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Dolphins do Trusnik extension, in great 2013 cap situation

It's not about this year anymore, as you know. It's about next year, and particularly next offseason for the Dolphins. And the team has been preparing for that mega-offseason in which it will have five picks in the first 100 picks of the NFL draft and approximately $46,840,000 million in salary cap space, assuming certain things happen.

First of all, the club has done only one contract extension this season. Jason Trusnik last month quietly signed a two-year extension on his original two year deal signed in 2011. That means Trusnik is signed through 2014 now. The extension is worth $2.17 million. It included a $600,000 bonus with base salaries of $715,000 in 2013 and $855,000 in 2014. Trusnik is making $700,000 this season.

It is the only contract extension the Dolphins did during this season. And it adds Trusnik to the list of players under contract to the team in 2013. Those players represent $75,060,751 in salary cap space already taken up for 2013.

Now, the salary cap has been estimated by various sources, including NFL.com, to come in at approximately $121 million for 2013.

So how much cap space will the Dolphins have?

Well, you have to add approximately $1.6 million in dead money to the Dolphins total to bring it to $76,660,751. That tells you the Dolphins will have $44,340,000 for next year.

But there are other machinations.

The club will sign perhaps 7-9 players to future contracts within days after the season. That will take up approximately $2.5-$3.3 million of space. So we're down to around $41,840,000 of available cap space for 2013. The team also has approximately $5 in unused cap space from this year. It can elect to carry over that cap space and use it next year (as most teams do) or not.

If the Dolphins carry over their space -- and I stress that most teams do -- they'd be at approximately $46,840,000 in available salary cap space for next season -- give or take $1 million. Use that as the working figure for available cap space in 2013 as the Dolphins enter free agency.

Free agency, you must remember, will include the 15 or so players Miami has unsigned.

Here is the team breakdown:

Player Name



Cap value

Davone Bess




Armon Binns




Kevin Burnett




Dan Carpenter




Nolan Carroll




Charles Clay




Karlos Dansby




John Denney




Michael Egnew




Brandon Fields




Jonathan Freeny




Jonas Gray




Richie Incognito




John Jerry




Reshad Jones




Josh Kaddu




Jovorskie Lane




Richard Marshall




Jonathan Martin




Rishard Matthews




Kelcie McCray




Kyle Miller




Lamar Miller




Koa Misi




Jared Odrick




Dimitri Patterson




Julian Posey




Mike Pouncey




Kheeston Randall




Josh Samuda




Derrick Shelby




Paul Soliai




Ryan Tannehill




Marcus Thigpen




Daniel Thomas




Jason Trusnik




Olivier Vernon




Cameron Wake




Jimmy Wilson




Will Yeatman





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We need a more explosive outside LB to replace Misi, someone who can rush the QB and dro into coverage, that should be the fins first pick


Flacco was in same draft as Henne, Flacco went 18th in 1st rd.

Flacco does not play for the Phins and so he makes the playoffs every year.

Keeps Starks , Bush , only keep Long if you can afford to reasonably .

Both Henne and Tannehill will end up in either the CFL or the Arena league.

Stedman Bailey 8 catches 122 yds 2 tds(32yds/29yds) and 59yd reception for a 15.3 ypc. Though WV and Geno Smith lost.

Bailey now has 25 td catches for the season. Does anyone need anymore convincing about this kid?

Good God Flipper, Youve been posting since 9AM Yesterday morning, Give us a break..PLEASE!!!

Recently, Brian Hartline began making sounds like a money player. Hope that's just the frustration of not having a new contract yet with the Dolphins.

Like most, I'd hate to see Hartline in the role of #1 on the team again next year -and I hope Ireland/Philbin see it the same way -so I don't see how the Dolphins can afford a luxuriant payday for him. I certainly thought he was far more attached to the team than his recent comments indicate.

Sean Smith is another. I think he has sufficient assets in the character area but hate to hear him talk like he deserves the big money. Truth is, he played better on the other side of the field when Vonte was the big gun in the secondary. And I don't think the Dolphins can afford his price or play next year at the same position.

Richard Marshall flashed in the preseason but didn't show a whole lot once the season started. Was this guy another over-sized salary acquisition by Ireland? His career numbers look better than Sean Smith's so let's hope he can come back next year and perform after his back injury.

I'm sure that we're all looking forward to seeing DBs Patterson and McCann in action today against Tom Terrific. Brady has been making some uncharacteristic mistakes as of late and we've yet to see if McCann or Patterson can catch a ball thrown directly at them. Might happen today and give the Dolphins the edge they need. However, you can be sure that Boston's bad boy will be looking at the Dolphins secondary for 60 minutes as target practice, trying to tune his offense for the playoffs.


I think it is more of a Bipolar Spectrum illness with Cadillac. Take your meds. Besides, this Holiday Season is not the best for People with emotional disorders. You'll be alright.

Plenty of cap room to sign new offensive linemen and to fill our most pressing needs in the draft:


Round 1: Offensive Guard
Round 2: Offensive Tackle
Round 2: Cornerback
Round 3: Defensive Lineman
Round 4: Defensive Lineman
Round 5: Kicker
Round 6: Offensive Tackle
Round 7: Tight End

Why are they playing at 4:25 PM in NE today? WhoTH are the Patriots to change a time Schedule? Just for that we are going in with a vengeance Today and cause them some havoc.

Most pressing offseason need remains A FRANCHISE QB!!!!!!! Draft Matt Barkley!!!

After bringing Dwayne Bowe home to south Florida, they need to draft either Terrance Williams, Justin Hunter, or Cordarrelle Patterson. Tannehills has shown he much prefers Big recievers. with Bowe as one more and one of these tall rookies he will have more endzone targets. The rest of the draft can go for Defense and maybe one more O lineman.

By playing at 4:00 NE will know if they have anything to play for and can rest some starters if need be.

Have to let Long Walk. Martin is a natural LT. And yes that is Ireland that has leverage because of drafting Martin. So Italnd bashers back off.

Smith will get 10 with tag, so 7.5 at least. He's growing as a player & person. As AJ Green and Fitzgerald.

Starks Gets 2 yr deal. If not move odrick inside & sign Dwight freeny opposite wake and see what you come up with. Starks & freeny will be a good look.

Don't overpay hartline. Re-sign Bush, @ 2.5-3.5. Use more in passing game and return duties, not as a feature back. Draft Lacey from Alabama or sign Brandon Jacobs.

I'd try and rework dansby, who is in first year of 43 defense. And Burnett. Lower pay extend years. I like dansby to retire a dolphin.

Safety opposite Jones is the real issue. But I have not what a clue to do here, but make it inexpensive.

We have to find a Solid TE. Delanie Walker, Bennett, and Cook will be UFA.
Please Draft Robert Woods.

A #1 WR has to be the most pressing need in the off season. The pass defense is one of the worst in league. Those guys get torched deep and often so that has to be a priority as well. The LB corp seems avg and need some playmakers.

who talks in third person all the time dude?you sound like some undereducated third world country citizen with the dashi this and dashi that stuff.makes reading your posts highly irritating.only priority resigns are starks and maybe bush.thats it everyone else walk

This is a very poor draft for WR's so I'd rather see us go for a pass rusher in the 1st rd and go OL in the 2nd. I want to see us sign Bush, Hartline, and Long as we cant afford to be losing any players.

matt barkley?really?put down the pipe sir a lil early in the am for that

sign bowe and jennings if u can/then that will allow some flexibility in the draft to get bpa s rather draft for need.when u draft by needs is how you have a bad to mediocre draft

also an option is the ND TE eiford in the first round

I'd be fine with a DE in the first round or a CB. However we have to do something about the WR corp. Hartline is a decent #2 but can't pay that guy #1 money and if he wants to be stubborn let him walk. Same goes for the injury plagued Long. Bush disappears for long stretches of the season and I like the upside of Miller.

We have plenty of cap room. Why do we have to lose anyone? I dont care if a couple are slightly overpaid, we have some that are underpaid. Losing anyone just makes more holes. Keep everyone and ADD to it!

Shula, I agree with that with one exception. The only one we really need to lose is Irescum.

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We need to lose players because we are one of the worst pass defenses in the league and the rushing offense has been weak, inconsistent and at times poor. Bush has rushed for over 100 yds twice this year in 15 games. It's insane to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Bush is no #1 RB as evidenced by his results. He's a great 3rd back and no more. Why pay or overpay for Long when he can't make it through the season without getting hurt and missing big chunks of the season? Even when he wasn't hurt he was struggling. I love the guy but he's no 10 or 15 million dollar per year player.

Up North, it usually is colder at 4PM than at 1PM.

The way I see it, if they restrict arms sales to the Public, the Black market for them will flourish and we will lose all that revenue. No higher sales of arms in Sandy Brook than right now.

Mike Wallace in West Coast offense would be awesome.
Draft Robert Woods. Sign Dustin. Depth In OL.
Either Peyton Hillis or Brandon Jacobs.

Sign Dwight Freeny. Resign Starks.Re- Sign Smith. Young cover corner are hard to find.
Go yfor the Best Safety Available I'm FA or

Rework Dansby, Butnett, carpenter,ingognito.
Bring Bush back as return specialist, third down.

My Top 3 FA Wish List.

1.Mike Wallace
2.Dwight Freeny
3. Maurice Jones-drew

My Top 3 FA Wish List:

1. Greg Jennings
2. Mike Wallace
3. Dwayne Bowe

sign them all!

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