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Reshad Jones sets sights on Pro Bowl

Many NFL player feign humility when reporters ask about making the Pro Bowl. It means a lot to many of them yet few ever admit how much perhaps for fear of seeming self-absorbed.

Reshad Jones admits how much the Pro Bowl means to him.

"It's the ultimate when other players, coaches and fans recognize you as being one of the people at the top of the game," Jones told me Tuesday. "The Pro Bowl is for the best of the best. Of course, I want to be selected to the Pro Bowl. I would mean a lot to me."

Jones has a chance. We discussed that even if Ed Reed gets selected, his health doesn't always allow him to participate. Even if Troy Polamalu gets selected (he doesn't deserve it this year because he's been injured most of the time), he probably won't go because of his health.

So the perennial selectees might be giving way to someone else.

That may open the door for Jones. He's got three interceptions. He's forced two fumbles, He has a sack. He is a gap-filling safety with 81 tackles, which is third on the team. Could he use a highlight day against Chad Henne Sunday to solidify his case?

Of course.

But that, everyone knows, is possible.

By the way, I don't mind telling you Jones is a good dude, too. I spent time with him Tuesday. We went to visit a 101-year-old Dolphins fan. I wrote this column based on that visit.

Good on the field.

Good off the field.

Reshad Jones.


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Deep thought of the day:

The WCO works much better when you have Joe Montana, Roger Craig (2500 all purpose yards in one season), and Jerry Rice.

I can only speak for the games I saw on tv but it seemed like when he did throw the deep ball it was no where near completion and most of the times it was out of bounds. He can throw the 15-20 yd pass as well as anyone from what I saw...just lacking on deep throws.

Home...aka Ryan Leaf, shut the hell up with your recycled Tebow nonsense.

You're a borken record worse than the canadian folk!


" We had many more whiffs on his watch than we had players that are helping us now. Tuna didn't help this organization and I would bet money that Ireland was right there with him making some bogus decision."

Parcells was only involved in this organization for the one year Mr. H still owned the team. Yeah he was around, but he wasn't making the decisions. Its kind of like Shula still having an office there.

BP did what he had to do. After the decade of destruction he really didn't have much to work with. All I can say is that he didn't trade away picks, nor did he allow trades to division rivals to happen.

We could argue about what could have been all day had Mr. H not sold the team. Personally, I felt better about the future of this organization when he was here and in charge.

Every one keep talking about last year with moore biggest reason for his deep balls b.marshall and the main reason why we went 6-3 the last 9 games was because or def was forcing t.o

NO ONE IN THE FINS SECONDARY IS GOING TO THE PRO BOWL!!! Maybe Wake but that is it!!! It sure isn't gonna be cant cover Sean Smith another "great" Ireland pick!!! FIRE IRELAND & let Smith go!!!

R Jones is a cool dude. Did I tell you he was drafted by Ireland. Yep, Hireland brought him here. ;)

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