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Live blog: Dolphins at Patriots

The season-finale ... can you believe it?

The Colts beat the Houston Texans today so if the Patriots win, they can secure a first-round bye. That means they are unlikely to rest their starters. With the Bills beating the Jets, the Dolphins will finish second in the AFC East.

The inactives for the Dolphins against the Patriots today are Pat Devlin, Davone Bess, Nolan Carroll, Josh Kaddu, Patrick Brown, Kyle Miller and Kheeston Randall.

Koa Misi is back in his starting job. The starting corners are Dimitri Patterson and Sean Smith.

The Patriots are activating TE Rob Gronkowski today and planning to play him some. Their inactives are Markus Zusevics, Alfronzo Dennard, Nate Ebner, Jake Bequette, Nick McDonald, Kamar Aiken, and Marquice Cole.

We have a live blog brewing today. It begins in the comments section below. See you there soon.


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No accuracy my ass. When a reciever xrops a good throw, it isn't the qbs fault

Craig, gonna ignore it???????

Martin just got his jockstrap handed to him on that sack. Nobody ever comment on stuff like that? Is Martin exempt from criticism?

Posted by: Craig M | December 30, 2012 at 05:00 PM

Gee Craig,

Just don't know...

Every time Long got his jockstrap handed to him by someone, were you here to post it, you hypocrite?

Posted by: The Signal | December 30, 2012 at 05:07 PM

Wow can't even kick a field goal .

Based on what I'm seeing...Jake Long is very important to re-sign....Say what you want but he's the best Lineman we have....

I'm sorry but we could have 3 of the best pass rushers in the nfl playing for us but if we continue to rush just 3 against Brady,we wont get him on the ground.

If Coyle rushes more on 3rd down,pash rusher wont be a need

Not good when your main competition gets pushed around. Easily...

IM JUST GLAD THIS IS THE LAST GAME IT'S GETTING HARDER AND HARDER TO WATCH SOME OF THESE GUYS!!!! It looks like our deffensive backs just don't care ugg

And once again,Patriots on 3rd and 4 get an easy completion because Miami rush just 3

Coyle has to go...

It's like men playing high school kids.

Getting schooled by a better team !!!

Bad moves in draft and free agency !!!

I like Philbin , hopefully we can have a good draft and get some players in free agency.

I'm afraid we might not have a QB yet !

Almost half time and 0 points!!!! And they gain yards at will. I know that they r going to keep Ireland but I wish we get someone with REAL TALENT TO GET US GUYS!!!!!!!


It does look that way right now.

Looks can be deceiving, though.

Or not...

We could never stay up points wise we have NO SCORING ABILITY AT ALL

WR in the 1st
WR in the 2nd
TE in the 2nd

This has to be a very Offensive minded Draft if we're gonna do anything next season

Don't worry, Craig has got it all figured out...

Every time something negative happens on the left side of the Dolphin's O-line, post it here on the blog.

Just kinda hard to figure how he stays attached attached to both Ireland and Long at the same time.

I'm embarrassed by what our GM has put on the field !!! FIRE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!


And I am actually someone who agrees with giving Jeff one more year.

Feel so bad for Binns....they gave him #19 to wear. Comes with lobster hands sewn into the sleves...

No matter how ugly it gets im going to savor these two quarters

Remember when we used to upset the pats with jason taylor? I miss those days

I don't think Ryan is the answer at QB . We should have made the move for RG3 !!!!

This is pathetic really!! I'm a long time die hard dolphin fan and I have stuck by them and will continue to but it is hard to do!!! WHERE IS THE O LINE WHERE IS THE DEFENSE I think this guys have thrown in the towel. And Brady and belichek are gonna run the score up cuz that's the way they are!!!!

Even RG3 would have failed on this team. This is the NFL black hole.

There should be only one defensive play called for the rest of the game...take out Bradys knees...screw New England.

I hate to say it but the stands will be empty all year next year too so Ross if your content with Ireland get ready !! SOMETHING HAS TO GET BETTER HERE!! PLEASE!!!!!

Ireland , Long need to go !!! We should have taken Matty Ice ! The Tuna screwed the Dolphins !!! Ted Ginn ? Phillip Merling ? Chad Henne ? Pat White ?

Tuna did not take Ginn

Players passed up : Flowers , Jordy Nelson ,Ray Rice , Gronkowski , ...

When does Ireland get what he deserve?

Maybe not but he did plenty to screw the Dolphins !

Our medical staff really screwed us by saying not to sign Brees


No arguement there

Hate to say it, but this is what happens when we play a legit SB contender.

Binns has to take that jersey off and chage numbers. That numer needs to be burned

Binns. Another great pickup by Ireland. PLEASE FIRE THE MORON!!!!

Owner sucks .Gm sucks .coach sucks

If only the Mayans were right we wouldn't have had to play this game today. Damn!!!

Forgot one. Players suck

27-0........please God, make the clock go faster.

Lets see...Tannehill sacked 7 times today. So lets go spend a ton of money and get a big time wide receiver so he can be standing alone in the endzone picking his nose while our qb is picking his butt up off the ground


No lets keep drafting OL cause that has worked so well for the past 5 years. Get a clue. Can't win without playmakers. PEROID.


That is so true !!! No more offensive lineman!

How many games has Long won us ?

NONE !!!!

And BTW Sonny, 5 of those sacks were coverage sacks cause our pathetic receivers can't get open.

Bert is on fire !!!

We need some WR , TE that can get open and catch .

Can anyone provide a compelling argument for keeping Jeff Ireland? I mean ok, we have a rookie QB (who is not guaranteed any success going forward), but hasn't he had enough time to build a solid defense? I mean what part of this time gets you excited for 2013? There were teams with worse records in 2011, led by rookie QBs who are in the playoffs this year. We didn't get better at anything. Anyone tell me why keeping Ireland makes any sense? Is anyone sick as hell like I am over year after year mediocrity? What was our reward for the 1-15 year? Anyone?

Hey Bert

Lets keep things in perspective....who's been responsible for drafting the offensive lineman for the past 5 years....

#1 Offseason priority: Find our best playmaker on offense and our best playmaker on defense, trade them to good teams for a second or third round pick, then draft a good punter and a good long snapper.

I believe that would be Jeff Ireland .

He needs to go !!! The Tuna didn't help either
Taking Long over Ryan ! Stupid !!!!!

We need a major shack up . The whole organization has made so many moves I don't see even a dim light at the end of this long tunnel !!!

Doesn't anyone get it? Tannehill wasn't a stud QB, he was the QB who ran Shermer's offense in college. This choice is going to be another in a long line of horrible choices. Watch.


I could care less who's responsible. OL don't win games. Name the left tackles for the last 5 super bowl winners and how many were pro bowlers. On the other hand I can name the QB, WR and RB's for those teams. You know why? Cause those are the guys that win games.


I hate to agree but you are right. He seems to be a good QB but far from a franchise QB at this point. Too many throws he can't make.

Matt Moore screwed the Dolphins by winning all those games last year . We should have sucked for Luck or RG3 !!!

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