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It's on: Dansby-Burnett vs Willis-Bowman

This is what's going on at Dolphins camp today:

I spent some time talking with Karlos Dansby today. I can report that the brace he was using on his left upper arm during the time he's been playing with a torn left biceps came off today. Dansby says he will not be using it anymore in practice or games because he feels well enough to go without it.

This is a big deal to him because the brace restricts his arm mobility and, he said, was one reason he missed an interception at Buffalo a few weeks ago. He wanted to reach with his left arm but couldn't so instead had to try and snatch the football with only one arm.

Dansby said playing without the brace will be better for him and as evidence he said he had an interception in practice today.

As you know, Dansby had questions about whether Cameron Wake and Jared Odrick should have been in against the New England Patriots late in the game Sunday. I know that Philbin doesn't like being second-guessed publicly. Who does?

But despite being uncomfortable with the topic, Philbin said he did not cover the issue with Dansby today -- the first day the Dolphins reconvened since Dansby's comments.

"I've made my comments in regards to my feelings about the play-time earlier," Philbin said. "There's always decisions that have to be made in a game with regard to who's playing, who's not playing. Those sometimes change in the midst of a game based on a variety of factors. That's done and that's been over with and now it's on to San Francisco."

So, I pressed, did Philbin talk to Dansby about it?

"No," he said under his breath. "Again, I'm going to tell you the focus on mine and our football team is on playing San Francisco."


Two things: Philbin did speak with the entire team when Chad Johnson was cut and several players, including Dansby, disagreed with that call. Also, it is possible Philbin will speak with Dansby either later today or later in the week about the topic. It's also possible it doesn't get addressed at all.

The coach clearly wasn't eager to discuss this anymore.

Dansby and Kevin Burnett this week believe there's an opportunity for them to make a lasting impression on the league because they expect comparisons between themselves and San Francisco linebackers Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman.

"Those guys are great, they really are, they do a great job," Dansby said. "So KB and I know this is a chance for us to play our game and show what we can do so people will see how we compare."

If Dansby and Burnett, who have been good contributors, decide a little rivalry with Bowman and Willis is good motivation, then have at it, gentlemen.


Reggie Bush is expecting a hard-nosed game against San Francisco.

"It's going to be a tough game," he said today. "Make no mistake about it, this is probably going to be the most physical game we've played all year to date ... It's going to be a grind-it-out football game. It's going to be one by three points, seven points.

"We're going to have opportunities to make plays this game but it's going to come down to our effort, our ability to execute and how bad we want to win."

Bush went on to say the Dolphins will "have to play an almost near-perfect game to win."

As has been discussed countless times in this cyberspace, Bush is a mismatch against linebackers in the passing game. And yet, the Dolphins don't use him a lot in that role. Bush has only 28 catches on the season -- mostly on check-down passes.

You ever wonder why the Dolphins don't use him more in the passing game? Bush has.

"Yeah, I wonder about it," he said. "But it's not really my decision to make. The tape is there. The proof is there. If they need me to go run routes, I think they know I can do it. I've done it in practice. It's a matter of scheme and how they feel."


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The West Coast Offense employs a variety of formations and pre-snap motions designed to confuse defenders. It also relies heavily on an ability to flood a defense with more receivers than they can handle. The quarterback often moves around more than in a conventional offense with designed roll outs and bootlegs that are tied in with the patterns being run by the receivers.

The objective of the West Coast Offense is to:

•Spread the defense out horizontally as well as vertically, forcing slower linebackers into coverage.

•Maintain possession of the football by utilizing a short passing attack almost as an extension of the running game.

•Create mismatches with speed, size, or number of receivers.

•Avoid tendencies that defenses can key on by throwing on any down and distance.

The above is the basics of the WCO from a pro football web site. As any one can see we falter not only in excuting the WCO but mainly in the personel on the field. Spread the D with Multiple receivers Horizontal and verticle. Hartline verticle and Bess Horizontal. Hartline and Bess is all we have. The running game is inconsistent. Short crossing patterns with just Bess????? A bunch of issues needs to be addressed in the off season. OOP's I completely forgot this is a Dansby/Barnett post. Both irrelevant at this point. They have been the weak link in our D this year.

i wish dansby would just shut up and play! the guy talks so much garbage. i hope he doesnt believe half of the crappp that comes outta his mouth.He's always talking about how great he is. What he doesnt get is the great players dont have to do that their PLAY does it for them. Do you hear Urlacher, Lewis, Willis, Bowman talking about how great they are/were??? I never heard jt or zach saying they were GREAT to the media. Dansby join reality and shut up and play!

49ers 31
Fins 12

It's time Joe's fired.


I don't think there is a CHANCE in heck we beat the 49ers.....or even make the game competitive.....

We may ONLY lose by 10 points (cause Harbaugh is conservative)...but it will have the FEEL of a game that is dominated by the 49ers from start to finish.....like the Rams game did.....

The 49ers are coming off a LOSS to an INFERIOR opponent.....

It won't happen 2 weeks in a row......

Harbaugh is out to show the press that KAPP is his guy.......

The 9ers are still hoping for a 1st rd bye.....

They have EVERYTHING to prove...@ the they're house......

Time ZONE against us.....

9ers by @ least 2 TD.....probably more......

Hey Ho! Joe must go!

Mark, Crowder's problem is the same as Long's...durability. Cris Carter said it, you might be a great player, that's fine. But in the NFL, probably the most important plus a player can have is that they are available. That's why the London Fletcher's of the world are so valuable. They play every game, no matter what. It's rare in this day and age, and not saying Long's been out so much he's not worth anything. But being out a portion of every Season (see Mike Vick) really hurts your stock in the NFL.


You hit the nail on the head which is why I don't think RG3 will have the career that everyone seems to think he's going to have. He takes WAY too many big hits & eventually it will take it's toll on his body.

I've said it numerous times on here--I would let Jake walk & I wouldn't look back BUT I believe the Dolphins will wind up either franchising him or sign him to a monster deal that will break Joe Thomas' record deal for a Tackle.

Why would you sign a player whose body is breaking down, a guy who can't contribute for 25% of this season, & whose skills are CLEARLY deteriorating??? Ask Jeff Ireland b/c the latest report according to a source inside the Dolphin organization is that re-signing Long is a 'top priority' this off-season. If that's our 'top priority' what the hell is Hartline who is healthy & having a career year???

The above is the basics of the WCO from a pro football web site. As any one can see we falter not only in excuting the WCO but mainly in the personel on the field. Spread the D with Multiple receivers Horizontal and verticle. Hartline verticle and Bess Horizontal. Hartline and Bess is all we have. The running game is inconsistent. Short crossing patterns with just Bess????? A bunch of issues needs to be addressed in the off season. OOP's I completely forgot this is a Dansby/Barnett post. Both irrelevant at this point. They have been the weak link in our D this year.


I'm with you. Next year is year two in rebuilding.

We don't have nearly enough of the right pieces to run an effective WCO. When you factor in the holes on defense there's NO WAY to get all of that done in next year FA's & draft.

Unless Tannehill & the O-line takes an ENORMOUS step forward I believe 8-8 season in 2013 is a best case scenario.

Ideal player qualities as taken once again from the Pro's:

•Quarterback - "More of a focus is placed on decision-making and accuracy over arm strength in a West Coast system. A quarterback must be able to choose from multiple options and deliver the ball quickly. Mobility is also a big plus". We cannot blame Tannehill if he did not have multiple options.

•Running Back - "In the West Coast Offense, running backs are generally used more as receivers out of the backfield than in other systems, so you need a guy with all-around skills. Good hands and route-running skills are a must". Also called play action and screens. If there is no running game it does not always work.

•Tight End - "The tight end’s role is generally that of a possession receiver and blocker. The ability to catch the ball in traffic is a huge plus". Non existent as a blocker or receiver.

•Wide Receiver - "With the focus on a short passing attack, precision and timing are of the utmost importance, so receivers have to run precise routes. Straight-line speed isn’t as important as an ability to separate in traffic. And an ability to make plays after the catch can turn a good receiver into a superstar in this offense". Constant pressure on the QB killer the timing aspect and only Hartline and Bess does not really fit the scheme.

•Offensive Linemen - "You’re generally not trying to pound the ball on the ground in the West Coast Offense, so guys who can consistently blow defenders off the line aren’t necessary. Actually quicker, more mobile linemen are more ideal because of their ability to pull or get outside in a rolling pocket on plays designed to get the quarterback outside".
I always said Long was drafted for his run blocking ability, A revamp of the O line is needed.

I always said Long was drafted for his run blocking ability, A revamp of the O line is needed.


So ask the Dolphin front office why re-signing Long is a 'top priority???' It makes absolutely NO sense from both a schematic & a cap space perspective but hey they sell a LOT of Jake Long jerseys right???

These are EXACTLY the types of mistakes & poor allocation of resources that continue to keep bad franchises from turning the corner.

Oh God, please no!

Another Dansby dillusional quote. Dansby is a 30 year old LB who is on the downside of his career more than likely comparing himself to being Willis I take it and then Burnett to Bowman. Dansby has never had half the impact that Willis has on the 49ers. Dansby is the most overpaid player on Miami's roster and that's a fact. Willis is a sideline to sideline player with coverage skills and his overall impact is felt everytime I watch a SF game. Dansby is lucky to make a handful of those plays a year where Willis makes them routine.

As far as Burnett goes he was supposed to be this very good coverage guy coming from San Diego because "Pro football focus" supposedly ranked him as the best in coverage that year. What a sham that's been. Maybe he was good at coevering Tony Moeaki or Tony Scheffler them years but Gronk, Woodhead, Hernandez, CJ Spiller, Dustin Keller? The next time he covers one good in a game will also be the first time he's done it.

Cut Dansby! He is eating up cap space that he hasn't earned.

They have to draft a QB like Barkley . Tannehill is an exact repeat of Henne and is not remotely close to an NFL QB.

Our D has got to be tired of holding the team up just to let poor QBing blow the games. I don’t think its the lack of “playmakers” is Woodhead, and Edlemann a playmaker? What about Lloyd – really? Tom Brady distributes the ball and finds the open receiver and it doesn’t really matter who that player is. Top QB's win and make those around them better.
It has to be frustrating for this defense really – I mean how many years has our Defense been stout and our QB play putrid. And Tannehill is the worst of the bunch. I'd rather have Henne and I'd much rather have Moore.

Pilbin's done some good things, and if he gets the players he needs I think his system will work. But it's painfully obvious there were things that could have been done this year to adapt to the players he had, and he chose instead to follow his own rigid beliefs. That's the sign of a tyrant, for one, but also a very insecure person. Shanahan won a SB, he KNEW he was a good HC. Fox went to a SB, he KNEW he was a good HC. Philbin's in his 1st year (though he won a SB as an OC) and that shows loud and clear through the lack of introspection he has towards his failures.

Saying it was right to keep Wake/Odrick out of that last drive vs. NE when it's OBVIOUS it was the wrong move, is the perfect example. Just say we made a mistake and we'll work to get better. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Except I guess the Miami Dolphins coaches through the years. They will almost NEVER fall on their swords. Weakness!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 06, 2012 at 09:49 AM

I absolutely agree. Philbins actions/statements during traing camp should have been a red flag but we were all in on his take no prisoners attitude. I wonder how much Jeff Ireland has to do with all this? Awful similar to the armed camp, we can do no wrong attitude of the Parcells/Ireland/Sparano regime.

Did Dansby steal Dashi's girlfriend or something? That's a lot of pent up anger there, son.

Dashi/WHDP might be onto something. The FO loves Long (he's has talent + is a great leader), and I don't think Philbin loves Dansby (talks too much). Plus he costs a lot.

SO, isn't it possible they keep Long (either negotiate his contract down or franchise him) and cut/trade Dansby (to free up some of his CAP space)? Like WHDP said, it's more logical when you look at it from the current FO's perspective.

Not sure that's what I'd do, but also not sure you could let both walk in one year with so many other areas of concern on the team. You can't fix everything in one year. LBs are pretty easy to find. LT's are harder.

So many holes (that should be Miami's motto).

You can bet Dansby will be gone shortly after season's end. He has had his own personal warning from Philbin about being a good corporate citizen and has chosen to ignore it. Another hole to fill in 2013.

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