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Inactives (Egnew active!) and live blog

Michael Egnew is in uniform and active for the first time this season. It's a party at Sun Life!

Dimitri Patterson, signed last week off waivers from Cleveland, is starting. I'm telling you, it's a party and you don't believe me.

The reason Patterson is starting is Nolan Carroll (knee) is inactive and the team is not going with Bryan McCann, who has played longer and been with the Dolphins longer. Interesting.

Jason Trusnik makes his second start in place of Koa Misi. Marlon Moore start at WR for the injured Davone Bess.

Here are the inactives:

Pat Devlin, Bess, Carroll, Misi, Patrick Brown, Kyle Miller, Keeston Randall.

We've got a live blog going in the comments section today. I'll join you around kickoff.                       


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cincy up 7-0 at pitt...miamis hopes can finally die with a bungle win


Give some credit to Sherman and Philbin for that. They spent an awful lot of time going over old footage of that last Bills game.

You guys pick:

Brian Hartline or Steve Johnson.


Stevie Johnson heard the Sean Smith footsteps....LOL.

That HUGE crowd noise is paying off!

At a cost of $7 mil a year, I'd rather have Hartline. Not his fault his one TD on the year.


Who was saying the Bills look flat? From where I stand they're pretty much moving the ball at will.

Quinton Coples sighting in New York today....big sack. Actually cheering for the Jets to win today. Have them in my pool.....don't tell anyone.

Give some credit to Sherman and Philbin for that. They spent an awful lot of time going over old footage of that last Bills game.


What does that have to do with it??? Running blocking is about dominating the opponent I see the O-linemen on the field looking like they should have all season.

nice of the defense to go soft on 2nd down and 20 ***lmao****

Sean smith s terrible his guy is ALWAYS OPEN!!!!!!

Redzone production as a #2...Johnson over hartline....!!!


It has EVERYTHING to do with it. Dolphins were dominated at the line of scrimmage last game. It's clear that whatever the problems were last game against the Bills that they've been corrected today....SO FAR.

"You guys pick:

Brian Hartline or Steve Johnson.




Karlos Dansby!!!.....

Where's Dashi and 'he's quit on the season' comments?

Cover corners .. A MUST...MUST...MUST

I am SHOCKED that Miami stopped the Bills. Absolutely SHOCKED!

Dansby & Smith both waiting until Week 15 to make impact plays...So f#cking sad.

Miami stopped buffalo on offense last game...why would u be shocked by that????

Amazing. Patterson was just signed & he had tighter coverage than either Carroll or Stanford had all season.

Hey zaphod...The Bills are stopping them self...the Dolphins Secundary is real Bad-with the exception of Jones- throw everybody in the trash bag

thigpen played any snaps on offence yet???

seriosuly...3RD and 1 , uve been running the ball effectively and you go shotgun with 5 wideouts????

Man...This team needs a pass catching TE in the worst way to help out Tannehill.

...my thoughts exactly, superPHIN.

"seriosuly...3RD and 1 , uve been running the ball effectively and you go shotgun with 5 wideouts????"


Bizarre right???

... I stand corrected ... the Bills are NOT moving the ball at will against the Dolphins. LOL!

It looks like Miami is finally headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, a good draft depends on Ireland so I'm only somewhat optimistic.

Well now that they'll picking in the 15-20 range I guess there'll be some value there for a WR rather than a reach.

Eggnog sucks... he's a bust as TE. what a waste of a 3rd round pick!! you crushed it ire-jerk!! please stick your lower lip over your head and inhale! might give you some common sense!!

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