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Live blog here: Can the Dolphins win?

Jimmy Wilson (hip) is inactive today. As I told you earlier this week, maybe this isn't terrible.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Coe, Josh Kaddu, PatrickBrown, Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller.

So here's the question: Does Miami have a chance today?

My answer: Yes. It is a slim chance, but yes, the Dolphins have a chance.

Simply, the 49ers beat teams doing what it is the Dolphins like to counter better than anything. The 49ers want to run the football. The Dolphins stop the run well. The 49ers make game-changing plays in the passing game, mostly by sacking the QB. The Dolphins want to get the ball out fast today and they mostly want to run the football.

The Dolphins are susceptible to elite QBs picking on their nickel corners. Well, Colin Kaepernick is not elite.

I am not predicting a Dolphins victory. In fact, I picked San Francisco this week.

But out of the question?


A reminder that the live blog begins in the comments section at kickoff. I'll meet you there.


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He's Hurt....

If the NFL cares about Player safety....he needs to be out...

..Enjoy the game fellas. See you after the game!

What up '78. Appreciate you being here.

Lol DC fair enough. You're in the heart of Skins country so Ill take your word for it. You obviously know the team much better than I.

What's funny to me is that Wash may never build that defense properly which means rg3 may never get a ring.

And the same guys who are saying we should have rg3 are probably the same ones who state Marino was over rated because "he" never won a ring.


Maybe its your opinion that water doesn't freeze under 32 degrees. But it does.

There is no way to ban someone permanently from this site, only very temporarily at best. That is just the way it is. You don't have to agree or change your opinion.

I am just informing you that your endless requests to ban trolls is absurd and in vain. It can't be done.

If you really want me to prove it to you I will troll your name every day for a year, then you will see, permanent banning is not possible due to the limitations of the technology used for this site.

You are stubborn and foolish. You should applaud me for tyring to teach you something.

On to the game for me.

Kris and Everyone Else,

Please Disregard The "Sociopath" and His Victim!!


I'm With Mando. This Game Should Be a COMPETITIVE Game.


We can Stop Power Running Teams!! Our Problem are Fast and Elusive Backs!! That our SLOW LB's!! Can't Cover!!

Phns78 from Last Blog,

Ur Analysis of The Redskins Situation Is Spot ON!

How Many Years Has Shanahan Been The Redskins Coach?


Who Has More Weapons?

If The Clown and His RingMaster!! Think That D.Thomas! Was Drafted Using 3 Picks!! Imagine How Senile!! He Would've Got!! With Trading All Those Picks For RG3!!

And We Were Always In On The RG3 Sweepstakes!!

Love The Sociopaths Selective Memory!!

The Baylor Connection Is Spot ON!! And Ireland Talked Publicly How Much He Loved RG3!

Why Do U Think? The Viking and Jags Kept Spreading Rumors!! That Other Teams Were talking To Them To Trade Up For T-Hill!!

They Thought Ireland Was Going To Offer Them Something To Trade Up To Pick T-Hill!

No more Moore talk for me. Some will just never get it.

Mando, how's the weather? Any precipitation?

Dolphins kickoff.

Watching cincinnati and dreaming of AJ Green and other weapons they have-can we get some with $40-50 million-not with Jeff!

thOse of you harping on about rg3 has just been knocked out of the game. His style of play whilst productive and the guy is brave for sure it may cost him his career if he continues to run it like he does

OHHHHHH, No Not Dan Dierdorf..
How many times wll DD say "Tom Brady"(His man-crush) during the game, I Say 10 times..

Oh, watching another game. BEAUTIFUL day in SF!

Special teams bad past 3 weeks

The Bleacher Report has the Fins taking Guard Chance Warmack in the first round. How would we feel if about that? Bleacher Report sites that Incognito is overrated. Warmack is a beast and can you imagine the left side of the line with Long, Puncey, and Warmcack?

Vernon Davis gets one on Kevin Burnett. Welcome to a long day.

holy shittttt rg3 just tied game up with 29 secs


TE was Wide Open!!

Oh boy. Gonna b ugly

Let's get a nice interception to start the game

another henne int to end game lol

Armando how are you doing men...good weather up there eh?

Get 'em out of here on 3rd down

Kaepernick runs into sack and fumlbe. Fine job by Wake.

Misi was Spotlighted As The Best LB!! LMAO!!


Fumble. Man we can never catch a break. Wake is awesome!

Defense-Wake-can't recover!

Good coverage.

49ers have bad karma for benching a guy who's won 24 of his last 28 games.

Bleacher Report is like the Enquirer, fun to read, but has no backbone

By the way it was Kirk Cousins who led the comeback, no RGIII

But what youre not getting wally is that we can ban you simply by ignoring you. Then you will be talking to no one and will change your name again to some other incredibly unoriginal sign in. If you or anyone else is so intent on bullying people, impersonating, and simply causing trouble then really, that's a reflection on how pathetically immature you are.

To argue with kris when he is in the right shows who you are. Good people stand up against the wrong that others do. Sick people stand up for the wrong doers. You chose your side, I for one wont read or resond to anymore of your posts. See ya next time you change your name:)

Pretty good fake by devon on the punt

Todo bien, Tony. Living the dream.

Off to watch the game, peace.

A Smith QB rating 105, top 5 in league, won 24 of last 28 games.


Niners have bad karma.

We will win.

Not RG3 conners....

the back UP QB....

RG3 is out....

Pas to Lamar, Bush, quick-dirty + determined-no 3 and outs-always beyond the 1st down marker

Listen this guy K, is just a rookie. He can be taken in.

rg3 lead it, missed last 2 plays

Yes!! Mr.W Is The Truth!!

Wake Needs A Nickname!! And I'm Going With Mr.W!!

Wake Reminds Me!! Of Mr.T!! If Mr.T was a NFL DE!!

Watch Martin.

Good throw

Cousins Is a Good Qb!!

Didn't miss THAT PASS!!!

T-Sizzle Keeps Developing!!!

Way To Go Sunshine!!

I glad you living the dream men... because you are a very good sport journalist and deserve it

Did you guys see Lamar Miller at starting RB with Reggie out wide on the first play?


Another Yes!!

The Reigns Are Finally Off! Let Him Decide If He wants To Run!!

Phins you don't get it,

The very last think I need is you or Kris talking to me. I am just tired as hell as you two endlessly whining about banning people. If you don't like it here, go somewhere else, or stop acting like whining babies.

That's a drop for 22.

said that kris, was out last 2 plays

Uh-oh, garner needs Fasano to help out Mando.

Bush has to catch that.

Bush has to catch that but the pass was a bit off.

Wakeful on 3rd down!

Mando, kinda low, no? Smith got in the way.

Yup, Garner is the weak link.

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