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Jimmy Wilson could be out Sunday but that's not terrible

The Dolphins are not optimistic nickel cornerback Jimmy Wilson will be able to play Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. Wilson has missed practice on Wednesday and was limted Thursday. His status for Friday is uncertain.

It's possible Wilson won't even travel with the team when it leaves for the west coast Friday.

That means the Dolphins have to fill the need and a likely candidate is Bryan McCann, who played last week against the Patriots. McCann has been on the roster about a month.

The Dolphins can also use either Nolan Carroll or R.J. Stanford at the nickel and have the other playing the outside but that seems less likely. There's even a remote possibility the Dolphins can use newly signed Tyrone Culver in dime work as he played that role for the team for several years before he was waived in the preseason.

The injury's fallout?

The truth is Wilson has struggled in coverage this season. And McCann was not severely tested by New England although Wes Welker had a typically productive day. So this might actually be something of a net plus for the defense.

Obviously, Wilson has been very good on the corner blitz and as the Dolphins want to continue to use the strategy, it will test someone else's blitz ability.

Wilson's loss is almost a bigger issue on special teams where he is fourth on the team in tackles.



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DC....from the last blog....

Philbin's coaching has taken this talentless team as far as he can....he blew his wad after the bye week....not his fault...it's Irelands....

Craig, I don't know if you read my response in the last blog, here it is.

"Injuries no stranger to Packers
Posted Sep 14, 2011
By Mike Spofford"
Another story from last season

Barton Silverman/The New York Times
Left, safety Jarrett Bush, one of the replacements, celebrated in the last minutes. More Photos »
Woodson, the wily and otherworldly Packers cornerback, was sidelined for the second half of Super Bowl XLV, as was the veteran receiver Donald Driver. They were two huge losses, but the Packers did not go down in defeat. Their 31-25 victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers was a study in the resilience they demonstrated throughout a season in which their injured reserve list ballooned to 15 players.

“All season we had to fight through a lot of things, and today was no different,” Woodson said, adding: “Just like all season, somebody stepped in and they stepped up. That’s what this Green Bay Packer team is about.”
15 players on IR last year and that doesn't count Driver and Woodson getting hurt in the SB. The team still did great, with their well established offense. They didn't change a thing, just Packers football being played.

Moore deserves to fukked anally by a unicorn with no lube for costing us RG3

Doesn't Brian McCann catch for teh Atlanta Braves? What an athlete!!

Mark....from the last blog....

You're playing semantics here....it may not be the "easiest" schedule as I said....but its pretty soft....

Did Wilson get hurt spearing the Pats punter and being a majore reason why we lost the game??

Kris, my point was that it was a fair schedule 19th overall says it's not a reason to excuse a poor record or suggest an overinflated one.

No Jimmy Wilson? Oh well, another inconsistent Ireland signing. Just put him in the list of other players who only contribute half of the time that Ireland has signed.

And to clarify I'm not saying Philbin is the next Bill Walsh. All I'm saying is the man is very smart and designed a stellar offensive playbook. The whispers that I'm hearing in here about how he isn't doing his job are infuriating.

Did we not just watch Sparano bumble his way through every game for the past two years? Philbin has made how many, 3 or 4 glaring mistakes (as voted on by the fans) this season? Try 3 or 4 glaring mistakes a game from Sparano and Cameron.

Joe inherited this mess of a roster, it's not the other way around. It's why Sparano got a two year pass at his start. Can we not extend the same courtesy to a coach who is obviously light years ahead in intelligence? These questions about Joe shouldn't even exist at this point in the game.

Kris, we'll see...

From last blog:


You misunderstood. I didn't say Philbin should change his philosophy every year to fit the players. I said good coaches know when to ADAPT (key word) their philosophy to the teams they have. Miami isn't now nor probably will ever be the Green Bay Packers (Philbin said as much when he came here). Tannehill isn't Rodgers, has a totally different skill set. So you can't just have a blueprint and say, "this is it!" You need to adapt the blueprint to the tools you're working with now.

Using Bush in the pass game more isn't a huge leap away from the WCO. It's a staple of many 49'ers WCO teams. Frankly, another HC who didn't adapt is Andy Reid (one of my favorites). He has McCoy, one of the best backs in the league, and doesn't run him enough. Now he'll be looking for a job next year.

Also, Philbin (or Sherman) keep going to Lane for short yardage. Another bad decision. Thomas is better at that, but the play that worked best was play action the short run and let Lane catch a pass out in the flat. Mis-direction needs to be utilized more in today's NFL (one reason Belichick's system works so well nowadays).

Philbin's overall philosophy, faster offense, more explosive, pass first, speed, zone blocking, is EXACTLY what I want him to develop. But along the way, he's going to have to compromise. Work to the strengths of the current situation. Good HCs do that, it's the reason a defensive guru Bill Belichick was able to see what he had in Tom Brady and create the most dynamic offense the game has ever seen. And an offensive guru, Bill Billick was able to see what he had and turn the Baltimore Ravens into the defensive juggernaut they've been ever since. It's turning water into wine, and Jesus ain't the only one who can do that!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 06, 2012 at 02:58 PM

Yes Mark, he hurt his back on the play. On the stupid, stupid, stupid play.

What is it with our players and their inability to string well played games together in a consistent fashion?

I'll give the Ireland fans this. It's half Parcells fault, definitely. That would leave the other half in Ireland's lap. And this has nothing to do with Jeff having to get guys for the new offense. Even the speedier guys he has obtained are inconsistent. I don't know, something has to change. We can't keep firing every coach that comes along and giving Ireland a pass when the whole sporting world has been talking about Miamis lack of talent. Is Philbin supposed to teach guys how to have talent too? Freakin Ireland.


Phins, if you want to give a new HC leeway, then Miami is NOT the place to put him. How many new HC's have we seen come here and fail? Some with great pedigrees (Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban), some without (Dave Wannstadt), some with no prior HC experience (Cam, Sparano). The Dolphins fan has seen it all, and we AIN'T been impressed.

So, it's a bit of show me the nipple before I pay for the booty.

If Philbin can't respect us enough to say he doesn't have all the pieces (he said he's got a Playoff roster), then we don't need to respect him enough not to pounce on each mistake he has.

If he's as smart as you say (and maybe I agree with you), he'll win us over in the end, and that's all that counts. But we'll be sub .500 for the upteenth time (most likely) this year, and we're in no mood to praise the ground the HC walks on with that record.

With that said, I wouldn't THINK of advocating a coaching change anytime soon. Even IF next year is more of the same. I LIKE Philbin's philosophy. I LIKE his strategy. Much more than what we had. I'm willing to give him a few years to improve. I just won't be quiet when I see him doing what I believe to be the wrong thing.


I call it, "The BP/ JI Manifesto". Between two gm's, we're still not even wildcard playoff material into yr 5. That's totally unacceptable no matter which direction you try and spread the mayo.

It typically takes 3-5yrs to build a legit perrenial playoff team. I say 3 because usually a lot of luck is also involved and upto 5, because its the more realistic number.

Still, yr 5 and we're not even legit wildcard material. Year 5 and we're pretty stuck in year 2 of rebuild mode.

..Craig M. I think it is a mistake to say that the Niners are more of a pass threat team with Kaep under center. Examine the stats since he has been the starter, and they will tell the story that the Niners are still very much a run first team..

V Chicago 23 attempts 16 completions. 29 runs
V NO..16 completions 25 attempts 31 runs
Last week was the Niners threw 32 times ran it 36 but none of those runs were from Kaepernick..

DarrylDunphy | December 06, 2012 at 02:54 PM

The point isn't that they will forget they have F.Gore and a bruising OL. The point is having a QB under Center that can threaten the opposition veritcally. The 49ers were winning by not allowing points while putting up their's threw the run game. Look at their stats last Yr. they were winning low scoring ball control games that was widely discussed in every sports publication given some thought that while it worked in the regular season couldn't be done post Season and you can play more balanced but need a QB that will back the LB's and Safety's up which Smith wasn't.

this place is missing something. a lack of presence from a convicted troll has changed the atmosphere. where did he go?

DC you were responding to my post not Craigs. And the offense the Dolphins run isn't the Packers offense. I was making the point that the same guy who designed that one designed this one.

And yes you are correct and I can guarantee you Philbin agrees and has tried to design around team strengths. To suggest he didn't is to suggest he is totally incompetent. I understand that it is your opinion that he hasn't been flexible with the plays but have you considered another option?

The players are too young and inconsistent to run the plays properly? Wasn't it Tannehill who overthrew/underthrew a wide open receiver on his way to the end zone twice? Wasn't it Wilson who ran into the kicker, something you learn not to do in pee wees? How about Long turning into a turnstile this year? Thomas missing blocking assignments and getting his qbs head taken off.

How about all of the runs straight into the middle of the line? That's an offensive compromise. West coast offenses don't bully their way through the tackles, they zone block, they get to the second level. That shows Philbin is using his players to their skill sets right?

Reason the reason we lost the game. And Mark he did et hurt spearing the Punter on that play what a dummy

..DC from the last thread..

You mentioned that Philbin wants this to be a pass first offense.. Perhaps. IMO this is going to take awhile before this happens. Look at the teams with rookie quarterbacks and really only Andrew Luck is the only one of them that has been trusted to be a guy who can lead a pass happy offense. The Redskins lead the league in rushing, the Seahawks are 7th.

Take a look at the second year guys, and the teams that are having moderate success all run the ball well. Cincinatti 13th The Vikings 5th..

My point is that we do not have the personel to even think about being a pass first offense. I don't think this will change next year. It may take a few seasons to get this implimented. We don't even know if Tannehill is going to be capapble to handle this sort of offense. I also believe that as much as we have seen this becoming a pass first league. Unless you have an Elite talent behind center. You are going nowhere as a pass first offense.

Good football people turn a team around in 1 or 2 years at most. Parcells did it here in 1 yr, Harbaugh in SF, Fisher in St Louis. Shula, Lombardi, Knoll all did it in 1 year. It doesnt take good people more then 2 years at the most.


As long as in each season Philbin's win-loss record improves. He should be in Miami at least 3 seasons. But we cant win 5-6gms this year and win less than this amount of games next year or worse.

We at least need to be a 7-9 to 8-8 team in 2013. Then 10-6 2014, to see that real success is our early morning sun arising.


The personality of a team usually takes on the personality of its hc.

Look at Harbaugh the Stanford hc. He had Andrew Luck and was still play great d and ball control first oriented. That's the same persona that carried over to the Niners.

Harbaugh maybe looking for bigger downfield passing plays, but he's still play great d, ball control first oriented. But this doesnt neccessarily mean you arent looking to make great plays down the field when they present themselves.

It just means, he's not Steve Spurrier.

DC LOL SORRY MAN. I just re read my post and it sounded confrontational. DID NOT mean for it to come off that way at all. :)

Mak @ 2:51....I see what you mean....

and @ 2:53...lol....

DC read your post at 3:10. Gotchya man. We're on the same page for the most part. Thanks for clarifying and just ignore my last post to you. (no wise cracks!;)

YG...I totaly agree. My point was that I think Harbaugh believes that Kaepernick gives them that ability to get the ball down the field(should the opportunity present itself) better then Smith. They are still the same offense(as far as ball control-establish the run) it is just that Kaep gives them another dimension they may not have had before.

My point was to Craig is that they haven't changed much otherwise.


Also, of course we dont have the personel to be a pass first team. The hc replaced(Sparano) wasnt a pass first guy. So why would there be any pass 1st personel already on the team when Philbin arrives?

Philbin was hired because Ross wants to evolve into the 21st century of nfl offensive warfare. This means a purging must take place. So why try and make the best use of what's already on hand. Just so that you win a few more meaningless games that only cost you valuable draft position.

The team as it is would only be good enough to be a one and done wildcard team at best anyway. So, what was the point of costing yourself valuable draft position to bring in even better players that would have greater impact in the new hc's system?

It would only mean moving backwards before we even had chance to move forward. Its starting behind the 8-ball because youre now bringing in less talented players that may fit the system. But are a little less talented.

Meaninmg even more hell to pay down the road. More b*tching and moaning from fans later because we still dont have a real winner.

YG I'm with you man. I spent A LOT of time defending JI and his decisions. Spent a lot of time fighting people that wanted to pin it all on him. I'm done, too tired and it doesn't make sense to defend him anymore. All of the excuses in the world don't matter, this is a results business as Mando always points out. He has had a chance and I just don't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I understand what the other guys who defend are saying, but I just don't care anymore. I don't want to waste more time finding out if they are right but in the same respect what are our choices? May not be anyone better out there. Scary huh? Maybe Jeff will stumble onto a player who can put a decent game together for two weeks in a row here sometime soon. Then maybe we can work our way up to three games! Yippee!

All good Phins. I understand how fans can get defensive here when people want to trash the new HC, rookie QB in their first year.

I'm trying to critique them, but not criticize (though sometimes I blur the line).

Overall though, and Craig knows this too, I believe the team is overachieving (as I had them at 4 wins). Sure, regressed some last few games, but started really strong. I think there's at least a philosophical foundation there, and that's a huge step for the Miami Dolphins. Now if Ireland can help with playmaking talent, I think Philbin can put it all together. For the most part, his coaching staff is solid. What we'll see is how well they develop the younger talent from this year to the next. Then we'll know how good they can be.

YG, I agree we need to hit .500 sooner rather than later.

..As far as Wilson goes.. I try to stay objective about him. On a better team he would be relegated to special teams. It is hard to say he is a dissapointment considering he was a 7th round pick that had not played more then a season of football in 3 years. It goes a long way as an inditement of the lack of playmakers in the secondary that a guy that should be a situational player at the most is thrown in as our nickel corner. IMO the most difficult position on the defense.


The primary problem with trying to defend Ireland is its just plain impossible. The last 5yrs the fo has been a two headed monster(BP/JI). Its just that couple seasons ago one of those heads removed itself.

Therefore, after 5yrs, you still find yourself evaluating a two-headed, not one-headed monster.

Even if you try and defend one head and not the other. We're still in year 5 and not yet a bonafide wildcard team. The true fault lies on both heads of this fo monster(BP/JI).

There's absolutely no way to truly separate it. Thier two heads of the same beast.

DC if Ireland is Philbins grocery shopper than I will except him for another season.

But if Ireland is dictating his unproven expertise on Joe than we have a problem.

I will never never forget this. And I'm surprised not one person in here comments on it. I'm shocked at the lack of outrage over this one thing.

Ireland sitting in his office, acting like he always does as if he has a bunch of championship rings, cocky as ever. And talking on the phone with another NFL executive about how he's looking for a "1,2, or 3" because he only has a "bunch of 4's, 5's and 6's".

This is the exact moment I stopped defending the man. His job is to get these players and he was acting as if someone had handed him the roster.

Can anyone who is still defending Ireland speak to why this was an acceptable statement to be made by our GM in your opinion? Or why there isn't more outrage over the cocky way he absolved himself from responsibility?



If we're not a bonafide .500 win team next year, the final head of the BP/JI beast must be removed. There's no way around it. It would mean another lackluster year of bringing in impact talent.

Its amazing, a full page of football talk. And the only person asking for Home is the one person who is not here to talk football apparently. Hopefully this blog is getting back to normal. Guys if you don't want to talk football there are plenty of sites for you. Just go to yahoo, tons of crazy people just waiting for an online fight.

The BP/JI beast was really a 3-headed monster that came in. The 3rd head, Sparano, was a tiny mutant head that never fully developed. He was a pimple head with eyes, nose, and lips that could not fully speak.

Niners 38
Fins 16


As far as Wilson goes, imo he's a write off pick, being brought in 7th rd. He barely costs us a ticket to a B-rated movie.

If he develops into something great, let him proclaim: "I shocked the world"! If not, we got him at st's price anyway.

"The 3rd head, Sparano, was a tiny mutant head that never fully developed. He was a pimple head with eyes, nose, and lips that could not fully speak."

ROFL, I don't know, this one just made me laugh!

Agreed YG. But to Phins point, not even worth mentioning anymore. We have no influence or ability to do anything the Owner doesn't want to do. It's his call. We can clamor for it to happen all we want, he'll beat to his own drum.

I'm just going to mention what the GM NEEDS TO DO, and if he doesn't do it then everyone will know my position.

Like you said YG, the HC wants to be pass first. GM got him a rookie QB to develop. Now he needs WRs and TEs. He needs a line to protect him, and block for the RBs when they use him. GM acquired about 1/2 those pieces already. Now he needs to do the rest. Offense MUST score points next year. Philosophy is in place, systems are being learned. Final pieces need to be added.

We are ALL in agreement what needs to happen. Now we sit back and watch.

Gotta go, I'll check back later for any responses to why there is a lack of outrage over Irelands statement.

To put it in perspective, there was more outrage over Ireland telling a fan to f^%k off than over the fact that he admitted on national tv that he has failed to find the team good pass catching options.

Fisher in St Louis turned a team around in 1 or 2 years at most.
Posted by: Fin 77 | December 06, 2012 at 03:17 PM

I combined parts of your post, but I think this is stretching it just a little bit dontcha think? They have issues at QB, Bradford isn't the answer. Harbaugh I'll give you because he was able to make it with Alex Smith but that team he inherited should go more to Singletary than Harbaugh

To refute your claim, how long did it take Coughlin in NY or Belicheat in NE or kubiach in Houston?

..I think we can all pretty much agree that Ireland will remain the GM through this next draft? As far as if he is the right guy for the job is a whole different debate. But at some point this franchise is going to have to start playing for wins instead of draft position. We can draft in the top ten forever. We can stokpile picks, and hope at some point even this GM will strike gold. At some point we have to win.

I agree that this team was never destined for the playoffs, and that this particular group would be set back by an unexpected birth in the tournamnet. We have to get off the teet at some point and learn how to win. There are different ways to skin a cat. If building throught the draft is indeed the blueprint here fine. But who here trusts the architect? And how long is long enough?


When you picture it the 3(BP/JI/Sparano). This would be the best illustration of all 3 together being one beast and 3 heads.

The other 2 heads of the beast were never really please with its 3rd tiny pimple head(Sparano). He was there to lay the blame on when everything went wrong.

Problem for Ireland now is 2 of the 3 heads are gone. Being the final head remaining, blood's still pulsating from the neck of the two missing heads. Now he must find way to stop the bleeding and at the same time save his own head.

Ok DC good point at 3:50 to YG. I'll stop beating that dead horse now and sit back and see if he does the right thing. Unfortunately any wr help we get will probably have to come via free agency because none of the wrs coming out are said to be nfl ready. That means more waiting unless we go after Wallace, Bowe, or Jennings. And we won't be the only teams looking to add their services as well as the fact they will want to go to a winner. Not sure about TEs in the draft. But as you can see I'm still scared, not comfy with this scenario but will have to let it play out. See ya guys.

Fins78 and YG welcome to the FIreIreland clique, Ive been there since 2008.


I believe playing for draft position this year would mean playing for wins in following years.

We're one big draft away from doing this. Dont confuse it with one big draft from being a perrenial playoff team. Just one big draft from landing better impact pieces and hoping Ireland gets it right.

If Ireland doesnt get it exactly right. All the playing for draft position in the world wont mean anything at all. I believe we're one really great draft from being a legit playoff team.

Again, Ireland has to get exactly right.


THEN NEXT YEAR ,WE CAN BE 11-5 ....... MAY BE .......




I would be against firing JI this season. However, when you take a very strong look at it, Polian would be a great man for the job. He knows how to draft great weapons for a young qb. He did it for Manning.

The one setback to this would be Polian's handpicked successor would be his son. This scares me because his son his nearly as gren as Ireland when Ireland was first handed the gm job.

But if Polian could be signed for a guarranteed 3yrs before handing thwe reigns to his son. I might be onboard with that.



I think we'll disagree with the type of offence that SF wants to run with Kaepernick, versus Smith. Harbaugh has taken the most accurate passer in the league out of a starting job and inserted Kaepernick. Why? Because of the things he brings to the offence that Smith can't. So to me it's a more dynamic offence than it would be under Smith. That's why I took exception to DC's portrayal as continuing to be a run first offence. Yes, they have some good guys that can run the ball, including Kaep, but there's a reason Harbaugh made the switch and I read it as he wants more of a threat from the QB position. We'll see if he's right.


Bill Polian is the only guy I would fire Ireland for right now. But that's only if Polian agreed to be locked into a 3yr contract. Over those 3yrs he can groom his son to take over after that.

Polian has to guarantee he'll be the gm running the show for at least 3yrs, not his son.

IMO I believe Philbin has seen enough of this teams starters this year and his evaluation of the starters has been completed, and that is the reason for his decisions to pull certain players at certain times. Philbin knows this year was a free pass and did not ever believe we would be fighting for a playoff spot. By pulling Wake in last weeks game i think was to see the back up perform under pressure. Wake is going to be a starter next year but having good depth is part of developing a good team not just starters. Fast paced games require players to be rotated ever so often so they can stay fresh. We have not had the depth this year and Philbin needs to see the back ups in real game situations against first string players so he can evaluate across the board not only his starters. Off season training camp and practices and even pre season games, 2nd tier players usually play against back ups. It goes back to the GB year when 15 players were on IR but the bench strenght was what kept them competitive. We need that.

YG, I believe Polian is a re-tread I say we do something diffrent like plucking a guy from the 49ers front office now that team is loaded with talent. Or maybe the Giants. We sorely lack talent.


Polian's responsible for all of the offensive talent Peyton Manning had around him. Im just a little suspect of the defensive players Polians picks.

But he does seem to know pass rushers on defense. His run stop guys in Indy were nothing to write home about. But we already have good run stop personel on this defense.


True Polian's a re-tread. I bel;iev he still knows offensive personel though. Thats where he did his greatest work in Indy and happens to be where this franchise has struggled most over the years.

But, like I said, Polian has to guarrantee he'll be here at least 3yrs first.


The BP/JI beast has struggled mightily in bringing impact offensive personel to Miami. Bp's always been a sort of win games 10-9 with great defense guy.

Problem is that neither have been able to bring in dominant defensive players aside from Cam Wake either.


If IRELAND ISN'T fired after this season.....

Then PHILBIN will be AXED with him after the next....the ONLY way we can hope for ANY kind of continuity for the FINS is to have Ireland Fired this year....and Ross lets the Coach hire the GM.....two guys who want to work together.....

That is the ONLY way to avoid an implosion of gigantic proportions....and star another "re-build" in 2014......


If the team sucks next year and Ireland's fired. I really dont think Philbin goes down with him unless the team wins 4 games or less. If the team wins 4 games or less, Philbin's part of that problem.

However, I think Ireland should be judged next season on if the team makes the playoffs or not. Ireland's had more than enough time to assemble a playoff roster.

Say, the team finishes 7-9 to 8-8. That suggests Ireland has still failed to bring in the neccessary talent. But also means Philbin has shown enough to keep his job.

Philbin wins at least 6 to 9 games next year and he's earned his stay. The team fails to make the playoffs and Ireland needs to move on. It would have been 6 season under BP/JI and only 1 playoff appearance and that was 2008.

Im out guys..................

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