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Live blog here: Can the Dolphins win?

Jimmy Wilson (hip) is inactive today. As I told you earlier this week, maybe this isn't terrible.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Coe, Josh Kaddu, PatrickBrown, Michael Egnew and Kyle Miller.

So here's the question: Does Miami have a chance today?

My answer: Yes. It is a slim chance, but yes, the Dolphins have a chance.

Simply, the 49ers beat teams doing what it is the Dolphins like to counter better than anything. The 49ers want to run the football. The Dolphins stop the run well. The 49ers make game-changing plays in the passing game, mostly by sacking the QB. The Dolphins want to get the ball out fast today and they mostly want to run the football.

The Dolphins are susceptible to elite QBs picking on their nickel corners. Well, Colin Kaepernick is not elite.

I am not predicting a Dolphins victory. In fact, I picked San Francisco this week.

But out of the question?


A reminder that the live blog begins in the comments section at kickoff. I'll meet you there.


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I love that screen call to Miller on third down.

By the way, no charles clay so far today.

No Dancing With L.Miller!!

Good Call Mando!

Whatta run by Miller!!!

And now Clay finally enters game.

He's inconsistent. I like Miller in there.

wrong direction


miller should be starter next year


WTF!, even I know 40 go go



We whine a lot but Ireland has built a pretty good team. We are a couple of players on defense from being dominant and a couple of playmakers on offense from being good. We are close.


Great 1st quarter!!!

Tony Great Lb's Cover A lot Of Holes!

And Clemons is a Bigger Problem Than The Cb's!!

But Ur Right I shouldn't have Said Dominant!

They are a Couple LB's From Being Really Good!!!!


First and goal from the 7!!

Two false start penalties!!

THILL, Philbin and Ireland Suck!!!

We should be playing for our 9th win.

I should add that nobody with as many arm tats as Kap can be a good NFL QB. Dude's a thug or he wouldn't be tatted up like that.

Wholesome QBs like Danny Whuerffel and Tim Tebow and Tom Brady and Ryan Tannehill are better.

Tannehill looks in a different mode in early going...let see how he finish the game

Miller is The Best "RB" On This Team!

The O-Line Is Killing This Drive at The End!!

Philbin has Them Ready To Play Today!!

DC!! Ur Analysis Was Spot On!! Tight Game!!

Tanne playing well
Cool under pressure


cant block smith

Go to the second quarter post, please.

I like Moore ; but he doesn't practice well.So until he does better he will be a backup under Philbin . I think Ryan is our QB ,he'll be a good 'un! He's not Luck or RG111 (no one else is )& that's ok .He's the Real Deal(keep watching )

Wow!!! Lit up by Smith.

Marin gets steam rolled!!

Nice call on 3rd and goal from the 20.

Gain of 12.

Up 3-0 but C'Mon Man...The Fins self destructed from the 7 yard line.

Redzone ineptitude rears it's head again. Offensive line killed that drive.

Can't blame Tannehill for those penalties & that sack. This team can't even give him a chance.

all that for 3. Better than nothing

"Redzone ineptitude rears it's head again. Offensive line killed that drive."


Tannehill the Terrible! LOL

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