving is equivalent of 3 cups of coffee plus 1000% of the B vitamins. It rules.

What About If They Make Sherman GM? And Make The QB Coach! The OC!

On Ireland and Phiblin

They Are Already Tied Together. Remember Ireland Wanted Philbin More Than Anyone Else. It Is A 2-Way Street!!

He Interviewed Philbin Before And After Anyone Else!! The Big Names Came And Went! And Ross Decided The Philbin/Ireland Duo!! Looked Good Going Forward!!

Again, Ireland Deserves The Heat!!

But Just Like U Guys Say He Got Rid Of Marsha!! Who Brought Marsha IN?



If Hartline Resigns? In 2-3 Years He Can Surpass Chambers! Statistically as a Dolphin! To Me Hartline Is A Better (ALL AROUND) WR!

Bess Is Already Better! And Is Close To Surpassing OJ McDuffie! (A Shula 1st Round Pick)

Just How People Say Ireland Hasn't Found ANY Playmakers?

They Love To Ignore The Only Time Ireland Used A Pick Higher Than A 3rd On A WR! He Got Brandon Marshall! And Still Didn't Lose him For Nothing! He Even Got Something For Vontae!

AND NEVER MIND! He Didn't Waste A #2 Overall On R.Brown! Or Multiple High Picks For Ricky! Ricky Was Worth It! But Saban Should've Picked! A.Rodgers! Heck, Saban Should Have Made!! D.Brees Our QB!! Different Story.



I wanted them to take a shot on Mallet too. But you can't go as far to call Mallet a sure thing. Also you have to think Sherman had a lot to do with drafting Tannehill and the jury is still out on that one anyway.

I think overall he hasn't done too bad. Have a real good young D and as I've said many times: Look around the league it could be a lot worse. They are setup for big moves this offseason. If they miss in the first 3 rounds next year, the fire Ireland crowd will get its wish.

Exactly when motivated.... Marshall wanted out of Miami and Philbin didnt want a Diva that only showed up when motivated. Thats not his type of player.

That was a cancer in the locker room waiting to happen..

3rd rd pick does NOT = late 20s.....

it = 75 thru 90....


I wanted Mallet and Kapernick

lol Kris i wasnt going to point that out, i knew what you meant

that may be a good option since Sherman can scout QB talent..
People are going to bring up Sherman got fired and he did but he also brought in Johnny "Football" who is a heisman condidate after being redshirted last year..

The MAIN problem with Ireland is not talent, it is business.
When a player starts the last season of thier contract without an extension they are going to leave in FA and try to go to a winner.

Because Jeff Ireland never went to college he never studied economics and finance and so he does not understand the concept of 'scarcity' and 'net present value'among other things.

(Bill Belichick on the other hand has a degree in economics from Wesleyan University).

And so every season we have more departing FAs than draft picks and so the talent level keeps falling.

(Belichick on the other hand always has more draft picks than FAs so thier talent base keeps growing).

Common Sense....

I agree...If (when) Ireland misses in the 1st 3 rd next year Ross will be justified in firing him....

but IMAGINE how far that will set us back going forward.....

I don't think his past performance justifies him getting the opportunity to pick that make these picks....

and this situation HAS to be as attractive to as attractive to a GM as a FRANCHISE QB is to a potential HC.....

we will have suitors.....

Kris, do the research, two pro bowl players in 5 years is actally par for the course in the NFL. Who has draffted more in the first two rounds of the draft over the years? Actually, I posted this earlier this year - there have been 35 Pro Bowl players drafted in the top 2 rounds of the draft over the last five years. That's barely more than 1 per team.

The reasons for MIami's failures are simple - our best players are too young and we suffer from subpar Qb play.

And there are only two teams that have added 3 pro bowl players in the first two rounds over the last five years - New England and Cincy. that's it.

So if you want to burn Ireland for not getting us a QB that's one thing but don't blame him for overall lack of production in bringing in players for the rest of the roster because that's not exactly accurate. he's actually pretty good there.

S. M. Gellar,

I'm always believed a little bit of coffee is good for you too. I've been doing it that way for YEARS. I'm on a new program that's going to flush out a lot of crap from the system and put some good stuff in. Coffee doesn't work on this program (even though I only have one a day). It's the acidity of coffee that throughs this whole program off. I'm not an overly big guy but my goal is to lose 20 pounds. I'm not getting to the gym as often as I'd like. The job is taking it's pound of flesh right now and I'm not getting any younger. The energy just isn't where it should be right now. This will help. Thanks for the comments though.


The Moore Is Better Argument Is Dumb. They Want To Repeat Senseless Nonsense!





Craig M....

if your doing a "cleans"...you HAVE to stay away from caffeine...big NO-GO when it comes to cleaning out the system....

Like Ireland....you will set yourself back days.....throw it out man.....


You and I have disagreed with this many times. I'm not a Mallett fan, as you know. I don't believe he was a first round QB and I'm saying that based on his talent, not his off the field issues. He's just not what I want in a QB. This is a QB starved league. We see guys with 'character' issues drafted all the time. You guys like Gabbert and Ponder and even a 29 year old guy like Weeden drafted in the first round, when really they should be drafted later. GMs are looking for that diamond in the rough. You and I disagree on this. I don't believe Mallett's that guy. There was enough info on Mallett for Ireland to make an educated decision on this guy. I think for you to say this is one of the reasons he should be shown the door is really just bringing your won bias into the decision. It's yet to be shown he was wrong. 31 other GMS passed on this guy TWICE. There's a reason for that. We'll continue to agree to disagree on this one.

Adding to the Marshall comments. With the comments made last years regarding the miami QB situation after the pro bowl, Marshall would have become more of a distraction considering he would have to be playing in the WCO system where you might have 4 different receivers with 800 yard season a piece and no pro bowl. That would was reason enough to get rid of a selfish player knowing it would only get worse.
In my book Ireland deserves one last year to prove himself. We have had an up and down year. There has been inconsistent play by good players. Just for discussion sake, if Hartline and Bush had consistent games through out the year with stats similar to the first few weeks, they might have been pro bowl worthy. And if Long played up to expectations, we could add Pouncey and that would give us 4 prospective pro bowlers. Would we be trashing Ireland then?????


That's what I'm doing. This is DAY ONE of 30. I'll do my best to stay jovial.


I will have to look that up.....

2 pro bowlers in 5 years seems very low on its face.....

Maybe for the average to below teams...this is par for the course....but I am willing to bet that the "elite" hit @ a much higher pace....

We have to consider that variable...that gives us our average.....

Read an interesting stat that the Dolphins are tied with Raiders for coaching changes (7). Brings me to Philbin. I don't see him lasting here. I questioned the hire from the jump. Looking back over his decisions since he has arrived, I have a hard time finding ones that are not head scratchers.

Hard Knocks was a real eye opener for me. I am not sure if I would feel the same way if I hadn't watched the show. Philbin clearly had a hand in all the player personnel moves. Nearly every decision he made has come back to bite us in the ass.

I am certain that he was a main force in getting rid of Brandon Marshall because of his attitude problem. Why then do you choose Chad Johnson to replace him? Now you gotten an attitude problem, with less ability and physical skills. If he was going to jettison Marshall, you don't replace him with Johnson.

Philbin gave the go ahead to trade Davis. Didn't like his attitude. Also thought that Smith was going to be a star based on his performance in camp. HELLO! He was covering Chad Johnson all camp, and well Chad Johnson really sucks. Is Davis a bit of an attitude? Yes. What 24 year old prima donna athlete isn't? He had all sorts of upside, and you cast him away because you didn't like him. Now what? You have the enigma that it Sean Smith, and a low 2nd round draft pick.

Pre season free agent signings. Braylon Edwards or whatever his name was that was out of football and then retired before the season? With a team that had such a lack at the position they were trying out Lacrosse players and bankers you'd think hum this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

In season okay. Lets see. Why not keep having our kicker who's sweet spot is anything under 42yards kick from 52. Does anyone who spends any sort of time following this team think Carpenter has it in him to hit consistently beyond 42yds. Why keep having him try?

Its the final drive. Dolphins need a stop so they can try to tie or win the game. So I guess to really fool the Patriots, lets not play our best pass rusher? While your at it lets also sit our LB to just to really fool you.

Do any of you truly feel that this coaching staff is going to be making great strides next year with whats leftover and what is brought in? What are we going to draft? Another Michael Agnew? Guys that all have "great attitudes." Is their faith that the Dolphins actually hit on two picks?

C'MON MAN!!!!!


What About Wake and The 2 DT's!! And R.Jones and Fileds!

If Those 4 On Offense With The Other 4 On Defense! And The Punter!! The Fins Would Have 9 ProBowlers! NOT BAD IF U ASK DASHI!!

Cadillac, Ireland went to baylor.

So what will it take? Another bad draft or two? not adding any playmakers on offense to help out a rookie QB? Or trading away our best player for a bag of balls? I don't know how much more needs to be seen. I still say Ireland has some damaging photos on Ross. What else can be keeping him here honestly?

Wake was signed by Parcells not Irelend.

Mark, what do facts have to do with anything? Especially when blasting the Dolphins GM : )


Had the O in mind when posting. Did not take the D into consideration. You are spot on. Once our players get on board the Philbin system and start playing like pro's, I see us having a well balanced team with depth at all positions. Maybe not too many pro bowlers. Like Philbin has been preaching, he wants to play a fast paced game, that only means a lot of rotations to keep the players fresh, indivisual stats will drop but team stats will improve drastically.

Tannehill will be the lone decider if Ireland gets fired. Tannehill will get at least 3 years and if he is a bust then Ireland is gone. Thats it, no other factors are involved.

So--Rossie likes continuity?I guess that's why he is good with a team that plays below .500 each and every year.Fire Little Jeffy and hire Bill Polian--then stay out of the office.

keep ireland 2013 i am done.......cant go threw yet a nother plug and patch start over year.....done done done waitin 40 plus years no more

Reg, how about bill polian? But just like everyone else he probably would not want to come to miami with a idiot owner like ross.

Now that Martin is playing Left Tackle, Whose play RT?

Ireland needs land a strong FA RT for next year.

How many more years is that big eared circus monkey owner going to use the excuse of rebuilding?
Every day that FIRELAND has a job is a sad day indeed.

BILL POLIAN would be a GREAT GM and is a PROVEN GM that the Dolphins Chief Idiot, I mean Owner Ross should be kissing up to not the SCOUT Jeff Ireland who is doing but occupying the GM's office.

The fault with this team's owner is many, and when the Tuna decided to take the loot and run before HIS sinking ship with Soprano and Ireland at the helm went down, Ross should have ALSO fired Ireland along with Soprano.

So NOW we are as I said we would remain which is a team that at best will have a handful of wins and we will be feed the same ole mantra from Ross and Ireland that we are rebuilding, we have a rookie QB, blah, blah and more BS.

I for one have never dropped off of the FIRE IRELAND band wagon like many on here have as I stick with many that are with me on the wagon and will remain until he is gone.

Before this team can move ahead it needs to PURGE.. PURGE...PURGE...ALL the leftover Tuna and The Scout Ireland is still here screwing us and the owner loves him...

The end.

i'm trying not to be a hater but i am so disgusted by idiot jeff ireland!! his free agency class stunk! his last 3 classes are all up in the air and not one is really a difference maker!! his last 2 number one's are pouncey who has shown potential and a qb who is regressing.. other than that most aren't difference makers!! misi, thomas, jerry, etc.. they are not what other teams would say wish we had drafted those players.. he reached for misi, and traded up for thomas... horrible!! ireland totally sucks and would get rid of himself if he played on this team!! what a jerk!!

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