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Live blog: Dolphins at Patriots

The season-finale ... can you believe it?

The Colts beat the Houston Texans today so if the Patriots win, they can secure a first-round bye. That means they are unlikely to rest their starters. With the Bills beating the Jets, the Dolphins will finish second in the AFC East.

The inactives for the Dolphins against the Patriots today are Pat Devlin, Davone Bess, Nolan Carroll, Josh Kaddu, Patrick Brown, Kyle Miller and Kheeston Randall.

Koa Misi is back in his starting job. The starting corners are Dimitri Patterson and Sean Smith.

The Patriots are activating TE Rob Gronkowski today and planning to play him some. Their inactives are Markus Zusevics, Alfronzo Dennard, Nate Ebner, Jake Bequette, Nick McDonald, Kamar Aiken, and Marquice Cole.

We have a live blog brewing today. It begins in the comments section below. See you there soon.


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Tannehill is sucking!

Ref's make-up call for not penalizing NE for interfering with the Fins fair catch. LOL


We are being dominated up front. On the OL and DL.

Long Day, Fellas!!

Receivers Suck! The O-Line Needs Long Back!!

Coach, you Predicted That Play?


When are you going to say something constructive ever? Never?


Good speed....

I was worried he wasn't gonna get down.....


We need to resign Hartline

That was for all the Hartline haters. He is a good solid receiver.

Yeah Tanne, just don't get yourself killed.

When Lamar Miller dances in the hole, it is for a purpose.

It doesn't matter. My only aim is take Tom Brady out for the Season, better forever.I'm mad as hell at them.

miller's running hard so far in this game. i like it

Keep feeding miller, slow the game down.

Notice The Difference!!

Miller Doesn't Dance!!

Bush Hesitates To Much!

It's Miller time or do we resign Bush???

Why is Hartline-always on the sideline-gets no opportunity for YAC-every time

I like Hartline. Give him two seasons with a stable QB and OC and he will shine. He is already shining.

I dont hate Hartline, but he can't score.

How bout we leave the negative comments for at least the second half? Whatdoyasay

No one hates Hartline. We want to see him score tds.

Miller seems to have more game than Bush, maybe quicker vision.

Is D Thomas active today?

Did we actually bring a Tight End to this game?

Bins was open :(

The press box here is above the end zone. It's like a coaches' tape picture.

Not one Dolphins pass-catcher got separation off the first move on that third down play. Not one.

Miami penalized for tackling a Patriot.

Martin bullrushed yet again

Tanne-Bust looking awful today

Isn't there an out guy anywhere? Like a back hanging around. Or a tight end.

So glad that the Suck for Luck game that Indy played last year did not work out.
One player makes them a playoff threat. One player.
Tannehill is mediocre at best. Seems to lack game smarts.

Bins was open :(

Posted by: krickster | December 30, 2012 at 04:58 PM

While Tannehill was being sacked. Lot of good that does.


Let this guy stalk me all blog....

I mean....


anybody and EVERYBODY can see how foolish he looks....seeking out my attention....begging me for conversation....hoping I will throw him a bone.....get into a CHILDISH argument with him....

Not today TROLL....

Perhaps....not again....

Gosh was is Tannehill sittin in the pocket like a sitting duck if you don't see anything take off for the first. I'm not sure if this guy has it or not

Martin just got his jockstrap handed to him on that sack. Nobody ever comment on stuff like that? Is Martin exempt from criticism?

Mando please get rid of these trolls. Absolutely better to take the sack than throw the ball to covered receivers.

Can't judge Tanne with these recievers


Exactlyu what Ive been saying. Our wr's dont "CONSISTENTLY" get seperation.

Binns was opne while Tannehill was running for his life. Didn't get open initially off the line -- you know, like he's supposed to.


You can't excuse Lamar's dancing not do the same for Reggie. I know what you meant but hit the hole and go.

Two observations. We need to resign Jake Long if for anything the leadership he posseses. Our offense is several players away from being a contender.


Smith Might Be Losing Money By The Minute. But Jake Is Earning Millions By The Pass!

And Agreed. Miller Dances with a Purpose! I Just Wouldn't Call It Dancing. Miller Jukes With A Purpose!!

Reggie Dances!!

Where is Bob Griese on the radio broadcast?

You have to think that with no Bess, Hartline is getting all of the attention and he is still producing. If we lose him don't be surprised if the Pats make a move for him. Then we will be crying about how Hartline has blossomed with the Pats. It is all about the QB. If Brady was throwing him the ball he would have more TDs and even more yards.

How bout we leave the negative comments for at least the second half? Whatdoyasay

Posted by: jtlawson5 | December 30, 2012 at 04:57 PM

+1. Say, wasn't that a GORGEOUS sack onTanny?
Was that positive enough.
JT, we love our team, and just can't help feeling a bit frustrated when our guys look over powered.

My comment is about coaching and game planning-we know Hartline is one of the fastest guys on the team, catch average is always highest-why don't you call plays that take advantage of those positive traits-why do I know more than those millionaires we call coaches and billionaires that we call owner-I want them to astound and confound the opposition

throw the ball away tannehill!!!!

hey Clue, where was he gonna go? Surrounded by blue and that pocket collapsed in a little over a second. That is where they need a screen or another quick outlet. Not even a play action.

Why don't we cover Welker? No chance Brady will target him I guess

7 wins the game.

Dansby missed the tackle.


you're the first guy to comment when Long gets beat but I never read anything when Martin looks bad. Is that because of the money Long makes?

Kris, tell us about that missed field goal. Hint: Never happend. Pay attention to the game before you blog.

Our D wants to kill Brady so badly they are over pursuing.

welker scores TDs...hartline scores YPC(Yards per catch)

Seems like the false start is the only thing slowing the Patriots office down!!!

Yeah writer. That is exactly what I meant. Talk positive about a negative play. You understood perfectly. You are brilliant...

Note to defense: you ARE to tackle the guys in the blue shirts.

No matter what receiver you give Brady they produce. He is a master at disecting defenses and knows the playbook and his receivers like the back of his hand. That is the big difference between the Pats and us.

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