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Joe Philbin: Free agency on the table

There is a false narrative in the Dolfan community that because coach Joe Philbin came from the Green Bay Packers, he wants the Dolphins run like the Green Bay Packers, particularly when it comes to building the team.

The idea is that because Green Bay rarely dips toes in free agency, with few exceptions, Philbin wants the same in Miami.

That is not true.

"I'm not opposed to improving the football team in any way shape or form, by any method we can -- whether that's a trade whether that's free agency, draft obviously," Philbin said Monday in his end-of-season press conference. "I'm not opposed to any of that."

Philbin says player acquisition is a "collaborative" effort that includes general manager Jeff Ireland and his staff and Philbin and his staff. So free agency is on the table.

And that ties perfectly with what I tell you in my column today about the Dolphins being willing to attack the high end of free agency this offseason as they have not done since probably 2010.

As I've said before, the man in charge of personnel for the Dolphins will  continue to be general manager Jeff Ireland. Owner Stephen Ross will speak with the media later this week, but a source repeated to me again today that Ireland is absolutely safe in his job. So no change is coming there for this offseason.

This offseason is about improving everywhere -- particularly on offense.

"We certainly need to get better production and performance out of the offensive unit," Philbin said.

The coach wants to see massive improvement in the team's turnover margin. It was minus 10 this year which was in the bottom quarter of the league. And he wants to see more plays on both offense and defense relative to the passing game.

"I think these guys performed well," Philbin said. "We have to do a better job of putting points on the board. This is not a complicated game. We have to do a better job there. Part of the takeway issue is getting interceptions and fumble recoveries. But I don't know it's isolated to the receiver or DB positions.

"We need to address the explosive play element on both sides of the ball. We got to create more, we have to eliminate more from our opponent's play."

Well, if that doesn't speak to receivers (including TEs on offense) and DBs (particularly corners on defense) I don't know who it speaks to.

Among the things Philbin wants to improve is himself.

"I definitely need to improve like anybody else, no question about it," he said. "That's what the offseason is all about. I haven't had time to reflect necessarily going through the exit process today and meeting with the players. Obviously we had a plan in place for this season. I thought it was a good plan. However, obviously you have to make changes and adjustments and learn and make improvements. And we'll do that. We'll listen to the suggestions of some of the guys you work with on a consistent basis and see if they have ideas that may or may not benefit the program."

Improvement is the order of the day all around this franchise, folks. The Dolphins finished 7-9 and out of the playoffs. That's 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, and 7-9 in the last four seasons. And none of those seasons included a postseason berth.

"7-9 is not good enough," Philbin said. "... We have a lot of work to do. That's really where we are."



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4 consecutive losing seasons BREEDS trolls.

Marino had great athletic ability, but he was never the field general that Griese was. He shows his lack of brains on the TV show. No quick wit there. Of course he is a personable, good looking, ex hero that should be with us for many years.

Pass rush is the highest priority. Brady had all day to throw the ball. Shameful...

Hey Montreal,

You're kind of a putz man....

Who goes back on New Year's Eve to cut and paste comments I made 8 hours earlier in the day, and takes them out of context to try and make a point or make someone look bad. SERIOUSLY??.....THAT'S how you spent your New Year's Eve??? Says a lot about you, don't you think?

Bit weird, no?

I know you wouldn't get what I was trying to say in those two seperate posts. They actually weren't related at all but I would think the points were beyond your intellect.

Have a good year....

The pass defense got burned bad a lot this year and gave up many long plays and only came up with 10 INTs. I wouldn't mind getting another good DE but don't feel it's THE priority. The team may move Odrick inside and give Vernon a shot to be the the full-time DE. The best available player in free agency and the draft maybe the way to go. But right up there in priorities has to be to get some offensive weapons. A #1 WR and #1 RB would certainly help. Bush couldn't even get 1,000 yds this year and only broke 100+ yards twice.


I completely agree with your offseason needs assessment. Brady started off killing us with quick passes bc our DB's had to give them too much cushion. Our front four didn't have time to get there. It wasn't until we tried to take away the short game that we got taken deep.

The flip side of this was the Pats were able to get pressure with four and press our WR's at the line. We got ZERO separation from receivers and our O-line couldn't stop 4guys with 5.

I had a chance to watch a little bit of that Clemson v. LSU match up. DEs Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo looked dominant. It makes me feel like we need to go with a pass rusher with the first pick. This is by far the deepest position in the draft. You really have some future stars at that position coming out. One of them will be available for the fins but they may all go in the top 17. Here is how I rank them:

1. Bjorn Werner FSU
2. Jarvis Jones GA
3. DeMantre Moore TA&M
4. Barkevious Mingo LSU
5. Dion Jordan OR
6. Sam Montgomery LSU

Rex isn't safe this year, the new Jet's GM could show him the highway. Marino's Dress Code 99% of the time is excellent didn't see Sunday's TV.

Well, if Geno Smith or Matt Barkley is on the board at 12 we have to take one.

smith or barkley,lol

Marino's suits are supplied to him from a high profile company. Cant think who it us tho. I highly doubt a company whose name is shown at the end of the broadcast is going to let marino go out there looking homeless.Adjust the settings on your tv. I think ireland and philbin will use free agency to maximize the draft. O line will be fixed in FA. Easier to let a pro adjust to your system than coach up a rookie. Jennings will be a target. Its warm in miami and easier on old bones. Plus him and philbin have done the " work with a young qb" thing together. With all the coaches and gm's fired systems are bound to change and guys who wouldnt have been available might be now.12 is a good spot to pick.Talent or trade back value wise.

TGH, picking a backup QB for T-Hill in the 1st rd is absurd.

You are nuttier than squirrel turds my friend!

Move Tannehill to WR or trade him. He's not NFL material. Marino ever get shut out?

Reality Check. They will NOT be drafting a QB in the first round with so many needs in any case but keep dreaming. Thanks for coming by. lol

Great DEs this year. We need to take one of them.

No answers for 1/2 an hour on th Blog. ???

It's not a false narrative Mando. I heard Philbin say in several interviews that he wasn't really into building through free agency.

Which is fine if wasn't said because he was already drinking the Ireland cool-aid. Thinking that your smarter than everyone else and you can get it done with acorns and schemes.

I hope after 5 years Jeffy has figured out that talent does fit into the equation. When it comes down to it you have to beat the guy in front of you.

Now the question is can $46 million turn this mediocre nucleus into a playoff team??

If it doesn't i'm joining the fire Ireland brigade for sure!

Draft strategy--Trade down from 12 to around 20 & high enough to draft this TE Zach Ertz from Stanford. Pick up another 2nd round pick (would have three now) & use the highest 2nd to take the best WR available, draft the best CB available, & since Thomas can't stay healthy, draft the RB Stefan Taylor from Stanford who would form a great combination with Lamar Miller. This way there's no need to re-sign Bush & we'd still have two 3rd round picks to take a pass rusher/DE & another CB or a S.

I believe Ireland will try to re-sign Hartline but I don't believe he'll go over $6 Million a year to keep him. My guess is that we'll be all in for Greg Jennings whether Hartline stays or not. I also believe that Ireland will either re-sign Smith or wind up franchising him. No, Smith is not worth 'big money' but I can see us keeping him for another year as an insurance policy while we try to develop some young CB's & to also see if Richard Marshall can be a starter or not. The other guy I think Ireland will keep is Fasano. He's a good blocking TE & it makes sense to keep him around until our rookie TE (hopefully Zach Ertz or the kid Tyler Eifert from ND) develops & emerges.

I also think that Long, Bush, & Starks will price themselves out of Miami & to be perfectly honest, regardless of how much cap space we have, I believe their best playing days are behind them. Don't know if Dansby returns either.

Jeff Ireland safe? Really? Tell me how this team doesn't make the playoffs with Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis....

Guys I'm watching the Capital One Bowl and while Adam Ogeltree is a PHENOM looking athlete I would pass. He isn't the most instinctive I've ever seen in reading screen or checking the T.E.

Seems more of a pure athlete playing in the Middle and on the run when a weak Nebraska team gets the Guards down hill he gets run over. I get the man crush he's got great size and runs like a deer but I feel he maybe more of a project in terms of QBing the D than some believe.

Wasn't Panthers LB Thomas Davis also a S.S. at Ga. before H.C. Fox switched him?? I'm not sure but feel that's what Ga. H.C. Mark Reicht had on the mind with Ogeltree and with good reason given his size and speed but am incredibly underwhelmed by him in the run game and don't see the instincts in the pass game were he gets burned by some T.E. Cotton who looks like he runs in slow motion.

I'd sooner watch a Paulie Shore movie marathon as any of these utterly boring and pointless bowl games.

Only Bowl I will watch will be ND vs ALA

The Dolphins season is over, the draft is nearly four months away, and the team is making no major changes.

There is absolutely nothing to talk about.


In watching the Outback Bowl as well it dawns on me that Marcus Lattimore declared for the NFL draft. I know some will say he's blown out both knees but so did Frank Gore at UM his Fr. and Soph. Seasons and later became known as the inconvenient truth! Lattimore didn't even suffer the dreaded 3 Ligament shred that McGahee did on one of the ugliest injuries I ever saw. My point is if Lattimore is there RD's 4 to 5 you have to contemplate it because the kid is one great RB.

The only sure thing about the draft is that Ireland will eff it up big-time.

Jeffy's deprived me of yet another pleasure----evaluating the college kids & trying to figure who might fit in.

Why bother anymore........Jeff will find some "acorn" who turns out to be a small dog turd after drafted.

It is good that there have been no major changes in Miami.Some continuity for a change. Well see...

you guys are a bunch of tards , how in the hell are you gonna pick who we beat and who we lose to, when we don t even have our players on the roster, you guys need to stop with the fantasy football nonsense, your not putting the team together , and you couldn t in your wildest dreams. Stop the stupid predictions on who we can beat and who we can t beat until we see who we have on this team. I read these blogs and am amazed at the garbage that spews out of your mouths. Like you actually think anyone gives a flying fart about your IMO, just wait and see who we get before you have us losing 11 games you freaking idiots

If it continues through overtime, consult a Physician.

You have to draft a QB. Tannehill is friggin pathetic.

They use Humor to deviate the Truth, Brian L. They can't handle it(the Truth).

Just like with Chad Henne, it could take these morons 3-4 years to realize Tannehill stinks. LOL

An 'Acorn' is not an unknown player that gets drafted.

An 'Acorn' is an UNEMPLOYED football player that the team signs off of the street. (NoodleArm Pennington, Incogs, Fasano, Columbus, Olshansky, Patterson, Binns, Moore, Garrard etc).

Acorns are not qualified to be on the roster of 31 other NFL teams. On the Dolphins they are elevated to the top of the depth chart (Moore is the only one that was never elevated over oa healthy Henne or Tanne).

We had a QB in Moore , they should hae given the guy some weapons to throw the ball to instead of drafting another Henne project , will prolly have 3or 4 more losing seasons until they admit Ireland scewed the pooch on another reject QB, Still can t believe that retard is keeping his job , Ross might as well sell the team ,if he`s sticking with Ireland he is totally clueless about the sport , no one wants to come play for us with that moron running things , its why Manning didn t even consider Miami, if he blows this draft and FA , we are screwed for another 5 or 6 yrs

what are the consistant speed of the most rapid deny players? in Denmark the game of the NFL is not know but at times there is on the SKY TV of Britain these games and then have I aged to look on the MIAMI DOLPHINS like as a father looks on his son in loving manner and habits. so of now there is the question I ask of you regarding the speed of the deny players at least their averages in mathematical terms?

Thank you!


Aha! Thanks for the refresher on Jeffy's Lexicon.

Well, whatever HE calls his draft picks, its pretty certain they'll be dog turds.

Hell, predicting next year's schedule and how we''ll do against those Teams is one of the hardest thing to do. Only experts, like VGs can do it.


For the sake of your mental health stick w/ Michael Laudrup's Swansea FC.

Right, Brian L. Ask LVs.

Even Though You change Your Name it is STILL THE SAME BUFFOONERY!!

Fire Ireland!!!!!

T-Hill Sucks!!

Moore Should be the Starter!!

Ignorant Statement After Ignorant Statement!!

What The F'!!! Its a New Year!! The Season is Over!! And You Are Still Complaining about The Same Asinine Stuff!! Since Training Camp!!

I've Never Been One To Talk About People!!



Which it is!!

Forget LOVE!! You Sir Have Trouble With People Even Giving You Attention!!

Forget The Dolphins!! Forget Sports!! Do Some Mother F'ing!! Self Evaluating!! Or Go Seek Professional Attention!!

Join a Support Group For The Old, Gay, and Lonely Brigade!!

I would like to see Jake Long tagged and thrown into RT for a while.

Dashi | January 01, 2013 at 03:56 PM

Fantastic post my friend on self evaluation your right were obviously dealing with a deeply disturbed shut in. I would like to add that while somewhat pathetic you can always fake an addiction and join an Anonymous Association. You get plenty of hugs and unsolicited attention there just research the addiction 1st so you can fit in, there my 2 cents on this very loney individual and I will send the info. to the Feds because you sound like the type of outcast disenfranchised individual the warn the public to look out for!

The Troll Daily Ritual!! Their Everyday conversations!!

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Agreed, Self!!

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I Don't Know, Self.

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That would be Great Self!!

Self, I wish All The Posters Can Be Like You!!

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I Love You, Self!!

Not As Much As I Love You, Self!!


New Year, Same Old Sh'' !! It is True what They Say About Your Kind!! You Must Eat S'it!! By The Pound!!

Alright!! Coward!!


To Everyone Else, Happy New Year!!

The definition of insanity is leaving things status quo and expecting a different outcome.

So going into Irescums 6th year we're like an expansion team(cap space,draft). YIKES!!

Has anyone watch Clowny the DE from South Catolina he's been dominant.. Will he be available at 12? Dolphins sure can use him

Clowney is a sophomore and not draft eligible but is a great player

Clue, I don't think he's draft eligible.

Dont we have enough clowns already?

WHDPs @ 2:48pm,

For the most part I like your strategy. I've suggested a team like the Bears will be looking hard at tackles and they be concerned they won't get the one they want at 20. Might make sense for them to move up and maybe we could get an extra 2nd round pick in the trade. I'm also all in for the kid from Stanford at TE. He's EXACTLY what this offence needs. Also onside with taking the best WR available in the second and in adding Jennings in FA. So we're good so far. I don't know the RB you're talking about from Stanford, but I'll take your word for it that he's good. So we're all good so far.

Where we differ a bit is I think we need a pass rusher higher than the third round. So I'd be taking one in the second or trading back into the first to get one. This is a gaping hole on this team IMO and the only time some people are going to realize this is if something happens to Wake. I'd go safety in the second or third (I know you like Clemmons moe than me), and I think I'd rather go guard than CB, but I see your point.

Now where we differ a bit is how we're going to fill the tackle positions. You've been very quiet on the subjext but Martin had a really bad gameSunday against the Pats. I think the book may be out now on how to beat this guy. So I'm asking you if you're CONVINCED that Martin is the long term answer at LT? I'd still be looking to bring Long back but it has to be MUCH, MUCH less than the $15 mil he'd get if he were tagged. I also think it's clear from the last game that Garner's not the answer at RT. So if you let Long go, you have to fill the position somehow. Could Jerry do the job and we draft or add a guard?

The other thing I'm saying no to is Smith at some ridiculous price. He's just not worth it. I'm fine if it's come cap friendly number but if those numbers get too big then let's find somebodt else either in the draft or FA.

All in all though, a pretty good plan...

Clue, someone said Clowny is not draft eligible.

F4L @4:10. Agreed.

Dashi Thought Today!! I was Going To Come In Here And Be Able To Talk Football!!




And Agreed F4L!! The Crimes This Fool Makes On This Blog, The Authorities Should be Called!!

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Yet, Your Cyber Jihad On The Miami Dolphins!! Has Continued!!


Clowney and Chickollo!!

The 2 Best College DE's In The Country!!

But Both are Soph.

Like Dashi Said, I'm A Fan Of Football!! Even If Its A Pop Warner Game(Last Wk. PW National Championship) Dashi Will Watch it! And I have To Look at Who UM is Recruiting, Not Just Who The Fins Are Drafting!!

These Guys Dominated The HS all American game 2 Years Ago!!

The Game Is This Friday! Must Watch For College Football Fans!

The player's in That Game Are The Best In The Country!! And It's The Only All star Game!! Where The Players Actually Come To Play!!

Unlike The ProBowl Or The Senior Bowl!!

HS All-American GAME Is A Fierce All star Game!!


not eligible, but I have A plan (:>)

Take all our FA money, hire super-star lawyers, Sue NCAA to force Clowney's eligibility & availability ONLY to Fins in supplemental draft under NFL's "for the good of the game" provision.

That mofo clowney's a friggin' stud..........makes all I've seen in college since Suh (including JJWatts, AntSmith etc) look like boys.


Is The Romney Rule!! Still In Effect?

I'm Hearing Guys Are Already Being Hired! Without Checking Minority Candidates!!

What's Up With That?

Ooohhhh!! Wwweeee!!

Does anyone else see Clowney as an OLB/DE hybrid??.......he's a force of nature!

A Horse owned by Wes Werlker, running now, Undrafted.


Here's my trade down scenario mock draft: No, we're not getting T'eo at #12

First of all, Greg Jennings in FA, trade down for an extra 2nd rd pick.

1. Deandre Hopkins wr Clemson
2a. Joseph Fauria TE UCLA
2b. Stedman Bailey wr WVU
2c. Trent Murphy DE Stanford
3a. Phillip Thomas fs Fresno St Has 8 picks this season
3b. Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma 6'7 303lbs
4.Demontre Hurst cb Oklahoma
5. Tim Flanders rb Sam Houston St I think he's a sleeper

The Fins want an explosive offense next year?

If I'm Ireland I spend the money on Mike Wallace AND Greg Jennings.

Don't re-sign Long and use the first pick on one of those A&M blue chip O lineman.

And pray that Egnew is building his strength and blocking skills, we know he has speed as a TE.

Then watch the running game go as teams cannot, will not, play the safeties close to the line.

And for crying out load, use Bush more as a WR in space where he can do some dammage and play Miller at RB!!

Clowney is a Bigger Version of Von Miller!

Clowney is A DE. The Kid Was 6'5" 250 as a HS Senior!!

He Looks Like He has Gotten Bigger!!


S.Taylor Is A Good RB! But M.Lattimore will Be a Better Project and We Might Be Able To Draft Him With a 4th Or 5th!

You Guys Might Want To Bring Up D.Thomas, But Ireland Knows RB's!! And He Usually Finds Them Low!!

And No!! Not Because He Drafted Miller, Ireland Is A RB Guru!! Check The Cowboys!! M.Barber and All Those RB's! That The Cowboys Picked Low When He was There!! (Who Do The Cowboys Have Now? D.Murray!! Sure! He's a Stud!! Give Me A Break!!)

Parcells Hired Ireland!! Because He Saw With His Own Eyes!! That Ireland Was The Best Scout/ GM, That Jerry Jones Had!! Problem Is The Cowboys Are Jerry's Team!! And No One Else!! Can Be GM!!

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