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Matt Moore at a crossroads this offseason

Look around the NFL games this weekend and you'll see teams that need quarterbacks or intend to go to camp next year with a competition to see who starts at quarterback.

This list is long:

Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Arizona, Kansas City, probably Buffalo, maybe Minnesota and Cleveland.

And that brings me to Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore. He will likely have a decision to make this offseason because he is unsigned and because he still believes he can start in the NFL and because that won't be in Miami and because it might be some place else.

"Do I think I can play in this league? Yeah," Moore said Thursday. "Whether it's here or somewhere else, you need to be given that shot and it's hard to look at other places and put yourself in other people's shoes. Situations are what they are everywhere. There's different situations and issues everywhere. I don't worry about what's going on right now."

Right now all Dolphins players have been warned about thinking ahead to the offseason. I wrote a day or so ago that coach Joe Philbin told players to concentrate on the Patriots and nothing else. It's the reason cornerback Sean Smith and other pending free agents have hesitated to talk about their upcoming free agency.

But free agency is staring all of them in the face and that includes Moore, who will not get a shot to win the job in Miami next year but might elsewhere. And that possible chance to compete elsewhere seems appealing to him.

"I'm just looking for an opportunity," he said. "I'd love to be a starter. But we'll figure all that out in the offseason."

Don't get Moore wrong. He's a great teammate and he proved in the Jets game this year that he can come off the bench and play at a high level and lead his team to victory. So he can be a fine backup and re-sign with the Dolphins to do that if he wishes.

That's not a bad gig.

"I'm not unhappy doing that," he said. "But as a player and a competitor I'd love the chance to start somewhere. I think I can. I think I'm capable. Playing and the right situation is something you definitely have to look for."

Obviously someone is going to have to first offer the chance. And so Moore will hit free agency hoping for that chance. That's the priority. Even then, he's going to have to weigh location and situation because he has a family now and his next contract will likely permanently seal him as either a guy with a chance to start or a backup.

And if someone makes the offer, Moore is gone and the Dolphins will be searching for a backup QB. Otherwise, Moore will be offered a contract to be Miami's backup.

"I need to figure all that out in the offseason," he said. "Maybe it doesn't happen and I might be here."


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It would be nice to see him get a shot in Arizona. Maybe he can beat out whoever they draft and get his shot.

Actually his third shot.

I like Matt. I didn't think much of him in Carolina, especially at the end of his stay here. However, he has proven with his play for the Dolphins that he belongs in the league.

As a starter, that remains to be seen. But I echo Mando's thoughts that it would be nice to see him stay here if that is his best option.

I thank Moore for all of his contributions.

He already shocked me with how well he played at times compared to what I thought he would be coming in. He has been a trooper and seems to thrive on coming off the bench with little practice.

If ended up backing up Tannehill that would not be too bad as back-ups go. Make no mistake though, Tannehill has the job on lock.

I honestly believe the Fins would draft and use a different QB before going to Moore at any point in the future as a starter. I think his window to try for the starting role slipped away this off season and preseason.

If Moore lands somewhere else I wish him all the luck.

If Moore walks maybe Devlin gets promoted?


I like Matt Moore as a quarterback but it's clearly obvious that he does not have future with the Dolphins. That belongs to Ryan Tannehill now and for years to come. There are alot of teams that will be looking for his services next year. He will turn 29 a few days before the start of next season and with a weak quarterback class this year, this will be Matt Moore's best opportunity to become a starter somewhere else. As much as I would hate to see him in a Jets uniform, that will be one of the great spots for him. He is cap salary friendly and a great ball control quarterback.

It is too bad he had an awful spring. I don't think he is a practise type player so he was out of the picture from the start. It was also obvious to him that the Fans and team wanted someone else. I liked him and cheered for him. He played very well off the bench and it would be great if Miami could keep him. I wish him well.

Definately a gamer. I expected him to be the starter this year, but I saw him at a couple training camp practices and the preseason and he was not sharp at all. However, he had a very respectable showing in the Jets game. He could probably be a top 20 starter in the league, but probably not going to be a Super Bowl QB for anyone. Good player though.

3 games from makin the playoffs,2 overtime games.Gotta come through when it count's.Gotta give phil 2 yrs.I BELIVE.

He's a great backup. At best, a stopgap for teams like Arizona or the Jets. But nothing more. He needs to accept that.

Patterson goes from waiver to starter in 7 days.


I told you he would long before you posted this. How could he miss? Patterson is a "Real" Corner. Then you have to consider his competition. Other than **MAYBE** Smith, none of our Corners are even in the same league.

I'm POSITIVE that Philbin and Coyle had alot of input on this signing. But still, you **HAVE** to credit Ireland here. This is the best CB move in YEARS! Patterson is better than, more mature than, and **TWICE** as intelligent as Vernon Davis ALREADY. He picked up the terminology and scheme in under a week.

Brady has put together a Hall Of Fame Career feasting off of Defensive Backs, so this might(or might not)be the best game to judge Patterson. Just the same, I'm **EXPECTING** leaps and bounds in terms of progress with this guy. Just imagine how good he'll be with a week or two in this system.

How about an entire off-season to learn?

Ireland hit a Home Run with this. We've upgraded our secondary for next year and didn't even use a draft pick in so doing. Patterson is LEGIT and Ireland just addressed **ONE** glaring need **BEFORE** the off season even began!


Go Dolphins!!!!

Best of Luck Mr,Moore...Thanks for your Service..

My best advice to him is, don't sign with any crummy Team, sign with a contender as a backup and then take it from there; because it has been proven Matt cannot carry a medioicre Team on his back and nobody knows now how he would to with a good Team. btw, Matt was an acorn pick-up by BP/Ireland.

Matt Moore will definitely get some good offers.

The "Deal Breaker".........Moore will probably get better "Back Up" offers as well. That's to say, many teams would, **At The Very Least**, top **ANY** offers that will be forthcoming out of Miami.

I personally would love to keep Moore as a Back Up. I believe he's at least "Top 5" in terms of Back Up QB's around the league. This of course is also why I believe he will get much better offers and leave Miami. Regardless if he's guaranteed an opportunity to compete for a starting job.

I could be completely wrong as well. But thats the way I see it. Matt Moore is as good as gone.

As this plays out, Armando speculates that we'll be searching for another Back Up. I'm not so sure. I know there is a faction in Miami thats real high on Pat Devlin. I am too. In fact, I suspect that were Devlin afforded the same oppotunities as Tannehill, he could **EVENTUALLY** be **BETTER**.

But thats neither here nor there at the moment. For now, the Dolphins Coaching Staff needs to do all they can to insure that Devlin is ready to step up and take over the Back Up QB duties. That or get rid of the Kid. If he can't be consider worthy of the back up job at this point in his career, why let him take up cash and a roster spot?

Make Moore a "Good Offer". If he refuses, let him walk. In my opinion, Devlin's already right on his heels. He's cheaper, has a stronger arm and his ceiling far exceeds that of Moore.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

He can f*** off for costing us rg3 or Andrew luck with meaningless victories against bad teams.

Moore could leave and go to a team like the Bills, Jets, Cards, Chiefs, Raiders or Jags that needs a starter but has no direction, poor leadership or drafts an heir apparent starter and be in the same situation next season. He could take a back-up job with another team, like Pittsburgh, that needs a quality back-up and has a chance to win a title. Or, he could stay with an up and coming team that he's familiar with the system, fully entrenched and respected as the back-up in a warm year-round climate. Maybe he should seek some advise from Don Strock.

Sure you always want to keep good veteran leadership in the locker room to whom players respect. Matt is one of those guys. If coach Joe really believes in Pat Devlin, then we have to. Let Matt go. Painful as it is. The more money we save the better.

Jennings or Wallace!! No brainer!!


I think you are jumping the gun BIG time on Patterson. Believe me I hope you are right, but this will be a big test this week.

This is a big audition game for a lot of these young players. I'm looking forward to seeing the young WR's perform again.

In my post at 6:24 AM, I meant to say VONTAE Davis.

Patterson is better than, more mature than, and **TWICE** as intelligent as VONTAE Davis ALREADY. He picked up the terminology and scheme in under a week.

BTW - I'm not sating Patterson is the "end all" when it comes to problems in our secondary. But he is already, most likely, the best corner we have.

A definite major **UPGRADE** that couldn't have come at a better time. His signing now affords Ireland and Philbin some latitude come draft day. Patterson probably frees up our first two picks, allowing us to address other more pressing needs.

With Reshad's long awaited emergence, we now only have to replace Clemons. The safety position could/would finally be a team strength.

With Patterson's signing and another CB drafted high, Sean Smith could round out our badly needed TRIO of cornerbacks!

I have to agree with Philbin, the Foundation has been laid. It's time to build through the draft by adding the Playmakers. Philbin even endorsed free agency and laid out his philosophy there. All while Ireland stockpiled picks and reworked the salary cap issues.

7 wins already tops last year. The improvements are undeniable. And just in the nick of time, we're poised for one of our BEST off seasons EVER! I'm STOKED over what these guys are doing with my Dolphins.

I wish Moore the best of luck. He's a fine player and a good team player. Most of those teams he should stay away from in any case or he'll be running for his life every down. I like the upside of Devlin but they should bring in someone to compete with him for the #2 spot. Maybe draft a QB late.

Matt Moore has given Miami fans lots to cheer about in his stint with the Dolphins. He personified the team's struggles last year after Henne's injury, as he guided the fins through an abysmal 0-7 start to a strong 6-3 finish. He pounced on the Jets this year when Tannehill went down, solidifying his reputation as a strong backup.

There is a lot of good to think about in having Matt Moore wear a Dolphins uniform next year. No, not as a starter but as a more than competent backup. It is inevitable that Tannehill will miss part or all of some games and so Moore becomes a substantial insurance policy.

However, despite Moore's lack of a draft pedigree, his reputation being solely acquired in the trenches, there is reason to believe he has value to some as a starter. For instance, he worked well in Miami with inept offensive line play and a big receiver in Brandon Marshall. Possibly he could transform Arizona's offense into a respectable show, throwing to Larry Fitzgerald.

Next year's QB draft class lacks the strength of 2012 and it is reasonable to expect that team's hungry for QB play certainly will cast an eye in Moore's direction. His age is beginning to work against him and this year may represent the last opportunity he has to find a team for which he may start. He may only represent a bridge to a future QB for any team which acquires him but he has shown that he can provide the talent and leadership necessary to raise the level of play of inferior teams.

I would like to see Matt Moore in Miami next year but I think he will have better opportunities elsewhere. It will leave a big hole behind Tannehill and the appreciation for a departed Moore will heighten or wither away when Tannehill goes down and we see how the new backup fares.

I know what the stated reason is for moving the Patriots - Dolphins game to a later slot.

I'm still just curious as to how much it helps Bellicheat. I'm SURE it gives him a better picture on if they can secure a first round bye. Therefor, it also assists him by letting him know in advance whether or not they HAVE to win. How hard they have to play and whether or not he can rest "Certain Key Players(Ahem....).

I'm not going to cry "Foul" or "Conspiracy".........but DAMN! Some guys catch all the breaks!

I smell Dookie!!!!

As a backup? Of course I want him. As a starter? Noooo thank you. I think Mando opened up Pandora's box with this blog. I've let my opinion on Moore be known time and again, not going down that long arduous road

Brady and Bellichick have a pact with the devil, from the tuck rule to the Brady (no diving at the knees) rule they get every call and catch every break. I'm glad we're rebuilding now so when we come together Brady will be heading out the door. No sense in putting all our resources into topping them right now

I think you are jumping the gun BIG time on Patterson. Believe me I hope you are right, but this will be a big test this week.

Posted by: MOKIKI'S SLOPPY SWISH | December 28, 2012 at 07:29 AM

I wouldn't argue with your statement. And like you, obviously I'm hoping for the best.

In all reality though, in regards to Patterson, all I'm saying is that he was an INSTANT upgrade. I mean, it took him less than a week to be outplaying guys named Carroll, Wilson, McCann. Heck, it's arguable, but some could say he even outplayed Smith(Pre-Injury).

I'm just saying, I welcomed the addition of Patterson, when we've been relying on most of our corners.

Now, having said all that, I'll admit to having jumped the gun in my Patterson/Davis comparisons.

In my defense though, Davis showed lots of flashes and potential. But he never really put it together with any high level consistency. He may some day, like his brother did. But to date, I haven't witnessed it.

Now, having said all "THAT", I couldn't agree with you more in regards to the upcoming game. This will be a MAJOR test for all of our youngsters. And my hinting around at any excuses for Patterson was just wrong.

He might've just joined the team and it IS Brady he'll be facing. But like you said, it's a test. Regardless of if he just joined the team, regardless of the other youngsters bumps and bruises, regardless if it's Brady! We have to play him(them)at least twice a year. It's time to put up or shut up.

I think we've seen enough of Moore to know what he can offer......very good backup, below average starter whose limitations catch up to him over time--average arm, decent skills, so-so decision making, risk taker who tries to make plays......but enough teams need starters that he'll likely get a shot, and should take it--but I'd love to have him back as our #2.

Matt Moore's right, he CAN be a starter in this league. But that's different than saying he can be a franchise QB. He's like Henne in that respect. They have the tools to play good enough to win SOME games, just not good enough to lead teams to elite status or consistently making the Playoffs and beyond. There's a market for these guys, sure, to start. But frankly, in the end, they do themselves (and their families) better by knowing their place and resisting the urge to be the Man when you can sit on the bench and wait for your turn to be the hero and rarely get any blame. And get paid handsomely for it. Sounds like a win-win to me. I know a true competitor won't want to accept that, but a professional athlete (embarking on the beginning of the end of their career) might be ok with that decision.

Matt, you should re-sign with Miami. It's going to be a fun ride here the next few years. You might want to stick around for the ride.

Jax is supposedly having an open comp. According to rumors with plenty of fuel behind them, they are interested in Tebow. No way can Moore not beat out Henne and Tebow for a starting job. Im not saying he should head for Jax. My point is that Moore is better than a good number of current starters and that there are teams looking for upgrades. It should be a good market for Moore this summer. But if he earns/lands a starting spot somewhere, it will probably be his last chance to prove himself and keep it. Regardless, he wont be back in Miami, better opportunities will lie elsewhere. As a result we will place our faith in Ireland (or be at the mercy of him) to find another capable back-up.


MUST RESIGN - Randy Starks, Reggie Bush, Brian Hartline

That's my priority list in order. All these guys come with the tag of at the right price. Starks is amazing. He is #1 reason IMO why the front 7 plays so good vs the run. He does the little things, big things and gets so much push inside it creates the opportunities for other. Bush is the only proven/legitimate playmaker Miami has on the roster. I know there are high hopes for Lamar Miller but its a big question mark. Hartline is last on my list. He's a hard worker and a reliable target but he's so far from a #1 and game breaker that to me he is just another guy. He has 1 TD and the least amount of 1st downs of any other WR with at least 1000 yards this year. Take away the Cardinals game and he goes from just another guy to Miami needs 2 new starting WRs. So to me Hartline is is last on my list.

Sean Smith is not on my list. He went from my favorite whipping boy for years and then this year I thought he was playing very good. AZ and Cinci he was great but then the old Sean Smith came back where he guesses instead of knowing, bad in run support and playing 10 yards off the WR to not give up the big one. He is just another guy as well and not a priority to bring back.

Matt Moore, see ya. He will be a stop gap starter for one of the afformentioned teams.

Be it was against 2nd and 3rd Teamers, but Devlin was the best looking of the QBs in pre-Season advancing the Team continuously a la Russell Wilson. To my eyes, Matt Moore was gone then as he will be now. We will need another QB, drafted probably, as 3rd string like Armando says.

benz @ 8:08,

Exactly! I agree with your evaluation of Matt Moore 100%

odinseye, I agree that it is "suspicious" having the Dolphins-Patriots moved to a 4:25 start. It seemed to me a no brainer to have the Texans-Colts moved instead. That way, no matter the outcome of the Miami-NE game, the Texans and Broncos have to provide superior games and a win to determine the possibility of eventual home field advantage.

Further, a NE victory in the earlier game would place either the Texans or Broncos in jeopardy of missing a 1st round bye if either team loses. And while the NFL doesn't agree, it would have seemed more like drama and less like conspiracy if the Texans game had been moved.

Pat Devlin and Russell Wilson play similarly. Pat is taller but Russell has great escapability. They make great decisions and are very accurate. They both can consistently move any Team in the NFL.

Matt Moore is the best QB on the roster. So the dysfunctional Dolphins wlll probably let him walk.

Keep Pat Devlin - Draft a QB in 5th or 6th round next year - pick up another QB camp body - and let them battle it out for 2nd and 3rd string. Philbin seems high on Devlin, maybe not as a starter, but maybe he becomes a capable backup. With the amount of reps this team does in OTA's and camp, it should be easy to figure out.

Philbin playing Tannehill over Moore is reminiscent of Sparano playing Henne over Moore.

Tannehill wouldnt even start for Texas A&M this year with Manziel on the team. He'd be moved to WR.

Draft Matt Barkley if they're going to let Moore go.

Nice run-on sentence, Mando: "He will likely have a decision to make this offseason because he is unsigned and because he still believes he can start in the NFL and because that won't be in Miami and because it might be some place else."

My kingdom for a blog that gets copy edited properly!

- Bebo

Hey Phinmanski....we are TWO MISSED FG's away from being in the playoffs with Tannehill.

He's our QB for the next few years so get on board A-Hole.

Tannehill = Henne Who wants ANOTHER 4 years of that garbage?

An upset would be a perfect way to end the season. Scrapping our way back to .500 and looking forward to the off season.

It's a test and as remote as the possibility is, it's possible.

Tannehill would have to play the Game Of His Career. Maybe Hartline and Binns step it up.

Thigpen cashing one in for a special teams contribution.

Wake, Dansby, Starks and Patterson would really have to rise to the occasion. A few sacks and some consistent pressure from Wake. Dansby and Starks shutting down the middle and collapsing the pocket. All this combining to cause a corresponding INT or two(plus the forced fumbles).

I know I'm dreaming, so I'm going to dream big. I see Tannehill capitalizing on one of the turnovers by hitting Egnew over the middle for a TD(This would probably work too. The defensive minded Bellicheat knows Egnew barely saw the field and knows our Coaches don't trust him enough to call his number. Bellicheat would probably tell his D that Egnew "covers himself". He probably wouldn't even put anyone on him in coverage).

Anywhoo........thats my dream. That would be my belated Christmas Gift from the Football Gods! The PERFECT End to a Major Rebuild.

You heard it here first. Tannehill outduels Brady with the help of a Ferocious Defense playing with **Nothing To Lose**. A Perfect Storm coming together in all 3 phases of the game. Philbin, Sherman and Coyle catch on to the "Nothing To Lose" mentality and call their best respective games to date!

How Bad A ss would that be? Who is with me? Who BELIEVES?

Bottom's Up! Here's to the "Upset" of the Year!

Any Given Sunday!

Phin/Tony, maybe we can grab Cleveland's 3rd stringer too. I hear he's a real winner.

Yeah, I being sarcastic. Sounds as ridiculous as what you're both saying.

The same people that loved Henne love Tannehill.

QBR Ratings to consider:

2012 - Tannheill - Ranked #17
2011 - Moore - Ranked # 16
2010 - Henne - Ranked #24
2009 - Henne - Ranked #20

DC, Odin et all, what makes you think Philbin even mwants Moore back? Remember the Green Bay philosophy, constant chruning and development in the backup QB positions. Philbin obviously likes Devlin, he's going to eb the #2 and be developed over the next few years to etiher play here or elsewhere. And the Dolphins will also take another QB in the mid to late rounds this year and push him through too.

But in theory I agree with you guys and Moore should pull a CHarlie batch and take a nice backup position. I mean, how much money do you think Charliue Batch has made in his career being a backup - helping in camp and being a quasi coach?? I estimate it's somehwere between $30-$40M. Not bad work if you can find it.

Bill, Odin, you mean the NFL would actually do things to aid the Patriots??? Say it ain't so. I hate that fukkin team...

Of the 19 QB's in the AFC....Tannehill is ranked #6.

With the exception of Flacco...every QB below him is out of the playoffs.

With the exception of Rothlisberger, every QB ahead of him is in the playoffs.

....we are on the verge of being relevant again in the AFC folks....hang in there as 2013 is our breakout year!

NH, dont expect the perpetual maclontents to see the reasoning in your 9:39 post. They won't be able to grasp how exciting it is to have a QB as green as Tannehill produce better results than the supposedly more pro ready Henne or the veteran Moore produce.

They just want to gripe, suck their thumb and have mommy stick a finger in their bums.

...oops, Dalton is below Tannehill as well and headed to the playoffs.

Someone up there said Moore to Arizona. Interesting if both Long and Moore ended up there. Arizona's two biggest needs are LT and QB. Miracle they won even four games or whatever it was with neither. Although most games came with a healthy Kolb who is probably as good as Moore if not better when healthy - but can't stay healthy behind that line.

Toronto...I hear ya, T-Hill is the future and most intelligent fans can see his upside potential.

The missed FG's in the AZ & NYJ games will haunt me in the off season more than any hiccups by Ryan throwing the ball.

Odin and all, I just dont get how you can see that this Patterson dude is so good. He played one game against a bad QB, I give you he picked up the playbook quickly but to say hes a sure thing is rather early. If he was such a sure thing why was he cut by the Browns? Its not like there loaded with talent.

One final QBR note: Is there any 1st pick QB worse than JaMarcus Russell?

His stats are in the toilet for 2009 with a final rating of 11.1

Holy crap...things could be worse my friends, we could be living in Oakland!

One thing that Russel Wilson can do that Tannehill cant. Score points.

NH, we didn't get the breaks, that's for sure. Look at Indy, everythign seemed to go their way. I know Luck has huge stats but look at his mistakes too. He has a lot of work to do too. And I think RG3 and Wilson had better rookie years than them all because they have the crutch of athleticism to lean on. it was no coincidence that Tannehill really started to flourish once he used his as well.

I'm a numbers guy and Tannehill's numbers were not great but his number of mistakes considering how many throws he had to make were excellent. That's the first step, this guy can read coverages and that's impressive. I mean NE wins most of their games by forcing other teams into mistakes - not by flat out running them over. As he masters the game he will become more prolific and that's when Miami will contend.

I'm with most people, it's exciting.

Mark, I don't know if Philbin wants Moore back, but he should. Devlin is not a known quantity. Maybe he's a reliable back-up, maybe not. But we DO KNOW that Moore is reliable. He'll come in and win a game. He can even start and win a game. He's proven.

I'm not willing to say the same of Devlin because he played well vs. other 3rd-stringers.

But you're right Mark, Philbin's known for grooming QBs, so if he thinks Devlin is sufficient, I'll take his word for it.

dusty, Wilson is the rookie of the year, no doubt. I've never seen a rookie Qb with as much command as he has. Sure he has a great defense and running game but what he does himself is undeniable. Can't deny 26 tds and very few mistakes no matter the supporting cast. I think Seattle is the best team in the NFC.

Green Bay and Seattle in the NFC decider? Oh the irony!!


I got a good chuckle out of the back and forth with you and superPHIN yesterday. You were on quite a roll...LOL. What's with his handle and all the derogatory comments towards our Dolphins anyways? Since when did first alternate equal mediocre? He does realize there's 16 teams in each conference, right?

Win or lose the game against New England, the Dolphins are in a great position to take over the AFC East for years to come. They have a promising young QB in Tannehill, and enough draft picks and cap space to catapult them to the top for years to come. As for the others in the AFC East, Buffalo is not happy with Fitzpatrick or Gailey, and even GM Buddy Nix is under fire. The Jets are losers who are now talking about ridding themselves of Sanchez and HC Ryan is talking about how he would not mind being fired. Conversely, Sporano, to no surprise of Dolfans, is to blame for the offensive line rotating during games, Sanchez's regression, and the Jets inept offense, should be out of a job and the NFL soon. The Patriots and Tom Brady era will be over before long, so it is only a matter of time!

Mark....correct, Tannheill has minimized his mistakes over the last 4 games, Specifically regarding INT's.

What really excited me was watching him use his WR speed to start running when an opportunity presents itself...he almost scored on that sideline run last week.

*Minimize mistakes
*Protect the rock
*Read defenses

Once Sherman gives him the 'full' playbook we'll see a top 10 QB flourish in Miami.

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