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Karlos Dansby disagrees with Philbin and Coyle

You already know that Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle had both Cameron Wake and Jared Odrick, both starters, out of the game in the fourth quarter on Sunday against New England when the Patriots got the ball with seven minutes left to play.

And the Patriots began a march that sealed the victory for them and during that march, Cameron Wake tried to get in the game at least once that I know of, but was told to stay out.

Coyle defended the move of having his best players out of the game by saying the team had plans of shuttling defensive linemen to keep everyone fresh and that was part of the plan. And Joe Philbin agreed with the strategy.

Well, defensive captain Karlos Dansby disagrees. During his weekly appearance on the Jorge Sedano Show on WQAM today, Dansby said he didn't even realize Wake and Odrick were not there because he was in the heat of the moment.

But told that was the case, Dansby obviously didn't like the idea.

"That's though, man. That's tough," Dansby said. "You have to go into the game with players that are going to have impact. That's how you got to look at it. I'm saying, they're starters, they need to be in the game. Period. That's how I look at it. You have to fight, but like I said, I'm not the coach. I can't make that decision."

Dansby plays every play every game. So does Kevin Burnett. How would he react if he was taken out for rest purposes?

"I know if it was me on the sideline, I'd be raising hell trying to get back in the game personally," he said. "That's just me."

The sound:

Karlos Dansby disagrees with Joe Philbin

 This is what Philbin said on the subject Monday:

"When you play the New England Patriots, it’s important with the way they play the game, the tempo that they have, it’s important to have guys that are fresh and ready to roll, and guys that can play hard every single snap. So that was our plan throughout the course of the game and we stuck with that plan and we were rotating guys throughout the course of the game. And we were doing so in that drive as well."

Well, it didn't work. But does Philbin stand by the decision?

"Absolutely," he said.