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Dolphins do Trusnik extension, in great 2013 cap situation

It's not about this year anymore, as you know. It's about next year, and particularly next offseason for the Dolphins. And the team has been preparing for that mega-offseason in which it will have five picks in the first 100 picks of the NFL draft and approximately $46,840,000 million in salary cap space, assuming certain things happen.

First of all, the club has done only one contract extension this season. Jason Trusnik last month quietly signed a two-year extension on his original two year deal signed in 2011. That means Trusnik is signed through 2014 now. The extension is worth $2.17 million. It included a $600,000 bonus with base salaries of $715,000 in 2013 and $855,000 in 2014. Trusnik is making $700,000 this season.

It is the only contract extension the Dolphins did during this season. And it adds Trusnik to the list of players under contract to the team in 2013. Those players represent $75,060,751 in salary cap space already taken up for 2013.

Now, the salary cap has been estimated by various sources, including NFL.com, to come in at approximately $121 million for 2013.

So how much cap space will the Dolphins have?

Well, you have to add approximately $1.6 million in dead money to the Dolphins total to bring it to $76,660,751. That tells you the Dolphins will have $44,340,000 for next year.

But there are other machinations.

The club will sign perhaps 7-9 players to future contracts within days after the season. That will take up approximately $2.5-$3.3 million of space. So we're down to around $41,840,000 of available cap space for 2013. The team also has approximately $5 in unused cap space from this year. It can elect to carry over that cap space and use it next year (as most teams do) or not.

If the Dolphins carry over their space -- and I stress that most teams do -- they'd be at approximately $46,840,000 in available salary cap space for next season -- give or take $1 million. Use that as the working figure for available cap space in 2013 as the Dolphins enter free agency.

Free agency, you must remember, will include the 15 or so players Miami has unsigned.

Here is the team breakdown:

Player Name



Cap value

Davone Bess




Armon Binns




Kevin Burnett




Dan Carpenter




Nolan Carroll




Charles Clay




Karlos Dansby




John Denney




Michael Egnew




Brandon Fields




Jonathan Freeny




Jonas Gray




Richie Incognito




John Jerry




Reshad Jones




Josh Kaddu




Jovorskie Lane




Richard Marshall




Jonathan Martin




Rishard Matthews




Kelcie McCray




Kyle Miller




Lamar Miller




Koa Misi




Jared Odrick




Dimitri Patterson




Julian Posey




Mike Pouncey




Kheeston Randall




Josh Samuda




Derrick Shelby




Paul Soliai




Ryan Tannehill




Marcus Thigpen




Daniel Thomas




Jason Trusnik




Olivier Vernon




Cameron Wake




Jimmy Wilson




Will Yeatman





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Armando, I reposted this to give you a looksie:

2013 Regular Season Schedule:

Opponents: Afc East/Afc North/Nfc South

2nd Place Opponents for finishing 2nd Place In Our Division: Colts/Chargers

Playoff Formula:

1. Afc East 4-2. Sweep Jets/Bills
2. Afc North 2-2. Beat Bengals/Browns
3. Nfc South 2-2. Beat Buc/Panthers
4. 2nd Place Opponents. Sweep Colts/Chargers

There you have it. 10-6 and Playoffs.

We can finish better if we beat all of the beatable teams and beat 1-2 first Place teams we'll face(11-5 to 12-4).

But this means wins over the Pats/Ravens next season. I didnt count winning over Pittsburgh either.

Dmitri Patterson (recently signed acorn who was moved immediately to the top of the depth chart) makes more than all of these players combined:
Nolan Carroll + Charles Clay +John Jerry + Rashad Jones + Javorskie Lane + Lamar Miller + Koa Misi

Remember I used to complain that Henne was making less than $1mil per season?
This year he made $6mil ($3mil bonus + $3mil salary)

Henne made more than everyone on the list except for Solai and Dansby.

Furthermore Henne and Matt Flynn both got more money than Tanne.


Also interesting is Marshall makes 5.7 million, Patterson 4.6 million. Based on that, where does this leave Sean Smith?

Based on the money, I believe Smith will want to be the highest paid corner on the team. That means his low-bottom asking figure will be at least 6 million a year.

So if we keep Smith, Marshall, and Patterson. IMO, thats an awful lot invested in the corner position that has no pro bowl calibre starters. Plus, someone has to play nickel, all three cant start. Then whomever plays nickel, its still kind of high pay for the nickel position.

Crazy, but looking at these numbers, Smith could be low-balled or he's out. Cut Marshall and we probably take the 5.7million cap hit. The Smith negotiation should be interesting.

Richard Marshall = $5.7M
Cam Wake = $5.0M

YG, you act as if you've made some kind of big discovery with the schedule.

EVERY future schedule (aside from two games) is already decided and set in stone by the NFL's formula and divisional opponent rotation.

You can look up who Miami will be playing--and where--in 2055 right now.

Wow, it appears possible Smith could be out, and we replace him with one of the 3rd rd picks. Then possibly sign a a cheap nickel corner in fa.

Siekaly I know this, the remaining two games are always based on where you finish in your division.

Colts/Chargers because they both finished 2nd place.

Outstanding information. Thanks, Mando.

You were my favorite Syracuse b'ball player back in the 80s when you played with Ronnie Coleman and Sherman Douglas.
Too bad your team could never sink a free throw in the NCAA tourny

Yeah it should be quite the Off season soap opera.

Final word I have to go donate plasma to get my Saturday drinking money:

When Ireland lowballs a free agent and the FA signs elsewhere, Ireland did not save the team money. All he did was jerk off. The departing player still has to be replaced.

Cap value is not actual salary.

And marsha2 is more likely cut.the guy has back problems. Those are harder to comeback from than other injuries.

Dansby should be the only cap casualty.

I would rather have burnett play MLB. And sign 2 OLB's for the price they pay dansby.


Totally agree. Not on the mando thing.

But on your name.


Ronny, you're right about future schedules already being known.

That's why I always think people sound REALLY stupid when they talk about "schedulemakers" as if there's people in a room coming up with this stuff. Duuuh.

Excellent information Mando. I suggest you add the dead money for guys that might become cap casualties.

For example, what would it cost Miami to cut Dansby? What would it cost to cut Marshall?

Some people here no doubt think you can just cut them and not suffer any cap ramifications. That is not true.

Thanks, Mando! Again great job.


Dashi has the cap hit numbers

It would cost the fin less than 2 mil to cut dansby and marsha 2

The key now is for Miami to STAY in great cap shape. Going crazy in free-agency never works, regardless of the bleatings of clueless fans.

The best franchises like the Pats, Steelers, Packers, etc. always have very quiet, sensible offseasons and totally ignore fan demands to sign this guy or that.

Why in the world would we cut Karlos Dansby???

From the last blog,

Barry is the greatest rb of all time. Followed by jim brown, OJ, and then Sweetness.

Emmitt reminds me of a slow version of curtis martin. T.Thomas was a better rb!

Emmith was a system rb! Put e.smith in any other system he barely gains 10k.

Ricky is a better pure runner.

We don't need pass rushers! We need a MLB with a high football iq! And we need LB's that can cover!!

Doesn't matter if you have 2 pro bowlers at DE!! If the guy lining up the defense or calling audibles sucks. The defense will be stuck out of position.

Look at the big plays!! Beat a LB get a 20 yd gain. Teams aren't abusing us deep. They are consistently beating our lb's and FS!!

Dashi, you're fukkked up son...Dansby is playing very well...I don't know what the heck you're watching...Our secondary stinks, only Reshad is a keeper...Dansby is on his way to have 100 tackles...Our front seven is pretty good, add another pass rusher and it could be top 3 in the league...Besides, who would step in for Dansby? Trusnick? Yeah, right! Sorry to tell you, but Dansby isn't going anywhere...

I do understand the Dolphins paying Sean Smith at least 6 mil. Even though he has been inconsistent, he has done very well against wide receivers 6-3 and taller. They are expecting to pay Richard Marshall 5.7 million next year (are you serious). He was injured most of the year and when he did play, it wasn't that great (Hell, it wasn't even good). You have a nickel cornerback now with Dmitri Patterson (who can even play as a starting corner). They have to cut Marshall, cut your loses.

My guess is that Smith will get a minimum of 7M a year. CB is one of the most expensive positions which is why Patterson and Marshall are earning so much. Even though Fins fans constantly slam Smith, he is very highly regarded around the league. Patterson, Marshall, and Smith give us a pretty good threesome next year. I would not take a DB until the 3rd round this year (a safety). Take a pass rusher like Dion Jordan in the first round and our defense will be set.

we won't keep both marshall and paterson. Then sign smith and maybe another CB. I doubt both paterson and marshall make the team

120 Tackles for a 4-3 MLB is Average.
Good for a 4-3 MLB is 150 Tackles.

Add that is the only thing he did. No sacks, no ints. No Fumbles.

Dashi has a Standard. My bad if its a little higher than anybody elses.

Dansby sucks.

On the run defense!!

It helps starting 3 Dt's and 2 DE's. Soliai, starks, odrick, wake and misi are our run defense!!

Dansby & burnett suck in pursuit!!

The reason we can stop power RB's, but suck slowing down Fast RB's and Mobile qbs!!

Our LB's suck in pursuit! Just like they suck in coverage.

I hope fans aren't expecting a huge offseason in regards to other teams free agents. Armando doesn't have our free agents on that list, most of whom will be resigned and will be getting pay raises. Jake Long is the only question mark but if he will sign for about half of what he earned this season the team probably keeps him.

If you take a rough look at how much we will need to spend on our own free agents and draft picks it looks like they end up with 10 to 15 million in cap space. That means one wide receiver and possibly a DB.

More money can be found by making cuts but we will take a hit in guaranteed money on those contracts.

Dansby sucks? LOL!! Dashi, Dansby and Burnett both had a pretty good year...Again, I hate to tell you, but Dansby isn't going anywhere. He's the leader of our defense. We need another pass rusher, at least one corner and a FS. That's going to be Ireland's priority this offseason. Unless Philbin wants Dansby out for whatever reason, he'll be a Dolphin in 2013.


I think that we are going to have to live with Burnett, Dansby, and Misi as our LBs for at least one more year. I agree that none are elite but they are adequate and not our biggest need. The fins are going to concentrate on adding playmakers on offense this year. I am hoping they don't reach for a receiver in the first round and instead take a pass rusher. Dream scenario for the offense:

Get top WR (Wallace, Bowe, or Jennings) in FA along with TE Dustin Kellar. Then I would draft TE Zach Ertz and WR Stedman Baiey in the second round. That would give us Bess, Hartline, FA WR, Bailey, Mathews, and Moore/Benns at WR and Ertz, Kellar, and Clay at TE. Then resign Bush and our passing game should be dynamite next year. No excuses on offense under that scenario.

We cannot have superstars at every position. We have to live with some average position players. The key to building a superbowl contender is having a franchise QB and then having a couple of top playmakers on offense and defense.

Dashi, only 5 players currently have 100 tackles in the NFL...Dansby is 6th in the league...WTF are you talking about 150 tackles in a 4-3??? I'm talking solo tackles here...

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

You are right Dansby is fine. He also does a pretty good job in coverage. I do think that he is overpayed as he is making over 8 million dollars but I would not cut ties just yet. We do not have any young guys waiting in the wings right now and I do not want to spend a top pick or top FA money on a LB this year. There are too many other needs.

Orlando, Dansby is not "average". He's ABOVE AVERAGE...The only knock on him this year is he hasn't caused enough turnovers...FF's or INT's...And he'll be the first one to tell you that...He dropped a few easy ones and admitted as much...But he's still a very good MLB...

Montreal PLEASE dont leave WR off that list. Imo that should be Irelands priority. If we dont sign a wr we will have to draft one from a very weak class. And if we go into next season with a wr corp full of ifs it will be the biggest blunder in Irelands tenure. We CAN NOT go into next season without giving Tannehill some weapons to work with. TE is another must. Your list has made the defense a priority when we already have a very good defense. We need offense! You canadians and your defence! ;)

Phins78, I was referring to the priorities on defense...I'm well aware that THE biggest priority is offense...WRs and TE...No question about that...

Dansby sucks

way overrated. Own his own I might add.

Someone drank the Dansby Aid

What are you excited about with Dansby? LOL

Gotta go gentlemen...Father duties...Have a good one!

If only I could edit my commment,

Wheres Starks on the list?


Middle LB is a declining position in the NFl which is why you don't see many going in the first round. I think that Dansby is pretty good but not great. To be a top paid (which Dansby is) and impact LB in the NFL these days you have to rush the passer and create TOs. Tackles alone cannot take you to elite status anymore (like back in the Zach Thomas days). I agree with you though, I would not get rid of Dansby this year. He did a very good job this year and he has played with a torn triceps (he is a tough guy).

Dashi you're entitled to your opinions of course but instead of screaming Dansby sucks could you state your plan that involves replacing him? And you actually want to replace BOTH Dansby and Burnett when we have more pressing needs at CB, DE, and S ? In an offseason where we desperately need playmakers on offence? It doesn't make sense.

And I completely disagree with your take on Burnett. He was awesome in coverage this year routinely covering Wrs and doing a damned good job too! How many TEs went off on our team this year compared to years past? Give them a little credit. They helped our defense to the number one spot in red zone D this season. That is the most important stat in defensive football and they were number ONE.

I meant offense. DAMN you Montreal!

Well said Phins 78. I could not agree with you more.

Oh ok sorry Montreal, misunderstanding.



All you guys that think we oughtta get rid o dansby r idgets ....n fer the love o GOD get off the fire Ireland shytt .....u peop r clowns .. period .....u have no clue bout what's up......

Orlando Dashi would say you COULD agree with me more but like Dansby and Burnett your just not trying hard enough :)

You're. Damn these grammatical errors! Might as well go shovel some snow because I certainly can't spell today. Later gentlemen.

I am out too. I will check in later.

Way to go out on a limb, Swami. lol

Caveman, Starks is not on the list because he is not signed for next year. He's a free agent.

Great work Mando!

You guys think maybe you sign Long move him inside and then move Incognito over to the other side? That would create a pretty darn good line. Probably extend Longs carer also.

Just sayin. Think I would use free for WR, TE, and FS.

Then you could LB/CB first round. That boy from Bama looks like a keeper. Then you use the two picks in the second to go OL/DE. Then it is best player after that.

You guys who think you are going to get five starters just because you have all those early picks are dreaming. A good draft is three studs and outsatanding draft is anything more.

That is why I would make sure to spend money on signing Bush, a top flight WR (probably going to be Jennings Green Bay you know) and a TE.

You work Free agency right and you could probably pick best player on the board the whole draft.

I would kick the tires on Welker. Him and Bess could wreck the middle of most D's. Especially with Bush. Need to let that one go probably Hartline deserves some love.

Go Dolphins!

Dashi has explained the 1001 Ways We Can Get Rid Of Dansby And Still Be More Productive.

MLB's Don't Go in The First Unless It is A Sure Thing!! The Safest Position To Draft in The First Round! MLB!! Not Pass Rusher or WR!! 2 of the riskiest Positions To Draft!! In the 1st!!


Dansby is Ranked 13th in Tackles.

1. L.Kuecly 151 Tackles 1st Round Rookie!!
7. L.David 133 Tavkles 2nd Round Rookie!!
8. B.Wagner 130 Tackles 2nd RD ROOKIE!!
13. Dansby 121 Tackles Over $12 Million a Year


We Don't Have To get Te'o! That Would be a Godsend!! But Dashi is Ok!! With Ogletree from UGA!!

Or An Average LB for $4.5 Million like C.Lofton!!

Dashi Hasn't Said Get rid of Dansby and Burnett!! Even though we should!!

Dashi knows Dansby is the Biggest Liability!! and Has the higher Cap figure!!

Plus Burnett actually Earns what he gets Paid.

Who the hell is Trusinik?


If Ireland doesnt get fired we'd be far better off trading our draft picks for established players.

Anyone notices Bess makes $3.4 million a year?

That's an awful lot for a wr who ist really a #1 nor #2 wr. Plus he only averages 1 td a year.

I think there's possibility neither he nor Hartline will be in Miami 2013. I see two new starting wr coming, and Miami could go with cheaper options with the rest of the wr corps. Like:

Rishard Matthews--$492,000
Marlon Moore---restricted fa?

Dashi's Perfect Offseason

Sign Long, Starks, S.Smith. All To Favorable Contracts!

Let the Others Walk! Bush, Hartline, Fasano, and the Others Are Replaceable!!

Cut Dansby and Marshall!! Adds Another $16+ Million in Cap Space!

Sign a FA LB!! Will Produce about the Same as the Insubordinate Diva MLB!!


1- MLB or TE (BPA)

2- WR or TE(If 1st Pick Is MLB,Our 2nd Pk Should be TE)

2- FS or MLB (Depending on 1st Pick)

3- WR

3- OG or WR (If We haven't Signed or Drafted 2 WR's By now)

4- OG

5- TE

6- K

7- BPA

Dashi said Last Week D.Patterson can be our Starting CB Next Year!! And Some Here Laughed!! Now It Seems More People have Come to the Same Realization!

PEOPLE WE DON'T NEED MORE D-LINEMEN!! NOT IN THE NEAR FUTURE!! WE HAVE AT LEAST 5 D-Linemen That Will Start Anywhere Else!! And 2 Rookies!! That Are Developing!!

"There are other machinations"?

mike, they ought to TRY and trade for Philip Rivers AND Larry Fitzgerald.


You Are Developing A Following On Your S.Bailey!! Love fest!

Hopefully it Sticks. Dashi just Doesn't See The Fins Looking at Wr's That Look like Him!

Here is A Better Question. Not To Sound Racist or Ignorant!!

Where Do You Think Geno Smith Would Go if He Was White?

Geno Smith is what Matt Barkley Should've Been!!

Accurate, Poise, Smart!! The Stats!!

Geno Smith is the Best QB in This Draft!! And He Is Getting NO RESPECT!! NONE!!

Watch Some Team Get Him With A Late 1st or 2nd Round Pick!!


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