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Joe Philbin: Free agency on the table

There is a false narrative in the Dolfan community that because coach Joe Philbin came from the Green Bay Packers, he wants the Dolphins run like the Green Bay Packers, particularly when it comes to building the team.

The idea is that because Green Bay rarely dips toes in free agency, with few exceptions, Philbin wants the same in Miami.

That is not true.

"I'm not opposed to improving the football team in any way shape or form, by any method we can -- whether that's a trade whether that's free agency, draft obviously," Philbin said Monday in his end-of-season press conference. "I'm not opposed to any of that."

Philbin says player acquisition is a "collaborative" effort that includes general manager Jeff Ireland and his staff and Philbin and his staff. So free agency is on the table.

And that ties perfectly with what I tell you in my column today about the Dolphins being willing to attack the high end of free agency this offseason as they have not done since probably 2010.

As I've said before, the man in charge of personnel for the Dolphins will  continue to be general manager Jeff Ireland. Owner Stephen Ross will speak with the media later this week, but a source repeated to me again today that Ireland is absolutely safe in his job. So no change is coming there for this offseason.

This offseason is about improving everywhere -- particularly on offense.

"We certainly need to get better production and performance out of the offensive unit," Philbin said.

The coach wants to see massive improvement in the team's turnover margin. It was minus 10 this year which was in the bottom quarter of the league. And he wants to see more plays on both offense and defense relative to the passing game.

"I think these guys performed well," Philbin said. "We have to do a better job of putting points on the board. This is not a complicated game. We have to do a better job there. Part of the takeway issue is getting interceptions and fumble recoveries. But I don't know it's isolated to the receiver or DB positions.

"We need to address the explosive play element on both sides of the ball. We got to create more, we have to eliminate more from our opponent's play."

Well, if that doesn't speak to receivers (including TEs on offense) and DBs (particularly corners on defense) I don't know who it speaks to.

Among the things Philbin wants to improve is himself.

"I definitely need to improve like anybody else, no question about it," he said. "That's what the offseason is all about. I haven't had time to reflect necessarily going through the exit process today and meeting with the players. Obviously we had a plan in place for this season. I thought it was a good plan. However, obviously you have to make changes and adjustments and learn and make improvements. And we'll do that. We'll listen to the suggestions of some of the guys you work with on a consistent basis and see if they have ideas that may or may not benefit the program."

Improvement is the order of the day all around this franchise, folks. The Dolphins finished 7-9 and out of the playoffs. That's 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, and 7-9 in the last four seasons. And none of those seasons included a postseason berth.

"7-9 is not good enough," Philbin said. "... We have a lot of work to do. That's really where we are."



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Yep, acquire talent by any means necessary. The trench positions are passable (if they can another tackle without blowing a large part of the cap or a high draft pick). But right now there is a lot of pressure on the guts of the team because the skill positions just add nothing.

Marino should look @ how cool Elway looks now....

Hair slicked back....100,00 dollar suits...and million dollar coats cut just right.......and BEST OF ALL...the GM of the #1 seed in the AFC.......

Elway already beat Marino career wise.....

Marino needs to get off the bench (tv)....and Use Elway as motivation to give it one last shot @ a ring......

"I ain't heard no bell yet".....

Rocky (all movies i think)....

what doyou think about Loadholt from Minn?

Craig M....from the last blog...there is also another excelent answer (imo) on the las blog...by Rex-EX.....

I'm not sure Rex is the kind of HC that leaves one HC gig...and gets snapped up by another.....he is a SLIGHTLY better version of SPorano (as a HC)...imo....as a Coordinator...Sporano can't hold his jock strap....

Rex's act has worn thin....and he will be out as the jets HC next year...he won't have to angle to get out....he will be fired......remember...you heard it hear FIRST....

Posted by: Kris | December 31, 2012 at 12:28 PM


I looked at what Marino had on in studio yesterday and it looked like something he might have picked up at Good Will or something. Blue jacket, black pants and his tie was all ruffled. Other guys in the studio looked really professional. You'd never know he's a wealthy guy....looked like an intern.


About our schedule:

You honestly think we can beat those teams? We NEVER beat good teams on the road except for Cincy (We always seem to play good against the Bengals for some reason) and that stunner against Green Bay a few seasons ago.

So, no, I don't have much confidence in this team or QB (Tannehill will still be the QB) to win those on the road.

The only team that invests as much money as us in the LT position is Cleveland. Time to dump Jake Long and use that money on play makers.


I'll agree that Rex's act has in fact worn thin. But it would be new to whatever team he went to. There's a couple of old hockey coaches in the NHL who were like that (Mark could relate to this. Jacques Demers and Pat Burns. Both coached in a number of different places and had short term success wherever they went. Then their act wore thin and they were fired. I believe Rex is that same kind of guy. I believe in the right situation he could have success for 2-4 years. I don't believe he's a teacher but I believe he finds a way to get the max out of his teams. To me, a team like Chicago would be a great fit for Rex. Just my opinion.

LOL @ Craig M @ 12:37....

I stopped watching Marino on TV 2 years ago....he is SOOOOO boring....rarely has anything interesting to say...or has any snappy one-liners.....almost none of those guys do....

I'm a Chris Berman guy.....with FOX's SB team as a back-up....


I actually gave up on all the pre-game shows a couple of years ago. You're right about Marino. I'm not a fan of 'talking heads' as I'm sure you know by now. I think the NFl Network had some knowledge guys but even some of those guys I have to take in small doses.

TJ, I think you had us losing to the Jets too. What is it about the Jets you think is going to be any better next year?

(from previous blog)

Agreed about Marino.

On-field success is really no barometer at all in how someone would perform as a coach and/or GM type. In fact, NFL history is littered with examples of star players being complete flops in other roles.

Can't see Dan taking on the role of personnell analyst/capologist and the dozens of other roles a modern GM must be adept at.

Elway MAY be the exception to that rule...but landing the right QB obviously makes everyone look a lot smarter.

You need look no further than former "genius" Scott Pioli's career for evidence of that.

By the way, as far as FA is concerned, I'm not dead set against it. I'm just dead set against monstrous contracts being handed out. Rarely seems to work in any sport. Angels in baseball have done their fair shar of it the last few years and they missed the playoffs last year. Same with the Dodgers. The smart teams don't do business this way.

However, with all that being said, I wouldn't be opposed to a Greg Jennings contract, if it came in around what Wayne was paid last year (3 years and $17.5 mil). To me that's much more reasonable, that some crazy 5 year/$50 mil deal.


You're probably right.....I'm just throwing it out there....I mean...if he has any competitive juices left.....WE NEED HIM.....

All in all....I'm just having fun....I am sure Marino is VERY comfortable with were he is @...as well he should be....


I had us beating the Jets twice, they suck:

The home schedule: New York Jets (W), New England (L), Buffalo (W), Baltimore (L), Cincinnati (L), Atlanta (L), Carolina (L), San Diego (W); The away schedule: New York Jets (W), New England (L), Buffalo (L), Indianapolis (L), Pittsburgh (L), Cleveland (L), Tampa Bay (L), New Orleans (L).

Craig M....

This year could be you're wost NIGHTMARE as far as FA go...

Ireland is in "save his skin mode"....

he may turn into the Eagles GM and buy everything........or he may turn into the 1994 FINS wen Shula "won the off-season SB"...only to collapse after starting the season 9-2.....

to be fair....that was also the year Marino blew that achilles....

Oops, actually had Cincy as a W as well...

So, 5-11 is what I see right now. Hey, they could surprise some games and win a few here and there that we usually don't win...Like tough road games. I hope it will happen!


You're right. That owuld be my fear. I don't want him doing what's not in the team's best interests. If we're not better than 7-9 next year, he should be gone. Fairs fair. I'll have had enough by then.

My other fear is, and honestly Kris, I ACTUALLY believe it could happen, is that the team somehow sees Tebow as an asset for this team. Ross looks at is a way to put fans in the seats and to sell jerseys. It would be the dumbest move this team has made in a long time.

Greg Jennings is not Andre Johnson. I'm not sure how big an upgrade he would be. We already have D Bess.

Another LongSeason,

Greg Jennings is NOT Devon Bess. Have you ever seen this guy play? Bess is a possession receiver. Jennings is more than just that. Bess has NEVER approached what Jennings is capable of TD-wise. Different type of player. Not as dynamic as Wallace but he'd come at a fraction of the price.

Chris Berman sucks. Stopped watching that crap on espn years ago. Too many people trying to shove their nose up Berman's ass. He hates the Dolphins and even if they were a great team year in and out he wouldn't give them any air time.

I guess Ross likes buy up tickets every week. Keep Jeff Ireland, i'm done as a season ticket holder. 2013 = 6-10 just because they play Jets & Bills 2x.


Everybody stating we need to address out own FA's before looking elsewhere need to look up the text book definition of INSANITY (Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result) This core group of FA's have been the cogs and catalyst on some sub par mediocre teams for a few Yrs. now and outside of maybe 2 to 3 of them I don't see how bringing them back before looking elsewhere helps long term at this point given they are what they are.

That said I don't believe you can grade the team solely based on what you saw yesterday given I believe the team packed it in like a U-Haul will travel truck before kick off.

I will say the OL gives great pause outside of Pouncey neither Guard can pull with Incognito maybe the slowest LG I've ever seen and J.Jerry who has the athletic potential perennially over weight and out of shape.He maybe the more disappointing given you wonder what he could do motivated and playing at around 325 Pds. through a proper work ethic not constantly crash dieting which hurts his stamina and affects his abilities. J.Martin is so incredibly susceptible to the straight bull rush it's down right shocking. I have for sometime been saying we can live without Long and still feel this way unless his contract demands come down by half or performance bonus laced but we obviously can't live with Martin on the blindside and if not Long then need to hope that at least the very athletic Tex A&M RT Matthews falls to our pick 2A given that at 6'6"/310 Pds. at 4.95/40 maybe able to make the switch and our OL Coach should know better than anybody.

It's become painfully evident in having watched Luck at 1:00 PM then seen Tannehill that we may have drafted a more athletic Flacco. Luck at this point really goes through his reads scanning the field while Tannehill in week 17 still stares his 1st option down and forces the ball which is what caused the 1st Int. He also later missed a wide open WR (the bum wearing #19 Mimms or Bumms) before the half on a roll out to his right taking his eyes off downfield staring at the rush, disappointing! Without any spectacular option at RB strengthening my position on the blog for sometime now about looking to stock the D Ravens style through the draft while adding what we can on O in FA.

Craig M if your out there your right about the need for another pass rusher but you must admit we can use some new blood at MLB. The TD run by Ridley were one of the Pats OG's barely touches Dansby who watches Ridley run past him sitting on his keester was down right embarrassing as well or how about his inability to audible the D. Look at what London Fletcher did last night Vs. Dallas were he switched over half the D's calls and really lit a fire under teammates making plays all over the field in his 15th Yr. The DB's also need an overhall so in summation lots of holes. Our position moving into the Off-Season requires alot of thought and we better all hope Ireland gets at least 50% of it right or this team will stay as is for sometime.

Kris--point well taken on FA and the danger of going spend crazy (which NEVER works no matter how much fans love it) but one minor correction:

The Dolphins did that in 95, Shula's final season. Marino's achilles inhury had occured a couple of years prior to that.

Agree Meadows....

ESPN...and Berman do keep the FINS off the air....

I still think he has the most entertaing personality...and I loved his post game show,,,,PRIME TIME.....

but yes...they disrespect the FINS @ every turn....

Thanks for the corrects jrs....

AJ SMITH is on the MARKET.....

Its NOW or NEVER ROSS.....

A GREAT TIGHT END ONE OR TWOGREAT WIDE RECIEVERS TO JOIN WITH HARTLINE DEFINITLY TWO CORNERBACKS MAKE BESS RELIZE WHERE THE FIRST DOWN MARKER IS ANOTHER BAD ASS RUNNING BACK SO REGIE CAN GET MISSMATCHS AND YES KEEP REGGIE MAYBE A BETTER MIDDLE LB WE NEED IT NOW SO THE DOLPHINS DON'T RUIN ANOTHER PLAYERS CAREER WITHOUT A SUPERBOWL (( cam wake) like they did with zak and Taylor This has to be the year because if it isn't then we would have to fire Ireland and start ALL OVER AGAIN AND WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER 3-4 years to get our teAm good! IT IS NOW!!!! Ireland you better not blow this for us!!!!! DO SOMETHING NOW!!!! These fans can't wait any longer!!!! And get us a black uniform too for some games we need to be mean!!!!

Armando, "I'm not opposed to..." is not exactly a ringing endorsement of big name acquisitions. While I think everybody is sure that Ireland/Philbin will be careful with the dollars vs value this year, just remember that J. Philbin works with PLANS and IDEAS. He doesn't change them when he thinks he's right. His statements you quoted appear to reflect his subjectivity on the matter of player acquisition and one would be wise to remember that he has strong feelings about the kind of players he wants on his team.

(Kris, Craig, Mark, Thanks. I guess it means great minds think alike!)

Now that Miami FINALLY has their cap situation in great shape, the key is NOT going on wild, harebrained spending sprees but KEEPING the cap situation good for years to come.

A certain team in New England (you may have seen them yesterday) has adhered to that philosophy for years. So have other historically successful franchises such as the Steelers and Packers.

That doesn't preclude targeting one or two key FA's each offseason. Miami should (and very likely will) do just that. But the kind of wild spending sprees that many fans would desire is a proven recipe for failure.


Glad you can see the need for another pass rusher now too. There's some good ones, who should there for us at 12, depending of course on what teams like NYJ and SD do. I'm willing to cut Dansby some slack this year. He's been hurt for most of the year and I think he's still going to be around 130-135 tackles for the year. He predicted 150, which a lot of people laughed at. Not such a bad season. Is he worth $8.5 mil against the cap? No, I don't think he is. If we can get him to re-negotiate then great. If not, I'm not in favour of opening up yet another hole on this team, when it doesn't need to happen. I think Dansby and Burnett get one more season, before we need to address LBer, likely in the draft.

Another LongSeason,

Greg Jennings is NOT Devon Bess. Have you ever seen this guy play? Bess is a possession receiver. Jennings is more than just that. Bess has NEVER approached what Jennings is capable of TD-wise. Different type of player. Not as dynamic as Wallace but he'd come at a fraction of the price.

Craig M | December 31, 2012 at 12:57 PM

I doubt he comes at a fraction of the price but given his history with Philbin seems the more logical bet and given the all out talent at WR in G.B. more than likely leaving in a numbers game.

It all centers around us acquiring a franchise QB. FA is fine if we cant get one thru the draft.

AJ Smith? Chargers have become an old, fading team with some of the worst drafts in the NFL the past few years. No thanks!!


There ya go, Jeffs job is safe can we please move on?

Not much of a surprise Philbin changed his tune after watching this bunch for 16 games. The cold hard facts are even if Ireland hits on the majority of draft pics, it still won't be enough to be playoff caliber next year.

FAs can be a slippery slope. But every year a few good players are signed end up making a difference with a new team. The draft should be the basis with FAs as a part of the mix. But it all boils down to WHO is doing the picking.

Matt Barkley or Bust!


So you're predicting the price tag on Jennings will be something like 5 year and $45 mil?

Here's a fa rb name we all know but could be an extreme longshot the evil genius lets go: DANNY WOODHEAD

I absolutely love his quickness and the way he hides behind his blockers then absolutely explodes thru the hole.

You can Cry and Put a finger into the Sun and cover it, but Bad is bad and a loser is MIAMI DOLPHINS, Need from top to the bottom FIRE IRELAND and that is the end of coversation, FIRE THE MIAMI DOLPHIN GM IRELAND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you have Irescum as a GM...FA or a trade is all you have. Forget the draft.


I think that's it EXACTLY. There's nothing in Philbin's comments that tell me the team is going to open the vault to FA. NOTHING. I'm not against FA either, just against going out there and trying to make the biggest splashes out there, when we have 5 of the top 50 picks. I think FA should be a PART of the plan....not the MAIN part.


Camilo its not happening this year

All that going on spending sprees in FA leaves you with is a bunch of overpaid rejects from other teams with VERY rare exceptions.

The BEST franchises rarely go that route and never, ever mess their cap situation up by looking for a 'quick fix' that never comes---no matter how much their fanbase is bleating for it.

Wasn't watching Dan Snyder do that for a decade lesson enough for everyone?

You fil in a piece ot two via FA. That's it.

matty @1:18pm,

hopefully just a few more days of this crap and then we can start talking football again.



Here's a bigtime passrush fa name. He's 31yrs old and I would love to see him bookend Wake for the next 3-4 seasons.

OSI UMENYIORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giants may not be serious about resigning him with the emergence JPP. He also gives time for Olivier Vernon to develop.


billcale. you want IRELAND pick the players from the draft again and , Miami be a loser again. FIRE IRELAND FIRST

Fred Davis and Jared Cook also available at the TE positions.

Ireland is not going to be fired. That is an established fact.

Anyone is entitled to their opinion of him (mine are mixed, frankly, since Parcells had final say for much of his tenure) but going on and on about "firing" him is getting pretty pointless.

Ain't happening, folks.


Trust me, that name has crossed my mind. If I'm not msitaken he's had a few injuries and I'm not sure he's the guy he used to be. But trust me....it's a guy I've thought about. Should still be part of the conversation....agreed.


Yeah Craig it gets old.. I understand people arent happy with him but the team we cheer for, the owner has decided to let him have one more year, so why keep crying until we atleast see what FA holds and the draft..

YOU move on............Headline "Jeff's Job Safe" is infuriating, not reassuring.

Does the article say how the Ball Boy missed the acorns sitting right in his backyard like Alfred Morris & T Y Hilton??

I & many others will CONTINUE to move on..............away from spending one red cent on Ross's folllies.

One of the most well kept NFL secrets at cb, even though he's had a couple all-pro seasons:


He's a fa this offseason too.

Posted by: BOYCOTT IS ON | December 31, 2012 at 01:25 PM

Many here are also sick and tired of this same rant.. Its not happening this year..


Would depend on the price and what else we could do in the draft. My gut says draft a guy at 12, but a trade back could also be an option and yeah, FA for a guy like Osi isn't a bad option either. Philbin will be very familiar with this guy from his days in GB.

If you don't even know the mistakes you've made, how are you able to fix them?

I ask EACH poster to think about the mistakes made here in the past before moving on to what should be done this year.

I've heard some things today that are like nails on chalkboards, LIKE:

- posters complaining about the oline, and wanting to fix it. PUHLEASE! Oline was NOT the problem yesterday. News flash to anyone who didn't watch the game, there were 21 points that WE failed to muster OURSELVES, due to things ENTIRELY in our OWN ability to control, i.e. dropped handoffs, dropped passes, missing the open receiver, etc.

Fix the oline, that's ALL Ireland has tried to do in 5 years, and HE. AIN'T. DONE. IT! Craig says how many wins did V. Jackson add to the Bucs, well, I pose to him and everyone else, how many wins did Jake Long, Mike Pouncey, Jonathan Martin and every FA olinemen add to OUR TEAM? Exactly, because if you don't have playmakers, then WHO CARES who's on your oline OR what they can or can't do!!!

Some genius said (paraphrasing), look at the Pats, they concentrate on their oline, we should follow their lead. WHAT A JOKE! Yeah, it's quite easy to concentrate on the oline when you have a franchise QB, 2 elite TEs, an elite WR, and a good RB. Geez, where do some of you get your football IQ, TECMO BOWL?

- Draft vs. FA! Can we stop with the black or white? Two names: Cameron Wake/Ted Ginn Jr. One IS the best player on the defense, and happens to be a FA signing, the other was a FIRST-ROUND BUST! It's about getting the RIGHT player at the RIGHT price. Who cares WHERE you get him? If you keep putting these conditions on what you need to do, you'll probably be stuck on mediocrity forever. Step OUTSIDE the box. BE CREATIVE. Don't accept the NORM. We need talent, and that talent can be found in every round of the Draft AND in free agency (at the right price) if you know what you're doing.

- Fire Jeff Ireland! I know the thought behind it, guy had a number of years, stuck in mediocrity, can't get playmakers, so let's move on. If it only were that easy. That thinking doesn't take into account the Owners ASSESSMENT after restructuring the team LAST SEASON that the GM was worth keeping. What don't many of you get about that? And how STUPID (on the Owner's part) would it look if you made that assessment, chose to retain the GM, and then expected him to win convincingly the VERY NEXT SEASON with a rookie HC, rookie QB, bunch of young talent and still re-building from the last HC? Think about that.

The QB pick ALONE gave Ireland until the end of the 2013 Season. So the EARLIEST he can be fired is after next year. If some of you put business feelers up instead of the "I hate Ireland" blinders you have on, you'd understand that's just a fact.

Lastly, Ireland wasn't ASKED to find playmakers. He was ASKED to find linemen. Because the idiotic Parcells approach of building from the lines out. Lot of good that did. Now we're trying to find NEW linemen to replace THOSE linemen, and STILL don't have any skill position playmakers. It's like the worst of both worlds (and the reason our offense runs like Jaguar, the car that craps out after 10 miles, not the animal).


Umenyiora is a guy I would like to have because he's also on my "SMART" football player list. If there's anything we lack more than talent on this roster. Its "SMART TALENT".

Ok Seer then do that.. and its your right to do that but to keep crying for his head when its not happening is the same as taking up for him when the results are mixed..

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