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Winning is better than losing and Bush helps winning

Let's start out by saying that Sunday was a good day for the Dolphins.

Winning is much better than losing anytime, anywhere, anyhow. And, as I wrote in my column for The Herald, beating the Jacksonville Jaguars may not feel like an awesome accomplishment but it was important for Miami because it avoided making today feel like Armaggedon.

Having said that, I saw a couple of things Sunday that raised questions about the entire season:

1. Have the Dolphins maximized Reggie Bush?

Bush rushed 21 times for 104 yards. It marked the first time he went over 100 yards in a game since Sept. 16. And that was also the last time he got the ball 20 times or more in a game. Coincidence?

I don't think so. I think that in the desire to keep Bush healthy and spread the wealth, the Dolphins have made their running game poorer by not using their best weapon enough. At least that's what the statistics say.

The only reason Bush got more work Sunday is because Daniel Thomas suffered a knee injury on his first and only carry of the day. (More on that in a sec.).

So it was Bush that got opportunity after opportunity, which is something he loves. I asked him if he rather tote the ball 20-plus times per game or if he prefers the 12-14 times per game the Dolphins like to limit him to.

“That’s an easy question; 20 and up," he said. "You know what, obviously every game and every scenario is different. Sometimes you are going to throw the ball a little more and sometimes we’re playing from behind so you have to get a quick score. This is a game where I think we controlled the game for the most part, so we were able to kind of dictate what we wanted to do on offense, not coming from behind like we have been in the past throwing a lot.”

Yeah, Bush tried to cover with the idea that sometimes he doesn't get the ball because the Dolphins are trying to catch up and aren't running. But what about the times they simply are sitting him in favor of, well, inferior players?

Let's face it, Bush is better with more carries. Why?

"Why is more better? Because I am a running back, I don’t know," he said. "Running backs always want the ball more. I’m a playmaker and I like having the ball in my hands. I feel like the more touches I get, the more chances I have to make good plays out there.”


Now, about Thomas. You all know how I feel about him.

I simply don't think he's been very good. I don't see nearly the potential in him the Dolphins see. He's just a guy, in my opinion.

And Sunday offered another reason why I believe that:

2. Thomas has durability issues.

He's gotten knocked out of three games this year with injuries. He suffered a couple of concussions and yesterday went out with the knee injury. His status for Sunday is questionable at best.

Well, to me, durability is a critical factor on which players are judged. Some guys are simply more injury prone than others. And while Thomas is not what I would call injury-prone at this stage, there is no denying he's missed more time than any other running back on the roster because of injury.

That is something the Dolphins must consider for next year if they are going to pass the mantle of the RB position to Thomas and Lamar Miller and let Bush walk in free agency.




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Bush is the only playmaker we have.

keep him.

nate kicked axx on the rt. as did martin at lt.
soooooooo looooooooooooooong.

Take away his one big run, and Bush averaged 2.2 yds per carry......
We need better than that!

Ireland has used 14 draft picks on skill position players and doesnt have 1 playmaker to show from them. YIKES!

If you take away your best weapon in Reggie Bush.You will lose alot in the terms of rewarding players who work hard and then get the axe.No one will want to come here. Same for Hartline. Miami can only get better if more playmakers are added. Not by reducing the star power from this tem.

Good game even if the jags are sorry this is a game we suppose to win! With out struggle.

Bush dances too much. Like him as 12-14 platoon player but not a must resign.

O-line gave T-hill Brady like time in the pocket. Kid had time to hit his second read and also ran the ball well.

Miami Philbins: 76
Jacksonville Hennes: ZERO


I am so happy to come here and admit I was wrong.

Bush would be an alright re-sign, but he isn't a back for all situations. Depends on $$$ I suppose.

IMO, more of a luxury player than a need.

Tanne showed he is *very* accurate and has a gun when he has time to throw.

The future looks bright.

Jax is a weak team, but it's nice to see us handle them easily, as a good team should.

We should be 8-6.

Whoever called the fake FG should be fired immediately, even it was Philbin himself.

If the Dolphins let go Bush, it will be one more of the many stupid moves made by Ireland. Bush represents one of the few play makers the Dolphins have. True, he's not A. Peterson, but in a team lacking of talent, Bush is a must keeping player.

Sign Bush cut Thomas.

So you didn't actually come right out and say it, Armando, but are you advocating the resigning of Bush? To me it needs to be considered. It's too easy to say 'let him walk'. None of us know what the market is for this guy or what he's looking for. Don't forget he signed a big contract when he was drafted. He should be set for life. So money may not be his big interest.

I don't feel great about the other two guys we would have still here. so I'd be at least 'interested' in having back....at the right price.

If the Dolphins let go Bush, it will be one more of the many stupid moves made by Ireland.

Posted by: Marchcool | December 17, 2012 at 10:38 AM

Hey, Irescum traded Marshall for Egnew! LMAO!

Clearly they need to sign Bush no matter what the cost. Ross needs to stop cheaping out on good players if he wants to win and put fans in the stands.

lol.... Yes thats the problem Ross is cheap. Anyone ever hear of this thing called the salary cap? and that teams are forced to spend a certain amount (most) of it?

They aren't the Pitt Pirates guys...

Mando, good column but I think you have to consider the Titan game was part of a 3 game slide. Loss to Colts which wasn't so bad considering. But then a loss to the Titans and Bills. 2 teams we should have beat.

I think those 2-3 games was when most fans lost that good feeling we had earlier in the season.

Not this season losing would have been better, This team has not gotten any better it has regressed from last season. Worst attendance worst tv ratings, Secondary is ranked 29th, Total offense ranks 27th ST's had 2 good games where is the improvement? The boycott is working but Ross is to mentally challenged to see this.

Lamar Miller + Thomas as 3rd down back + more cash > Bush in my opinion. RB is a luxury we need WR and CB and OL, get OL in FA, draft 2 stud WR an get me some secondary

I think Carpenter or Fields saw that the outside receiver was uncovered and Fields threw a 5 yrd pass 20 yrds out of bounds..
If they snap it quick enough and the pass is close to being inbounds its a decent play.
The ST coach was chewing Fields out on the sideline so I dont think any coach called it.

Whomever is saying that Ross is cheap doesnt know anything about the football business structure.

Ross cannot like this, though: Not only are the Dolphins producing the worst local TV ratings of any team, but they sold only 77.8 percent of available tickets to their first six home games, by far the NFL’s lowest percentage. In fact, Miami’s average paid attendance (58,484) is lowest since the team started tracking it in 1997 – and fewer actually show up.

Ross is too mentally challenged? yet he made billions himself.
I think at the top you have a clearer picture sometimes that the people on the bottom cant see.

Its like this.. a business structure is like a tree full of monkeys.
The monkeys at the top look down and see other monkeys, the monkeys on the bottom look up and see a bunch of a-holes

Yeah 2 watt. That is a shame too. Team is actually on the upswing. Whatever, when they go above .500 the fair weather fans will come back.

And as for Bush, need to keep him until we find better. Obviously Thomas isn't. We've seen what losing a playmaker and not replacing him can do.

Dolphins tried Thomas enough this year to see that he will not be the power back they wanted to offset Bush. Jury's still out on Miller. Situation dictates that they trade Thomas while he still has value, resign Bush and find another power back in FA. Bush will probably sign for less than everybody thinks because he likes Miami -city and Dolphins.

The Dolphins can't get better by continuing overpaying situational players. Bush gets more carries he gets hurt. Bush consistently runs between the tackles he gets hurt. Bush is great don't get me wrong, but is he worth Adrian Peterson money? Lynch money? Three down power and speed combined running. I don't think so.

What everyone should know by now is Reggie had a good game against a weak defense.

You have a point cocoajoe, but they haven't given Miller 20+ carries a game yet either.

If they can fill the other holes, then re-sign Bush thats fine. But he is a luxury and could be replaced fairly easily. Look at all the rookie RBs this year (every year).

Nothing against Bush, just how the NFL works now.

I know it's probably not going to happen but I want to see Bush stay in Miami. Thomas is a fine backup and power change of pace for Bush. Miller, who knows, he shows flashes but no steady fire.

Also Bush seems to get better when he gets fed the ball. Commmit to the guy and see what happens.

Hopefully the price stays down and we keep the biggest playmaker we have on offense.

Razo / Mike J,

From earlier post. I thought Mike Wallace was overrated too, till I watched the Dallas game. The guy was open all over the place. Especially deep!!


The RB situations seems easy to me. Sign Bush assuming he isn't piggish with salary demands. Keep Lane and Miller. Let Thomas go. Draft a big banger type RB in the 5th or 6th round. We don't need a superstar in the draft. We need a reliable blocker and someone who can gain 1-2 tough yards on 3-1 and 4-1 situations.

The more challenging puzzle is at CB and WR. We have free agents who are not superstars in both positions. Both positions call out each and every week as the team's weaknesses. Something major has to be done in both areas. I say scrap Marshall and Smith. Keep Wilson as S backup. Keep Carroll for Nickel CB. Let Hartline go. Bess as slot. Mathews as #2 receiver.

I continue to think:

Free Agency:
#1 WR
ILB (move Dansby to OLB)
G or T to add depth to Martin and Garner as our LT and RT - bye to Long

#1 CB or WR if we can't get #1 in Free Agency.
#2 CB
#2 CB or WR (find a #2 WR to compete right away or sorely needed CB)
#3 TE
#3 LB
#4 S
#5 RB

I'm hoping to see more of Binns and Mathews in the coming weeks.

We really need to see what we have going into FA and the draft.

I'm was so 50/50 on keeping Reggie. Now I'm starting to feel like we need to.

Thomas got the benefit of more playing time because he's the only big back on the team. BUt Miller shoudl be eating up more of that.

Bush is the only mome run hitter on this offense and that poses an interesting predicament for management. He's not the ideal every down back and kills drives with negative runs - but he's the most explosive player you have. What to do??

In addition, you can make a case for keeping or dropping every single one of our major free agents. Going to be a very interesting off season.

I wonder if Jonas Gray fits into thgis equasion?


You've been SPOT on about Thomas. I have been saying it for awhile now.

Guys with Thomas' running style ALWAYS suffer from leg and/or head injuries.

We gave up WAY too much to get this bum. Even if they were later draft picks, it doesn't matter. I'd rather have those picks & hope Ireland would be good enough(although highly unlikely) to hit on 1 of them.

It would be better than hitting on none at all. Lamar Miller should be the starting RB next season & Thomas riding th ebench til his contract is up.

Draft or sign a FA RB for depth or give Thigpen a shot in the backfield. Anybody is better than Thomas!

True, But Bush gets hurt too. Thomas is obviously not the answer but lets be honest about Bushes numbers yesterday, he was running against the worst rushingD in the league. When we play good defenses Bush constantly gets stopped for losses because of his failure to hit the hole without dancing first.

how much 4 wallace?,$$$$

Didn't you argue last week that vets like Bush should cough up playing time to the younger players? I am getting confused.

I like the approach of playing the BEST player and try to win. Glad you are on board now.

2 Watt,

The one thing about Mike Wallace I don't know is the type of guy he is.

Never really seen the guy in an interview.

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this?

Well, if you feel the guy is worth the $ he's asking, you give It to him. No sense on being cheap here.

Reggie Is Gone!!

The Guy Dances!! Way To Much!!

And He Only cares About His Stats!!

Anybody Noticed When Reggie Only Needed 7 Yards For 100!! He was going to get Pulled Out!! But he demanded IN!! And Didn't dance!!!

Why is Reggie Always Looking at The Big Screen? To Look at his Stats after every Run!!

Just speaking The Truth!!

Plus we have a Real RB!! L.Miller!! The Kid is Only 21!! And he doesn't dance when he runs!!

Yep, Thomas is a high-stepping, straight ahead runner, like Franco Harris was, not really fitted for a zone-blocking scheme.

You have a point cocoajoe, but they haven't given Miller 20+ carries a game yet either.

If they can fill the other holes, then re-sign Bush thats fine. But he is a luxury and could be replaced fairly easily. Look at all the rookie RBs this year (every year).

Nothing against Bush, just how the NFL works now.

Posted by: CommonSense | December 17, 2012 at 11:08 AM
Common, by all means, look for another back...preferably a 'every down' back. But do you (a) let Bush walk and hope Ireland gets it right this time? Or (b) keep Bush and look for his replacement?

I vote A

Lets look at this Bush 104 yd day realistically. Philbin called a great game. For the first time this season he was able to spread the field and take advantage of the mis matches. There were so many new young players being used that it kept me wondering myself what would be the next play and who would be used. 2 TE sets , Mastrud was used a lot for blocking that is why Fasano had a good game. Moore, Thigpen, Binn, Lane, Bush Hartline , All used as receivers in multiple formations and combinations. When Tannehill had a bunch of back to back completions is when the running game opened up. Before that Bush had only 25 or so yards. Once Philbins game plan took effect even Miller had a couple of good runs of 8+ yards. I have said this from day one, give Philbin some time to get to where he wants to be and with or without Bush we will be successful.

Against a terrible team, i saw Bush miss holes, pussyfoot around trying to get outside rather than push forward. Although, I agree he is our best playmaker right now, 5 mil a year is too much for him. We have plenty of RB and if Thomas is not going to be our bruiser, I am happy with Thigpen totting the rock....AND Miller will excel next year.

Neither does Reggie fit this kind of blocking scheme. However, there is Huge talent there that in certain situations might help Us win some Games.

Oscar from last Post,

The Psycho being Autistic Explains A lot!!

And Agreed!! We Have Parents In This Country Who Are Afraid To Admit Their Child Has a Mental Disorder!! Specially Autism!! I've Seen Parents That Are In Total Denial!! Of This Disease!!

Now! I Agree Every Child!! Should Have A Psych Evaluation!! Or Behavior Analysis!! Each Year!! Before The School Year Starts!! Most Mental Illness Can Be Spotted Early!! And You Have A Bunch Of Parents Who Are In Denial!! That they Are Raising a Psycho!!

We All Know!! This Won't Happen!! Because Of The Same Thing!! As Gun Control!! POLITICS!!!

People Think They Know Better!! When They Really Don't!!

Plus!! As A Doctor!! You Know People Think You Are Insulting Them!! Or Their Child!! By Telling Them The Truth!! Of Their Mental Illness!!

cocoa, I think we already have Bush's replacement in Miller. Similar style, less dancing, a lot less money. Then you keep Thomas (don't believe he is a FA yet) who would be servicable for your 1 or 2 yard situations. Also good block/pass catch.

Could always draft another back late as someone else suggested. Usually pretty easy to pickup a decent RB.

No problem if they keep him, just don't want them to keep Bush at the expense of another position. Not worth it.

This is a one cut RB O-System. Remember Terrell Davis?

armando, answer = irving fryer.
whats's the question = ?.

Thigpen needs to get more touches too. Be it at WR/RB/STs. The guy can make stuff happen.

I have every confidence that if Lamar Miller keeps the snot out of his nose, he will be our starting RB next Season. He fits our O scheme best.

oscar, this o/s will make o break the phins 4 the next 10 seasons.

and no armando, the q is not what ne wr beat his wife.

Well, Dashi, the majority of People don't have Mental Illnesses(luckily for Us). It's just a matter of prompt Dx and adequate Tx for those who do have it.


Clinton Port is!!

That is Who L.Miller Has Always Been Compared To As A RB At The U!!

Remember C.Portis Played For Shanahan!!

Good RB in That System!

Reggie Could've Had 150+ Easily Yesterday!! But He Danced His Way Out The Hole!!

The Difference Between Ricky and Ronnie!! Ricky Didn't Dance!!

L.Miller Gained Over 1200 Yds As RB last Year!! Splitting Time!! He's A Home Run Hitter In The Style Of T.Thomas!! Who I always Felt was Better Than Emmith!! What I hated Most About Thurman!! Was He Will Make Sure He Gets His 4-5 Yds A Play!! but when He Could Find A Hole!! Thurman Won't Dance!!

Incomprehensible from 2 watt, and I'm very good at deciphering incomprehensible People.

Thurman Thomas was a constant pain in the ASSSS for Us, Dashi.

ok bh, 1002 yds.

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