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Live blog here: Can the Dolphins win?

Jimmy Wilson (hip) is inactive today. As I told you earlier this week, maybe this isn't terrible.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Coe, Josh Kaddu, PatrickBrown, Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller.

So here's the question: Does Miami have a chance today?

My answer: Yes. It is a slim chance, but yes, the Dolphins have a chance.

Simply, the 49ers beat teams doing what it is the Dolphins like to counter better than anything. The 49ers want to run the football. The Dolphins stop the run well. The 49ers make game-changing plays in the passing game, mostly by sacking the QB. The Dolphins want to get the ball out fast today and they mostly want to run the football.

The Dolphins are susceptible to elite QBs picking on their nickel corners. Well, Colin Kaepernick is not elite.

I am not predicting a Dolphins victory. In fact, I picked San Francisco this week.

But out of the question?


A reminder that the live blog begins in the comments section at kickoff. I'll meet you there.


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Great punt!

When is going to be Miller Time? ...I never like the Bush beer.

ball hit his hands enough said

No points on drive partly on Hartline for being finger tackled
A top receiver would have scored

Predicting a good game for Fins! They seem to play up to the competition!!

Got to convert there. Bush needs to help out young QB, but no reason for a low throw on that one.

Missed 3 TD opportunities-quit throwing to Hartline on the sideline where he has no where to go + Hartline-eventually you need to break a takle-Better o-line protection-set your feet QB

NFL, DC. It was on his hands.

Mando, you agree with me that Niners have bad karma, right?

Alex Smith QB rating 105, 24-3 record, benched!!

I'm glad we don't have a jerk for a coach.

looked tipped by Soliai

I will say it is really amazing how some people have fear of knowledge, anything outside of their boundries.

I've developed websites for many companies. Forgive me for trying to teach you about how things really work

Why don't you both ask god to ban rain now.

Just once, I'd like to see Dansby pick up some of his tackles BEHIND the line of scrimmage.

Tannehill is a bust. The plays are there, he simply doesn't make the throws.

Why keep giving Dansby credit for coming into camp last year OVERWEIGHT! He HAD TO get down, he was part of an 0-6 start.

DC, must you be wrong always? Bush has to catch that period. It was one millimeter too low.

Reggie Dropped It!! He Still Could Have Caught It!


On The Short Yardage

I noticed Last Week On 3rd and Short. T-Hill is Running The Brady Special! The Qb Sneak. I would almost rather see that. Than Lane Or Thomas Trying To Gain 1 Yard!

Let's see if The Fins Have added That Play To The Short Yardage Plays This Week?

Woooo-hoooo!!! Perks of playing against Kapernick!!

Tannehill has a better percentage converting the short-yardage than any RB on the roster, Dashi. I like that move as I assume you do.

Nice to see SF a little off.... Feels like a grind it out game.

Catches like that are missed by RBs all the time, they aren't WRs.

Now, if you're saying, for Miami to win players need to make those types of plays, I agree.

And the negativity begins less than 5 min into the game.. NICE

Guys don't even go there 49ers way better team there shouldn't be a surprise if the blow us away, thanks to that piece of garbage Jeff FIRELAND!

Man Harbough was *solid* until he completely had a brain freeze w/ this Smith benching. Unbelievable. They are paying already. Kap might be explosive but he's already shown Sanchizeish fumbling and INT tendencies.

Smith goes 24-3, 105 QB rating, gets benched??

Lucky for us.

rgs 3 just unreal, what a game this is

SKINS beat the RAVENS in OT....

but it may have cost them RG3.....

Great pressure by Wake, but also Odrick.


The Ball Hit Both His Hands!!

Reggie Got Scared!! It wasn't Even Behind Him! It was just Waist Level!!

Reggie Heard FootSteps!!

Mr.W!! Is A Beast!!

Wow-if we could get Wake some help-wow

LOL 3 yard pass needed 15. Kap is 3rd game rook *way* behind Tanne.

We win this game fairly comfortably.

Stupid Harduh blows up a 14-2 team after game 10!


Kap is about where Tanne was in game 3.

I hope T-hill comes out throwing it more than handing it off esp early as hopefully that will set us up to the run the ball later on.

colin blows, what a mistake by harbaugh

We are a couple of guys away on defense from being dominant.

Lamar Miller getting work ahead of Daniel thomas today.

Loss of 1 for Miller

somebody block

Hartline time

Mando Agreed @4:21

Tannehill is a bust.

Davone Bess!!!!!

Nice. Tanne's sharp today. Fired up.

Fins 24
Kap 9

ima is a retarded monkey

Dolphins WRs getting wide open today. WIDE open.

I Don't Know About U guys But T-Hill looks Like The Better Qb Today!!

Daddy Cracked The Whip This Week!!

Armando-why do our receivers fall down when they are totally open?

The field appears to be dry

Armando ... in the early going Tannehill looks more loose in the pocket than usual-last few games-

he better be better than colin, come on

TD in 3..2..1

No, phew, 1st. Didn't want a 3rd and short.


Armando-why do our receivers fall down when they are totally open?

The field appears to be dry

Posted by: David | December 09, 2012 at 04:28 PM

LOL, that was funny!

I'm glad we have a real QB and are not running the wishbone like Harduh


Fasano Got Scared!!


Hey Dashi what about the Secundary?

Miller. where's he been all year joe!!!??

Nice, Lamar Miller. Why haven't they played this kid Mando? LOL!



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