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Live blog here: Can the Dolphins win?

Jimmy Wilson (hip) is inactive today. As I told you earlier this week, maybe this isn't terrible.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Coe, Josh Kaddu, PatrickBrown, Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller.

So here's the question: Does Miami have a chance today?

My answer: Yes. It is a slim chance, but yes, the Dolphins have a chance.

Simply, the 49ers beat teams doing what it is the Dolphins like to counter better than anything. The 49ers want to run the football. The Dolphins stop the run well. The 49ers make game-changing plays in the passing game, mostly by sacking the QB. The Dolphins want to get the ball out fast today and they mostly want to run the football.

The Dolphins are susceptible to elite QBs picking on their nickel corners. Well, Colin Kaepernick is not elite.

I am not predicting a Dolphins victory. In fact, I picked San Francisco this week.

But out of the question?


A reminder that the live blog begins in the comments section at kickoff. I'll meet you there.


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..Of course we have a chance to win. Once again..broken record. Stop the run, establish the run.This is the recipe for a shot in this contest.


You are only showing your ignorance. If you are so in love with blogging, at least educate yourself minimally. Get a book on Internet Applications for Beginners. Then you will see how silly you are.

You are really silly, and NAIVE. Grow up.

Mando, Did the Herald foot the bill to the trip out west???
A two part "Q" for you
#1 Is my favorite plyer Ted (Sideline) Ginn in uniform today?
#2 Are any Ginn family members on the sielines?

No, there is no chance we win this game. Not with SFs defense vs our offense. Tannehill isn't good enough go pick apart a defenses weaknesses yet. Karpernick only needs to properly manage this game to win. Let SF defense win the turnover battle and manage from there. Like the NE game our team has no shot. Wish I could be optimistic but it's virtually impossible to be

I say the fins come out more pumped up than the 9'rs and pull off the upset of the day!

This is no Game to get excited about, People. Certainly not a good matchup and very little to gain if we win. Just watch it. Otherwise, you're setting yourselves up for disappointment and will become angry if we lose.

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harbaugh has def ruined that team by benching smith but they wont have any problem today beating us. defense will destroy us. but sf will lose early in playoffs with colin turning it over at wrong time

not sure this is really kris. he usually is a guy who respects opinions even if he disagrees. im not sold on this being kris today

From the last blogs conversation, to answer your question Bill.

Pierre Garcon and Santana Moss are better than any receiver on our roster.

Chris Cooley and Fred Davis are better than any TEs on our roster.

Wash record 6-6

Miami record 5-7

Go ahead and give up on Tannehill, I'm willing to give the kid some time. Looking in the past and playing the should have game is a waste of time.

santana moss is awful, his career is about over. garcon is the same avg type guy as bess and hartline. they have lost davis for season awhile ago and cooley was on the street and signed after being cut

and ive never once said im giving up on thill. hes not part of this argument. im excited to see thill next year after a solid rookie year

Smith has had 6 years to develop into a "trustworthy" QB HC's could see in the SB. 3 different staffs either found out or concluded he wasn't the guy. I applaud a HC who doesn't want to be the last guy in the room to notice a QBs ceiling. Next guy up is becoming a HC's creed with QBs, except for Rex, who must be slow to the draw.


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Watching the Jests and Jaguars is worse than watching grass grow. Two inept teams. CBS just flashed a stat "Jests last 2 games: held opponent to 1/26 on 3rd down conversions"...numbers don't lie right? Except you're facing the two worst offenses in the NFL. Lindley and the wingless Cardinals and Henne with the hapless Jaguars. But numbers don't lie....

smith was coming off one of the best game stat wise ever by a qb. the team was rolling. colin gave the rams that game last week. and will happen in playoffs also. smith protected the ball and let the d win games

I don't give an EFF what you THINK.....Nothing you post will have the SLIGHTEST bearing on my actions....

but feel free to post away......

Posted by: Kris | December 09, 2012 at 03:14 PM

And I would imagine every single blogger on here besides your two loverboys feels just the same about your posts :)

And DC the Redskins went into the season with the same coaching staff and Miami changed their entire staff for the most part so I don't really know what you're saying in that there was no stability. They also returned all 5 starting offensive linemen and have two very good TEs. And I forgot about Hankerson who showed more toward the end of last season than any Dolphins receiver has in years. Remember the 8 catch 121 yard performance against our Dolphins last year?

RG3 has weapons. If anyone wants to debate that Miamis weapons are as good as Washington's weapons please do so. I would be interested in hearing your comparisons.


Stay naive. Stay stupid. Stay lazy to learn.

It is your choice.

hankerson,lol man u are reaching and grabbing air dude

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So all your petty whining is in vain.

not sure this is really kris. he usually is a guy who respects opinions even if he disagrees. im not sold on this being kris today
Posted by: bill connors | December 09, 2012 at 03:21 PM

Bill, The strange thing is I cant even remember a "Kris" while a posted last year, He seems to me like a lunitic to me but what can you do?
My thoughts are the 49ers will out defense miamiand win 20 to 10. JMHO.

We cannot take anything away from RG3 or Luck. The truth is that Tannehill is one of the worst rated QBs in the league. You have to remember that both of those teams had worst records than the Fins last year.

Luck has taken his team from 2 wins to 8 and counting. They are also doing it with 4 rookies and one veteran that should be on the way down. Wayne is 35 and here are the rookies that Luck is accomplishing this with: Brazill (6th round), Hilton (4th Round), Fleener (TE 2nd round), and Allen (TE 3rd round).

I actually, feel that Tannehill is what is keeping the Dolphins from the Playoffs this year. With Matt Moore the Fins would be at least 7-5. This was a missed opportunity this year to make the Playoffs with a weak schedulue. We'll see if this playing time pays off for T-Hill in the future. He has some nice tools but in my opinion he is much to raw to be playing at this point.

..Phins 78..Stats wise Bess and hartline have been more efficient then Garcon and Moss. The biggest differences between the Skin offense, and the Phins...They run the ball, and RG III doesn't throw int's.

I have no doubt in my mind if we had similar output in the run game. Tannehill would have faired much better. As far as weapons in the pass offense. The skins aren't any better if you look at the numbers. It is impossible to say put Hartline on the Skins he would do this or that. Or if we had the Skin recievers we would be better..We can only look at concrete evidence. And it says we stack up just as well reciever wise. Again the biggest difference..Washington runs which helps protect their quarterback from making mistakes.

Anyone watching the Indy game vonte davis has made some nice plays


My take is this. When Philbin and Sherman watch a QB, I have to believe they see 1000 times more than I do. They seemed ready to start Garrard, so I don't see why they wouldn't start Moore if they believed he was better. Obviously they don't see Moore as the guy.

Grabbing air? Come on Bill you just lost my attention. I came up with tons of facts and the one thing I said that you could remotely question is the only point mentioned.

Hankerson has one more catch than Moss this year too but Ill give you that he may not be a weapon. Still, I would take him over most of our wrs any day.

But you completely ignored the meat of my post and that means you are not taking this debate seriously which also means I'm wasting my time talking about this. I'm moving on now.

only shot we have at winning is if Tannehill gets knocked out early like in jets game , and we get moore in there to fire everyone up and play some good football , if hennehill plays whole game , they will intercept him at least three times today

Once again Kris is exposed to be a blabbering fool who eschews real knowledge in favor of his own opinion based on nothing but ignorance.

RT certainly is raw. And he didn't even win the competition for starting QB during training Camp, Devlin did. But you just cannot go against protocol. What was Philbin to do, sit down our #8 pick and our incumbent.Too much too expect.

Matt Moore is not the answer. Anyone who truly believes Moore is this franchises lord and savior should stay on their couch and watch the game rather than teach it or make a profession out of it. Is Moore better than Tannehill at the moment? Most likely, yes. But he's nothing more than a good backup.

What is he supposed to "learn" ,,,,"web wally"? That you're a coward who hides behind different sign in names so you can try to bully people? Nope, already know that one. It was easy to learn your little games, now we will just ignore anyone who posts under the name "web wally". On to the next name change pu**y, enjoy your day. :)

Hireland they have to stick with Tannehill now because he was the 8th pick in the draft. They can't bench him and won't bench him, they have too much vested. They had that in their head day 1. I think you know that in football, work, everything, the people in charge have their favorites and non favorites. Moore is better period and anyone who thinks otherwise is buying into the 8th pick hype.

Moore went 6-3 and was the 12th rated passer in the league. He was also the team MVP. For some reason Moore seems to get passed over. They put him in one game this year and he destroyed Jets. Moore looked much better last year than T-Hill is looking this year.

I like Tannehill and think that he will be a QB in the future. My question is whether the team is better off with Tannehill starting right now or learning on the sidelines from a veteran like Moore. Moore is not a top QB but he proved to be more than capable last year. All I am saying is that for this year we would have been better off with Moore.


STILL not changing my opinion...or my ACTIONS....

and if we START @ the beginning of this blog..YOU and EVERYONE else will find I have ONLY responded to YOU....as you attempt to DEFEND your childish ACTIONS on the last blog....the only EXCEPTION...being connrs...who i let KNOW it was me.....


It is YOU who is whining....

and if it weren't for your 3 POST bringing it up....NOBODY on THIS BLOG would even be talking about it......

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So...who's WHINING again??????

The only reason they stated Tannehill was because he was Shermans pet project in college, Garrard was garbage, the Jackoffs got rid of him for a reason ,all he did was take snaps away from Moore , far as I`m concerned Moore won the starting job last year , and the only game we played this year where we truely dominated was the game he played against the Jets, I`d hoped we got a good coaching staff this year , but obviously they suck , We`d of won t least 8 games had Moore been our starter

..Wow the Bolts putting it to the Steelers right now..

Anything can happen!!!!

..Marshall with another 100 reception year...and another HUGE DROP!!!!!

Is it sad that I'd take a 35-34 loss over a 13-10 win?


Why don't you actually read what I wrote and avoid asking questions that were already answered.

You guys look like silly ignorant fools whining about banning the trolls.

They can not be banned. Read what I told you and learn something.

Or remain happily stupid lkie Kris.

moore sucks so not getting into argument even, but for the record he was 6-6 not 6-3

jets gonna win, thats huge and bills so we will jump ahead of them in draft and also play the 4th place schedule

Excellent points Darryll. Very well said.

The only thing I would argue is that stats don't always tell the whole story. And Garcon/Moss? If we had a chance to trade Hartline and Bess for these two who wouldn't have made that move in the off season?

Are Hartline and Bess' numbers inflated because they are so talented? Does it have a little to do with Tannehill? Because if so the debate started at "should we and could we have traded for RG3"?

If our receivers (who hadn't proven half of what Garcon and Moss have proven they could do) are putting up similar numbers to those two than I would have to say Tannehill is a big factor and people should give him a little credit for it.

It doesn't seem fair to say RG3 is making his receivers better but Tannehill is simply lucky to have Hartline and Bess. It's not fair nor is it based on anything anyone knows about these 4 receivers.

Or remain happily stupid lkie Kris.

Posted by: Web Wally | December 09, 2012 at 03:49 PM


Kris thinks his opinion has something to do with it. LOL.

Talk about clueless.

damn rams just took lead over bills with 40 secs left

Goooood afternoon everyone!!!

Moore went 6-3 and was the 12th rated passer in the league. He was also the team MVP.
Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 09, 2012 at 03:44 PM

Moore was MVP on a team that started 0-7.
Moore was 6-3 and beat 0 teams 500 or better
Moore was 12th rated passer against bad teams

But numbers don't lie.....

Lest we forget that Tannehill outplayed Moore in the preseason and training camp. Lest we forget that it was Moore who made the decision for the coaches, not Tannehill. Tannehill didn't win the job, Moore lost it.

Lest we not forget Moore's stellar 5-15 performance against 2nd and 3rd string defense? Numbers say that's pathetic, watching him play says he was atrocious.

So....should we go 8-8 with Moore, and accomplish nothing on the draft front, playoff picture, or the future of the franchise. But at least we can say we're an average team....if that's what you want to settle for be my guest. Ask Jests fans about remaining average, they've done that for their entire NFL existence

Phins, I prefer to keep my focus on OUR team here. I'm just telling you the Skins had lots of discord and doubt before the Season, though on the outside it might look stable with the coaching staff.

On that question, sure we were more unstable. But other than that, they were extremely similar to our position. Not enough talent on the field (you're kidding yourself if you're including Cooley as better than any of our TEs, he's done. Moss is a good veteran WR, but another guy who's limited by age. Oh, the other TE, got hurt weeks ago and was out for the Season. As was their best pass rusher (Orakpo). Fan base was losing (or lost) faith they'd ever be a dominant team again, etc.

RG3 has totally and single-handedly changed that. But like you said, they only have 1 more win than Miami. So what's that say about Tannehill? I think it says 2 things: how bad Skins would be without RG3, and Tannehill isn't far behind for anyone to lose any hope over him being our long-term option. And, by us comparing to the Skins, we're admiting ourselves as a mediocre team (just like them) and our FO needs to figure out how the Dolphins can improve that.

..Phins 78..A few more points. Yes the Skins have all those lineman coming back from a unit that was one of the worst in the league last year. Also, Griffen is a rookie so the coaching staff is still teaching a new system. Tannehill had the benifit of playing in a system he was familiar with. I would say the Redskins have done a better job adjusting their old system to the players they have. I think Griffen deserves a ton of credit, as do the Skins for having the guts to make the move. We didn't for whatever reasons we want to site. It doesn't matter now. Tannehill is our guy, Griffen is doing his thing..Lets see if he can rally them down the field at the end of this game.

Phins 78....

Don't worry about this troll....

ALL of his post are DESPERATE attempts to convince me I shouldn't email his comments @ 2:26 from the last blog to his chain of command.....

I mean...why does he CARE so much...it wasn't him right.....

He just has this MANDATE from GOD to EDUCATE me on the workings of the WEB....I should be so lucky....

No dog in the fight...but WEB WALLY has made me his PERSONAL CRUSADE.....

Mando, Did the Herald foot the bill to the trip out west???
A two part "Q" for you
#1 Is my favorite plyer Ted (Sideline) Ginn in uniform today?
#2 Are any Ginn family members on the sielines?

REPOST..Sorry mando..

Sup Mando!?

miamid wrong again he went 6-6

..Anyone want to bet Henne throws an int to end the game????

I think RG3 just...

I don't want to SPECULATE...


Moore now,

It is inexplicable to me how Moore can have the kind of year he had last year and not be given a chance to start. I have a feeling that with the lack of good QBs coming out of college this year that someone is going to give Moore a shot. That team may be the NY Jets which would add salt to the wound especially if he takes them to the playoffs next year.

Again nothing against T-hill, I just wanted a shot at the playoffs and I wanted to see what Moore could do with a full training camp. Jimmy Johnson said at the beggining of the year that he would not start T-Hill because he was not ready and that the earliest he would start him would be mid season.

Her's back in the game....


henne failing again big time trying to comeback in 4th qt

You don't think I'm paying do you Menace?

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