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Reshad Jones sets sights on Pro Bowl

Many NFL player feign humility when reporters ask about making the Pro Bowl. It means a lot to many of them yet few ever admit how much perhaps for fear of seeming self-absorbed.

Reshad Jones admits how much the Pro Bowl means to him.

"It's the ultimate when other players, coaches and fans recognize you as being one of the people at the top of the game," Jones told me Tuesday. "The Pro Bowl is for the best of the best. Of course, I want to be selected to the Pro Bowl. I would mean a lot to me."

Jones has a chance. We discussed that even if Ed Reed gets selected, his health doesn't always allow him to participate. Even if Troy Polamalu gets selected (he doesn't deserve it this year because he's been injured most of the time), he probably won't go because of his health.

So the perennial selectees might be giving way to someone else.

That may open the door for Jones. He's got three interceptions. He's forced two fumbles, He has a sack. He is a gap-filling safety with 81 tackles, which is third on the team. Could he use a highlight day against Chad Henne Sunday to solidify his case?

Of course.

But that, everyone knows, is possible.

By the way, I don't mind telling you Jones is a good dude, too. I spent time with him Tuesday. We went to visit a 101-year-old Dolphins fan. I wrote this column based on that visit.

Good on the field.

Good off the field.

Reshad Jones.


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First!!! Let the arguments about petty differences in opinion begin!!!! Don't disappoint me fellas!!!!!!

Ps.. I hope to god we win this weekend. As someone who lives in jacksonville I won't be able to handle all the backwoods redneck jag fans talking trash! They by far have the lowest football IQ of any fan base....

Well it's been great here since rmando Banned Odinstank, Now lets get him to get rid of his life-mate Douchi

Since I expect yourboy Henny to be slingin the ball all over Sun Life Corral,defensive players on the fins could LOCK-IN their bonuses and even Pro-Bowl appearance with THIS game.

This secondary might be better than what it appears individually. We held a couple of potent Offenses in NE and SF to 20some points. I expect it to be 1 of our strenghts next year.

It is really very hard to evaluate a Player in a Team Game. They have to be stars a la Ed Reed, Polamalu, that outshine everything else.

Also, the influence of the D line and LBs on the Game can change the perspective on the 2ndary. We have been putting good pressure(CWake specially) on the QBs and that disrupts their timing with the receivers. Also, good LBing play helps the D backfield.

We have been able to contain the TEs(except for Hernandez, but he's a glorified WR) and Omar says is mainly the work of Mr. Kevin Burnett.

Who drafted R Jones?

i hope jones understands a pro bowl appearance might get him traded

Reshad Jones sucks and so does every player in a Dolphins uniform not named Wake. This team/franchise is a joke.

Jones was a very good (Jeff Ireland) 5th round pickup in 2010. You could see that year that he had better ball-hawking skills than any other DB on the roster. It's his time to start taking over leadership in the secondary.

For those of you still clamoring for big name FAs next year, Miami Herald's Barry Jackson has some good reading for you today:

- - - - - - - - - - -
From the article:
“Jeff [Ireland] and Joe [Philbin] really value draft picks, and Jeff believes he’s good at it. If you hit on rookies, you have those guys for four years, at [affordable] cap numbers.”

Philbin has said repeatedly that he believes in building through the draft. “In my time in Green Bay, I don’t really remember acquiring, offensively anyway, a free agent,” he said.
- - - - - - - - - - -

The handwriting is on the wall...

although we have a few extra, just wont be enough draft picks to fill all the holes, with quality anyway (plus you're not gonna miss on a few)--so they should target/sign 1 quality FA to fill a significant need, like WR, TE (which appears to be somewhat weak in the draft) or CB-they must upgrade their pass rush, to put less pressure on their coverage.....ALL revolves around pressure on the QB.

ericatl, and why would it get him traded. If you're implying that it would cost more to pay him, and that would get him trade you know very little. Ross is very willing and able to play player.......within the salary cap. And it is a hard cap so you have to stay within it.

Jacksonville Hennes 31, Fins 20

Mike, That is sarcasm for we dont allow good players to stay here long. It might make us a good team for which Ireland has clearly tried to prevent!!!

Rob M is a sissy.Reshad Jones is the real deal.

Mike I sincerely hope Ireland makes me eat crow someday with a Super Bowl win. But I doubt it!!! If it does happen I will gladly take the crow on a silver platter and take back everything Ive said!!


ericatl, we don't allow good players to stay, such as.

BTW there was a reason Marshall was traded, and it wasn't because he lacked talent. It was because with a rookie QB being the starter, Marshall would have been a huge distraction to the team and the rookie.

Has Irescum been fired yet?

Jones is the only respectable DB we have. Thanks Jeff, 1 out of 8 ain't bad!

Brandon Marshall was traded because Ireland mistakenly thought he would be suspended after a police incident at a bar. He was traded the day after the incident and Marshall was later cleared of all charges.

nice article Mando. that'll be me sometime in the future, only i'll probably cranky & grumpy cursing at my dolphins, but watching them nonetheless.

Jones was drafted and has been developed into the player he is today and the ceiling is high as he still continues to grow. He will be a good Safety for years to come as long as he stays healthy. People like Rob saying he sucks has no clue and probably doesnt even watch the games but highlights or lack there of on ESPN.
75% of the bloggers on here that are calling for Ireland to be fired etc couldnt hold a meaningful face to face conversation with the man to say why they wont him out as the GM of the Fins. Theyd call him names like Irescum, tell him he sucks, or ask him to fire himself. If Ross himself came to 75% of the people wanting Ireland out and said ok tell me why I should fire him, he'd immediately ask well why does he suck? and the crickets would fill the room..
Take his whole body of work into context, what has solely been on him, and make a case instead of just saying he sucks.
Just to be clear if he stays im ok with it and if he goes im ok so Im not a die hard Ireland supporter. I trust in Philbin having come from a winning culture and his mindset in developing players. Ireland knows his job relys on the success of Philbin and seems to listen when Joe wants or does not want a player

Well the Stallworth experiment came to and end quickly.. The Pats placed him on IR and are going to sign Branch again

Who the hell cares about the pro bowl?

It's a popularity contest, not about who the best players are.

mattyb, he's here at least another year. But this is the real test. He has a HC who's philosophy the Owner believes in. Who's proven he's at his worst as good as the last HC. He has a defense that's pretty good, only a few holes. And he has GREAT need to fix the offense that's been a disaster his entire tenure (Ireland), and all he's really done is mess around the edges on the oline and doesn't really have that taken care of. And he has a QB who's 2nd to last in the AFC right now (so has room to grown, but isn't off to the fast start ensuring he's the right guy). A LOT rides on how good our offense is next year. Not just keeping the team in games, but WINNING GAMES, scoring over 20 points. That happens, Ireland will be here for awhile (IMO). If not, I think the Owner will cut the cord (6 years should be long enough to get enough talent on offense to make it competitive).

I agree DC Dolfan.. I feel he takes Philbins opinion on players, drafts and picks accordingly. I think we see a huge difference in this offseason and draft. Its hard coming in year one and getting all of your type of guys on the team. I mean Philbin couldnt come in evaluate his team and cut all but 20 guys.. So this offseason is the most important in his career as a GM and Philbins as HC.

I forget who was the intern coach last year?

Reshod Jones is the best DB we have point blank period. Ireland lucked up on him


Todd Bowles.

another next season.


Pro-Bowls are popularity contests. Players who sometimes living off their reputations tend to keep getting selected. Troy Polamalu has barely played this year & he'll probably get voted in. All-Pro is the real distinction for a guy who is the best (or definitely one of the best) at their position.

Tremendous improvement this season from Jones. No doubt about it. Not sure he's worthy of 'All-Pro status' but we can certainly use a more players like him. Wake is the one guy on this defense who is clearly one of the best players at his position.

Jacksonville Hennes: 31
Miami Philbins: 20

Bank on it.

Henne: 320 yards, 4 TDs

Fins: 230 total yards, 2 TDs

Seriously, if we let Henne come in here and beat us, that's just the depths of the bottom.

Henne was run out of town--probably correctly so, after not having much success here--and we simply have to have some kind of manly backbone and we CANNOT let the horrible Jax team come in here with Henne and beat us.

You had better get these players ready to play, Joe.

I agree DC Dolfan.. I feel he takes Philbins opinion on players, drafts and picks accordingly. I think we see a huge difference in this offseason and draft. Its hard coming in year one and getting all of your type of guys on the team. I mean Philbin couldnt come in evaluate his team and cut all but 20 guys.. So this offseason is the most important in his career as a GM and Philbins as HC.


The truth is that it seems that every year--for some time now--has become the MOST important draft. We have five picks in the first three rounds & we need to draft more impact players instead of fringe starters.

However I don't think it's very realistic to expect that ONE FA & ONE draft is enough to make this team playoff worthy. Best case scenario--regardless of the schedule we finish 8-8 next year. I believe that IF we nail this year's draft then we're still going to need AT LEAST one more (maybe even two) to get this team above .500. Bear in mind that there are some young teams that are ahead of us in the rebuilding process like the Bengals & the Colts.

Sir, Yes Sir

Miami 20-Jacksoville 16. We get our 6th & maybe our last win of the season.

Im not saying that one draft and on fa is going to flip around the season. What I am saying is that this is the first real time that Philbin can put his true grip around his team in making it His team... There might be growing pains next year as well.
On the other hand why cant they turn it around in one FA and draft? Other teams have ie the colts 49ers Bengals Saints... Why not us?

Jones has been one of the few highlights of the season. He's been awesome. He's played well every game and has had a couple of exceptional games. He certainly deserves consideration.

Reshad Jones was an awesome find by Ireland in the fifth round. Hopefully he can find us another one this draft because Clemons just can't do the job. We need more ballhawks in our secondary. I like Smith as a coverage guy but he doesn't produce big plays. Carrol is average at best.

As far as thisSunday - we win the game by smothering their offense, running the ball at them and being efficient in the red zone by scoring 7s instead of threes. Book it.

ROB M at 6:32
Thanks for the football knowledge that you shared with us i know it took alot of insight and thought to come up with that indepth analysis of the Dolphins defense. We appricate what you do for the blog and how you contribute.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once and awhile. Ireland found a good one in Jones. But please fellas, before you defend Ireland, look at his overall track record. The guy has definitley been more miss than hit.

The Dolphins have some nice players to work with but still have substantial holes all over the place. And not drafting or acquiring WR/TE's was inexcusable for a rookie QB, and reason enough to tell Ireland to walk.

How's that headcase Marshall doing this year in Chicago? Funny that people like Craig is glad he's gone. Cancer in the lockerroom... blah, blah, blah. Funny nobody says that in Chicago. Playmakers make plays. Period

I guess it is 50/50 that irland is good gm or not but here is what i have to say about irland and his draft. he goes for the player that is consistant not a playmaker or a risk taker that is why his drafts do not look bad but there are no playmakers on defense or offense that can take over a game

As far as next year goes, given the expected growth from the qb, the money to spend in free agnecy and the draft picks, at worst we should be a legitimate 9 win team. If not - it's time to have someone else scout the talent.

If some people say Ireland was brought down by Tannehill, I won't buy that as an excuse. In Ireland's time here - he had a shot at Ryan, Kaepernick, Dalton, and Mallett off the top of my head. Tannehill was the guy he picked. If it's a failure then it's his own fault too.

QB play has been the biggest achilles' heel of Ireland's tenure. It's more than enough gorunds for dsimissal after spending two second round and one first round pick on a QB. Third strike, you're out!

I think you're right. Early this year Ireland and Philbin had little time to confer regarding the draft. Philbin had boatloads to do hiring coaches, setting the offensive and defensive systems, making posters :-) and the like.

We should see much bigger and better input from the coaching staff regarding the draft next year. And if good, we could realize a turnaround next year. That's IF this year's roster is not torn down too badly.

A cancer only shows in the face of adversity.. Cutler throws to Marshall often which is what he wants and likes.. any WR should want the ball all the time but its how they handle it when they dont get it.. HE would be screaming and crying to RT all game long.. The WCO spreads the ball around.. thats the cancer Craig refers to. He loved Matt Moore and Thigpen bc they threw the ball up to him but right after the season with MM he threw him under the bus after the probowl.
Did they do a good job replacing Marshall? No but I agree he wouldnt have been a good help to the rookie screaming and yelling at him all the time.

The TE position in the next years Draft is full of good players including Tyler Eifert N.D 6-6 251 and Joseph Fauria 6-7 255 UCLA just to name some of them.

tvagas, I think you don't give Ireland enough credit. Not saying he's great but he's not a blind squirrel. he's brought in enough good players that if we had good QB play, we'd be a good team. But we don't and you can't win without it. Now, not having good QB play is also Ireland's fault and he should be held accountable. But to say that he hasn't brought in any talent is also far from the truth.

The 2 worst QB's in football meet at SunLife on sunday.

Yawn. Come on. Both are way better than Sanchez.

Sanchez is not even backup material. He's butt awful.

Why so negative Yawn? There are always positives..

Ryan Tannehill is the best in the NFL at getting off the field on 3 downs..

House come the Colts keep winning even though Luck is an INT machine completing only 51% of his passes? I don't get it.

Since joining the Dolphins Ireland has used 14 draft picks on skill position players but does not have one playmaker from the 14 picks!

I gotta say, again, I love Bellicheat. Dude is hilarious and is good for football.

Latest presser:

Q: Is there another player in the league more valuable than Tom Brady?

A: [stone cold killer stare/monotone voice] I don't know. We don't play every team in the league.


Fire Scum,
Counting the past two years that we Ireland only drafts whats the statistic go to?

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