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Joe Philbin: Free agency on the table

There is a false narrative in the Dolfan community that because coach Joe Philbin came from the Green Bay Packers, he wants the Dolphins run like the Green Bay Packers, particularly when it comes to building the team.

The idea is that because Green Bay rarely dips toes in free agency, with few exceptions, Philbin wants the same in Miami.

That is not true.

"I'm not opposed to improving the football team in any way shape or form, by any method we can -- whether that's a trade whether that's free agency, draft obviously," Philbin said Monday in his end-of-season press conference. "I'm not opposed to any of that."

Philbin says player acquisition is a "collaborative" effort that includes general manager Jeff Ireland and his staff and Philbin and his staff. So free agency is on the table.

And that ties perfectly with what I tell you in my column today about the Dolphins being willing to attack the high end of free agency this offseason as they have not done since probably 2010.

As I've said before, the man in charge of personnel for the Dolphins will  continue to be general manager Jeff Ireland. Owner Stephen Ross will speak with the media later this week, but a source repeated to me again today that Ireland is absolutely safe in his job. So no change is coming there for this offseason.

This offseason is about improving everywhere -- particularly on offense.

"We certainly need to get better production and performance out of the offensive unit," Philbin said.

The coach wants to see massive improvement in the team's turnover margin. It was minus 10 this year which was in the bottom quarter of the league. And he wants to see more plays on both offense and defense relative to the passing game.

"I think these guys performed well," Philbin said. "We have to do a better job of putting points on the board. This is not a complicated game. We have to do a better job there. Part of the takeway issue is getting interceptions and fumble recoveries. But I don't know it's isolated to the receiver or DB positions.

"We need to address the explosive play element on both sides of the ball. We got to create more, we have to eliminate more from our opponent's play."

Well, if that doesn't speak to receivers (including TEs on offense) and DBs (particularly corners on defense) I don't know who it speaks to.

Among the things Philbin wants to improve is himself.

"I definitely need to improve like anybody else, no question about it," he said. "That's what the offseason is all about. I haven't had time to reflect necessarily going through the exit process today and meeting with the players. Obviously we had a plan in place for this season. I thought it was a good plan. However, obviously you have to make changes and adjustments and learn and make improvements. And we'll do that. We'll listen to the suggestions of some of the guys you work with on a consistent basis and see if they have ideas that may or may not benefit the program."

Improvement is the order of the day all around this franchise, folks. The Dolphins finished 7-9 and out of the playoffs. That's 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, and 7-9 in the last four seasons. And none of those seasons included a postseason berth.

"7-9 is not good enough," Philbin said. "... We have a lot of work to do. That's really where we are."



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Whats this Tannehill was a man and thats all you can ask for crap , he was a man that blew like three games when he tossed interceptions at critical moments he sucks under pressure, news flash , a QB is always under pressure when game is on line , he`s a bust, if they have any sense at all they will keep Moore and let him start next season

Can someone tell me how Tannehill was taken in the 1st rd?

Dumbest fans out there


What do all the great offenses have in common?
Same coach, same OC, same QB, same offensive players, for YEARS!
That is what it takes.
Posted by: Senza | January 01, 2013 at 09:54 PM

LOL, Ask Philly and San Dieago how that worked out for them.LOL


The narrative has not changed since 2009, we need more takeaways and we need more explosive plays and we need more TDs. That has been the narrative for 3 years. Time to fire Ireland so that we can fix that.

Jeff Ireland traded away ten second round picks to get crappy quarterbacks, and none of them panned out.

Avoid anything that can cost a draft pick.

Get only Free Agents that are completely free from restrictions to any other team.

I'm really excited about passing another year of my life complaining about Ireland and trying to reason with illiterate posters.

4 loosing seasons in a row, I can't believe Ireland will stay yet another year. Other than Pouncey, which draft pick has made a difference in Miami? If Ireland is once again picking talent in the draft, the Fins go nowhere! This is one of the most boring and embarrassing teams to watch on tv. Ireland MUST GO! Get it Ross!

The headline can say "Jeff Ireland's job is safe" but I for one will not be buying any tickets to go see any game, nor will I buy anything with a Dolphins emblem.

I for one will not be buying any tickets to go see any game, nor will I buy anything with a Dolphins emblem.

Posted by: tiredfinfans | January 02, 2013 at 06:03 AM

Do you think I really need or care about your chump change?

Oh waiter...Another bottle of Dom Perignon please.

NEWS OF THE WEEK;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;



Yup. Secondary seems to be our top priority.

More than CBs, the S's are the main playmakers back there. If we could find a very intelligent and able Safety like Ed Reed is, I would be willing to Draft first.

Thanks Tony Sparanus for ruining Jake Long's career in a meaningless exhibition game.

Get yourself a NY hotdog.

go finsssssssssss

dont need a s, have 2 solid ones

Only 1 of our Ss a playmaker, dusty. Need another ballhawk.

Anyone who thinks this team will improve is kidding themselves... again.

need plnet yof other pos much more than s

Happy New Year Fin Nation!!!

2013 will be the Year of the Dolphin!

Philbin never should have played Long in the exhibition games. IDIOT!

Keep Bush, Miller, Thigpen & Lane in the backfield...trade Thomas.

Resign Jake Long for the sole reason he has plenty of gas left in the tank

Get Wallace in FA to give us the speed threat at #1 WR

Let Smith walk...we need a ball hawk who can actually catch the ball in the secondary.

Finally....get a freakin' TE who can actually run a seam route and catch the ball!

NH, Wallace had a bunch of dropped passes this year. He's not worth the money he'll want to me. I'd rather get my WRs in the Draft (at least the #1).

I have ONE man crush in the Draft...Klowney (South Carolina). One heckuva player there! Too bad he'll be gone by #12.

The Dolphins have struck out at QB again.

cant deal thomas, nobody wants him. need smith back plus another cb. long is long gone thankfully. wallace wont come here but jennings or bowe might

DC Dolfan you prove what an IDIOT you are. Clowney isnt eligible for the draft. Duuuhhh! And you cant even spell his name! LMAO!

Duuuhhhh, omg, I was wrong on something. I thought the kid was a Junior and he's a sophomore. Yeah, proves I'm an idiot.

No, the only thing this proves is that I'm WAY MORE MAN than you (even though I believe you're really a woman). Because I post under my own name, and accept when I'm wrong. You, of course, hide like the chicksh*t troll you are behind multiple names, all the while playing video games in your parents basement like the Adam Landa anti-social shut-in you are.

Don't go outside, you'll get your nerdy *ss kicked. LOSER!

Happy New year fukkers!!

dusty, I have no problem with Long being gone if he wants the moon, but they will have to invest in a RT in free agency. Matty brought up Phil Loadholt the other day. Someone of that ilk would work although I have no idea if he's useful in a zone blocking scheme because that dude is pure power and not much finesse.

true mark

Haha, DC, I was going to say, how did I miss on Clowney. Either way, I hope we don't trade down and don't go OT. Pass rusher or Dee Milliner for me. Although i hope they think they can go with Smith, Patterson, and Marshall next year at CB and completely skip CB in the upcoming draft.

Pass rusher, WR, TE, S. 3 of those four in rounds one and 2.

I'm a believer in Jake Long when he's healthy...which he was not this year. The guy is a proven leader and can give us 5 more years of production.

Martin got BULL RUSHED and pushed on his ass way too many times in the 4 games he started at LT.

Pay Long what he deserves and move Martin back over to LT.

...oops, Martin to RT.


disagree mark on cbs. smith is a decent 2 at best.theres a reason why sheppard isnt wanted wherever he goes. and marshall is a joke

All of our draft concerns are secondary to our primary concern, which ought to be finding a real GM prior to the draft.

NH, I agree with you on Long but only to a certain extent. I mean, they can't invest QB money on him. We can't be paying him 10,11,12 million a year. I don't think any other position player is worth that much except for a select handful like Larry Fitzgerald or Adrian Peterson.

And we also cant't control how a desperate franchise like Chicago with an aging roster will go after Long. If they give him Mario Williams money ... then it may be best to let him go.

And you're right about martin. I've seen enough that unless he goes crazy on the PEDs, he won't be able to compete at this level against good competition. He got bull rushed by a CB against the Pats. His lack of strength is astonishing for this level. You can hide him at RT, but not on the blindside because defenders just use him as a projectile to launch against Tannehill's blindside.

DC Dolfan,

Do some research before you come on here and spew nonsense. Out of touch out of towners! GEEZ!


I saw one Notre Dame game this year. Didn't notice the TE (though I've heard he has good hands). As much as we NEED a TE threat, I'm really not sure a mid-1st rd position is where we should go after one. I agree with you, I'd be fine with pass-rusher or CB (even S). I think they wait for round 2 for WR (like Philbin likes to do).

Dusty that group of three may be good enough if we can get another pass rusher. I mean by getting another pass rusher and freeing up guys from blocking Wake - and Odrick rushing up the midddle, And Vernon or Misi in the mix - it may make our secondary look better. i agree we need a guy back there who can catch more balls. marshall is not bad there when healthy and you can add a free safety in the draft and I think Jones is a ball magnet who will get more picks next year as he goes from borderline Pro bowler to the leader of our secondary. Awesome find in that guy so late in the draft.

DC, Clowney is a sophomore and not eligible to be drafted. If he was hes a top 5 talent, maybe #1 dudes a beast

Tradition, WHY? Is this wikipedia? Isn't this site built expressly for fans to discuss/debate topics, and gives others a forum to add their knowledge to the topic? Why would I have to cross-check everything I say when I can just say it, and if there's something factually incorrect, it will undoubtedly be corrected by someone?

That's what dolts like you don't understand. The adults on the site are FINE with people correcting them, they actually welcome it. But the whiny little losers like yourself just are too disrespectful to know HOW to correct someone. All you have to say is, look, you're wrong about that thing you said, and here's the correction.

Then there'd be no problem. I'd actually THANK the poster for correcting me. But when u trolls try to belittle people, because they made a mistake, that's when the strong among us show you how pathetic you really are. See how that works?

No way we tyake a TE in the first round. Knowing Ireland hes going after the best pass rusher in the first, I hope the guy doesnt decide to trade down, please take the BPA.

DC Dolfan,

You are right. It was disrespectful. I'm just sick of people like you, that have diarrhea of the mouth spewing nonsense without knowledge.

WR and TE definitely don't look in play at #12.

One strategy I would be obliged to play out is use both our 3rd round picks to be able to upgrade our 2nd round picks to ensure you get the best possible WR. TE combo possible.

And you're right about the ND TE. The Stanford TE is also a weapon. Tyler Eiffert and Zach Ertz respectively.

THANK YOU Clue, I appreciate you correcting me in an adult manner. I've been told, and have confirmed that you are right. I thought he was a junior. Regardless, he's STILL one of the best defenders I saw play all year. And I think you're right, he's a top 5 talent. Maybe we'll be one of the 5 worst teams next year and have a chance at him (unless he stays). Though I doubt it. The trolls and haters have a horrible year coming, Miami is about to become a Playoff contending team in 2013.

DC, respect has to be earned

I'm with you clue, I won't mind taking a pass rusher @12 even if it isn't our biggest need. need to take the BPA and fill needs in the 2nd and free agency. There are a bunch of pass rushers with Scouts Inc grades of 94-96, one of which may drop to us.

Jarvis Jones
Barkevious Mingo
Damontre Moore
Bjoern Werner
Dion Jordan

One of these guys should be ours.

Take the best available CB @ #12

....then proceed to fix our broken offense with the next 4 picks in the 2nd & 3rd round.

it's the qb.

Mark, I really like Jarvis Jones and Bjoern Werner. Also with one of of our second rouund pick FSU Xavier Rhodes is a beast of a corner. The guy is big and physical unlike Sean Smith


If Possible, I would like to see our wr come from fa(Greg Jennings. There isnt a Megatron in this draft, not even a Julio Jones, or even a Dez Bryant. Chief reason, if possible I dont want the #1 wr to come from this draft.

However, hopefully this guy develops into a true #1 wr a few years down the line under the vet tutorledge of a "Greg Jennings". In crucial down and distance situations that may come along in 2013, I much rather have that vet experience working with the "young qb" Tannehill.

Then I'll feel more confident in both being on the same page in these crucial situations that may arise in 2013. A 2nd yr qb amd rookie #1 wr could give us possible mishaps when these situations arise.

Not saying it would have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE, but I would have loved to have had a very good vet wr to tutor Ted Ginn when he first arrived. That's where I believe a "Greg Jennings" will be golden. Helping the the young future star coming in.

How bad, historically, was the fact Miami had only three touchdown receptions from wide receivers (one apiece from Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and Marlon Moore)? Elias Sports Bureau tells us that is the fewest in the NFL in eight years, since the Bears got three and the Giants got two from receivers in 2004.
As one veteran Dolphins defensive player said, the front office's biggest mistake wasn't trading temperamental Brandon Marshall, but "not doing anything to replace him." That, presumably, will change this offseason.

I would love to see our 2013 reciieving corps look something like this:

#1 wr------Greg Jennings
#2 wr------Deandre Hopkins
Slot-------Stedman Bailey (if not, Ryan Swoop)

TE---------Joseph Fauria

YG, I agree there isnt a beast WR in this year draft on top of that WR's normally take a couple of years to adjust to NFL speed. Take the best available pass rusher. Im not sure if Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings should be the signee. I like Wallace hes younger and faster but prob more exxpensive. Put a 6 "3 WR next to Wallace and maybe the TE from Notre Dame and watch the offense flourish.

YG, I'm fine with getting a WR in FA as a tutor (to a drafted WR). Jennings/Bowe, I'd be fine with either one, both are good WRs. I'd probably like Bowe better because he's bigger and younger, but Jennings knows Philbin so he'd understand the system quicker most likely.

I'm just saying those would be temporary fixes (or complimentary players). And they would cost some coin. If we want long-term success and to groom the right player for that position, we need to find him in the Draft.

But there are too many holes on the team currently to fill all through the Draft. We'll need to explore FA as well if we want to upgrade at all those positions in 1 year.


I believe Ireland/Philbin "lab ratted" Tannehill in 2012. I believe not adding a credible wr at season's begin may have been intentional.

If so, it may have been intended to see how he performed with a "bare cuipboard" to gauge how he may perform when the cupboard will be stocked. Kind of gauging what we really have in him before committing to surrounding him with the proper fitting pieces.

At least I hope this was the rationale behind all of the "madness". LOL...

NH, right now there seems to be only one CB worthy of a top 12 and that's Dee Milliner of Alabama. You would be happy with him @ 12? I would be more of .. well he cures a need but not sure we got the best player at this juncture....

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