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Jimmy Wilson could be out Sunday but that's not terrible

The Dolphins are not optimistic nickel cornerback Jimmy Wilson will be able to play Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. Wilson has missed practice on Wednesday and was limted Thursday. His status for Friday is uncertain.

It's possible Wilson won't even travel with the team when it leaves for the west coast Friday.

That means the Dolphins have to fill the need and a likely candidate is Bryan McCann, who played last week against the Patriots. McCann has been on the roster about a month.

The Dolphins can also use either Nolan Carroll or R.J. Stanford at the nickel and have the other playing the outside but that seems less likely. There's even a remote possibility the Dolphins can use newly signed Tyrone Culver in dime work as he played that role for the team for several years before he was waived in the preseason.

The injury's fallout?

The truth is Wilson has struggled in coverage this season. And McCann was not severely tested by New England although Wes Welker had a typically productive day. So this might actually be something of a net plus for the defense.

Obviously, Wilson has been very good on the corner blitz and as the Dolphins want to continue to use the strategy, it will test someone else's blitz ability.

Wilson's loss is almost a bigger issue on special teams where he is fourth on the team in tackles.



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"No weapon forged can stop me."

"That was then."

Name that 90s TV show.

I really don't know wth is going on in here. My best guess is that Ireland is bringing in all these nuggets and Philbin is telling him, No, Jeff, don't bring me these low-smarts Players, bring me something good.

You guys HAVE to understand that AFTER this season is complete....PHILBIN will be officially TIED to Ireland...

He will have NO excuses...and NO GM will want to keep him on as HC....

Ross messed up once by night firing Ireland with Sporano.....

Ross stated he felt he had (PAID) for a PLAYOFF team.....he just didn't have a playoff coach.....

He set the table for an Ireland firing before the season even started....now he just has to follow thru after the beat-down from the 49ers.....no need to wait till the end of the season....lets get the interview and evaluation process started....

deion sanders could come here and he wouldnt be able to cover anyone dolphins just plain suck

We need to hire a real brainy personnell guy who learned in a great system, like Scott Pioli.

Her's done such a great job with the Chiefs!

I know you guys are totally incapable of admitting it, butn you know absolutely NOTHING about ANY of these guys--including Ireland.

I mean that. Nothing. Beyond clueless.

Remember how bad a job Spielman did in Miami? He was 'NFL Executive of the Year' a few years later with the Vikings.

But I'll bet you saw that coming, right?

The truth is, there's a LOT of pure, dumb luck involved in this stuff. Especially if the right QB falls into your lap.

But go on believing that there's magicians out there with pixie dust to make everything right.

There's a lot of speculation/misinformation on this blog about how long it takes to build a good roster and a winning team. The answer is not 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc years. The answer is as soon as you get a good QB. The Dolphins have had a below average QB for more than a decade running and that's why they've been below average for most of the decade. When they get a good QB they will start winning and the roster will look a whole lot better. Might be Tannehill might not be. Time will tell.

I don't think Ross wants to get into the habbit of firing a coach one year...and then the GM the next....and have that become cyclical......

I am a huge supporter of Coach Philbin....but he needs a NEW GM in order to succeed.....

agree kris

As I stated before pull a well known guy from the 49ers personal department, the team is stacked all over the field. A case can be made that a player for each of there defensive position will be in the pro bowl thats insane.
DL: Justin Smith, Aldon Smith
LB: Willis, Bowman and Brooks
S: Whitner and Goldson
CB: Rodgers.

No weakness


Ireland has earned a new honeymoon period because they drafted a rookie QB. The truth is that Ireland has done a good job building the defense and in fact I would say that he is 2 or 3 players away from having a dominant defense. I would like to see him get a big time pass rusher and another guy in the secondary.

Ireland and Philbin are actually tied to Tannehill. It is all about the QB in this league. Who is the genious in Indianapolis, their HC has been out all year. The Colts are 8-4 because of Andrew Luck. If we would have sucked for Luck last year, we would be 8-4. I actually think that we would be competing for a wild card spot if Moore was the QB. The reality is that Tannehill is one of the worst rated QBs in the NFL. I like T-Hill and think that he has some promise but right now he is what is holding the fins back. If Tannehill takes us to the playoffs next year we will forget all the negative talk about Ireland and Philbin.

Philbin is learning very quickly its much harder when you don't have a top 5 QB and now he is glued to Tannehill for 3 years. And over the next 3 years the dolphins will watch highly drafted QB's get taken by every other team. Next year Miami will pick a good receiver and everyone will be happy only to find out a receiver isn't anything if the QB is mediocre. Then everyone will blame the receiver and mgmt. for poor talent assesment. Buckle your seatbelts the next few years are going to be bumpy.

What is THill's potential? I am afraid I don't see it. He has courage and will throw the ball. But to be dominate. I am not encouraged. True it is his very first season and he doesn't have a lot of college experience. All of that aside he should not be missing the gunslinger throws. Dink and dunk is fine if you are Pennington.

Bob Griese, millionare, Real State. Dick Anderson, Legislator for Florida. Nick Bouniconti, Lawyer. Doug Swift, Surgeon. Just saying.

Orlando...@ 5:22....

I agree with most of what you say.....

I would DISAGREE with Ireland has EARNED a honeymoon period....

I thin coerced...or blackmailed his way to it is more accurate....imo....

Tannehill has all of the tools but he has not been a QB for very long. I do think he has a lot of upside because he possesses all of the physical tools. Now we will see if he can learn how to read defenses and step into the pocket to avoid the pass rush. I think that right now when Tannehill comes to the line he has one receiver in mind. Teams adjusted to tannehill and are dropping a bunch of guys back and making him read the defense and find the open man. He is the starting QB and that may be good in the long run but the Dolphins would have been better off (this year) starting Matt Moore. They had a weak schedule and because of Tannehills inexperience were not able to take advantage of it.

I say give Ireland one more year. He was working under Parcell's blueprint, which obviously didn't work (that's probably why the Tuna took the $ and ran.) So, I'm willing to give him a Mulligan. But...we now have a HC who seems to have a realistic and well thought out plan/design for the team - let's see if Ireland can get him the players he needs to continue to develop the team. Remember, Philbin has said that he likes to develop his own players, so let's give him the "groceries" he needs. I applaud him for getting rid of Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, and Vontae Davis - all talented players but not productive, a problem off the field, a cancer in the locker room,or undisciplined - or all the above.

We are now beginning to assemble a nucleus of very smart Players + our Coach(IQ 140). Tannehill, future M.D., Jonathan Martin, future Lawyer, Reggie Bush, probably future Politician. Looking good.


I would agree that the next honeymoon period will probably be short. I think that the Dolphins have to at least make the playoffs next year or Ireland may be in trouble. However, no matter what, I think Ireland will be back next year. He has had misses but he has also found some pretty good nuggets. Bess, Reshad Jones, Brian Hartline, and Wake were all players no one wanted and they are some of the best players on the team. Again, Ireland's future is in Tannehill's hands. If Tannehill becomes a top rated QB, the Dolphins will be a playoff contender every year and we will be talking about Ireland as a genious. Everyone called Bill Polian a genious until Peyton got hurt last year and then everyone found out that the other players he picked were not very good.

Ireland will be fired at seasons end without a doubt. 4 consecutive losing years is the clincher. No way Ross allows the fan base to dwindle any further and no way Ross allows Ireland to ruin anothe draft.

Ireland? Honeymoon? Has the fanbase finally completely succumed to mediocrity?

Yes, give Ireland 1 more draft to yield a playoff team, and I only say this for lack of knowledge of who to turns the gm reigns over to should we fire Ireland at season's end.

But honeymoon, Ireland? Please say you're kidding or give me the number of your drug dealer. I would like a total escape of reality too. LOL...

I think Tannehill's upside is a Chad Henne equivalent. And that isnt very much. The guy is just a huge dissapointment. They will try to correct his throwing motion during the offseason but thats rarely successful. In the meantime they better draft another QB or this will be a repeat of the 4 poor years with Henne.

Stubb Hubb has 40 yd line seats for #20 lol

Fans over react to the HC and the GM. Has the GM in Denver become smarter? Did Bill Polian become dumb last year and now the new GM of Indi is a genious? The reason we have failed the last 15 years is because we have never found Marino's replacement. If you get lucky and Andrew Luck is available when you suck, then all of the sudden you are a good GM and HC.

Ireland consistantly puts top rated defenses on the field. He has no first round busts and has found some decent players in the later rounds. The reason we are always complaining about this guy is, he has not found the QB to lead the franchise. I think that picking Long over Matt Ryan was all Parcells and his antiquated way of doing things (3 yeards and cloud of dust). Parcells married this franchise to Henne for 4 years. The Tannehill pick is on Ireland, if he failed in picking the franchise QB, then he will be gone but I think Ross is going to give Ireland a chance to prove himself. The reason Ireland decided to pick Tannehill is because he knew he had more than 1 year. Who in their right mind would have put their fate on a raw rookie QB?

4 consecutive losing seasons.....give Irescum a raise lol

Wilson will hinder the nickle factor for Coyle on Sunday.Hint nickle and dime them so they get tired before you do.The starters wont reach their play limit and Dansby wont open his trap on the radio.

So Home is gone huh?

Well, if Mando was a GM, I'd say "Good Move".

Way to cut the "Fat" Mando!

Good Job!

So, are Dolfans happy with the worst QB in the league?

I used to enjoy Home with all his weird predictions.(I've been coughing a lot lately)

I'm no expert, but I see nothing wrong in RT's throwing motion.

As a matter of fact, if you have watched closely, you can see these New Super QBs throwing sideways accurately 20-30 yds downfield to escape the blocking of balls.

The Heat are 20-2 in their last 22 games in December. ... Miami has won six games this season when trailing in the fourth quarter, including four rallies from at least seven points. ... LeBron James' triple-double Tuesday against the Wizards was the 33rd of his career and his fifth with the Heat.The Knicks won the first meeting, 104-84, Nov. 2 in New York.

Drops his arm sometimes causing ball to come out low

Kick him in the asssss.

I told you before, the guy is borderline lazy.

Yesterday's Gone says:

Ireland? Honeymoon? Has the fanbase finally completely succumed to mediocrity?
Well your right about the mediocrity on this Dolphins team. However Ireland should be fired now but he will not be for a number of reasons. The Dolphins can not afford to have the clueless Ireland trained by dinosaur Parcells making the personnel decisions that have to be made during the offseason. Ross made the right decision to try and get Harbaugh. Perhaps he will handcuff Ireland and take away some of his power.

Listening to Janis Joplin now, Cry, live.

Remember how bad a job Spielman did in Miami? He was 'NFL Executive of the Year' a few years later with the Vikings.

But I'll bet you saw that coming, right?

You're Not Fooling Me | December 06, 2012 at 04:58 PM

What a narrow minded and skewed observation. The Vikes took AP in 07 when Speilmen drafted Ginn here for us remember?? Sidney Rice was there as well as most of the O weapons and OL spearheaded by LT Bryant Mckinnie. The D was intact except for the Jared Allen trade and bringing in Sharper at Strong Safety but they were stuck at QB with T.Jackson.

Speilmen signed Brett Farve and OG S.Hutchinson along with Sharper and the Allen trade while drafting Percy Harvin (who alot of teams wanted real no brainer) turning them into the feel good story of 09. The glory was short lived as we all know.

He has since drafted C.Ponder 12th overall when most had in RD-2 mostly based on his Sr. Bowl performance and the move has basically made them the same team they were before with Jackson only now older. That Exec. of the Yr. thing came on the heels of the comeback king Favre and his last hurra.

He will be gone in the next couple of years when Ponder becomes a career back up with a weak arm whose made of buttermilk always getting hurt. By the way he traded Welker in 07 along with Chambers while adding Beck Rd-2, some Exec!



Listen, please no confusion here. Who traded Welker, Spielman or Randy Mueller?

Irescum traded Da Beast

Listen, please no confusion here. Who traded Welker, Spielman or Randy Mueller?

oscar canosa | December 06, 2012 at 08:01 PM

The sort of Howie Long looking Rick Speilmen who was Cam Cameron's G.M. made the trade of course Welker never becomes the player he has had he stayed but that's another story.

The surest way not to waste Draft picks is drafting very smart Players, as Ireland is doing now.


First of all, tell me who would you make gm if Ireland was fired today?

You cant let a guy go without first having a well thought out plan. What good does letting Ureland go serve if just "next mediocre manager, batter up"?

Most of the really good gm's are already employed. Im sure they'll just be screaming to let go of thier good jobs to come work underneath Ross.

Like most all dolfans, Im unhappy with Ireland too. But common sense dictates, you dont hop out of the frying pan into the fire either. Outside of Bill Polian agreeing to a 3yrs contract, we're probably best served sticking with Ireland for at least one more season.

Then if his next draft class doesnt produce at least 2 players that make a huge, and I do mean huge, difference. We have no other recourse but to cut bait. But Ross had better begin doing his gm search homework right now, so should it come to that he'll already be fully prepared.

Do you hear this Steven Ross?

I stand corrected by a friend over watching the game tonight, your right Oscar Speilmen was already gone by then. My BAD!

We admit no feeble minded People around Us. We send them somewhere else.

The surest way not to waste Draft picks is by letting Ireland make the picks. HAHA

Could be, Tony Nathan, could be.


No denying the accomplishments of Bill Polian in Buffalo or Indy and I happen to agree with you that they left deer in the headlights H.C. Caldwell on the sideline last Season in a blatant SUCK FOR LUCK but you really feel like bringing in another older G.M. who in reality at the end in Indy was grooming his son Chris Polian to take the reigns??

There hasn't been a bigger detractor on this blog regarding Ireland for 2 years now louder than me but he has stockpiled picks and slashed massive payroll space for 2013 and at this point I rather let it play out before making another big switch which may bring a difference of philosophy among other things. I will tell you the rope is short and if he blows this the whole lot of them in his FO should get there walking papers. He is after all the reason Ross couldn't bag Harbaugh given Jim wanted more personnel control which Debartolo nephew Jed York was only to happy to give him.

Another problem with a new gm will be his philosophy in building a team. If he isnt a wco endorser, Philbin's gone, his entire staff is gone, and most of the current players are.

So on top of the unfinished 5yr rebuilding project, tack 4 more years onto that for the new gm to do his rebuilding. If in 4yrs years we're firing that guy too. That's 9yrs invest between BP/JI and the Ireland replacement just to build our version of the Alaskan bridge to "NOWHERE".

You sound pessimistic Today, YG.


Exactly why I say 3yrs only for Polian. Thats about the max his ederly state will let him take. I dont care if he grooms his son underneath him. I just want him to be the primary shot caller on all of the draft day takes.

Polian seems to have a pretty good hand for picking offensive talent. Which, ever since JJ took over is where we sucked most. He seem to be able to spot really good pass rushers on the defensive side of the ball, but thats about it on that side of the ball.

I trust Polian to bring in the right pieces to build around Tannehill. He definitely did it with Peyton.


Not pessimistic, opportunistic. There's a time to do everything when opportunity presents itself. Firing Ireland today could be 1 step forward and 2 backwards if you didnt already have a Polian lined up to step in right away.

I would even take two completely Polian ran offensive drafts.

Jimmy Wilson. Lights out all star. NOT. With the exception of Jones the entire secondary is a joke. They still haven't figured out that it might be a good idea to cover Welker on every play. I'm glad we ran Nolan out of town. Coyle is setting the world on fire. NOT.

What is the facination with Bill Polian? Did you see the team Polian built last year? Was it Polian or Manning that made the Colts great? Without Manning the Colts were awful.

Look closely at Ireland's defense. Reshad Jones 5th round pick, Wake free agent, Odrick late first round pick, and Misi second round. He has also made good FA decisions: Dansby, Burnett, and Soliai are very good signings. The D has been steady and is a couple of picks away from being top notch. On offense he found Bess as an undrafted FA, Hartline in the 4th round, signed Reggie Bush, Drafted Jake Long, Mike Pouncey, John Jerry, J. Martin, Thomas etc. I argue that the difference between Ireland and the GM of the Colts is Andrew Luck. It is up to Tannehill to save Ireland's job and reputation. You need a top notch QB to be a consistant winner in this league.

Nah, YG, JJ just didn't pick enough smart Players, he said so himself.

Bill Polian knows offensive talent. We need offensive talent. But Im sure Ross would never consider luring Polian here for at least 2 offensive drafts.


WTH do you do when you have the offensive talent, but dont have a competent qb to get the ball to them?

Not only was that the worst starting qb in the league. Curtis Painter is probably the worst 3RD STRING backup qb in the league. His upside isnt even worst 2ND STRING qb in the league.








Manti T'eo is cleaning up on awards tonight on espn. LOL...

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