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Inactives, Finley, live blog all here

Another day in the neighborhood and the Dolphins have two of their five tight ends inactives today.

Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller are inactive along with Davone Bess, Dheeston Randall, Koa Misi, and Pat Devlin. Marlon Moore will start for Bess.

And so many of you are asking, 'What about Jermichael Finley?"

As you know the Milwaukee Sentinel reported he will be traded or cut in the offseason. And, of course, because he plays for the Packers, the connection to Joe Philbin is obvious. The Dolphins need to upgrade at tight end is obvious. Also, Finley is fullback Jorvorskie Lane's half brother -- whatever that means.

I have not had the opportunity to do any reporting on this topic so take all this with a grain of salt:

If the Packers are willing to discard him, he obviously has issues.

If the Packers think they'll be better without the guy, there are obviously serious problems with the guy beyond talent.

Having said that, there will probably be a market for him in free agency. I don't know if there will be a market for him in trade.

This is a conversation for another day that I will definitely do some homework on before we dive fully into it.

We will dive into a live blog today. It starts in the comments section. Meet me there.



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Second and 20 check into the 3 yard run. Nice Henne!

Gez Atlanta came to play today.....14-0 already!....wow!

looking for an online link to watch the game, can you help?

Dashi did you see Mathews twirl his body 180 degrees in an attempt to make that catch. Remember Wes Welker and his twirling drop in the Super Bowl? Don't tell me that's 40-50. A GOOD catch if he makes it but the QB has to make it easier than that

Tannehill and the coaching staff needs to work on his accuracy on the off season! Only the great of the greatest makes those catches maybe!

Craig Don't Change The Channel!! Watch The Whole Game!! This Week!! So when You Talk!! U don't talk out your A S S!!

We have draft picks, Tannehill missed a TD throw. IF he leads Matthews, the kid is in the end zone. Make excuses if you want, but that's the truth.


IF he led him better than it would have been a TD. Yes that's true but WR's including Matthews still have to make catches that aren't perfectly thrown.

I'm very interested to see some under used Dolphins perform today.

Finley sounds like a mouthy underachiever to me. His skill set looks amazing though. Sounds like he has all the tools but no tool box, a bit of a head case.

Geesh guys, just pull up Tannehill's scouting report. Everything we're still seeing is right there.

Heck, we dont need wr's, we need very fast contorsionist out there to catch Tannehyill's balls.

Easy hold call on Wake.

"I'm not in the mood, bud!! Go bang your drum somewhere else. It's the same crap from you every week and I just changed the channel."


You do bring up a a very valid point....

It's OK, Dashi. I've got you here to give me those great, indepth comments.

This has to be THE ONLY irrelevant game on the schedule.

Look at it this way WHDP:

The bad throw cost four points.

atdhenet.tv has always worked for me....

Correction Oakland and KC is the other


50-50!! Both were at Fault!!

And Welker and athletic catches Don't go Together!!

Welker is Good with His 1 Option Route!!

Anything else would be Uncivilized!!

not a good throw on that Matthews play but a good/very good WR makes that catch--works both ways, good WRs bail out their QBs plenty of times, so those QBs appear more accurate--Fitz, Mega, A Johnson, Welker, and plenty of others make that catch--works both ways.

Lets go trannyhill

interesting stat for those that are bashing carpenter. He has made 14 of his last 15 attempts(missed FG was a 50yarder)

Is that a bad throw too?

Now, THAT was clearly a catch that should have been made by Reggie Bush.

"Look at it this way WHDP:

The bad throw cost four points."


Okay. That may be true. Let's see how he bounces back.

What if Mathews had been playing more, think Tannehill is more in sync with his speed/timing or that's strictly a bad throw by a QB who needs accuracy assistance

This reminds me of the Indy game when their O and D line stunk and we couldn't do anything to them early. This has the same feel.


Wow, horrible throw.


Another bad pass by T-Hill.

That last throw to the sideline was AWFUL.

Another false start....

Matthews was wide open and the future miss him ...Incredible!!!

I have to say, Tannehill looks like he's regressing.

How awful was that last throw, that's as easy as it gets in the NFL, and he can't even come close. What QB's are coming out this year?

I just saw Eli Manning off target. I guess he sucks too. Good QB's never ever make a bad throw.

Chris Clemons coming out of the game. Shaken up on last play.

Jimmy Wilson now in at safety.

I know some of you dont want to admit it. But, ever since the injury, Tannehill's been regressing. Not by leaps and bounds, but, regressing nonetheless.

Good thing we have Fields around ...

Lewis about to blow us up get ready!

What if Mathews had been playing more, think Tannehill is more in sync with his speed/timing or that's strictly a bad throw by a QB who needs accuracy assistance


That's exactly what the announcers were just saying. Plus they said the team did a poor job of addressing the WR position. I'd say that's fairly obvious.

Im starting to dislike Thill. The rookie argument is no longer valid. At this point the QB is either making the throws or he's not. This kid is not progressing.

some bad plays(called and executed) on that last 3 and out, no seperation anywhere either.

Razo, when Tannehill wins two Super Bowls, he can make bad throws all he wants.

Clemons is back.

Henne looks like the better QB so far.

Of course

"I just saw Eli Manning off target. I guess he sucks too. Good QB's never ever make a bad throw."

Yep. Eli's a bust too.

Don't you know it's all Tannehill's fault this offense sucks???

Always loved the check down by Henne. Shows good command of the offense without tipped passes

This is just pathedic. This team is playing worse now than 2 months ago.

This defense can't get a turnover to save its life

Mando RT is not the QB to take Fins to te promise land. He has open cachers who he cannot hit. RG and DM hit recievers in on the money. Another note I question his reding what the defense gives him.

Yeah , that's it . Mug him why don't you , Smith .

Armando, and of course Manning won those superbowls in his first 2 years. Watch a stupid comment as manning is a vet of 6+ seasons!!!!

WOW, Interfeance on Sean Sith..
Who'ld thought.

How can u not play the ball and still bat it down? HORRIBLE CALL!!

Smith just made his best play of the season & they called pass interference on him. OMG....

Kevin Burnett is down.

Smiths getting owned..

I hadn't realized Eli Manning won the Super Bowl as a rookie Mando!

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