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Live blog: Dolphins at Patriots

The season-finale ... can you believe it?

The Colts beat the Houston Texans today so if the Patriots win, they can secure a first-round bye. That means they are unlikely to rest their starters. With the Bills beating the Jets, the Dolphins will finish second in the AFC East.

The inactives for the Dolphins against the Patriots today are Pat Devlin, Davone Bess, Nolan Carroll, Josh Kaddu, Patrick Brown, Kyle Miller and Kheeston Randall.

Koa Misi is back in his starting job. The starting corners are Dimitri Patterson and Sean Smith.

The Patriots are activating TE Rob Gronkowski today and planning to play him some. Their inactives are Markus Zusevics, Alfronzo Dennard, Nate Ebner, Jake Bequette, Nick McDonald, Kamar Aiken, and Marquice Cole.

We have a live blog brewing today. It begins in the comments section below. See you there soon.


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Good lord we are playing like canon fodders - a practice squad for the Pats playoff run.

We can't cover screens, We can't do much of anything right

Cover Welker this game-hire him for our next game!

Along with Wallace, TE.CB-$50 million and 10 picks!

Our D is too slow and is getting seriously outcoached. Again

Look at that oline move down the feild

We are a joke when we play the Patriots.

Our defense is SO SLOW


Guys don't seem to care if Hartline laughs. It's COMICAL that one guy wanted to Titus Young to replace. TITUS YOUNG!!!....Lions can't get rid of this guy quick enough...

Dolphins I guess still haven't figured the screen to walker out. Same play that scored a td for them last game just went for 30 yards on that play

NE making it look so easy!!!

dolphins jus garbage....... defense garbage, qb garbage..... now Patterson hurt? garbage!

sorry 'if Hartline leaves'....

There goes Odin fav player Patterson now he's out

And Where Is Dansby!! Running Down Screens!!

Oh, That's Right!! He Is Jogging after The RB!!

Do We Have To Keep Watching Getting Dansby Getting Brain F'd!! By Brady!!


Notice The Pats Aren't Killing Us Deep!! Just Abusing LB Land!!

Coach, call Dansby!! He Needs Some Of Your Football IQ!! This Guy Is Always Out Of Position Or A Step Late!!

I hate the Patriots. Hahahahahaha.

Patterson just suffered a serious injury.

Sad for him.

But now we wont pay him 4.5 million next year.

This is embarrassing. The dolphins are just as far from New England as they've ever been. The talent gap is absurd. Please don't let Jeff Ireland waste all the resources he accumulated by trading all out talent.

You MUST hit Welker at the line Trip him.

Please tell me why Jeff Ireland's job is 100% safe if this is the best team he can put on the field after 4 years?

It is too easy to see which is the superior team.

Fins defense seems they're already done for season

yea its real funny to know that titus young with all his injuries still has twice more the TDS than hartline in his career....GOOD ONE!!!

Is that Ben Vereen's son-I didn't know he was on the team

I think this game will show just how far with still have to go. 7-9 is mediocre however we want to cut it. Still a lot of work to be done on this team.

Martin just got his jockstrap handed to him on that sack. Nobody ever comment on stuff like that? Is Martin exempt from criticism?

Posted by: Craig M | December 30, 2012 at 05:00 PM

Gee Craig,

Just don't know...

Every time Long got his jockstrap handed to him by someone, were you here to post it, you hypocrite?

Wow ... we won the first quarter by keeping NE to only 7 points. Maybe we can dream big and only lose 28-0.

Looks like Tanne is gonna get his chance to lead a comeback against the hated PATS.....


Im no Dansby fan. He is a great player in his own mind. Love to see him gone.

Well 7 and 9 here we come why did I even think we had a chance to beat a Pats team playing for something. It's obvious many of the Dolphins players are on vacation right now


Pats are screening to Wakes side and running away from him in the run game. Obviously this is a huge part of thier strategy today.

To bad our defenders arent smart enough to figure this out yet. It aint coaching, its common sense folks.


Yeah you're the clown that wanted Titus Young....forgot.....HILARIOUS comment!!

Sad that they are beating us up front so bad

Double Getting My Bad.

Just Getting Mad Watching Dansby!!

One problem fins have is they show the blitz WAY too early


How many of you thought this was going to be competitive? They are playing for a first round bye. Not exactly a surprise the Patsies would show up.

Armando, as a loyal reader of this blog daily when can we expect the dreaded Miami Herald furlough?

Carlos Dansby as LB is BIG TIME BULL SH***

Can anyone think of Dansby ever making a play for us? ever? Turnover sack anything?? Never...bye bye

Nobody knows Earl. I assume Ross is being blackmailed. Clyde Gates, Inactive Egnew, Daniel "we traded up for this bum?" Thomas....Ireland couldn't draft offensive talent if his life depended on it. But we are trusting him to find Tannehill some playmakers. What a cruel joke.

Maybe Ross is just turtling until Brady retired and has given up,

Welker was a punt returner and a slot guy for us. He was not drafted and was cut by the team that originally signed him. He was OK with us because he had clowns like Cleo Lemon and Beck throwing him the ball. Then Brady gets him on his squad and he becomes a superstar. We'll see how great Welker will be if the Chiefs sign him next year.

I am not saying Welker is bad but to compare him to Hartline is just not fair. Hartline has T-Hill and Welker has Brady.

When is this BS Pansy of a Defense going to stand up for themselves and punch the bully in the mouth. Once again another end of year game in New England and they are rolling over not trying to get hurt. Nothing but a bunch of crybabies.

Our defense is putty in hands of Brady. That has to be addressed in the draft. LBs, Safety and CB. Even another DE to rush the passer would be good.

I wonder if the threat of a tipped pass is still playing with Tanny's head. He just doesn't seem to want to throw them like he did against the Seahawks.
And we have ZERO pass rush today.

Ireland's job is safe for one more year. Deal with it. I don't like it. He's proven he does not know how to evaluate real-playmaking-probowl players. He's not that bad getting mid-level players that can become good enough (Hartline, Bess, Misi) only Wake is his best find. The guy is gonna pick our players next year. FA is another failure for him. I can almost guarantee next year we'll be his last. We'll be 9-7 and miss the playoffs again.

So sick of NE making a mockery of this defense......Dansby you call yourself the best LB in the game, well F'ing prove it by acting like a determined, aggressive, gut-punching, make -u-think-about coming over the middle LB just one time in your pathetic career!!!

Hee it comes 14-ZIP in a hurry always on their heels

and there it is 14-0 no respect for the so-called best defense in the NFL in the red-zone PATHETIC!!!!

Yeah, we're number 2 but there is a huuuggge margin between the Patriots and the sucking fins. Ross, I've had it with you! Why don't you take your butt and your organization and move to Tallahassee. You can call them the Tallahassee-suckin-fins-with-a-new-logo-big-deal. Oh yes and take your genius talent seeking boy toy Ireland with you. At least we have the Heat!

Dolphins getting blown out by a much better team .... Too many mistakes with the draft and free agency. Need to get rid of Irelend !

Nothing like a PATHETIC defense and a scared QB! This will be 28-0 by halftime if they are lucky! Go bless you Mando for having to cover this PATHETIC team and organization.

MLB was lost again and out of position. The defense is just not that good to not make a lot of changes. Need to put some points on the board but we can't expect Tanny to do it all by himself.

They really have a wonderfully coordinated offense. Spread em out. They run. Two TE ends down they play action. Then the screens. You never know what they are going to do.

...and here comes the scared QB and the O line that is afraid to hit anyone back...Bunch of freaking pathetic pansies!!!

Calm down everyone. I promise you that I'm going to use all of our cap space to resign these players. This way, we can go 6-10 or 7-9 for the next few years.

Well we should have gotten some receivers for Moore to throw the ball to , instead of wasting our pick on another project QB that won t work out , Indy had the right idea last year lose lose lose , now its paying off , but as long as Ireland is picking and making football decisions it will be more of what your watching today

Where are all the people who said I was crazy for wanting to draft pass rush with the 1st pick?.

Dolphins look like children playing a man's game .

I would get rid of Dansby, Sean can't cover Smith,Jake Long-Gone, and Ireland and get a real talent evaluator so they don't mess up this once in a lifetime position of 5 picks and all this cap space.

what did I say!!!!!!!!' no fricken accuracy!!!!!!!!!!! draft another qb!!!!!!!!!!

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