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Live blog: Dolphins at Patriots

The season-finale ... can you believe it?

The Colts beat the Houston Texans today so if the Patriots win, they can secure a first-round bye. That means they are unlikely to rest their starters. With the Bills beating the Jets, the Dolphins will finish second in the AFC East.

The inactives for the Dolphins against the Patriots today are Pat Devlin, Davone Bess, Nolan Carroll, Josh Kaddu, Patrick Brown, Kyle Miller and Kheeston Randall.

Koa Misi is back in his starting job. The starting corners are Dimitri Patterson and Sean Smith.

The Patriots are activating TE Rob Gronkowski today and planning to play him some. Their inactives are Markus Zusevics, Alfronzo Dennard, Nate Ebner, Jake Bequette, Nick McDonald, Kamar Aiken, and Marquice Cole.

We have a live blog brewing today. It begins in the comments section below. See you there soon.


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Go fins! Smack brady around!

What can I say its christmas and henne is obviously a giver!

No matter what happens, and by "no matter" I mean the Dolphins will probably lose this game ... it's great watching the Jets get clobbered by the Jills ... We're No. 2!!!!!!

FINS on NATIONAL TV @ 4:15....

NO CRAPPY 1st ROW DARK SCREEN presentation for the final game....

what a GREAT end to a season.....

they can FINISH 3 games less than my prediction.....which many found here laughable.....

but guess what DC...CRAIG M...and others....

8-8...is closer to 11-5.....

8-8 is NOT as close to 4-12....so while the FINS may not have reached my LOFTY goals....

they have more than doubled the predictions of you "realist" 4-12 guys.....lol....

G-MEN 41

Eagles 7

Vick....league minimum.....

one thing I have noticed is how predictable our offensive sets are to wha t play they are going to run. I can predict run or pass by seeing the set up. Like to see run when we have 3 wr sets. throw when we have 2 wr. anyone else notice this?

The Coach: Yes, every defensive coach in the NFL that faces us notices too.

Colts winning...means New England will be all business today.

Well we definitely do not use our formations to our advantage and I can't remember the last time I saw a man in motion. Little things like that can put a defense on there heals a little. I expected a little more form this offense

Vick benched.....

Vick still ='s League Minimum next year.....

and INSTEAD of taking the clipboard and headset....and trying to help out the back-up QB (trent Edwards).....

Vick is choosing to sit on the Bench...BY HIMSELF....not helping his cause.....imo.....

If Vick is released 3 days after the SB....he will ONLY be owed 3 MIL (NFL Contracts suck for players).....

I understand YG's post from the last blog...but my money is on Bills/CHiefs....

Vontae dominating Johnson and making PLAYS!

YG, are you still on? I would like to hear your opinion on this. You have good insight.

Watching Colts/Tex game, noticing Luck's snap cadence. Hope by next year Tannehill can change up the '40 go'

One other thing that would help Tannehill is simply the pump fake. Ever notice Peyton Manning's pump fake? It's a full speed throwing motion that just stops dead. Hard to believe it doesn't come out accidentaly sometimes. Very effective at freezing LBs and DBs.

You tell em Kris,

Still tough to get to 8-8, but they d@mn sure might do it.

Regardless, things are looking up. Think back just one year....


Posted by: The Signal | December 30, 2012 at 03:47 PM

Agreed CoCo. Rothlisberger has made a living out of it too.

Kris @ 3:32. Agreed.

Just wait til The Troll Talks Smack!

But Your Right!

Even Us That Had The Team With a Winning Record!! We Are Happy With the Outcome! Now Before Dashi Gets Hung For His Words!! We are Happy With The Potential and The Future Of This Franchise!!

Unlike Some Who Think!! We are Still Stuck In Limbo!!

The Future Is Bright In Miami!! Specially When You Have Sunshine As Your Qb!!

(The Sunshine Reference Is To The Qb From Remember The Titans!! T-Hill Reminds Me Of Him! Si ó No?)

Late in the 4th, Bills just picked up a big 1st down.

Love watching the WETS struggle. Love knowing the Jills will be doomed for a long time to come. Love knowing the Fins are building momentum and their future is bright. Just wish Brady would retire early to give us hope to win the east.

Lights out play for Bills ... picked up a huge 1st down on 3rd and long in the Wildcat.

Okay, so how many people picked us to get 2nd in the East this year?

Where does Sparano go from here. Only one year as an OC and they fire him. He is going to have a tough time finding a job. Maybe he goes to coach in college. Parcells forced Sparano on Ireland which put this organziation behind the 8 ball.

It looks like Ireland made the right decision with Philbin. The team seems focused every week (except for the Titans game) and players seem to be developing. Look at our OL for example: Nate Garner actually looks good, John Jerry considered a bust by many is playing much better, and Jonathan Martin looks like the real deal. Also players like Misi, Odrick, and Hartline have realy improved and we made the right decision on the young QB. I can't wait until the off season and the draft!


I always got the SINSHINE reference ("remember the Titans....perhaps the greatest football movie of all-time).....

but I got to admit....whenever I see you use the word (sunshine)...Blaine Gabbertt immediately pops into my head.....

think about it for a sec....

Bills just got another TD!

I did @ 3:56....

Even tho I had the FINS @ 11-5.....I still had the PATS @ 13 or 14 wins and winning the division....

In my scenario...we finished 11-5.....2nd in the AFC EAST....and then get a MONSTER Btch slap from a more complete playoff team in ROUND 1...shades of 2008....

kinda glad we don't have to go thru that...

Perhaps if Philbin and Ireland do it right this off season....we will be a complete playoff team btch slapping somebody else next season in ROUND 1....


Since You can Tell The Plays Run Or Pass!! You also Do Know we Throw Out Of 40+ Different Formations!!

Or Do You Just Count Wr's? And call it a Set!!

Somebody should Hire You As a DC!! If You can Predict what The Next Play Is Going To Be!! And What Each Formation is!

The Fins Playbook Has Over 700+ Plays! We are Currently Running About 150!! Red zone and Goal line! The Fins Run About 65 Plays a Game!

If You Are Such a Genius! You Would Know The Fins Have Gone A Whole Game!! Without repeating The Same Play Or Formation!! In Pass Situations!!

But Keep Talking Ignoramus!

You can say The Play calling Is Conservative!! But to Say We Repeat The Same Play Over and Over Shows you Are Just talking out your a s s!!

Bears WIN....


Mando, a soon to be happy New Year to you and all Dolphin fans here.
We'll see what kind of of snow team we are today. LOL
Enjoy the game everyone.


I was a 7-9 guy, I didn't think they were that bad. But I'd be okay with 8-8, at least it would be a step in the right direction.

The Coach | December 30, 2012 at 03:45 PM

Way too vanilla. I have been somewhat disappointed in Philbin/Sherman. Better by light years than Sparano/Henning but that ain't saying much.

But he's a rook and he gets a pass. We'll get a better picture next year I think.

Now the Bears WAIT to see if Green Bay lets them in with a Loss to the Vikings.....

I wonder if the Packers have a preference on which Division Rival they want to face.....

I think they swept the bears...and I don't see the Vikings being much of a challenge.....

probably doesn't matter to them....

With all results in from early games. How does this game affect draft status? Do we gain 2-3 spots with loss or is it not much of a difference? This game just got much tougher with Pats having a reason to win.

I'd hate to be a Bills or Jets fan today. They are awful and their futures are many players away. I say fire Rex Ryan, Tannebaum, Sparano, Gailey and their QB's and start from scratch. Enjoy the cellar for the next couple of years...lol

Don't think the Packers care. They want that bye week.


The Dolphins will finish second in the AFC East this year.

Why do Andrew Luck Highlights look like Peyton Manning highlights......


Congrats to the COLTS...they just made a GAME for us by beating the Titans...lets see what the FINS are made of....

The fist pumper is going to get canned again

Armando one for you...
How many GM and Coaches to be Fired by tomorrow?


Good piece on the cap situation. Lets hope they spend the $$ better than they did in 2009. This is Ireland's last stand. He's got picks and money. If he can't prove himself here then there is a big problem with his evaluation skills.

Luck's stats never look great, he just seems to make "big" plays that matter in the games. Almost a knack for making big throws late in games.

Votae Davis with 2 picks today you sure we don't miss him?

NY finfan....

you may very well turn out to be right about 7-9....and you're right....were not that bad....an interception held on to here...a made FG there....and we have a few more wins....all of this bodes well for next year....

Ireland's last stand? I like it...it's got a ring to it.

Windchill here is 16 F.

FIU UPDATE...Sparano named head coach of FIU...LOL

The sets we run for passes are varied but the run sets aren't. and trust me I know more about offenses than you will ever know.

The fist pumper is going to get canned again

Posted by: kmo859 | December 30, 2012 at 04:10 PM


I can't believe that so many defended this Idiot for SO LONG...and wanted him still running this football team......@ least now the FOOTBALL WORLD knows why we were so bad for the last 4 years...and now the jets know it as well.....

All we can play for is PRIDE!

So I'd like us to PROVE that we can play with the big boys. The Pats blew out alot of teams this year, but not us. We need a flawless game, we need to prove we've improved.

This is the Perfect Opportunity!

We shall see............

Mando, snow on the field? Hope Philbin sent out for a snow blower....how sweet would that be?

TY Hilton, Vonte Davis + Gradkoswki = Ireland mammoth blunders

Kris agreed. B.Gabbert Looks Like Sunshine, also. But Remember They Give Sunshine a Buzz cut!! And That Is When The Kid Really Takes Off!!

T-Hill Fits That Profile! Sunshine After The Haircut.

To Me Remember The Titans is My Second Favorite Football Movie. I know most will disagree, but my favorite FB Movie Of All time Is Unnecessary Roughness!! And The Program wasn't bad either.


My opinion on definite run look sets?

Nearluy every team does this. You guys notice because this is the only team you watch on consistent basis.

Have you guys ever heard of the playaction pass? Its SUPPOSED to look like you're going to run the ball.

We can start doing the pistol and other exotic sets, but we're not trying to get our qb killed. Also, with some of these exotic sets we are not going to fool anyone with what we have at the skill position in Miami.

There's greater chance this offense doesnt execute something like that well anyone. Then we'll be right back to crying that play calling is an issue. Playing callings always an issue when you dont have the skilled offensive pieces to properly execute the play.

GRADKOWSKI? Really David?

Guys name is GRONKOWSKI....if you're going to make a point, at least get the guys name right.

Dolphins win the toss and defer --thus giving Tom Brady the ball more.

I'd love to see the Dolphins keep it close, but I smell a blowout coming ... hoping for the best, though.

Sparano shouldn't even coach Pee Wee football...he's just that bad. Thanks Parcells..one of his worst decisions ever. Parcells may have been a HOF coach but his personnel decision leave a lot to be desired.


Vontae got his 2 picks a year here too.

To the guys who were spouting the crap about not needing a defence to win in this league:

Take a look at the Saints. Can't stop ANYBODY. Doesn't matter how many yards they throw for, they're not going to beat anybody until they get their defence figured out.

Same with Houston. Their defence has disappeared the last few weeks and right now they look like a 'one and done' team to me.


Defer-good grief

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