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Reshad Jones sets sights on Pro Bowl

Many NFL player feign humility when reporters ask about making the Pro Bowl. It means a lot to many of them yet few ever admit how much perhaps for fear of seeming self-absorbed.

Reshad Jones admits how much the Pro Bowl means to him.

"It's the ultimate when other players, coaches and fans recognize you as being one of the people at the top of the game," Jones told me Tuesday. "The Pro Bowl is for the best of the best. Of course, I want to be selected to the Pro Bowl. I would mean a lot to me."

Jones has a chance. We discussed that even if Ed Reed gets selected, his health doesn't always allow him to participate. Even if Troy Polamalu gets selected (he doesn't deserve it this year because he's been injured most of the time), he probably won't go because of his health.

So the perennial selectees might be giving way to someone else.

That may open the door for Jones. He's got three interceptions. He's forced two fumbles, He has a sack. He is a gap-filling safety with 81 tackles, which is third on the team. Could he use a highlight day against Chad Henne Sunday to solidify his case?

Of course.

But that, everyone knows, is possible.

By the way, I don't mind telling you Jones is a good dude, too. I spent time with him Tuesday. We went to visit a 101-year-old Dolphins fan. I wrote this column based on that visit.

Good on the field.

Good off the field.

Reshad Jones.


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Jones was another bust taken in the fifth roound by Ireland......WHAT?....Oh, he's on the verge of Pro Bowl status. REALLY? How is that possible? All I hear is bad about Ireland....can't be....NAH!

Too bad we didn't sign that guy Stallworth. Wow, what a great TD he had against the Texans Monday night.....WHAT?....he's on IR already? WOW!....wonder how that happened?

matty, bess and bt have been yellin' alot at rt for all of those over throws he mixxes on,
don't fo get td's + yds = incentive$.


2 watt, I've seen that and it ticks me off. funny how bess puts his head down and says nothing though when he is covered like a blanket on long passes.

bess is having his best year under tannehill. sometimes these idiot WRs should shut up and realize that Tannehill ensured Bess will make another five years of NFL money based on the number of balls he throws his way. Given how slow he is and was undrafted - he should just be thankful.

Yeah, Bess is 5'6" and can't get a deep ball. Not RT's fault.

hartline is another one. On a lot of other teams, these guys wouldn't have got the same chance. They should be thankful as heck that they ended up Dolphins and shut up!!

Anyone Know if this Fauria TE is related to Christian Fauria formerly TE of the Seahawks??

perfect deep ball to Hartline in the endzone and he waited on teh ground to catch it in his belly like receiving a punt, whereas an alpha WR would GO UP AND GET IT.

Love Hartline's heart and hustle, but he doesn't have top alpha WR tools, obviously.

Not fair to judge RT this year with this WR corps.

Agreed Truth. Last Sunday, there was nowhere to throw a ball. Anyone could see it. And what a beauty of a sideline pass he threw to Moore have it hit him in both hands and watch him drop it. Instead of having another 50 yards on his stat sheet, Tannehill ends up with no play.

The rookie hasn't been great but he's not getting any help either.

TD pass to Fasano was nice as well. Fasano has pretty good hands if only the dude was faster.

We have this staff (Ireland/Philbin/Sherman/ETC) for at least another draft and start of a season. Unless something catastrophic happens towards the end here.

Ireland. Can't say he has been a complete waste. During his tenure, Dolphins acquired Wake, Bess, Long, and Jones appears to have developed nicely. I will give him credit for the guys on Tuna's watch because he was there. Jury is still out on many things and we may not have a complete picture of for at least another year or two.

Some of the head scratchers though. They are really obvious, some might say catastrophic blunders of judgment. Babe Ruth struck out once so he's in good company and all, but there have been some critical mistakes.

Going forward, based on what he has done for this organization in the past, plus his previous resume. I cannot really find solace in knowing he is making decisions that will determine the course this franchise takes. If he has a fantastic draft and the Dolphins improve (yes please) then great, have at it. If its more of the same, then changes need to be made.

Hard Knocks, at least for me, let me know that the old guys (Philbin & to an extent Sherman) play a big part in these decisions. As it should be. Can't really say from what I have seen makes me feel like yeah, these guys are going to be great. Its more of a tempered, shrug your shoulders, yeah we'll see approach. What has been in their favor is the ridiculously cream puff schedule they have played, and the fact that our collective expectations were so low for the season.

I feel that the C'MON MAN! moments with this group so far have outweighed the successes. I believe we go into this offseason with similar questions we have had in the past. Do we have a qb? What will our o-line look like? Are we going to get a better TE? Who will be arrested this offseason? Will we be trying out dentists, and janitors for WR? I think the biggest one for me is will this franchise win a championship in my lifetime? That is really the only one I care about.

To be fair, Hartline has gotten open deep a few times, especially early in games, and RT overthrew him, but other times, like I mentioned, Hartline waits on the ground to receive the ball in his belly like receiving a punt!!! Again, an alpha WR GOES UP AND GETS THAT BALL with his hands. You remember the play I'm talking about. It was in the end zone.

And Bess, yeah, love his heart and his hands too, but he simply cannot receive balls on the move longer than 15 yards. He's too short. RT has NOWHERE to throw if the throw is to Bess running deep down the field.

if fasono was any faster he would have landed out of bounds on the td.

ericatl, we don't allow good players to stay, such as.

Posted by: mike | December 12, 2012 at 08:21 AM

Mike exactly Im at a loss for words lol. But Jones is very good hope he continues and this FO dont find a reason like trade him to the Patriots. We shouldnt even trade practice squad players to the Patriots

Re Bess, you'd have to say the same thing about the great Welker. He does not catch balls down the field where the ball travelled 40 yards in the air. Too short. Bess and Welker are for catching balls 15 yards and shorter.

Welker gets a ton of YAC, but I'm talking about how many yards the ball travels in the air.

Not fair to ask RT to throw to Bess streaking down the field.

If Ricky Williams joined the team right now, in whatever shape he's in, right now, it would be a major upgrade to our RB corps.

Big weakness on this team. Exact opposite of what many thought.

Bush is so so and we might lose him and D Thomas and Miller are probably not going to be 1,000 yard rushers, ever.

Agree Truth, I thought the running game would be a strength this season. Bush has played subpar, at least compared to what he was showing at the end of last season. Thomas is still having problems holding onto the ball. I wouldn't be quick to discount Miller though. He has looked pretty good at times, really just needs more time out there to see what he will be at this level. If so Thomas (3rd down/ short yardage)/Miller might be a good combo.

D Thomas could get 1000 yds......if he had 1000 carries!! LMAO!

Miller and Egnew = healthy scratches? LOL

Jones is a Great Player!!

Ireland as always IS THE MAJOR Point Of DEBATE!! (Ya know where Dashi Stands)

And OBL!! Dashi Will Never Be Banned!! (And If I did Dashi would "CARE LESS") Give it a Break Fool!!

Dashi Drops Jewels Of Info!! While U collect Pennies for ur Manischewitz!!

Yeah, Landry might've ruined Bush for good on that dirty tackle earlier this year. Hasn't been the same since.

We had 2 pro bowl receivers and got rid of them both Welker and Marshall. WTF?


Fauria is the Nephew of C.Fauria.

Thanks dashi, I picked up on that after deciding to use Google. They were bound to eb related, not to many Fauria's walking the planet ...

Might be a good idea to take the chance ona second generation football player. You know they're going to eb well coached at least.

And believe it or not, there's another Matthews on the way in this draft. OT, forget which school but want to say USC. That is some kind of bloodline right there. I think this one is Bruce's kid.

Miller a bust? really? Have you seen him run? Do you actually know that he was hurt coming into the draft? an injury that takes a little while to get over..

Sorry, Texas A&M.

So that makes the Matthews family impact on the NFL as follows ...

Kevin Matthews's (centre on the Titans) father, Bruce, is a Hall of Fame offensive lineman who played for the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans from 1983–2001, and is currently the offensive line coach with the Titans. Kevin's uncle, Clay Jr., is a former four-time Pro Bowl linebacker who played for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons from 1978–1996. Kevin's grandfather, Clay Sr., is a former offensive tackle and linebacker who played for the San Francisco 49ers for four seasons during the 1950s. Kevin's younger brother, Jake, plays Offensive Tackle for Texas A&M. Kevin's cousins, Clay III and Casey, are linebackers for the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively. Kevin also has a younger brother Mike, who is currently committed to play football at Texas A&M University for the class of 2012.

Correction on the 2011 draft NE drafter a CB and Shane Vereen in the 2nd. Came back with Ridley any Ryan Mallet in thr 3rd. Even worse for the Fins. Cecil Shorts was a 4th rounder for Jacksonville. Nice find there

Welker was a Cam Cameron Decision.. Cam cut him in San Diego and then came to the Fins and traded him to an interconfrence foe. That being said Welker has said himself hes not the player he is today without Brady. So to expect the same results from Welker with the QBs this team has had then ludacris..

Rhino posted;
"Ireland. Can't say he has been a complete waste. During his tenure, Dolphins acquired Wake, Bess, Long, and Jones appears to have developed nicely. I will give him credit for the guys on Tuna's watch because he was there."

Let's not go there. Because if we are going to give Ireland credit for those players, we will have to evaluate the entire tenure under Parcells with Ireland there, and I think we all know where that put us today. We had many more whiffs on his watch than we had players that are helping us now. Tuna didn't help this organization and I would bet money that Ireland was right there with him making some bogus decisions

Bess is a Better WR than Hartline!!

Has Been For the last 4 Years!!

With That Said Bess is a Short Route Guy!! He is not fast he is quick!! A Chain Mover!! A la OJ McDuffie/W.Chrebet/W.Welker Type!! U Need 1 Of Those In The Passing Game!!

Now Hartline Is Good Not Great!! But What Hartline Is Not Is Fast or A High Jumper!! I don't care Where he ran Track!! He never Won a Track Meet!! And This Is Football!! Not Track&Field!! Hartline Won't Fight anyone For The Ball!! The reason he only has 1 TD!!

Heck Last Game!!

After Sunshine Drops That Bomb That Hits Moore In The Hands!! He throws another One To Hartline!! And You Could Just See Hartline Was Even Scared To Jump!! That was a 50/50 Throw!! What did Hartline Do!! Run Out Of The End zone!! Even The DB thought Hartline was Going To Jump!! And was Closer!! That's Why The DB JUMPED TO Break Up The Pass!! Instead of Going For a Pick!!

Again! 1 Season Without a #1 WR!! And We all want Ireland's Head!! Give it a Break !! Like my Boy B.Jackson Said!! The Fins Under Ireland!! Have Given Big Money to FA's Before!! Remember Making Dansby The Highest Paid ILB!!


Too bad we didn't sign that guy Stallworth. Wow, what a great TD he had against the Texans Monday night.....WHAT?....he's on IR already? WOW!....wonder how that happened?

Posted by: Craig M | December 12, 2012 at 10:13 AM

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he sustained some type of injury...

You know, the sorta thing thing that happens to Jake Long every now and then.

It's all about QB play guys. They missed on Henne but you have to give him time to show what he can or can't do. Next up is Tannehill. Jury still out on what he might become. But for the most part you can't fix this stuff overnight (yeah I'm aware of what Luck is doing).

You win in this league with your QB play and getting to the QB. We're not great in either one of those areas....YET.

Let's do a little poll, for fun.

What do you guys think our record will be NEXT YEAR?

Totally impossible to predict our personnel next year, etc, but just for fun....

Will Philbin prove to be a star coach and we go 12-4 next year?

Or do we still suck and go 7-9?

I'm going to predict:

10-6. RT puts it together next year with a better receiving corps and shows he's a franchise QB.

RT @ternisse13: do you agree with Mayock assessment of Dolphins O being unsuccessful due to lack of speed?"

"How much deep speed do Pats have? " Armando Salguero

Exactly, really when you think about it , really has little to do with speed. But if you also noticed, if you REALLY watched the game the other night (and I did) you don't need a lot of speed when your receivers are constantly open and your offensive line does such a great job it shuts down a player like JJ Watt.

I watched ever first half pass from both QBS. Brady made one nice deep throw to a covered receiver on about 8 attempts. The rest sailed too far or were under thrown. The rest of his throws in the first half? To receivers SO wide open there was a minimum of 6 feet of space in between THE defender and the WR. Only one short completion was covered well, a short throw to Hernandez in the flat. The rest of the short throws his guys were absolutely wide open.

On the other side Schaubs guys were covered all night and low and behold Schaub, a QB considered to be tops in the league absolutely sucked. It's hard to complete passes when you wrs are blanketed heh?

Got a tough question for all of you to ponder.....name the best Dolphins GM? It's got to be someone who did well at more than 1 phase of the game. Funny thing is with the history of our drafting Ireland may be the best GM we've ever had and we all want to run him out of town! The guy is now building his second entirely different offense and defense as well. The players he drafted and brought in just a few years ago are not fits for this scheme.

So what does it tell us? Not sure exactly but I'm starting to take a harder look at Sherman. Discounting Tannehills rookie mistakes and speed bumps, guys just aren't getting open. They look like the Texans receivers did Monday night except they look like that 90% of the time.

When you watch an offense like the Patriots and realize they don't have anyone who is really fast yet still find ways to get receivers wide open on almost every play it opens your eyes to bigger issues. Belichick and McDaniels design plays that actually work. Their receivers play with confidence withion the system because the system yields results and the play calling is spot on.

Why does our TE run into coverage instead of away from it, especially when the defense is in a zone?! Why do our receivers barely get any separation from the dbs unless they're running slants? Is it play design or is it talent? Probably a little of both.

I know Tannehill is an inexperienced rookie who is making mistakes, I expected that. What I didn't expect is that he would have no running game to take the pressure off and an offensive coordinator who just now figured out he could use Bush as a mismatch receiving against LBS. I didn't expect the play calling to be Henning like and I didn't expect the GM to give his rookie QB not one go to outlet guy.

Problems are not just team speed, there are problems every where. And I'm starting to get scared we have a Sparano/Henning type relationship going on between Sherman and Philbin. Sherman being the mentor and Philbin being afraid to step on his toes. I'm afraid that even if Shermans reviews are bad at the end of the season that he will keep his job because who in the hell can fire their mentor?

Tannehill has no running game because he isnt a passing threat. Opposing D's just stack the box to stop our run knowing that Tannehill cant beat em passing. Notice there are no complaints about the running game when Moore plays,

When Irescum squandered 3 picks for D Thomas the draft room broke out in hysterical laughter.

mark, marino the cry baby went screaming at duper after 1 of the 3 + outs and told him 2 dive 4 the paxx,
duper said fu, throw it so i don't have 2 dive.

Yet we had a better running game last year with a QB who averaged 20 less passing yards per game. Try again, Shula ...



Shula that is a short sighted post. Defenders are stacking the box because we have no deep threat. There is not one reciever on the Dolphins roster that requires double coverage. Therefore you can bring both of your safeties close to the line of scrimmage.

If the play is a pass they read it and are able to cover our guys (slow) from the line, they don't need that cushion. If it's a run play they read it and stay put.

There are no complaints about the running game when Moore plays because Moore doesn't play, that seems fairly obvious.

Moore played one game against the Wets that we dominated them on all aspects of the ball. Please pick a new statement.
You are right that teams stack the box but not to stop just the run but to take away the underneath passing of the WCO. If you look at the difference between the beginning of the year and now, teams were blitzing Rt all day and he did very well against that.. they stopped taking away the underneath stuff and stuffing our receivers at the line..

Phins78, go read the SS piece on coaching mismanagement. I don't have much for Omar and the SS but it's a good read.

Thanks cocoajoe, will do.

Moore played 13 games the last 2 years. No one complained about the running game. Tannehill is not an NFL QB and the defenses know it.

shue's is right, moore was 2nd in long balls only 2 palmer,
stack the box and moore killed u deep like an orca feeding frenzy.

Exactly, really when you think about it , really has little to do with speed. But if you also noticed, if you REALLY watched the game the other night (and I did) you don't need a lot of speed when your receivers are constantly open and your offensive line does such a great job it shuts down a player like JJ Watt.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 12, 2012 at 11:36 AM

Tom Brady was wearing JJ Watt and other people of the Texans DL and LBs like a CHEAP SUIT....

The Texans constantly hit....harassed...and sacked the CHOSEN one....

what IMPRESSED me the most about that game was how many times Tom Terrific got up off the carpet....and hung in there for another throw....in the 1st half....Brady was getting pounded EARLY and OFTEN....

IMO...Brady took steps to get rid of that "soft" label that he rightly EARNED in the past.....

Read it cocoajoe. Awful, now I'm depressed. lol I was blaming Sherman but I failed to blame Philbin. And when you look at the big picture the coach is in charge. If Bush was being used properly Philbin should have noticed and made the change.

Instead my worst fears are being confirmed. Sherman is Joes mentor, Philbin is leaning on Shermans experience instead of being a true leader and running the team the way he sees fit. I really hope this isn't what is happening but the signs are getting clearer. Joe can't be scared to hurt his feelings. I can hear it now, dejavu.

Joe- Hey Sherm why do you keep running that play?


Shula the offense was a rushing attack based offense. Remeber? Sparano, daboll, running all of the time, had a possession receiver whop could out jump anyone for the ball, field goals, fist pumps. Any of this ringing a bell to you?

Now they are installing a brand new, never been used before in the history of the Dolphins West Coast Style offense. But they still have the players from the old running attack based offense.

Any of this familiar?

Can't wait Til Moore Gets Let GO!!

Not For Moore!!

But for U MOORONS!!

Can ya Please Go with Him!! To whatever Team he Goes!! U GUYS ARE JUST. WSTE OF SPACE!!

I Don't Care About Moore's Alleged Deep Ball!! The Only Time Moore Threw Deep!! Was To Marsha!!

Moore Averages 2 Turnovers a Game!! And Was Completing 39% of His Passes Without Marsha This Year!!

Moore might be better than Sanchez!! But that is about it!!

Oh, Dashi Forgot!! Moore was A Team MVP!!

When Nobody here knows what that Trophy Looks Like!! Because Nobody cares About Team MVPS!! That was Basically The Defense Giving Him The Award!! So They can have 1 Last Laugh On Henne!! Bush was more deserving!!

Hey, its a good thing the Fins put that wording in the contract that they can dump Tannehill lol

You gotta admit that Moore could throw a nice long ball. As I've said before its the only thing Tannehill needs to work on. Get him some weapons next year and lets see what happens.

Kris Brady was hit 6 times the entire game, pressured 9 times, and only was sacked once. I think we may have been watching different games. And Watt had no sacks and no batted balls. The score was 21-0 1/4 of the way through the game. If the Texans were getting as much pressure as you say I don't think the score would have been so lopsided.

On a side note, J.J. Watt did not have at least one batted pass, sack or tackle for loss for the first time this season.

So I stand behind my original statement New England's o-line played great and made Watt look ordinary.

Actually, morons, Shula is right. You have to throw the ball VERTICALLY down the field to keep 'em honest.

Moore throws the ball down the field and it works.

In fact--and you morons will have to read this very carefully and think hard to get it--both Luck and Tebow (yes, Tebow) are proof that you can win with only a 50% completion percentage *if* your average completion is 25 yards.

Before you start bashing Tebow, notice that Luck's completion % is only a little over 50%. He keeps having games where he's 20 for 40, but for 350 yards, with several "big" long plays that add excitement and, more importantly, TDs.

Tebow did the same thing, if you can put aside your Tebow hatred glasses for a second and simply look at reality. He had games where he was only 15 for 30, but he'd get 300 yards on those 15 completions. Complete only 50% but each completion is a 20 yard vertical pass down the field (with a few 40 yard bombs thrown in there).

Tebow's career stats:

17 TDs, only 6 INTs.

One of the all time great ratios for a rookie.

And he's still a rookie with only about 13 full games played.

Ryan Leaf,
nice so to further your point what was Tebows receivers YAC? and what are Lucks YAC for his receivers?
So your point is that your receivers have to get open down field and get seperation?

Agree. Matt Moore was working with the same receivers. He came in and there was an instant spark. Because he chucked the ball down the field.

8 for 10 for 79 yards, dink and dunk, is a horrible way to start a game.

5 for 10 for 100 yards is better.

Minus a few times, the experts opinion out on RT was that he didnt miss on the long ball. RT was leading the NFL in down field accuracy.
Now all of a sudden he cant hit the deep pass? Does it have to do with anything like CB's jambing our receivers at the line?

20 for 40 for 400 is better than 30 for 40 for 300 using dink and dunk, and the reason is the longer passes kept the D honest and the running game in such a game was much better, guaranteed.

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