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Jimmy Wilson could be out Sunday but that's not terrible

The Dolphins are not optimistic nickel cornerback Jimmy Wilson will be able to play Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. Wilson has missed practice on Wednesday and was limted Thursday. His status for Friday is uncertain.

It's possible Wilson won't even travel with the team when it leaves for the west coast Friday.

That means the Dolphins have to fill the need and a likely candidate is Bryan McCann, who played last week against the Patriots. McCann has been on the roster about a month.

The Dolphins can also use either Nolan Carroll or R.J. Stanford at the nickel and have the other playing the outside but that seems less likely. There's even a remote possibility the Dolphins can use newly signed Tyrone Culver in dime work as he played that role for the team for several years before he was waived in the preseason.

The injury's fallout?

The truth is Wilson has struggled in coverage this season. And McCann was not severely tested by New England although Wes Welker had a typically productive day. So this might actually be something of a net plus for the defense.

Obviously, Wilson has been very good on the corner blitz and as the Dolphins want to continue to use the strategy, it will test someone else's blitz ability.

Wilson's loss is almost a bigger issue on special teams where he is fourth on the team in tackles.



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Look at what Luck is doing with 4 rookies: Hilton, Brazil, Fleener, and Allen. He is also doing it with an old Reggie Wayne (look at what he did last year). Is is the great Indianapolis Colts GM and Coach? Their HC has been out all year and they are still 8-4. It is all about the QB.

Give Ireland Andrew Luck and he would be looking a lot better. The jury is still out on Tannehill. I am not writing T-Hill off yet but he is no sure bet.

But, but, Flipper, I thought you were all for Tannehill.


Sometimes I think you and ALoco are the same person. You always miss posts I state as my position. Then credit me with posts written by others.

Have you and ALoco both gone senile?


I wasnt for drafting a qb 1st rd period last year. Remember, I was the David Decastro guy? Geesh you and ALoco need memory pills. LOL...


Only qb I was for taking 1st rd last year was trading the house for RG3. Stop drinking the "forget me not". Youre embarrassing yourself. LOL...


Not signing Breez for sure was the biggest blunder. You can also argue not drafting Ryan and taking Long (I beleive that was Parcels) but at least Long was a pro bowl LT since he came into the league. Also, I thought the Breez mistake was made by Saban and company not Ireland.

Thomas is still a young player and we'll see about Egnew. There is still a pending 3rd round pick next year for the Marshall trade. I also did not like losing Marshall as he is having an All Pro year ( I think that one is on Philbin).

Since joining Miami, Ireland has spent 14 draft picks on skill position players and has gotten zero playmakers out of those 14 picks.

I know you.

Opinion of Ireland and the non move to sign Danario Alexander at WR. Where was Ireland when the rams cut Danario Alexander after week #1. He was unemployed for 5 weeks and Ireland could of had him for next to nothing. Instead Ireland gets Armstrong and Gaffney. Smooth moves. Now Alexander is the best wide receiver on the Chargers. He would have a nice weapon for Tany.


He also has Phillip Rivers throwing him the ball. Besides maybe Ireland did want him and the Chargers took him before the fins could or he did not fit the system here. Why did the other 29 teams not sign him? You can not blame the guy for everyone he did not sign.

The coaches and GMs sometimes get way more credit and blame than they deserve. I will give you another example of a critizised coach, Tom Coughlin. He was run out of Jacksonville because he was just too tough and players did not like playing for him. All of the sudden he goes to the Giants and becomes a great coach? No, Eli Manning was drafted and Coughlin's reputation was saved. Can Tannehill save Ireland and make Philbin look like a great coach? We will see.

Philbin is changing a culture of losing as well as getting the proper talent to get the job done. It's been 10 years in the making at least, won't change in one season. I suspect that he works well with Ireland and has enough personnel opinions to make the difference. I think year 3 and we are legit. Philbin is used to Super Bowl contention and I think it will happen.



My point about Danario Alexander is that Miami was desperate at WR. The guy had some 100plus yard games last year before he got hurt in his rookie year. So the film was there. Most other 29 teams were not as desparate as us. He would of cost less than what he brought in. He is big and fast; something we did not have and still do not. The goal is to get Tany weapons for his development.

You can now add Maxwell award winner to Manti T'eo list of accomplishments tonight.

Does anyone here in thier right mind now doubt T'eo needs to be the Dolphins 1st rd draft pick if available?

We won't be bad enough to draft T'eo. He is a top 5 pick for sure. Awesome player! At least we have Dansby.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 06, 2012 at 03:37 PM

with regards to your post at the above time, when that conversation took place my understanding is that ireland was talking about DRAFT PICKS and that he wanted more 1st 2nd and 3rd round picks as he had plenty 4th,5th + 6ths??????????

is that not how you saw it???

Totally agree with Phins78 with the post that Ireland made re: having 4's, 5's etc. I was annoyed with his arrogant self and honestly, this moron SHOULD have be gone 2 yrs ago. Why is this guy still hanging around? What has he done that good that he should remain GM? Nothing that has improved the product on the field. The organization has improved at head coach, I like Philbin, he brings serious professionalism, some Midwest values and intelligence which lacked here. Ireland does not have the mojo for GM. I see him as a wannabe who in his own mind is the legend he thinks he is. Therefore, the team suffers with this guy. I think this guy throws his aura of he looks like, talks like, walks like he knows what he is doing, but he's playing a hand of cards that will show he's bluffing his way through the game. He's an embarrassment to me as a fan and the laughing stock of the league. He's been given way too much time here....get rid of him in off season so another GM can make some improvements for 2013.

Wilson ain't bad. Allowing opposing QBs all day to find a receiver is bad. That's Coyle's fault. His 4-0-7 Defense doesn't work against the pass.

Please add some playmakers already. I don't think Ireland has a good track record signing or draft skill positions. Team has a good core on D, just need another cover guy and maybe another pass rusher. Although we will need more after free agency because stupid Ireland hasn't resigned several key guys, i.e. Starks on D, and Hartline on O being the main ones. Bush is good and a good leader but I'm okay with letting him go as long as the money is used wisely elsewhere, which I doubt. This team has way too many O line problems considering the resources spent there. Tannehill is the QB even though his performance has digresses recently. He doesn't have enough weapons and He is a rookie. He may not be a superstar, but within a year or 2 He can be a top 10 QB with some more help. Bess, Hartline, and Fasano are all good players, but they need a dynamic talent to help them get open. In short, Ireland probably needs to go. I'm also not sold on Sherman, but its hard to judge him with the limited skill players we have. Losing sux. get this crap figured already out this off season. We have draft picks and cap space.

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