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Inactives, Finley, live blog all here

Another day in the neighborhood and the Dolphins have two of their five tight ends inactives today.

Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller are inactive along with Davone Bess, Dheeston Randall, Koa Misi, and Pat Devlin. Marlon Moore will start for Bess.

And so many of you are asking, 'What about Jermichael Finley?"

As you know the Milwaukee Sentinel reported he will be traded or cut in the offseason. And, of course, because he plays for the Packers, the connection to Joe Philbin is obvious. The Dolphins need to upgrade at tight end is obvious. Also, Finley is fullback Jorvorskie Lane's half brother -- whatever that means.

I have not had the opportunity to do any reporting on this topic so take all this with a grain of salt:

If the Packers are willing to discard him, he obviously has issues.

If the Packers think they'll be better without the guy, there are obviously serious problems with the guy beyond talent.

Having said that, there will probably be a market for him in free agency. I don't know if there will be a market for him in trade.

This is a conversation for another day that I will definitely do some homework on before we dive fully into it.

We will dive into a live blog today. It starts in the comments section. Meet me there.



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These Lb's Suck!!

I hope the coaches lay in to these Dolphins-we are not honoring the 72 Dolphins with all these missed tackles


Hey robbyhernz, that was a nightmare, because he never did


With all these people going down, you might get your wish of playing the young-uns.

Always love how the Dolphins play down to their competition. Inspiring!


Well I was not expecting Thill winning the SB as a rookie. But I was expecting him hitting WIDE OPEN receivers and he's missing those game after game...

TD cousins!!

I think T-Hill is not as poised/relaxed as he was earlier in the season(the comment earlier about his injury may have something to do with it) but I feel for the guy as he is isn't getting enough good play around him, whether it be the O-line or the backs/recievers


Armando was comenting on one of the posters comparing missed passes by Manning and T-Hill. He was merely making the point that Manning has earned the benefit of the doubt.

Jtlaw, GREAT POINT!! We should draft someone else next year and if that QB throws an incomplete pass to a wide open receiver, he should get benched as well!! In Miami, no QB will throw an incomplete pass!!

Orlando, yeah but Manning has had a tad longer to earn the right to throw an incomplete pass than T-hill so it was a ridiculous comment by Mando regardless..

Can't see 2nd quarter post

Is it me or does this game look like two really bad high school teams? Also, how in the world is this game on with 50% of the seats empty?

Fins look so bad the cheerleaders are cheering for the Jags!!

What was the last throw all about? Man-o-Man take the sack. 1972 Dolphins look away we are pathetic.

I'm gonna say it now: If the Dolphins can't beat the Jags today at home and the score is tied right now-no one is going to go to the rest of their games...shoot it doesn't look like 20,000 people are at the game now! The Dolphins can't score on the Jags ? Come on!Both of these teams look like the worst Pro teams I have seen in awhile...The Jags?

OK, I read the first 2,323,443 whines about Tannehill's inaccuracies. I admit I've come in late from work, but I see the half time stats of 10/14.

Now maybe I missed something by not watching, but regardless.....He's 10/14 and gets ~3 googol accuracy complaints???

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